: Depends on your champ, your team, your map presence. A seju jungle will deal very little damage but she can easily carry every lane to win and secure a lot of objectives and indirectly carry the game. However if you pick something like master yi, yes IMO you should deal considerable amount of damage because in the end, that's all your pick brings to the table besides objective securing. In the end, it depends on a lot of things, but either way it's only PART of a way to estimate your impact. Dont listen to flamers in general amyway, you can play perfect and they will still find something to flame about.
What about Xin Zhao? I followed Nightblue3's guide video and I have been doing really well from my POV. Is there something that is lacking?
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: New accounts get 3 rune pages. Old accounts still only have 2.
: Who is that to the left of Sivir?
If you mean the second picture, that's academy Ahri
Kaioko (NA)
: Learn something other than support at a low silver ELO. Either that or at least play supports that are meant to get kills and not simply enchanters.
I play jungles as well. I just played a game with Warwick and besides from some unlucky positionings, I did really well. Even stole a drake as we were fighting the enemy team. I took up support when I was just appalled how less do people ward in my elo. There have been so many games, that the enemy junlger is just miles better than me or they are early ganking types. I usually pick Shyvanna or WW with Sej in between. I picked Janna because she was the first support I ever got and was autofilled in one game. I did amazingly well in that game. My K/D/A was really good. Now I am learning Rakan. He is a playmaker support, only problem being is that I die a bit too quickly as him
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Kei143 (NA)
: Low level games is typically a behavioral nightmare, and it's one of the pockets where toxicity is at its highest. The people who got 14 day banned or permabanned for toxicity start new accounts and play while keeping their toxic behavior, making the new player experience horrible. I used to tell people that "it gets better after level 25", but I don't really know where that scale lands after Riot introduced the new exp system. Other pockets of high toxicity: bronze 5, plat 5, diamond 5.
Its quite sad as what you typed in is really true. Today, I had a pop-up appear that a player has been punished by the report system. Not once. Not twice but three times. The system is surprisingly really quick but it also shows how toxic some people are
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