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MaxDragon3 (EUNE)
: Teemo Bug
Down vote for Trump group.
: Can't log in?
: big problem when trying to log in
Also experiencing the never ending authenticating problem right now.
Porocles (NA)
: There's [currently an issue]( where some players are receiving messages like that this morning. The workaround in the meantime may be to press Alt+Enter to restore the game. Bookmark our [service status]( page to stay up to date on this as we work towards a fix. Let me know if that clears things up!
Hey, Thanks for the reply, sorry I missed the service status! I found that alt+enter and then resetting to full screen restores it to the correct display. The game is now launching on the primary display but if I alt+tab I have to re-do that process. Thanks for working on the fix! Good luck.
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SSmotzer (NA)
: [Champion Concept] Alta, Girl from the Beyond
I really enjoy the idea of playing with gravity and pull in the game. I feel like it's refreshing, could be slightly frustrating but would impact the game in a positive way.
: Garden Gnome Kled (and his pink flamingo)
standep (EUW)
: getting less gemstones then before?
I've never received one gemstone. IDK how to see how many chests I've had but it's been a lot.
: all yordles immune to an ability would be useless. thats like saying lees in can't get affected by class's let, or malzahar floats over braums ult. this sounds like a great champion but everyone should be affected by it.
Thanks for the feedback! It's not that all of his abilities are yordle immune. It is just Slip N Slide. I thought it was kind of an interesting idea for a few reasons. 1. It would be lore related, like the liquid would be something from Bandle City that all the yordles grow up with which makes them used to it. Or, their evolutionary traits provide some sort of resistance to the liquid. 2. I thought it might create a fun new dynamic of picking and counter picking team comps. As that ability effects everybody including allies, picking yordles on your team would help work with or against Churgy. Providing a choice for you during champ select. But I totally appreciate the feedback as it is my first champ concept that I have posted. And my bad for being lazy to not write any lore haha.
: Elderwood Kindred: Revisited
I really liked the hood design of the old one. But I also love the new Bow on this one. Wolf's colors are so great and calming.
: can you lower first turret bonus gold
I live for first turret bonus gold. I love it.
: Is it just me, or has Zed felt really weak lately?
I haven't been able to play much Zed since the update as I am in EU right now for work but I did notice the few times I got to play that his energy management is more difficult. I play a ton of Zed on NA but also haven't played a lot of LoL for the last few months. So I didn't know if his energy use was nerfed or if I was just super rusty.
asciK (NA)
: I actually like this lol. sounds like you put a lot of thought into this.
Haha, thanks. I thought it was pretty fun.
Treyhova (NA)
: Z.P.U., Zuan Protectorate Unit (Change to Z.P.U., The Flawed Prototype.)
I really like his W ability! When it activates it does he lose vision where he is and does he become immobile?
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: This does seem not normal at all. It is possible that while in the queue, you disconnect from our Servers but nothing immediately happens on your client as the queue time continues, even though it can't find you a match because were disconnected. If this continues to consistently happen, make sure to complete the steps in our [Connection Issues Article]( The steps there should allow us to rule out the connection as a possible root cause. Let me know if you have any other questions!
Thank you for the answer! If it continues to happen I will check out the connection issues. I don't know if it has been widely reported but it is widely known that if you sit in a queue for a while and cancel and reconnect it will usually insta-pop.
: Ridiculous Queue TImes?
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mckaøs (NA)
: Maybe you could make a champion that literally IS two champions at once. Like ice climbers in super smash bros!
DropFill (NA)
: What's the reason to not nerf ahri?
I have also noticed Ahri to be really strong as of late. Was questioning if she was recently buffed
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: I would agree, but after watching again he states that the YOUTH (gambler) asked, "can you carry me from this bind?". I think that furthers my point on Tamm's ability to carry allies out of a tight situation.
Something else that interests me is that it definitely sounds like he will have the ability to assist another champion. The only thing is that champion pays a price to be assisted by TAMM. I wonder how they could develop that dynamic.
: Gotta start off by saying way to go RITO. Never thought there would be a Louisiana inspired champion and I am damn proud for there to be one being that I'm from Louisiana myself. Proud to have a Cajun champion ;) The real reason for this post, however, is that I feel like his abilities are all laid out in the teaser. 1. He's a siren of sorts. In Greek mythology, a siren's song is something that no man can resist. Hence, I believe he'll have an ability that is a song that either taunts or charms. Would be interesting as a charm because as of now Ahri is the only one on the Rift who has a charm. 2. The big mouth I believe is the ability to carry allies/eat opponents. It can perhaps be used to carry allies to safety or to deal massive damage to an enemy. I believe this will be his main damage output. 3. He speaks of making deals. Maybe an ability like TF's "W" that relies upon the player to press the key again to choose the right "deal" of sorts. Either that or it could be his "strike a deal" with an ally similar to Kalista. But I'm just making guesses here. 4. He speaks of having been everywhere in the river and his ability to go back there. Maybe an ultimate similar to that of TF's, except he can only go to places in the river. However, he says "The world is a river, and I am its king. Ain't no place I ain't been. Ain't no place I can't go again." In this case he might have an ultimate almost identical to TF's where he can TP to any location he's been prior. 5. His passive may have to do with the fact that he's a "River King". Meaning his strength relies upon the river. Maybe a movement speed buff, perhaps a damage buff, a tankiness buff, or (my personal favorite) perhaps an invisibility of sorts. This thought comes from the fact he was in the river the entire time the video was happening and no one had a clue until the end. Just a thought, but seems pretty viable.
Was going to post something like this! Good job. You noticed some things I didn't. Also there is a mention of "Can you free me of this BIND?" so maybe he has good tenacity or has some sort of anti cc ability.
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: Ekko's ult vs. Fizz ult
I think Fizz is a good counter to Ekko
: Similar to Malzahar. Punishes assassins for getting thirsty and trying to freely dive him. It's not difficult to just not walk into his turrets' range. People die to him because they want to kill _him_, not because he's being incredibly greedy/aggressive. His kit punishes thirst, it doesn't actively chase you down and blow you up then warp away to safety. He also has hard counters but they aren't very popular (just like himself). Plenty of people know Syndra can throw his turrets, but my preference is Karthus. Every time he places a turret, I press Q. Boom, 5 gold. Wait 20 seconds, repeat. He has to start playing without turrets entirely, except for the ulti turret, which you can just walk away from, as long as you're not stunned. (Unless he's towerdiving you, lol.)
Wow! I really like your explanation about his design as a character. I think honestly, keep the dmg, keep the range because I agree with you that his kit is designed for that. However, I agree with OP that their HP is super high and because of the regen on it he always has them handy. I think they could balance him a bit.
: Two issues with Lux skins as a non lux player
Also, can't see her E with Star Guardian Unicorn Lux
djjomon (NA)
: PSA: Ranked Restrictions are punishment for bad behavior. Not gameplay
This is a video game. It's a game that you play with other real people. I play a lot of league of legends due to my strange work schedule. I understand the frustration when you play a game where you killin it and another lane is doing terribly. But ultimately we should all be here to have fun. We aren't LCS. The majority of us are barely beyond Gold. I rarely even play ranked because people put too much pressure on something that was created for pleasure. There is absolutely no reason to report someone for doing poorly in lane. Even if they are like 0/12/0. And you nagging them and threatening report will just make them more upset and not want to try and most importantly you will ruin their experience as well. There is always another game.
: Teemo & Homeguard boots enchantment not working correctly
I think on all champions as soon as you damage an enemy champion Homeguards effects go away. For example when I build Morello, as another champion, and we are having a base fight, sometimes I will walk onto fountain to try to regain and run back out but because of the grievous wounds I have to wait until that wears off for Homeguard to take effect. I play teemo frequently and I have just chosen to go with another enchantment because if your shrooms are laid well it's never useful to purchase homeguard.
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: Ekko: Seconds Music
Listen to the Big Hero 6 soundtrack. It's similar and fun while playing league
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: The wonder above
It would be cool if it was a jungler thats sole purpose was to jungle and push turrets. It would be really cool if one of his abilities was to transport to those target locations on the map that have the symbol. "The powers of life and death are not to be trifled with" Maybe if you are to kill another champ it would actually be a negative for you.
: Rek' Sai does not unburrow on autos
I've only noticed this bug if a CC spell is used on you while you are burrowed. Even after you come out of CC your unburrow does not activate on auto-attack you have to W to get out of it first.
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: GAMEPLAY BUG: Rek'Sai V Pantheon
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: GAMEPLAY BUG: Rek'Sai V Pantheon
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: Blitzcrank Recommended Items
Logic of Ancient Coin v Relic shield being equal to bad hooks does not make sense. I prefer Ancient coin over relic shield most of the time. Unless I'm not mana based which is rare. Prefer spellthief for high poke supports. I also rarely ever build the whole item. Just the first part of the recipe. If I do it's last but usually I sell it for another item anyway because I'm getting mega assists. You may be getting noob supports that don't know what they are doing or don't realize the importance of wards or it could just be someone in a normal looking to have fun. If everyone on the team bought and maintained 1 pink ward you guys would be golden so try to contribute as well. And help point out the importance of wards. Now a Blitz not hitting his q's that sucks but its a skill shot like any other one and sometimes they hit sometimes they miss. Sometimes people need practice.
: How is this 'fair'?
Just because someone is playing against Meta doesn't mean they are a troll. Stop crying and play the game. Or don't.
: Lagging in game?
Yeah. I never have ping and the last game I played was at 400 the whole game.
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey Carl, Can you advise how you got in? It may help others with the same issue. Thanks!
Commenting on obnoxious posts on the forums moved me up the queue quite swiftly.
V3loc1ty (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Carl Fredrickson,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=hVjvaAV5,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2014-12-22T03:31:35.143+0000) > > I never said I shut you down. lmao. > > This thread is about the fact that Riot has refused to make a comment acknowledging their problem. > > If you want to continue to defend your intelligence to people who are not trying to challenge it feel free but just know it makes you look a little crazy. Uhh, no one was talking to you, which means you're talking to yourself.... Who's the crazy one?! I was replying to Spermin8r.
: I never said I shut you down. lmao. This thread is about the fact that Riot has refused to make a comment acknowledging their problem. If you want to continue to defend your intelligence to people who are not trying to challenge it feel free but just know it makes you look a little crazy.
I would also like to say that I am logged into the game. Still doesn't change my opinion that Riot should have made a statement.
V3loc1ty (NA)
: I'm not trolling, but the sheer volume of topics makes for little progress. Nor did you "shut me down". You're attempt at intelligence was invalid. Riot has fixed, or is fixing the issue. I've gotten on and played 2 games of poros since you "shut me down". Try figuring the issue out. Be it by reading, or thinking, but typing obviously isn't working for you.
I never said I shut you down. lmao. This thread is about the fact that Riot has refused to make a comment acknowledging their problem. If you want to continue to defend your intelligence to people who are not trying to challenge it feel free but just know it makes you look a little crazy.
V3loc1ty (NA)
: Maybe I will continue to lose games.... as long as I'm playing them and you're not. Dipshit.
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