: I disagree entirely, Warwick is clearly overtuned in the current meta (where many games are decided early) Forcing item buys on multiple opponents is huge. QSS on an ADC that could get last whisper to deal with your tank instead. Executioners instead of raw extra damage from giant Slayer, etc... Then I want to point out that mikhael's (that support item you mentioned) does**not** remove suppression. So Warwick counters that item, not the other way around. While mikhael's is a great pickup against teams with heavy cc ranged engage (it would be great against Sejuani for example, if only my supports would buy it...) It's worthless against Warwick. Finally, Warwick isn't really on a clock. He still has a very real presence late game. His huge damage reduction on a normal ability lets him tank absurd amounts of damage in the early part of a teamfight, while still doing big damage himself due to building offense. His ultimate is still a long range gap closer, even if enemies have QSS. His bite adds even more mobility. Then his passive which guarantees he can clean up any survivors - no chance getting out from a lost fight with 3 survivors to defend until respawn, you're getting chased down for the ace. Or how about the passive letting him see where enemies are? That pseudo vision is BS OP, especially late game when people don't have room for control wards. Having a trail pointing you to where a low health enemy is, is pretty nuts.
Do me a favor and just try playing it a couple games. Play it 10 games, and just see how reliant you are gonna be on ur team in the late game. It's not a 1v9 champ at all, but I will say, if ww was astute enough to hand off the kills to his laners in the early game, then this is an entirely different conversation. Cuz like ok put more gold on ww? it's durable, it's not like its just a piece of useless shit in late game, but its not gonna even 1v1 a caitlyn or tristana in the late game if they both play correctly and built correctly. Just like comparing it to my champ shaco, I have a craphole early game with no damage and ganks are harder to pull off. But get like 150 dh stacks and duskblade/triforce, it is a better champion than ww by FAR at that point. Talk about ability to clean up backliners who took some damage already and an ult that is freaking disruptive and annoying as hell. I FAR would prefer a shaco jg late game, and many others for that matter.
: I personally don't think this was worth a chat ban. Most of it seemed to be friendly banter in team chat and keeping insults on the enemy on your side of the team. The system might have mistaken it due to some of the language used. I would say send a support ticket to see if you can get it cleared up. EDIT: I don't think it was worth a chat ban after thinking of the context of the situation. It seemed like he was insulting enemies on his side of the chat and trying to be silly and avoid tilting if his team did something questionable. I don't think what he was doing was inherently toxic compared to some of the other things I've seen.
I agree with ur name and ur statement. Have an upvote on me brotha.
Jo0o (NA)
: Was it your intention to piss off everybody in this game, or just some of them? I'm annoyed just trying to read all this from my desk, let alone mid-game. Take the chat restriction at face value: Riot wants you to shut up.
No, actually enemy reksai and illaoi were pretty much just trash talking some with me. And every time i killed them or got killed I said something i thought was kinda funny :^) I mean I was like non stop typing the whole game but it's really not very mean to deserve punishment imo.
: Yep. Constantly belittling, insult, and complaining about your teammates will earn you chat restrictions. This isn't "friendly banter." This is just insults. > [{quoted}](name=Cashfinger,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=zdgTz55m,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-13T16:36:45.958+0000)B4NX: i mean i wish i had trash singed players and bot lane inters to get fed on > B4NX: plz camp that singed some more > B4NX: he needs to get tilted and lose ike 30 straight > B4NX: look how mad he is lol > B4NX: hes tilted and mad hell afk maybe > B4NX: see how titled and angry he is hehe > B4NX: dang imagine if that guy is a father someday > B4NX: and has a kid with aspergers yikes > B4NX: hope hes virgin. does kinda seem like one > B4NX: and ur asses are gonna be fukt > B4NX: i think hes never won before > B4NX: i mean look his match history > B4NX: fr fr check it out right now yikes > B4NX: no wonder hes mad > B4NX: with singed and his parrents having a deep converstaion about his behavior online
What do you think he was saying even? lol like for real this fuckin kid non stop harassing me and raging in all chat telling everyone i have aspergers cuz i don't gank a ton early. like yikes... people are such stupid bitches it's hard to not respond to it...
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: When is Sejuani a bad pick?
It's not a bad pick. Just keep picking the hell out of it. It's just fine.
: My First Games in 4 Months :@riot
"Not sure how to end posts like this" - Just put a punctuation mark. :^)
: yeah but in diamond games are over in 20 mins, so yeah, most of the time you don't run out of time.
That's not even true lol.
: no , its fine we didn't even test on diamond and higher and you are already complain lol ?
I mean, I'd liek to play my favorite champion rather than it just being permabanned.
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Ifneth (NA)
: My good sir, someone downvoted your excellent post. Here, take this upvote.
Thanks man. First upvote I ever got <3
Gildarzt (EUW)
: 20-60 flat damage and 80% bonus ad is not the real thing you know no? make numbers, in early is 150 more damage, don't be so exaggerated, the thing is we just have normalized to see shaco without damage and now when he does something in early we clamor to sky :P
Dude it's a significant buff to his early game especially cuz he gets both utility and damage from q, where right now he gets neither cuz u cant put points in it without sacrificing e dmaage. I guess lets see though if it's not banned too often.
Kythers (NA)
: the plan is to make him op for one patch so he gets nerfed into unplayability
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Cashfinger,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hvqW0Oj5,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2018-03-12T16:12:27.125+0000) > > well thats kinda caitlyn's thing lol. Just saying dude, teamfighting against xayah and tristana feels incredibly unfair, even more cancer than caitlyn. At least in the teamfight phase you have a team surrounding you that can cooperate and do things together. In laning phase you're just stuck there, without help, taking free damage under your own goddamn turret. I get frustrated by those champions as well, but two wrongs don't make a right. Just because they are a problem doesn't justify Caitlyn being a problem as well. I'd rather Riot just fix them all, but even if they don't, they should at least fix some of them.
I feel like shes far less of a problem and a nice answer to laning against those fucking crapfaces. Excuse my french. I mean what adc do we enjoy playing against in late game? lol. The answer is either lucian or the vayne who mains top lane but got autofilled. But I guess ur mostly talking about lane phase, yeah shes a fucking cancer in lane lol. Especially with a zyra. Thats why I almost always camp the shit out of caitlyn lanes. Unless she has something like lulu though I would just say fuck that and go farm enemy krugs until our bot tower goes down then take a sip from my flask and get on with the game.
Rioter Comments
: ***
next patch both these changes will happen
stormof (EUW)
: Keystone for jungle(rs)?
The runes have ample good choices and synergies for most junglers.
: > [{quoted}](name=Cashfinger,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hvqW0Oj5,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-12T15:36:04.797+0000) > > After this tristana and xayah crap craze the last few months, playing against caitlyn is a fresh breath of air. Much fairer champ imo. I'm sorry, I didn't queue up for a match just to have to play hop-scotch in a minefield for the entire fucking laning phase. IMO that doesn't count as playing league of legends, it's a different game entirely. _Edit: Same deal with Heimerdinger and Malzahar. "Welp, I'm sure glad I queued up for a match today, now I get to spend the first 20 minutes of the game JUST wave-clearing and never even interacting with my opponent." No fucking thank you!_ _I signed up for league to play league, not to play Waveclear-Simulator-2018, or HopScotch-2018._
well thats kinda caitlyn's thing lol. Just saying dude, teamfighting against xayah and tristana feels incredibly unfair, even more cancer than caitlyn.
: New Swain Is A Problem For Players With Red/Green Colorblindness!
So how do you feel about all the lux skins btw? I'm not color blind and yet still can hardly see anything when elemental lux casts spells.
Áery (NA)
: Since Caitlyn is seeing daylight again
After this tristana and xayah crap craze the last few months, playing against caitlyn is a fresh breath of air. Much fairer champ imo.
sky0tter (NA)
: Looking for help in Silver
im gonna add you in client and lets talk about it
InTheory (EUW)
: A very unpopular opinion is to remove the buffs at all and compensate junglers for the loss of especially the early mana and health sustain. I mean the recent changes to Galio where justified like >A higher mana cost ties that waveclear (and the ensuing roams) more tightly to blue buff. which is a very bad approach imo. I don't like people arguing about the buffs and I don't like champions to even rely on them.
"I don't like people arguing about the buffs and I don't like champions to even rely on them." - this exactly, but at the same time I kinda do like to give the red buff to adc in late game or have it for myself. Like that shit can change the game. Also, like for just clearing the jg and having early ganks actually hurt red and blue are pretty indespensible. So it is kinda hard to imagine the game without those buffs, especially because those buffs also provide a significant objective for junglers to contest and even teamfight over these. They kind of provide more action to the game and some more strategy. For example, if i know an enemy buff is coming up on north side of map sometimes I'll go for the dragon cuz I think they will go to their red or blue on north, but enemy jg also might think i will do that which is where things get even more INTeresting lol.
Ifneth (NA)
: What Role Should Assassins Play?
Honestly, like with the dark harvest now being available, I think assassins are in a decent spot, at least the jg assassin. Mid laner assassins have tools and natural scaling that most jg assassins dont so its kinda fine that their mostly limited to predator or electrocute cuz their natural scaling and outplay potential is pretty high usually. Like consider fizz and ekko right now... sooooo good. With the dark harvest though, like kayn, shaco, khazix, etc... the jg assassins that can use this keystone and get really high stacks in the later game, they're stronger even than like full build diana, maybe only like on par with akali though. Akali is something else, you do not want to give her late game cuz the instant wipe damage with the mobility and heals... like no wonder tf blade could consistently keep multiple accounts in top ten challnger with that champion last season. It's kit is godlike strong in the right hands.
: Is it really true that being in bronze means you can win with any build?
It depends if ur really a bronze skill player or if ur hard smurfing from silver 4 :^)
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Slythion (NA)
: Both Sion and J4 are in their plat promos with a >52%+ wr...they're basically plat 5 already with possible plat 4 mmrs. Diana is Gold 3 with a 60% wr, it's not a stretch to think she's at a plat mmr atm. Rakan is gold 2 with 54% wr, probably around a gold 1 mmr. The only one that is sitting at they're deserved rank right now is Vayne, who is gold 1 50% wr. I really don't think those teams were completely unbalanced unless your team had a bunch of people that are still steadily climbing as well. Edit: I'm not sure if people are downvoting me because they disagree with me (in which I encourage you to explain how I got this wrong) or because it appears I'm defending Riot (which is both petty and a wrong assumption). So cmon boards, you can do better
Well looks like you did some good detective work. Guess it was actually probably well balanced, Rip sion/j4 promo lol.
Rioter Comments
: but why? and how so?
dude u want to hear some of the bronze ass things janna players have said to me in low diamond games? save ur ears. all them fucking champ boosted idiots waiting to get carried. Honestly even hate them on my own team. idc if its strong. It's brain dead aids and i highly recommend riot full vgu that horseshit disgrace of a champion/dirty tampon
: Games are 100% decided before champ select even happens
dude play fortnite its freaking fun, or watch imposters on netflix. just take a break. this is a good game but it will break drive u to the edge of your sanity if you try too hard on it
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Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: Don't wanna be rude , but why did you choose to Play Lulu ? why exactly free elo champions ? why the system doesn't help the actual skilled players to climb ? is Shielding your adc is all what you need to climb ? Expecting downvotes , OF course I bear nothing against you , I just hate the fact how this meta is stupid
> [{quoted}](name=Hikari Sakata,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=LGGaVhQs,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-03-12T12:42:59.258+0000) > > Don&#x27;t wanna be rude , but why did you choose to Play Lulu ? why exactly free elo champions ? why the system doesn&#x27;t help the actual skilled players to climb ? is Shielding your adc is all what you need to climb ? Expecting downvotes , OF course I bear nothing against you , I just hate the fact how this meta is stupid There's a lot more to playing lulu and support for that matter than just spamming ur abilities on adc lol. Maybe u could do that and climb to silver 4.
: D5 is easy. Show us true accomplishment when you reach Bronze V.
> [{quoted}](name=Spank the Fox,realm=OCE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=LGGaVhQs,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-03-12T12:17:55.543+0000) > > D5 is easy. > > Show us true accomplishment when you reach Bronze V. Harder to attain imo. Good point.
: How to improve as a player?
The thing you really need to understand to improve is quite simple -- if you cannot identify and/or correct your mistakes you will not improve. If you can, then you will climb. So start searching heavily for what you're doing wrong.
: So how safe a pick is janna?
Don't play her. you will not become a good player. When she gets nerfed or reworked you will demote from diamond 4 to bronze 2
Kythers (NA)
: I finally did it guys
Last time i got diamond i almost immediately followed it with a 25 game lose streak. :^) Good luck though. Diamond 5 is definitely some fucking funny players and not troll at all.
: No, this is the entire chat log. Unedited, except I inserted a quote from Vayne to add context.
huh. well even if u do contact riot about it, idk if they would rescind it cuz it is pretty ragey. Much less ragey than the chat logs that got several of my accounts perma banned, but you could always try. I think I've gotten like 3 or 4 perma for chat rage.
: Permanently Banned for This?
idk i wouldnt say its punishment worthy. you musta deleted part of it or something lol
: why people think gold 5 is low elo
I guess it's a nice mile stone for beginner players. Other than that pretty horrible players with no skill at all.
: That probably explains why you're by your admission, not good in jungle and is a "trash player", because I wouldn't say you're super at dating with this thread either.
definitely not as good as silver 5 trash talkers lol
Rioter Comments
: what do you even ban now
sion, tristana, xayah, khazix, vlad, ekko best bans imo
Dysnomia (EUNE)
: It is always one-side slap fest. I can't recall of a game where both teams were really good.
I've actually played a lot of really close and exciting games lately. It's just more that they could be very easy wins if there wasnt always just some trash players on both teams both basically just running it down mid or being completely worthless and out of touch with the game. Every single game it happens. Last game I played it was our lulu with the classic support split push during teamfights for baron vs their vayne being complete garbage not even capable of positioning properly in teamfight at all and doing same damage as her soraka support :/ There are just a lot of really tilted, sleepy, drunk and boosted trash in this game. I dont know how they could be in their right minds making those plays. It's just disgusting.
: Really, I was looking at the game like this a lot when I was in bronze 5. Back before I was the level-headed individual I was now, I couldn't recognize tilt, and I ended up getting dropped down to the gutter. Bronze 5, zero lp. And I stayed there for a long time because my teammates were so frustrating to play with. No one ever listened, everyone is always out of position, and I thought my games were completely out of my control, especially because I am an awful jungler, and jungle is the role with the most control over which lane gets helped when. But, then, I found a way to abuse bronze players. I played Sion support. See, Sion is actually a really strong support. He's stupidly hard to put down, his abilities have pretty insane base damages, and he can abuse bronze players. Because, a lot of bronze players don't ward their bot lane bushes, or don't know that Sion's Q is invisible if you don't have vision on him. Combined with the fact that his Q has a longer range than warding trinkets and sightstone... well, that means you'll get a lot of fully-charged Q's off on people, and you will make the plays. Not to mention that most bronze 5 players don't know what his ultimate sounds like, or always assumes that you will never come down their lane because you're the support, and you have a ganking machine, prime for helping just about anyone on the map out of a jam. I mean, I hate to be that guy, but sometimes, you just need to find the right tool for the job. When I made it to bronze 4, I had a win rate of 95% as Sion support. Those are results you simply can't argue with.
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: What are some crappy/tough lane match-ups
Ashe against jayce in top lane. Very hard
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