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draaaven (NA)
: i saw the weirdest thing at the supermarket today
Budupops (NA)
: > Oh wow, nice work! That's adorable! o>_<o > > ..looks perfect for throwing at people... :) BRING BACK URF NOW!
I'll get right on that. O.o
: that is really cool. way to be a creative type person! wish I had skills haha
Thanks BillDance! :D I have to give all the credit to my Grandma... We did all types of crafts together growing up, but mostly crochet. I think it's pretty cool she passed down that knowledge to us kids. When I was pregnant with my second son I crocheted him a blanket and he still (at two) carries that thing all over the house. I have never been paid a higher compliment :) ...
Yanne (NA)
: Maybe you can start working for riot (see link). People would buy your poros (me included).
Well I would most certainly never say no to Rito O.O Also, thank you that's super awesome! Crocheting is a stress outlet for me so there's a good chance I could bust em' out enough to sell. :)
RedBeard (NA)
: League of Legends Store Beta
I know I'm late to the party... but here's my two cents about the merch store: First off, the website itself looks very clean and runs great. I love the scroll block display on the home page. It has a modern/social media feel to it. Plus the enlarged pictures make the actual merchandise look incredible. So kudos there! Most of my feedback is concerning the collectibles section: - Let's talk plush! I love the three plushes that are currently on Beta. They all look well only constructive critism would be concerning the poro horns. They don't look organic to the original design...almost a little cheap looking. One possibilty for a solution would be to add a different horn style and make up the expense by increasing the plush cost by $5. Personally I would pay $30 for an adorable plush poro that looks perfect... I honestly think the majority of players would agree. - Hats look great, very fair price! - Figures: So, I'll make what I have to say brief. The collectibles are adorable...I love chibi. I would love to see a larger variety of champions. Also, for size I personally would love to see the price reduced to $20, but I would probably still buy them at that price... - Statues: This one was not my personal favorite.. I'm not overly fond of the design and I would be willing to pay for better craftsmanship. You could easily make an incredible statue and sell it between $150-$200. It's a life long display and some of us older, hard-core nerds would love to have that as an art piece. I like the size though and I look forward to watching this selection grow! I could keep going...but my last request would be to reconsider the price of the sweaters. I think we all know an $80 sweater is a little insane.. Even if it's super incredible looking, let's be real... $60 max. When I buy myself gifts, anything near $100 is more often than not put on a backburner. Early-Mid 20's, even teenagers...our money needs to be stretched as thin as we can get it. Personally I would never pay that much for a sweater, no matter how much I loved a game. Thanks for taking the time to read this, I love everything you guys are doing - You're awesome, amazing people and this game is badass. Be proud and I look forward to watching you grow!
: So adorable, how much are you selling it for? <3
Seriously whoever created the poro is a genius. I just want to hug the crap outta them... but it's not for sale. I thought about trying to make them and put them on etsy or something but they are a LOT of work. This took me around 3 months. Most of that was procrastination...but I don't foresee a poro business in my future. :(
: so cute
Thank you! :D My next one will have a stache'.
: Oh wow, nice work! That's adorable! o>_<o ..looks perfect for throwing at people... :)
Thanks so much! :D The body is the size of a softball. My first thought wasn't to assault someone with it, but now that you mention it... :P
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: League of Legends Miniatures Made From Warhammer Parts and Green Stuff
So badass! Kat is spot on..gotta admit I may have swooned a little there. Please keep giving us updated photos!
: League Graphic Tees I made for my son
These are amazing... O.O Coolest baby NA.
: Jinx. She wears a black-and-white striped prison suit. Officer Cait/Vi now have a rival. Next idea: Football (American) Athlete
Azir. His Emperor's Divide would be linemen. When Azir uses conquering sands he throws a football to his receivers location dealing damage to targets the ball passes through. Side note: His helmet would be sporting blue and silver. Next idea: Huntsman
: Would you risk rolling a dice to release a champion onto our world.
First of all...I love these games. This was a cool idea... Second, I got Teemo. So that sucks... Satan on earth... :( GG.
Nayhru (NA)
: Quinn needs some love! Classic Quinn cosplay progress.
Wow, awesome job! The construction is spot sure to post a pic when you're finished!
: Which die would you roll to summon a champ to tutor you?
Which die would you guys like to roll and which champ you hope you will get to meet? - Die #1, Hoped to meet Ahri but I got Ms. Fortune Would you care if they remembered you or not? - Heck ya, I'm amazing. It would just be sad for them if they didn't. Would you care if you don't get to keep your memories of the time that was spent tutoring you?? - Not if I could defeat them in my rise to glory. Do you want to see their world or no? - Hell yes. Do you even want a True Loves Kiss???? - Nope.
: Wow that's one fast red reply to a RP buying related issue! Nice to see you have your priorities straight.
Yeah, that was fast! It's awesome to see when Riot steps in to help their players...which is what I assume you meant by priorities right? The players individual needs? Aspiring to be the most player-focused game company in the world!
wyyrd (NA)
Upvoted! Phreak plz!
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: hooboy that's a corny username my roommate used to get really furious with me when i fucked up in LoL, and now i've just stopped playing with him it would just be five minute rants on little things wrong w my performance bc he didn't have access to everyone else in the game that didn't cause us to win "why would u build that much damage on Shyv, seb? you were our TANK and u had a hydra AND bork." etc etc etc
Hahaha....oh gawd, yeah... I didn't realize the summoner name could be the same as the username. :/ Working on fixing that.. That's kind of hilarious, I'm sorry. I don't know if this is for everyone, but for me and Heed, we had an "awkward" period of time that would pass before one of us would act all cool and be like "I'm sorry, that was lame of me to rage like that." Did you guys ever resolve things or did it become like a silent rage you never talked about? :P At least looking back it's funny to laugh, how did we ever get so heated about that item build? Hope you liked the video! :D
: Yeah it was pretty much just like that, wasn't it LoveU2MoonNBack? {{champion:16}} :)
LOL!! My poor mom... "So, I'm still confused. Why does he have to sleep on the couch? He flashed into a wall...? Honey, have you been drinking?"
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Kale Bot (NA)
: Hipster Lux? Maybe...?
Beautiful! :) I especially love the nose shape and the hair details...have you considered expanding on this design? I would love to see a full skin concept!
MooseLee (NA)
: Dino Gnar Onesie!
Whoa!!! That is awesome! Great job!
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Soleka (NA)
: More Poppy Fanart
Whoa that's awesome! Where did you learn how to draw? Why furry btw? She's pretty epic as a Yordle but you def' gave her the look of a badass little wolf. Cute! :) Good job!
: yes my anus is indeed bleeding. but does that change the argument? or even matter? Saying "oh he's upset" is a fucking given and attributes nothing. it's when people express how upset they are that things change. so if you're just going to be a time waster, go elsewhere..... shoo shoo.
Whoa man, chill. I was just laughing at your awesome reference... Kind of lame that you can't laugh at your own joke.... What's sad is I might have agreed with your thread. But I'm not interested in listening to troll rants. Peace.
: I give up. I suck. Playing this game only makes me miserable.
Hey Pear! Don't give up on yourself! It is a difficult game to learn and that is part of what makes it so fun. :) There ARE people who you meet that might lead your experience to be a negative one, but I promise that is not always the case. There are a LOT of awesome people in this community who are right alongside you learning! In fact, MOST of everyone is constantly working to improve themselves. If you haven't gone over to Team Recruitment yet on the boards, you might check it out! :) Join in on the fun, meet some new people...and hey, fo realz don't forget the ignore and report button in game. Riot has taken some big steps towards reducing the toxicity for their players and those reports don't go ignored. If you're trying a new champ, I'd say to start by playing some AI games before you dive into PVP. Just to learn mechanics and such... Hit me up in game some time, I'd love to have you meet the gang and hopefully help you have the game you deserve! :)
: For the Love of god and all that is holy LOCK NEW OR REWORKED CHAMPS FROM RANKED GAMES
Mellori (NA)
: Suggestion for Wishlists!
I LOVE this idea! Especially when there are RP sales and I splurge, then I want to gift...and random gifting is fun and stuff, but I know there's specific skins my friends are looking for and asking kind of ruins that surprise. Awesome idea, Rito *sniff* Pwease!!! :D
Lyte (NA)
: > I want to see my chat logs, like I said, I could have said something that warranted it, and if I did, I accept that. I want to SEE what it is I'm saying so that I can avoid it. Me saying something I feel isn't really offensive could be considered highly offensive by Riot could be the case and if it is, I'd like to see it. > > An e-mail or something containing the report info would be nice, I never receive those, either. Examples of your chat logs in Ranked Games include things like this: [12:57] VengeancExZero: THIS TRIST [13:11] VengeancExZero: wtf are you talking about [15:58] VengeancExZero: HOLY FUCK you guys suck [16:12] VengeancExZero: All of you just fucking AFK [16:16] VengeancExZero: Seriously [16:17] VengeancExZero: Go afk [16:18] VengeancExZero: all 4 of you [16:40] VengeancExZero: fucking dying when they dont evne have a jungler pressuring you [16:42] VengeancExZero: fuck you suck [17:03] VengeancExZero: see? she is sitll up here [17:07] VengeancExZero: FUCKING DO SHIT YOU RETARDS [17:29] VengeancExZero: I didn't mean die you trash trist [17:57] VengeancExZero: Thats why I said go AFK [17:59] VengeancExZero: i'd rather you all AFK [18:08] VengeancExZero: than sit and watch you mash buttons like inbred cunts [19:30] VengeancExZero: mainly you Trist [19:32] VengeancExZero: and the yi [20:00] VengeancExZero: afk [20:02] VengeancExZero: bye [20:10] VengeancExZero: your weight is too much to carry [20:33] VengeancExZero: teleport in just to die [20:43] VengeancExZero: absolutely pathetic [20:53] VengeancExZero: you didnt help, you died [20:55] VengeancExZero: like a retard [20:56] VengeancExZero: once again [21:13] VengeancExZero: bro [21:14] VengeancExZero: bro [21:14] VengeancExZero: bro [23:23] VengeancExZero [ALL]: ARE YOU STUPID --- [42:58] VengeancExZero: Riven you are fucking worthless [43:05] VengeancExZero: 100% completely useless [43:41] VengeancExZero: Team needs to stay together and you band of retards all split up [44:36] VengeancExZero: shut the fuck up **[45:06] VengeancExZero [ALL]: Go kill the dumb n*ggers ** [49:32] VengeancExZero [ALL]: fucking retards
: Well.. you see.. WAIT. YOU'RE NOT A PLAYER!
He must be one helluva player actually if he works for Riot! :P
: streaming Solo Q ranked!
Whoo! Glad ranked is back up!! Get gold! :D
: I would have trolled the crap out of her and said something like "yea, my little brother (who doesn't exist) wanted to play baseball with me (older people like baseball... fact) but PC games are way funner than that. So he plays by himself now."
tau43 (NA)
: I don't think my dad has the reflexes, and my mom gets motion sick too easily. Which sucks, because I'd like to play it with my dad.
You should have them try the Co-Op vs. AI intro difficulty level. It's an awesome way just to get a feel of the game and maybe get peak their interest! :D
: I really think a few years from now, gaming will be a recognized hobbie. Just like fishing, playing golf or drawing. Today, people might say: "But what do you serve the community or yourself by playing a game?". I'd answer like this: "Just as much as fishing, playing golf or reading a book ever did". Good for you being a gamer dad and I hope you play a lot with your kids!!
Absolutely! There really hasn't been a generation until now that has raised their kids in a technology driven world. Video games are a huge part of today. I do recognize and try not to take offense when the concept of video games as a hobby might seem offensive to some older people. Being a gamer mom, *wink*, I get a lot of pressure to spend my free time cleaning or planning activities or gardening...idk...but when I tell someone that my favorite thing in the world to do in my "free time" is play League of Legends, I get some pretty bizarre looks! The love and support from this community has been incredible, and I'm sure all the gaming parents out there are sending a huge thank you to everyone who has written these loving and supportive comments!
: lol, I don't have any kids yet, but my wife plays some league with me on the occasion. Good on you guys!
What does she think of the game? Does she have any favorite champions? Also, I found this funny meme. Don't take it personally. :P
Ralantha (NA)
: My daughter and I game all the time :) We even game in League with customs against bots. There's a huge difference between a parent who does nothing but gaming and a parent who games instead of watching TV all the time. I'd much rather parents be interactive than couch warmers.
That's so neat! I can't wait to actually play game with my kiddos. I was teaching my son today about Blitzcrank and he was roaring at his jokes. It was adorable. I bet your daughter really appreciates the time you spend with her too...awesome job, keep up the hard work! :D
: Good on you.
Thank you kindly :)
Impetual (NA)
: You have my utmost respect for being able to balance your love of gaming with your parental duties. GOOD ON YOU GAMER FRIEND!
Thank you so much!! :) I really love meeting the league parents out there and the community support is awesome.... We are training the next World champs! ;)
: Yea, I get the whole deal that how can a mother with 3 kids cook, clean, entertain and care for the children, work and have time for games! My life must be a mess. Good scheduling and a love for my kids and games (and having kids old enough to game with me) makes for a busy day, sure, but it all gets done, and we manage just fine. I guess it helps that I work from home, too. I suppose it would be a different story if I worked out side of the home. Id actually have to get out of my pjs and put some makeup on and all that junk. Its nice to see other league parents! It makes me feel like I am not doing "something wrong" by enjoying my free time gaming. =)
It really involves a lot of balance! Part of that balance is taking time to do something you love as well. You're doing great gamer mama!! Glad to have you on board! :D
: I don't have kids myself. However, one of my best friends has two children and he is a massive gamer. He is also one of the best parents that I know, always spends time with his kids outside of playing games and he obviously plays games with them too. most people. Games still have a bad rep with the older generation, but I doubt that will last too much long. Just because you have a hobby, ***any hobby***, doesn't mean you are going to spend less time with your kids. Thanks for being a great parent. :)
It probably means a lot to him that you have that opinion of him too. Sometimes I think we get so wrapped up on protecting our kids, teaching them, and helping them ...that we more often than not forget to just have fun. My kiddos are too young for LoL (but they say "GG" on occassion) - like your friend we go outside and explore, read books, watch tv and yes...we even play video games. :) I really appreciate your kind words.
: Reminded me of my childhood. Humongous Games used to make really fun kids' games (Putt-Putt, Freddi Fish, Pajama Sam, Spy Fox; they're on Steam now), and I found out this past year that my mom would stay awake after we went to bed, playing those games. I always thought she was just some kind of omniscient game-figurer-outer, but no, she was playing them through before we could. Parents who play games are just as awesome as the rest of us. Or more so.
What a cool mom! I think that's very sweet too that she was able to help you when you got stuck. That's a good mama right there...
: Right there with you! My wife plays too, on the rare occasion we both have a guaranteed 45 minutes
Ha! That's awesome your wife plays with you! Nice idea for date night. :) It's just as important for your kids to see you work together as parents as well as play together and have fun as a couple. :)
: Solo Q Ranked Streaing!!
Awesome! Good to see you streaming tonight. :)
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: Playing Ranked and being forced into a role you are bad at...
I can completely understand that frustration. Especially when your team goes in with a more selfish "Well, I'm first pick so I can play whoever I want" type of attitude. What does that do for the team? When last pick is stuck playing jungle and they are the worst jungle NA. Truth told, in a perfect world with perfect people the 4 other teammates could easily fill where we as individual players fall short. The hard truth with ranked though, is you need to know all roles and have at least one champ you can play well in each. If you can even have at least 3 different lanes and a champ for each of those lanes, you probably will rarely run into any issues. Here's an example: I LOVE Soraka. For awhile in ranked she was the only champ I ever played and I would only play support. Here's the problem: Soraka isn't the best support. I know how to play her really well though...but what happened when that role was filled? I played a terrible top and we lost. So personally I stopped playing ranked until I went back into teambuilder, tried new champs and learned new roles. You basically encompass a "fill" role. Is that ideal? No. It would be cool to exceed in ranked playing the roles you love and you're good at. Starting ranked though, ignore the trolls, be flexible and give it everything you have. Ranked comes with good and bad games no matter how good you are. If you're not willing to jump into ranked playing a role you're not comfortable with, go in and try it out in team builder. I've found for myself I enjoy ranked more now because I'm comfortable playing different lanes - also, I've learned to love a TON more champs. ;) Happy Gaming! :D
darkdill (NA)
: Why does Mega Gnar have no death animation? It just defaults to Mini Gnar
"Lazy" might be a bit overly critical. I think you made an interesting point to bring that up though and although this is leading more towards the "skin concept" side of things....if Mega Gnar had a death animation, what do you imagine it would look like?
: I'm too nervous to play
I actually like these points. For starters lets talk about only being level 23. That DOES mean that you're not as experienced as other players that might be joining team builder or draft. So you should embrace this - how? Don't be hard on yourself. You've still got a lot to learn, we all still do. Sometimes, more often than not, there will at least be ONE toxic player on your team. Mute them and move forward. Also, ADC has a lot of aspects to be aware of during gameplay. It isn't as easy as it looks. Maybe you can pick a couple favorite champs and research them on YouTube, here and Reddit for tips and tricks. Try those tricks in Co-Op and once you feel comfortable, just jump in. People aren't going to play like bots, so the only thing that helps you improve is trial and error. If you really enjoy a game with a teammate, add them as a friend. It's an awesome way to meet new people. Keep your chin up and don't give up. I'll let you in on a secret: You're going to make bad plays. It's going to suck. You'll yell at yourself...but then, in a moment you'll go HAM on the whole enemy team, pentakill and cheer so loud the neighbors down the street can hear you. That's the love of league! :) Keep moving forward, and I hope to get an invite so we can play together sometime.
Rozzeta (NA)
: When you re-do the lore, please be careful about Morgana and Kayle
Great points to bring up! I would love to see where they go with that. Maybe a Loki/Thor type of relationship between the two? {{champion:25}} {{champion:10}}
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