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: So Riot Deleted the post about needing more ways to knock Yummi off her target.
i always thought that if someone should die past 11 (i think thats when her w cd is nonexistent) while yuumi is attached it should be forced on a cd when she is forcefully unattached, rather than just coming out and escaping after attempting to be locked down because she can just freely hop onto the next teammate with no cd
this is why i miss nexus blitz too. fast paced quick action games - when you have a busy schedule you can toss ina couple matches.
: https://puu.sh/E0CWs/8f927b544f.png happened for others too.. LOL
https://puu.sh/E17nf/c5776e61e4.png heres another one, my friend is bronze 3 and plays solo!
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: How does norms mmr work?
https://puu.sh/E0CWs/8f927b544f.png happened for others too.. LOL
: Has anyone else been getting an influx in trolls/afkers?
It's common yeah. One thing I hate though is when a game extends for 40 minutes when the outcome of a loss is known. Like 100% a loss unless enemy team feeds kills intentionally. I've noticed this happens all too often and it just sucks to be held in a match that's an obvious unwinnable condition (think 0/6 top laner 0/4 mid laner 2/5 jg and 3/5 adc). For some reason they don't surrender until enemy is attacking inhib and personally I'd much rather of just surrendered at 15 than be forced to play a match our team has absolutely no chance on. Sorry, that was sortve a branched off rant. But yeah, afking and trolling is pretty rough, and also annoying when there still is potential to turn the tables. I still play even when they aren't despite really not wanting to.
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: The Removal of TT: Can We Get Permanent Nexus Blitz in Return?
I hope NB comes back. Guess it won't while TFT is here for a while..
: do you remember when events were really events
events feel like they are present every patch nowadays >.>. I remember when events similar to these didnt require passes, those didnt even exist actually, and instead you just did these missions and was able to get like 2 skin shards or some other things. Then the event passes came and thats all that happens. You can grab one skin shard orb, nice. It's all pretty much the same now though. Super boring. Just a different theme.
: Client is launching but not the game
I had a problem very similar to yours, but worse. I talked to support for a very long time to no avail. Some said it was an internet problem and i could do nothing about it. They were wrong. What was causing my issue? Apparently Malwarebytes or Hitmanpro.alert. After uninstalling both of the antimalware/anti-keylogger programs it fixed. So, try uninstalling your antiviruses. I didn't think this was ever the problem because i NEVER had this problem before while having these programs. It just magically happened, and I dealt with it for years. My issues were: - Client wouldn't launch/open. Had to run it as admin to get it to open. Eventually, running as admin wouldn't even work. Often times it would say the client needed to repair itself. Restarting my computer caused it to fix very temporarily. - In-game load screen wouldn't pop up, instead, bringing me back to the client with "reconnect" as an option. I'd sometimes have to repetitively spam "reconnect" until finally, it loaded in. - When load screen did open, sometimes it would never actually load into the game. It would just stay in the load screen, stuck until I ended its process in task manager. This would keep happening, leading to me being unsure as to whether or not the game actually started. **TL;DR - try uninstalling your antiviruses, all of them. I had the same issue except mine started like yours and got progressively worse. Uninstalling malwarebytes and hitmanpro.alert fixed it after years of dealing with this similar issue. Restart PC after uninstalling them.** _Edit: saw it was Avast thing. Yeah... I still went through these troubles with other antivirus/antimalware programs._
: Solo lane Pyke needs a nerf
i dont know about you, but i think Aatrox is pretty insane. I was completely astonished when i was caught out and forced to 1v3 and my q's gave me SO much hp back that I was able to hold out that "should've been dead" moment for a solid while and lived ultimately. I was like, wow, that's... not ok

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