dmilin (NA)
: > Oh it’s for worlds. How about you stop fucking over the player base for worlds. Seriously what is that .02 of the player base? Well it's a lot more than .02% of the playerbase that watches worlds and it would be nice to not watch the exact same matchups 30 games in a row. They also normally revert a lot of the changes in preseason, so you only have to put up with the worlds meta for a little over a month. Your other complains however are valid and I agree.
If not just the 2 weeks. 9.18 is the soul patch Worlds gets played on, 9.19 changes have no impact on Worlds.
: Patch 9.18 notes
: In Minecraft the x axis is forward backward an the z is side to side. Y axis is vertical just in real life. The z gives depth to things
_"Usually, the X and Y axes are used when talking about length and width, and the Z is used for height. However, in Minecraft, the X and Z axes represent length and width, and Y represents height. As X or Z increase or decease, you are moving farther away from 0, 0 , or the "center" of your Minecraft world. Jul 3, 2011"_ Perhaps I chose a bad example lol
: Wouldn’t this be a y-axis bug though since it’s vertical?
A board game would only have X and Y, because we are looking at one plane; the board. In a 3D game, Z becomes a factor because Y is now a direction, Z represents height. In fact the best example I could give you would be minecraft. The whole game is plotted like a graph. You move around the world with X and Y coordinates, but that doesnt mean the Z axis is changing. If you were to mine straight down though, only the Z would change and the X and Y would stay the same. If you think about the volume of a square _Base x Width x Height_ , you could apply it to this by saying _X x Y x Z_
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Rockman (NA)
: so when do we get an old lady champ
I never knew I needed something so bad.
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: Request: Ruthless Pantheon's helmet toggle option. (DADDY MODE LV2000)
No sorry, if they did that Pantheon would be broken. Too strong, would need nerfs.
: [Shaco] I can't believe Riot wants me to dish out 850 RP to track my backstabs, slows, and kills.
Mr Meat (OCE)
: Just like League, riot doesn't want a balanced game. They haven't taken steps to actually balance the game as a whole in years. Every change they make addresses the individual champ, the individual item, but never how things interact in this "sandbox" per se. The amount of oversight they have in regards to their patch notes, brings me to the point where I simply cannot believe that riot is interested in anyway of finishing their game. They'd rather just perpetually change it to artificially keep the game alive, thought that does work nonetheless.
As a very general reminder, if we look back at the founding design philosophy of the game, we were told that the game was never supposed to be balanced. The game was just supposed to be constantly changing. This expectation that the game needs to be perfectly tuned is just unrealistic and is something that there has been no game company has been able to do. If you take a look back at the original street fighter 2, a perfectly balanced game is boring. As a community we undervalue change.
: Really sad that {{champion:266}} Aatrox's revive got removed in his ult. Removing that is also removing one of Aatrox's unique identities and strengths in League as a whole and is one reason I like to play him. I hope one day it returns though even in a different form again.
It was also the only thing that was in his old kit. Not the most successful rework
: Patch 9.14 notes
Also I like how they disguised this lux buff as a nerf with some minor changes to the abilities that we have been talking about being either too strong or non-consistent with other similar abilities.
: Patch 9.14 notes
People getting buffs before they get skins is a meme, but its hard to dismiss it when you have things like this Pyke buff. The first part is a nice quality of life change, but getting 600 Gold on a lethality building "support" is the biggest oversight I think I have ever seen out of the balance team. If he can stun jungle camps, you just created a better version of the oppressive Cammile we had earlier this season.
: ... I've done quite a bit of coding and it still went right over my head. God dammit. Thank you for making me feel stupid.{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Seal Bot (EUNE)
: Is no one going to talk about the fact Sivir received a MASSIVE nerf??
If you watch the Phreak Show, they showed the difference between the mana costs. Your math is wrong, ths is literally only like 4-5 mana over the course of the game.
: It's official. Rito prefers ints over floats. **Rito supports inting conformed.**
Seal Bot (EUNE)
: Is no one going to talk about the fact Sivir received a MASSIVE nerf??
FâgLord (EUW)
: Riot, What the f*ck
ok but can we talk about the pyke buff and the fact that they just nerfed solo pyke and now they are giving a *big* buff to solo pyke
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Pyrosan (NA)
: You're able to delete one champion from the game, who goes?
I'd yeet Pyke out the window. Although deleting Cait is really interesting, is there a particular reason why? She cant build Runnans anymore, and I'd think that Jinx and Trist would have better "Rapid Fire" kits.
: Volunteer hours?
You could host an hour of code event (even if you are not big on programming, there is a ton of support for it), Diversity Clubs, you could reach out to help with someones adopt a highway program. If you have a nature center nearby, they are always looking for help planting / cleaning. Library's appreciate a solid book shelver. If you are doing it for college, try to look for something kinda major specific; this isn't always an option, but it definitely helped me when I was applying for the CS program in particular. I think the best way to get volunteer hours are to vest your time in things you are passionate about. If you can't find anything (and you are willing to throw in some extra work) perhaps a service learning project is what you need. Best of luck!
: Why didn't Qiyana receive any emotes?
I think its because she was part of an event; but so was Neeko. She feels rushed to me, I think it has to do with TFT being on the last week she was too.
: Learn More: Arcade 2019
For anyone peeping this right now trying to figure out how much you are gaining and losing, here is the optimal way to generate enough tokens for P. Cait. If each loss (on SR) gives 6 tokens, assuming you were playing blind pick and FF'ing at 15 each game, here is how long it is going to take you. 60 minutes in an hour / 15 minutes (min amount of time to ff) = 4. 4 games an hour * 6 tokens a loss = 24 tokens a minute. 2000 tokens / 24 = ~83.5 hours. This is excluding matchmaking and pick time, but the missions should be able to keep the numbers consistent. Because winning a game has fluctuating game times, as far as Im aware, this is the fastest way to cap the skin. Best of luck!
: The game has existed for 10 long fucking years, and the client is still trash?
The client is really just a big internet browser; similar to Steam. The problem is that the Windows version of the client runs off of Internet Explorer, not Edge, not Chrome. In the most recent Riot Pls, they talked about a client update that swaps over to a Chromium based browser. This *is* a lot more difficult then it sounds. Keep in mind, this is the same client that 1. Processes store purchases 2. Runs Hextech 3. Gives you news and connects you with your friends network 4. Connects you to the server with a game ID token to launch the game. (This is why the game and the client are 2 seprate windows, rather then just 1 like in every other mainstream moba) Although I am not going to make excuses for the client, that, should have been close to perfect after the update; I will at least share what would be the benefit-of-the-doubt. I would imagine they would want to swap the browser type over before they made any changes. When you contact Riot about bugs like the store not opening up or games not starting, they tell you to check your IE settings. On the old client, there was a way to find the links the client was using too. Keep in mind, they effectively need to rebuild the client from the ground up to swap the browser type.
: When u said remove the ghost wards I was like nooo, but actually what u did with shifting the pwr around the passive and W was pretty smart. Maybe u can use the ghost wards on the passive when an actual ward is on CD. I'd hate 2 lose them since sometimes I play her Jg Speaking of Vayne her W passive should be an active with a CD that becomes 0 at lv 5
Im a really big fan of the Sentinels too, I absolutely loved having map pressure around drag as a marksmen. Sadly, I don't think the ability is worth keeping around without some needed changes. If they were untargetable, and just went until the end of the duration, they would be broken, but usable.
vyoda (NA)
: {{champion:53}} now roots himself?!! {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
I mean, the 1 second root vs what could be a 120% MS increase?
wolvius (EUW)
: Those changes look pretty good _except the renekton shield-break that is too overloaded of an abilty and very strong against tanks who he already destroys in-lane._ Finally tahm top is nerfed in a way that makes him less frustrating. Not sure how the swain changes effect him though.
Profirix (NA)
: He gets gold on assists too now. He doesn't need to take the kills.
Its an execute. Pyke always got gold for the R not killing someone, he just got the cut instead of the most recent assister. This is giving Pyke 600 for doing either. If he gets the kill, he gets the kill gold + a "your cut". If he gets an assist, he gets the assist gold, plus 2 "your cut"'s. There really isnt any room to defend this change. ESPECIALLY for a 50% win rate assassin.
Hotarµ (NA)
: Those Pyke changes look a little overkill to be honest, I love him but they should probably tone back the scalings a bit. Maybe I'm wrong idk :p
fr tho. Thats a major buff to the damage alone, plus the generation of another 300 gold for pyke.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: 9.14 changes according to Riot Repertoir (Blitzcrank, Leona, Akali, Lux, Tahm kench)
Why on earth is Pykes R getting buffed. You now want to give him 600 gold for every kill PLUS a major buff onto the damage? So much for nerfing solo lane pyke. Being able to double the amount of gold your team gets from a kill is broken. Idk who or why the balance team, whom I normally defend in all cases, thought this was a good idea.
Slica (NA)
: ARAM Qiyana
Can we talk about Twisted Treeline first?
: To make her E show dmg is fine but not execute threshold that lowers gameplay risks and experience they did that with urgot and pyke its just making the game dumber and dumber
when I said execute I was referring to how much damage the Rend would do based on how many spears she had stacked. Otherwise rend by itself cannot execute, its just used as one so the ability resets. But if we wanna talk REAL execute indicators, Garen's R could use one.
Rioter Comments
: The true damage should 100% remain true damage because of the functionality of the ability is to double the damage of the next attack, up to the a cap that is equal to the damage of the initial impact of the ability. Therefore, whatever incoming attack hits the target will already be mitigated, unless it itself is true damage. If you change this damage to something other than true damage, the target effectively double dips on mitigation, and the proc/pop damage is lowered even further. This would be most evident with a move that gets mitigated to deal the only slightly higher, the same, or less damage than the pop. The pop will not equal that same value and be even smaller due to also being mitigated. You would effectively never deal the capped damage because it would just be mitigated.
This comment was too big brain for my sleep deprived head. You seem to know what you are talking about so imma upvote and go next.
coreym11 (NA)
: Bot lane is literally a bullet hell shooter
: > [{quoted}](name=Fıre mage,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BpLjlY7r,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-29T07:17:27.940+0000) > > Even the most vanilla of consent designers can agree that Neeko's E, Tangle-Barbs, is a necessary piece of her kit to maximize the efficiency of her Q, Blooming Burst. On release, Tangle-Barbs needed to pass through 2 enemy units to gain the empowered root, the empowered root only effected the *last* champion hit, this felt underwhelming; If the ability was fired through a minion, Jinx, and finished on Elise, Elise would be hit with the empowered root (This was the example in the Champion Spotlight). Admittedly, this ability did need a buff; however, what we revived is frequently looked over without second thought. > > On patch 9.5, the "Champion hit" condition was removed, the requirement to gain the empowerment was reduced to 1, the non-empowered root duration was buffed all ranks (This will be touched on later), and then there was a minor bug fix where the ability was disarming. Neeko was soon after hotfixed on March 11th, reducing her attack speed growth, her attack damage growth, and a base damage nerf on Shapesplitter, Neeko's W. > > Originally, Tangled-Barbs had a .5 second root duration for the first target hit; the change on 9.5 was large, taking a CC duration from .5 all ranks to (.7 / .9 / 1.1 / 1.3 / 1.5). This means that even for landing the first root on an enemy champion grants you 2 stacks of Blooming Burst (Neeko's Q) on a champion, and landing the empowered root means you get off full duration from Blooming Burst. For perspective, here are the numbers for the empowered duration. (1.8 / 2.1 / 2.4 / 2.7 / 3). And yes, this means that Tangle-Barbs scales faster in duration then Morganna's Dark Binding. > > The duration of Tangled-Barbs gives Neeko an almost nonpunishable combo in the early game. Currently, the champion is being flexed outside of mid lane about 45% of the time, meaning shes in mid roughly 55%. This combo feels even more debilitating if you are playing a melee into Neeko; the combination between the movement speed and clone from her her W, and her QE combo make for a very slippery lane bully, even into champions with a strong early all-in like Cammile or Aatrox. > > This duration wouldn't be a problem if Neeko was maxing the ability last, but statistically (according to OP.GG, which is KR only) 95% of Neeko players max E second; additionally every website that offers Neeko guides (Mobafire was not used) say most matches max E second, but do not provide an easy statistic. Meaning that Neeko has a 3 second root available to her that she can aim through targets. The only other champion with a basic CC duration like that is Morganna, but Neeko's is better in a team fight because it effects multiple people, and has Dark Binding beat on missile speed. > > In conclusion, please nerf Neeko. Thanks. > > Sources: > > > > > > So basically, you got beat by a Neeko and made this post.
Isn't that how all balance posts are made :thinking: This is after a couple of months though.
geonik72 (EUNE)
: Lol zoe's e isnt true damage, its magic. Even though its damage text is white the damage itself is reduced by mr and blackshields
Yes it does. The initial damage is magic; however once asleep the ability reads: "The next instance of champion or turret damage taken by the Sleep icon sleeping target deals Hybrid penetration bonus true damage equal to the post-mitigation damage dealt, capped at Sleepy Trouble Bubble's damage." It has done this ever since day 1, and please keep in mind that the true damage does not require Zoe to pop it, it can be popped by anyone. Meaning that even if my tank blocks the shot my ADC, the ability has the same damage threat regardless of tanks MR. See link:
: I agree Neeko's E is broken. But nothing compares to Zoe and whatever she stands for, especially in the subject of broken non-ultimate CCs (such as her W and E).
Completely agree, Zoe W should apply some sort of debuff where, if you use the summoner spell while its active, then she can take it. And the E shouldn't sit on the ground and when they did the first round of nerfs on it, I am unsure why the true damage stayed. Zoe at the very least, isnt easy to play.
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: Its not like anyone would be able to get on PBE to playtest the skins anyway due to TFT.
Personal opinion, TFT should have been on the PBE *after* Qiyanna got dropped. I doubt that there has been very much testing this week.
Sukishoo (NA)
: True but it's been a fairly small experimental process they have done and it's worked pretty well so far.
Beemo was fine, Odyssey was a mess though. The real issue with skipping the pbe cycle has more to do with interactions with big bugs. if you remember when Mech Kha got disabled for breaking the game. I would be surprised if they didnt sit on the pbe and then get dropped half way through the patch like they layer big events with new skins, as we saw with K/DA and Worlds, and more recently BA and MSI. When live servers are where you make money, in my professional experience, building hype like this is usually a big mistake that backfires. No one wants to spent $10 on a skin tomorrow or Wednesday that they wont be able to use for a week because the issues we not hammered out in a stress test environment.
: I think Yuumi's win rate is heavily suffering from people genuinely not knowing how to use her.
There are some other factors at play here. First, you have to take the current bot lane support meta into consideration; Yummi is a horrid answer to any of these meta picks _because_ she tethers. Your top 3 supports atm are Naut, Thresh, and Morgana. Because of her squishyness, Yummi cant come out in these match ups because they insta kill her if she tries to even step up to get the shield. If she jus t stays then she reduces the amount of targets the enemy has to throw skillshots at. So yes, she is already in a bad position to try and compete with other enchantresses like Nami or Soraka who do far better into these kinds of match ups. So already at a major disadvantage, I would like to add that Yummi feels absolutely useless. ADC player here - 9 times out of 10 Im just fine with a bad support; but if I see a Yummi on my team Im insta dodging. The champions abilites do not make up for the fact that she makes the ad feel like they have to play giga defensive because the lane feels like a 2v1. Her Q isnt useful enough, the heal is mediocre at best, and she has no real CC that can go out quickly in a defensive manner; all of this just makes her this discount lulu. I don't think Riot should just throw buffs at her; shes bad because the meta wont support a champion like her atm, and her abilities need some more functionality to be really useful. Throwing a ton of numbers at this champion is just going to make her stronger then she needs to be and its going to create an issue we will just complain about later. **Just because shes new, doesnt mean she needs to be strong.** The kit changes I would like to see: Base stats: more tanky like a normal goddamn champ thanks (Passive): Remove the shield, its not big enough and its too risky to get in some match ups. Replace it with a heal steroid. Maybe 30~50% increased healing on the next cast of E. (Q): Shouldn't have a peak range, range should just be equivalent to the cast time. When tethered, it should always slow, not after 1 second. (W): I think this is fine, would like to see an indicator for how far she can dash though for enemy clarity. She feels way to slippery when she does get away like that (E): A couple of options: A) Make it 1 cast and add a shield to the ability (See passive) B) Keep it at 2 casts, but make the first one a HoT, and the second one an instant if the first was still ticking. (R): Needs to root on first or second wave, if they get hit by 5-6 of the waves, it just needs to stun. Doesn't need more damage if the ability could be redirected | Exp. Idea: Make the R fire from Yummi unless she Q's, then fire the R from the Q so it can be redirected.
: RIOT Game Plz HELP!
God I wish there was a solid alternative to this platform at this point. I get that content needs to be policed but the amount of times we have seen this, or just general demonetization for content (Like MagikarpUsedFly's "Actual champion spotlights" for example) is really just a punch in the gut for the CC and the CA. Because Youtube is effectively a social media site, it can't be called a monopoly, but in terms of posting and viewing video content, its easily the most reliable place that you know your content will be seen. I think what needs to happen is YT needs to break their platform into subsections that have their own rules. If I'm posting something for Kids, then I should have different rules if I am posting something for a generally adult community. This umbrella bs isn't helping anyone. That's my opinion 2 years into a CS degree, so maybe there is something I don't understand; of course I'm no expert.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: They did nerf the heal already
They reverted the buff, hes still overtuned

Cat girls tho

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