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: Cloud Gaming Looking for Plat+ Mid Laners (serious team)
: Cloud Gaming Looking for Plat+ Mid Laners (serious team)
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: Serious Team LF D+ Players!
IGN: I r JuAn Age: 20 What you're applying for (Starter or Sub) Role/s: Support Rank: Diamond 5 Voice communication: Discord Top Champions: Thresh, Rakan, Braum (most played at the moment) Weakest Champions: Sona, Taric, Zilean,Morgana Strengths: Positive player, im very vocal Weaknesses: i play overly agressive in lane, may make some incorrect calls for dives and engaging Experience in a team environment (You don't have to have had any!): played with a team that lasted for about a month and then it disbanded What I can bring to the team: lots of feedback on what we could have done better every game, accept criticism as well as give criticism to others well.
: MLG Strategist is looking for a high plat to low diamond support.
IGN: I r JuAn Rank: Diamond 5 Role: support Champion Pool: Thresh, Blitz, Rakan, Braum, Lulu, Nami, Tahm Kench
Mom (NA)
: [LFM] Obsidian eSports Recruiting
Summoner Name: IrJuAn Rank Last Season:Diamond 5 Rank This Season (Solo&Flex): Diamond 5 solo queue Gold 1 flex queue Prior Team Experience: yes several teams but never did any tournaments Strengths: Good map awareness, willing to shotcall for the team Weaknesses: I play quite aggressively Role: Support Champion Pool: Thresh, Malz, Karma, Bard Availability: after 3pm pst Mic/Discord: yes
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TMG Cone (NA)
: TMG is looking for coaches!
Coach or Analyst: coach Age: 19 IGN: I r JuAn Previous experience with a team(please describe in detail): Previous experience playing on a team, not coaching(please describe in detail: played on several teams but it never works out, no one is active other than me (For coaches): Do you focus on strategic or behavioral coaching: i tend to be more strategic of a coach but i will try to be a good behavioral coach as well (For coaches): How would you respond if there was a player who was belligerent and toxic to his teammates, but was captain of the team: We'll talk as a team and be honest towards one another to best improve in our future games. What separates you from other candidates: im easy to get along with Anything extra you would like to add: i like to learn new strats and ideas from everyones perspective
Aevatrex (NA)
: TMG Looking for a competitive coach
Meevo (NA)
: Season 5+6 plat + team with coach LF Support Serious team 10+15 hours a week (Tournaments)
The app: Fernando IGN: I r JuAn S5 Rank: plat 1 S6 Rank: plat 5 Age: 18 Role: Support Top 5 champs: Thresh, Janna, Alistar, Tahm Kench, Blitzcrank Your playstyle: Aggressive, Do you have the ability/want the responsibility of shot caller?: Yes Any team exp: Lots but none of the teams I've been are not commited on playing everyday. What you can bring to the team: A lot of play making and roaming support. Whats your availability look like: Busy from the mornings but after 3pm pst is when I'm mostly free. Are you willing to recieve critism from others to help you improve: Yes Are you willing to do Tournaments: Yes Are You willing to play as a team a couple nights a week?: Yes Do you trust youself mechanically as a skilled player: Yes Whats your Stregth: Confident laner as well as late game decision making. Whats your weakness: I go too aggressive sometimes where I set my team in bad positioning Why should we choose you: I'm a friendly person who can make lots of plays for the team. I'm willing to learn from you guys on I need work on as well as be a better player.
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: Gold Support Main LF Serious Gold+ Team
: Looking for gold+ experienced top laner for last member of ranked team
Hey I would like to play for your team. I'm currently gold and looking for a dedicated team who looks to improve. I main{{champion:150}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:98}}
Phazeor (NA)
: LFG- Analyst
Add me in game I r JuAn.
: Here's a post where you can ask questions about the stuff I've worked on, and I'll try to answer.
{{item:3165}} Their should be item that builds into morellonomicon that applies grievous wounds. Like you can get executioner's calling that can be build into Last Whisper. In my opinion I feel like it is difficult to get a tank {{champion:36}} to 40% health like xearth, lissandra, etc. Their should be an item thats similar to executioner's calling but for AP champions. This can help for all mages that plays against sustain champs and become more of a threat.
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: Ranked 5s Gold+. Looking for dedicated individuals willing to grind games daily
Username: I r JuAn Role: adc Age: 18 Time Zone and availability: Pst 4pm-12am Champ pool: {{champion:222}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:67}} Past rank (Season 4): Plat 3 Rank (Season 5): plat 1 Past experience in any teams: i played with a decent amount of teams but they disband after a month Can you Shot call: Yes if i need to How often are you willing to practice? almost everyday but if an event happens or just busy that day
: New Team Looking for players
Region(Timezone): PST IGN: I r JuAn Actual Name: fernando Age: 18 Relative Times When you can Play: 4pm till 12am 6: Preferred Role: Support 7: Mained Champions inside of that role {{champion:412}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:53}} Champions you can play decently inside of that role: {{champion:432}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:267}} 9: What will you add to the team if accepted: Easy to work with and a very positive attitude :) 10: Why do you want to join: I want to play with a commited team who wants to improve and hopefully stay together. 11: Mic Quality: 10/10
Rh2ridoy (NA)
: [LFM] - [SERIOUS] - Looking to create a serious and dedicated ranked team
IGN: I r JuAn Age:18 Rank: Plat 1 Role: Analyst Can you make the following times? Monday-Thursday: 8-11pm on weekdays (7-10pm CST) (5-8pm West Coast) Yes I live in PST. Prior Team Experience: I've coached some people individually but as 5v5 no. I would like to get some experience with a rank 5 team. Why should you be considered for this role: I can analyze every little detail in the game that pinpoint mistakes. I can also help improve their decision making.
: *** Team You Wont Forget LF Plat 3+ JUNG ***
Are you looking for a coach/analyst? I'm currently plat 1 and I can help you guys improve. I had some experience in 1v1 coaching and at the moment looking to get experience for a 5v5 rank team. Add me in game I r JuAn.
: Ranked 5s LF ADC, Support, and Jungler
Linkace (NA)
: Lighting Spiders! ೕ(•̀ᴗ•́)
Plat 2 Support main looking for a serious team.
Mento (NA)
: Incaranted - Lf Mid, Jung, and Supp for Season 6 Ranked Team
IGN: I r JuAn Age:18 Role:Support Champ pool: Thresh, Tahm Kench, Blitzcrank, Bard, Janna Reason for trying out: I want to be in a serious team and learn new things from others. Rank at end of season 5:Plat 1 Previous team experience:None. Just played with friends and never serious. What can you bring to the team: Aggressive laner and a good roaming support who is reliable. Pros (of you): Shotcall and communicate effectively. Cons (of you): I overstay and become overfident. Do you rage?:No I'm a pretty passive person. Are you commited?:Yes, I really want to be serious about this. Time Zone: PST Extra Info: I can play any other support you want me to play if needed for a team comp.
: Heart of Gold
Add me I r JuAn also i live in PST. I'm support main who is currently in plat 1.
: Ranked 5s Team For Season 6
IGN: I r JuAn Season 3 (If played) Rank:Gold 5 Season 4(If played) Rank:Plat 3 Season 5 Rank:Plat 1 Current Ranking:Plat 1 Main Role: Support/adc Champion pool: Thresh, Tahm Kench, Blitzcrank, Bard, Janna Questions for me?: I can also adc if you need me too. My adc champion pool Jinx, Kalista, Lucian, Vayne, Corki, Caitlyn
: Ranked 5s (GOLD-PLAT) Preferred
IGN:I r JuAn Rank:Plat 1 Role(s) preferred:Support/ADC Top Champions: (Support) Thresh, Tahm Kench, Blitzcrank, Bard, Janna (ADC) Jinx, Kalista, Caitlyn, Lucian, Vayne Do you have skype/teamspeak/curse voice?:Yes pref curse voice or skype. Are there any times that you prefer to play at or not play at (time zones help):Currently a college student. PST Is there anything else you want me to know?: Strengths: I can shotcall and roam really well. Aggressive in lane and warding. Weaknesses: I'm a bit overconfident.
: LF Gold 2+Top/Jung/Support For Offseason/S6 Serious Team
IGN:I r JuAn Age:18 Role(s):Support Current Rank:Plat 1 Top 5 champs:Thresh, Tahm kench. Blitzcrank, Bard, Janna Strengths:Agressive and good at roaming Weaknesses: Overconfident Timezone/availability:PST Shotcall?:Yes Mic/Talk?:Yes Tell us about yourself and your goals I like to play league and hopefully find a serious team where everyone is friendly.
: ADC main LF Plat+ Support player serious about improving/climbing
hey add me ign I r JuAn i'll tell you about myself later cause i got college classes rn :P
: Impure Gaming LF Plat+ Players For New Roster
IGN:I r JuAn Age:18 Role:Support Rank:Plat 1 Can you communicate well(or even shotcall)?: Yes 5s Experience?:Only played with friends but looking to become more serious Are you willing to listen to staff(Coach, Analyst, Manager etc.)?:Yes always looking to learn and understand the game even more Top 3-5 Champs?:Thresh, Blitzcrank, Tahm Kench, Bard, Janna Strengths?: Great at roaming and warding and peel very well Weaknesses?: I go a bit aggressive throughout the game even though we're behind. Teamspeak?:Yes Timezone?: Pst Other things you want us to know: I don't really use teamspeak but I will try to learn how to use it. I use mostly skype and curse voice. I want to get better and show that I'm a true support
BattleG0D (EUW)
: Join my fantasy LCS, 8 man draft

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