: Riot, do the bot lane meta a favor, nerf the stupidly insane mobility adc's like Lucian.
"Nerf some of the only good ADC's and make them just as useless as the others in this shit tank meta"
Meddler (NA)
: We'll be nerfing Lucian because of Lucian. Ranges most likely (possible options at present look like Q passthrough range and W range), with the goal of keeping his in fight power/mobility but making him pay a bit more price for it.
Let me guess, you'll nerf him so hard his normal ER, SS/RFC, IE build will be awful. The reason he's so strong is because he's one of the only people that can deal with the fucking bs that is the tank/zed meta. The problem is not ONLY Lucian, it's that mostly other ADC picks suck.
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: they said we would get urf for less then half the time we got it before.
Actually it's the complete opposite. If you think about how many weeks there are in a year and how many special game modes there are, we'd actually get URF much more. I don't supposed you have any evidence either.
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: Catching the axes itself isn't too hard. Catching the axes (which go wherever they want) while kiting while avoiding skillshots while staying in position in teamfights? That's hard.
The axes actually go in the direction where you click while the auto is mid flight so teamfighting gets insane. But it's not worth the effort, just play Lucian. I gave up on Draven since the marksmen rework destroyed him.
: Draven has had 2 skins now in the gap of less than 3 patches.
DRAVEN DRAVEN IS NOT A SKIN PLEASE STOP WITH THESE THREADS. It's only an april fools thing, you will not need to pay 750RP for a cut and last Draven with a big head. You can't even cry about Shen Poppy Rengar and Corki because at least Riot has reworked them or changed them recently. Draven hasn't had a buff or nerf in forever. Sigificant ones at least. Rengar just got SSW as well actually.
: not Draven: DRAAAAAAAAVEN. also, the skin doesnt have a price on it right now.
Due to the mystery price on it at ff@20 I'm hoping to god it's just his base model for april fools or a free skin. I don't know.
: You do know, April Fools is next month right? Most likely this skin will be either: -Free -Be his base model for April Fools day -Be earned through some event during April Fools (Or during that time period) And no Draven's not a "Bad Ass Executioner" his character is a guy with a HUGE ego, that likes killing people to put on a show, so people can praise him.
I assumed the first 2 points but can you honestly blame me for thinking that after the horrid chroma pack mess. Whole lot of money for recolors... I'm just heated because they're screwing around with one of my favorite champions. Draven's still badass though come on.
Krizalid (EUW)
: Ahah...ahaha... Ahaha.. AHAHAHAHAHA
I hope this is some kind of fucking sick joke by Riot. There is NO way they'd charge 750RP for a cut and paste Draven except with a big head. I'm hoping this is an event and not some garbage skin. Draven isn't even the Glorious Executioner anymore. He's the shitty meme lord everyone forgets about.
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: I think we all want this....
How about some god damn refunds... It's been six years and they can't even give us 3.
: No... I've had a game where I was 1/12/3 as Twitch. I got flamed really hard- when in reality I was camped and countered. (Not to mention my bard "support" left me whenever they pushed turret) I've had a few worse games, but I forget those right now. I do agree intentional feeders should be banned, but those who are really unlucky, who are put on tilt, who are camped, those people should not be banned.
Do you not understand that 1/12/3 is not the same thing as 0/15/0. You had assists and a kill that game. There is no way in hell anyone can die 15 times without getting a kill or assist. There needs to be a system where it stops intent feeders like my Lee Sin instantly.
: If a player goes 0/15/0, they are either 1. Bad at the game 2. Feeding intentionally 3. Getting focused down And perma banning someone innocent is really uncalled for.
There is absolutely no reason at all to have 0 assists or kills. If a player really is that bad, then it's probably a Bots game.
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Gomo (NA)
: 🔒 Unjustifiably Banned (Please Read)
Instead of dying 14 times just for an inhibitor and letting the rest of your team get smashed, try listening to them. Not only did you feed horribly, but you probably didn't listen to anyone and repeatedly died even when they told you to stop. Was there anything you could've done towards later in the game? Not really, but that is because it was already over by then, you let them get too far ahead. After the third or fourth death you should've tried something else.
: Dealing wth people who are toxic is rough. I have had to deal with it before, and it's never any fun. Sorry you had to go through that. However, I would remind you that [retaliation is not okay](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/GD/IBLxXQz9-wrongful-ban?comment=0016) in League of Legends. The reason for this is that it punishes the rest of the people who aren't being toxic on your team, and generally just breeds even more toxic behaviour. It's counter-productive because the people who are raging or trolling want you to get mad. If you respond to them you are just letting them win. In the end, if you realiate you will both get punished. The best thing to do when someone starts exhibiting this kind of behaviour toward you or any of your friends is to mute them, and report them at the end of the game. I know it makes your angry, and it can be hard to ignore, but responding to them will just cause you **both** to get punished. So mute them then report them, and let the person who deserves to be punished get dealth with. If you follow the [Summoner's Code](http://gameinfo.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/get-started/summoners-code/), and keep exhibiting the [Behaviour Worthy of a Champion](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201751874-Behavior-Worthy-of-a-Champion), you will never risk getting punished. Hope your future games go better.
I understand that but the worst part about it is that he escapes with no consequences and started to act like an angel post game so he could manipulate the enemy team and turn them against me.
: You're not allowed to defend yourself. You can only get attacked by the troll. It's like the trolls are hired by riot to attack you, like a test. Those who pass the test are not chat restricted and those who fail are. And tbh they blatantly stated that reports are the only thing that count when they ban you. Shows how dumb the system is.
I probably got reported by 3 enemies and him because he tried to act innocent post game. Absolutely disgusting.
: Since you didn't post your reform card I can only imagine what you said. I will say that the overwhelming majority of what people consider defending themselves or others is actually just attacking someone. It is well established that retaliation is not acceptable in league. Muting is defending yourself, encouraging your friends to mute is defending them. Most other things are just striking back. Mute/ignore and report at the end. There is no reason to lower yourself to their level. You are also giving them exactly what they want by responding, they are trying to get a rise out of you.
The dude literally started calling me trash for being 2/4/3 at the start, and then called both friends trash because they didn't suicide to help him. My one friend is only level 20 and he's such a nice gentle person. I am NOT going to let this dick sit their and talk to him like that. In the end he ended up like 7/16 and I ended up 7/7 because he wanted to end the game quicker and trolled.
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: Draven with Season 6 Items
I can see why you think he's shit. Please do everyone a favor and don't play Draven again. I don't know how the hell you think that build is even viable at all...
Delimon (NA)
: Wait, why are we buffing adcs again/
Are you trying to tell me there is nothing wrong with building IE, PD/Shiv, BT, LW, BG every single game on almost every adc? No diversity.
: [NEW CHAMPION SELECT] Petition to add more selectable roles
Thank god you're in EU so I don't have to deal with troll's like you in ranked trying to double jungle lmao.
: 4 Man ranked premades
They are already working on a fix for this kind of stuff. Everyone is so quick to shit post on how retarded Riot is BUT nobody realizes that this it's a WIP. Just stop. Please. These boards aren't meant for complaining and making up unrealistic situations. Why would anyone purposely surrender just so one person can lose? Because all four of them lose as well. Grab some friends and stop crying.
Niaphim (EUW)
: So, in season 6 ranked queue solo players will be matched with&against 2-5-man premades
Did you even read the post at all before shit posting here? They literally tell you in the post, PREMADE 5's/4's WILL BE PLACED AGAINST OTHER PREMADES. I swear to god everyone is so quick to make some stupid ass post about a problem without reading the rest of the notes just for quik ez upvotes!1!!. They have solutions for all of this. Either get some friends or don't play at all.
: um.... adc's were already the strongest class bro... and juggernauts and tanks are different things. Tanks got nerfed hard and the juggernauts patch (op champions with built in true damage buffs who build tanky {{champion:86}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:114}} ) are just stupid. *Mord is the only one without true damage, but he does stupid amounts of damage so it doesnt matter*
ADC's were NEVER the strongest role in the game. Jinx, Vayne, and Kalista doesn't count as the entire role such as tanks. When cinder hulk came out they were literally unkillable. I have nightmares of Sion's 3v1'ing or 4v1'ing teams under their inhib turrets.
: > [{quoted}](name=Catch This,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=m8kzE8l3,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2015-10-30T14:09:49.628+0000) > > Nerfing IE wouldn't do shit. ADC's would still buy it anyway because they barely have any choice. Unless you're Corki, Kalista, Ezreal it's the same thing every game. Everybody I see complaining about this patch has literally no experience with adc. They just know you click things and do big damage. yea, that's why when IE used to be shit everyone was taking BT instead, yea true nerfing IE has no effect IE should be a must pick on ADC, that isn't a problem because IE is the deathcap of ADC. what isn't ok is marksmen rushing it, did you saw one time a mage rushing rabadon? in the end of the day, riot made a good job at making adc unique, they also made a good job at making them not taking only IE first. Their work on items however are bullshit, PD didn't need 12% damage reduction, death dance reducing damage wasn't needed, Tanks didn't need to be fucked even more with giant's slayer. all those changes were meant to make them dominant.
You CANNOT compare those two items. Mages don't rush deathcap because it has no sustain and it scales off of your AP. There's nothing to scale off of if you build it first, and you will have terrible sustain. IE gave you things an ADC actually needs like crits and damage that doesn't scale off of your stats. Riot isn't trying to make them "dominant". They are trying to buff them back into relevancy because for the past season, it has been only Vayne, Kalista, Jinx. Besides those champions, it was a pathetic role. Mid jungle and top carried more games than adc. There is a downside to having all that damage though, ADC's are squishy glowing red targets to everyone, and a while back tanks and juggernauts could 1v1 them with ease. It's the first fucking day of these PBE changes, they aren't final, and they have a long time to be tested. Relax with this "every role is dead" garbage. People say that after every big patch and it always ends up the same.
: Guys, it's the first day of the pbe on the first patch of the preseason.
THANK YOU. All these fucking babies acting like ADC's don't deserve a rework. It's like they forget other ADC's exist besides Vayne, Jinx, Tristana.
: > [{quoted}](name=SophiaHearts,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=m8kzE8l3,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-10-30T09:12:23.044+0000) > > I think it sounds fun. Do you want to keep playing the game as it is right now? I don't like the Talisman changes, but I'm sure I'll find my way. it's funny because adc are already picked in every games all they needed was kit changes and some item variety like nerfing ie they didn't need to nerf anyone and buff them
Nerfing IE wouldn't do shit. ADC's would still buy it anyway because they barely have any choice. Unless you're Corki, Kalista, Ezreal it's the same thing every game. Everybody I see complaining about this patch has literally no experience with adc. They just know you click things and do big damage.
Visigoth (NA)
: Assassins are essentially getting huge itemization nerfs because of ADCs
How about instead of bitching about it on the boards, you wait to see how this all plays out. It's only fair ADC's got a rework of some sort after the tanks could 1v1 them, after juggernauts, after the mage item reworks. You're all so quick to jump to conclusions. This shit happens EVERY PATCH with a rework involved. "New Fiora sucks I quit. This is too far". A week later "OMG FIORA OP PLS STOP RITO."
: RIP Top Lane 2010 - 2015
Lmao you literally haven't even played with the new season changes yet. You babies are the same people that called the Fiora rework shit, and then started calling her OP when you actually saw her play.
: So Season 6 Will Be The Marksmen Meta
To be fair ADC's have been useless for most of the season. Let them have their part... For like one month before they get nerfed.
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Savage Devi (EUNE)
: >This shit is just rediculous. If anyone is salty it's the rabid EU fanboys for finding it funny to say that stuff. Poor Dyrus can't ever get a damn break. Right, because no NA player would ever dislike Dyrus...
I said rabid EU fans. That means the extremists only who glorify their region. And I mean if you take a look you can clearly tell there arent many NA people saying that.
Archon X (NA)
: so a professional who gets paid to perform is criticized for exceedingly poor performance oh the injustice
There's a difference between criticism and harassment.
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: New free champion rotation: Ahri, Caitlyn, Fiddlesticks and more!
: thanks for the free win Dyrus
Lmao I love all the little kids saying "Stay salty NA" "NA so bad" "FreeSM". If anyone is salty it's you for saying that. Grow up holy shit. Half the EU players anything like that are gold/silver/bronze cry babies.
: Do people realize now that AoE crits from 700 range are not really balanced?
It's ok when DoubleLift uses Jinx and crushes his enemies. BUT GO FORBID FW NL USES HER AND SHE'S SO OP. Classic CLG fan.
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: like there had better be a replay in a highlight reel somewhere. I saw darius kill like 3 ppl and then PENTAKILL like I thought the other two got away or somethin from how fast they got away
Rekkles bleed to death while he was running to fountain. The other guy I'm pretty sure got dunked on.
: Don't act like you guys aren't doing that either. All i see during EU LCS is americans spamming EU flash, EU flash, EU this and EU that. It's on both sides, nobody actually started this. People like you do because you think you are the ones that know the other part started it (and we have idiots like that on EU too)
I don't use twitch chat at all, nor would I ever want to be apart of that cesspool. But from what I see it's never NA > EU. Maybe there are a couple but never more than EU > NA. I just found it funny how everyone was shit talking C9 and NA during that game, and then the entirety of EU fell silent in chat after the obliteration of FNC. And calling their win luck? No no no no no... Darius isn't that OP, especially in pro level play. (He's even being nerfed more). He did so well because they build an entire team around Darius. If it wasn't for their strategies and careful play none of those picks would've mattered. He's kited easily and only OP in Soloque.
: The "NA>EU" spam is annoying, go away. C9 was playing sub par and ended with luck.
I made this post for the fact that EU was the one that started it. Making jokes about NA being awful, NA flash, NA this, NA that. it started off as EU > NA.
Archon X (NA)
: it's EU vs the world NA sucks ass deal with it
You really ate those words didn't you, dickhead.
Rioter Comments
: She had a large impact on the season, Which I believe that is how they pick Victorious. Since Kalista got Championship, Sivir remained as one of the most influencal ADC's of the season
That's not how they pick the skins. Honestly, Sivir has had little impact on the season. I think Ashe deserved it more and after Sivir's nerf she had almost no play at all. If you want to talk about who had the most impact then it's obviously Vayne. But everyone hates that bitch.
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