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: The Dumbest Defense for Toxicity
Very satisfying
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Dynikus (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Catffeine,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LThNdXIk,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-07-03T00:15:43.662+0000) > > So, once again, let me remind you of the "account linking" part. If you link the purchased account to the account it was purchased from, once either account is suspended, chat restricted, or banned, you can simply provide the same punishment to both accounts. Link the punishment. What's to stop someone from just buying it on a new account?
They still have to climb to level 30.
: Why would anyone do that?
It's not a choice. Buying a level 30 would automatically link it to the account it was purchased from.
: * A lot of sold accounts are stolen * Riot does not want banned players getting back in with no effort
So, once again, let me remind you of the "account linking" part. If you link the purchased account to the account it was purchased from, once either account is suspended, chat restricted, or banned, you can simply provide the same punishment to both accounts. Link the punishment.
Febos (EUW)
: As it turns out, always going with the Meta isn't always the best strategy. I won a game yesterday because I didn't follow the Meta. ######Glacial needs to be nerfed though.
Glacial is really weak honestly. Just take Wild/Shapeshifter/Dragon or Wild/Shapeshifter/Brawler and you'll never have anything to worry about except assassins.
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Zac x Me (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Starcraft243ver,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=KX1mrOuu,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-07-02T08:39:07.865+0000) > > Sorry but the accounts hard stuck silver with thousands of games played tell us otherwise. You have to spam the same very few champions consistently, it's all just a matter of spamming games to get up. People alternate champs way too often.
> [{quoted}](name=Zac x Me,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=KX1mrOuu,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-07-02T16:18:49.806+0000) > > You have to spam the same very few champions consistently, it's all just a matter of spamming games to get up. > People alternate champs way too often. If you're just "spamming games to get up" you will never improve. Auto pilot is a major reason a lot of people don't climb.
Zac x Me (NA)
: Pls, up until you hit Diamond 1 there isn't much strategy involved, it's just about spamming games and champions that work.
> [{quoted}](name=Zac x Me,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=KX1mrOuu,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-01T21:50:19.574+0000) > > Pls, up until you hit Diamond 1 there isn't much strategy involved, it's just about spamming games and champions that work. Not true at all. That's how people get hundreds of games but stay in the same division or league. My smurf (Ratffeine) started Silver 4 has less than 100 games played, and is already Gold 3. Why? Because I apply the same strategies I learned climbing to Plat 2 to low elo play, and it results in me winning more lanes, being able to carry more games, and not being stressed when a player on my team is "feeding" "trolling" or "afking" like a lot of low elo players think is the reason they can't climb. It's all skill.
: When to End Combat and Draw game scenarios
Great concept! I'd love to see this as a thing! :) It's annoying when a Brand's or Ahri's ult starts, they die in the middle, and it just dissipates instead of finishing. When Ahri dies in normal game modes, the Q comes back. When Brand dies in normal game modes, the ult keeps bouncing. Same should happen in TFT. I especially think shapeshifters should get their health boost the instant they ult rather than at the end of their shapeshift. Seeing Gnar/Shyvana dash away and shapeshift, but not get health back until they land, is very infuriating.
rujitra (NA)
: This is untrue. If you continue spreading misinformation, I don't think the moderators will hesitate to remove your ability to do so.
Can you explain why op was chat restricted??
: The game being less frustrating is most likely part of it. Comparing that to league, I'm only bronze 4 in league currently, and getting to the promotional part was very easy, but actually finishing the promotional part is very difficult. I keep getting matched in games with people who play odd picks, example being teemo support, or garen jungle. Which isn't something I had to deal with before the promo part. Its very odd that it only started happening in promos. And I had no idea that LP resets every time you go up a rank. That must hurt as well once I have to experience it. The heroes of the storm ranked mode sounds a lot less frustrating when you lose. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Yeah, it helps in HotS that there's no "adc/support" or jungler. There's still team composition, like having a main-healer, an off-healer (support), a melee assassin or bruiser, a ranged assassin (which is like a Mage or ADC in League, can be either or), and a tank. You can also substitute your melee assassin for a second ranged assassin (so you have an ADC and a Mage) if you have a tanky support instead of an off-healer. Then once you get into the game the general meta is 1 top 3 mid 1 bot; there's no gold or items so no need to last-hit the minions. Exp is shared among the team so that's why you want 1 top and 1 bot so that someone is soaking the experience for your team. So that causes a lot less rage. The team takes the "jungle" (they're called mercenaries) together, gives exp. Once you kill a mercenary, it goes to the lane and pushes; it's like if you took Gromp and instead of it dying it went to toplane and helped push the lane at full power (their stats don't lower; still do the same amount of damage with the same amount of health when they go to the lane). You take those because objectives/events happen every 2-4 minutes that you want your entire team to contest; like one map you have to kill the enemy's mini-boss before they kill your mini-boss, and you can either choose to kill the enemy at your mini-boss so you can take theirs without contest, or zerg and whoever kills it first wins. There's another one where it's like king of the hill; you have to stand on a point and whoever charges it to 100% first gets the HotS equivalent of a Rift Herald. Once you complete the objectives, if you win, you get various benefits depending on the map. One map's benefit is that all of the enemy's minions drop to 1 hp for a whole minute. A lot of the benefits are like Rift Heralds. So on so forth. So, yeah, the general fact that your team isn't constantly fighting over things helps; there's practically nothing to fight over, just fight the enemy not each other. Compared to League where the jungler will rage at you taking his jungle camps (in low elo), laners will rage about the jungler taking cs (in any elo), the adc will rage at the support for hitting minions, etc. Not having to go through a promotional series also helps.
: you must sell your soul to one of the LPP members and have them give you out a chroma key. if they even have one.
> [{quoted}](name=preternatural,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=7cLoGWBU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-26T14:17:23.718+0000) > > you must sell your soul to one of the LPP members and have them give you out a chroma key. > if they even have one. So it's from LPP giveaways?
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: I wonder what the heroes of the storm community or rules do differently that make them that way. Or maybe the game in general just attracts less toxic people.
The fact that it's so damn easy and casual helps. I'm Platinum in League; I literally downloaded HotS and just grinded out the requirements for ranked, jumped straight into ranked immediately after meeting the requirements, and placed Gold 4, then proceeded to climb to Gold 2 before I quit. The ranking system is easy too: You don't have to do a promotional series; if you hit 1000 points, you just have to win the next game, and the points from that win will carry over into your next division (so instead of going from Gold 2 100 LP to Gold 1 0 LP, you'd go to like Gold 1 210 whatever their point system was, I forgot). Idk though, Blizzard's community tends to be more chill and mature in general, except Overwatch.
: I'm not familiar with Blizzard but hearing someone practicing temp instead of permanent bans gave me a little faith. Maybe if riot saw that example they'd be more inclined to change their system. Do you see the community in games owned by Blizzard less toxic? That's the biggest factor in whether or not temporary bans are more effective than permanent bans. I don't play any of their games so I'm not familiar with the player base. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
It varies. The WoW community is more toxic and less toxic in some aspects, and the Overwatch community the same. The HotS community is SIGNIFICANTLY less toxic, honestly the least toxic community I've seen in a game besides the Apex Legends community. The WoW community you can get away with a lot more; you can literally call someone a "braindead piece of shit" and not receive a suspension or silence. You can talk about any sexually explicit content and not receive a suspension or silence as long as it isn't harassing anyone. I've literally seen people type "kys" and not get a suspension or mute. You can also joke around in chat and, as long as it's clear it's all humor, you won't receive a suspension or mute. The WoW community is also a lot less sensitive. They will legit flame the fuck out of someone with low damage and no one will bat an eye. "You're bad and you should feel bad" is a very common sentence in the WoW community. "If you don't like what someone has to say, ignore them," is also thrown around a lot. People rarely report in WoW, and Blizzard's guideline is that as long as you aren't harassing someone, they need to grow up and learn how to use an ignore list. The Overwatch community I intentionally just leave my voice chat muted. People will scream and rage a bunch, but I've never seen anyone banned for abusive chat. HotS community is super chill, nobody even says a word. Even when I flamed people on HotS, they made it very clear that shit like that wasn't welcome in that environment; I still never received a penalty though. Blizzard is just very chill with their report/ban system in general. They know their playerbase spends good money and invests a lot of time in their games, and they don't want to strip that away unless they really need to. The longest I've ever been suspended on a Blizzard game was one month from WoW. That was following two 3 day suspensions and one two week suspension. Never actually lost my account, I still play WoW to this day and that was four years ago when I was a wee child. Riot will permaban you after three suspensions. It's ridiculous.
: The player base is generally toxic, toxicity attracts toxicity. Its unfortunate but that's how it is. Though I do wish streamers with more calm attitudes were supported more, until the player base changes, its unlikely. I do think, though this may sound odd, that permanently banning people is part of the problem. I think when people get there accounts perma banned enough, they simply don't care of the ban anymore. Where as if people got more temp bans, I think it would make them miss there accounts a lot more since there's hope it would return, and maybe, just maybe they would be less toxic in order to avoid getting another temp ban. And have the temp bans stack. 14 days, month, 2 months ect. And never have the stacks taken away. Always keep stacking. I'd like to hear opinions on this ^
I agree honestly. Permabanning is such an outdated system anyway; Riot is the only major company that permabans actions that aren't major things like botting, hacking, etc. Like "Your chat usage is very poor, so let's prevent you from playing the game entirely, take away hundreds if not a thousand or more dollars of investment in our game, and hours of effort forever instead of just taking away your ability to use the chat!" Like it genuinely doesn't even make sense. Blizzard Entertainment used to ban people for abusive chat, but then they realized how dumb it was and started issuing "silences". They don't ban you for negative chat at all anymore; they silence your account and only ban for serious things like exploiting, stalking/harassment, etc. Even when they do issue bans, they're never permanent. Limit is a guild that has exploited the game time and time again, literally 5 times in the course of a year, and Blizzard didn't permanently ban them or indefinitely ban them; they gave them a two week ban, a one month ban, a two month ban, and a "ban until the end of the raid tier". It continued to count up; it was never permanent. Permabanning is such an archaic system that Riot needs to fix.
: How is a person supposed to climb in silver when all the trolls are put there from the start?
Hello, Platinum 2 player who recently just got his smurf out of silver. (my smurf). So, here's an idea: It's not your teammates, it's you. This account started the season in Silver 4. 77 games later, it's in Gold 4 (which is honestly a really bad amount of games considering this account only took about 60 games to get out of silver but that's because I trolled a few games out of boredom). You have spent 310 games and are still Silver 4. No, it's not your teams. It's your lack of skill and game knowledge.
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: Most popular streamers have plenty of smurfs, from what I can tell. The only player I'm aware of that ever had a ban on *them, personally,* was Tyler1. And that was lifted. One banned account is hardly going to stop streamers from streaming.
> [{quoted}](name=KnightsKemplar,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=8rLQB9pJ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-24T00:35:21.328+0000) > > Most popular streamers have plenty of smurfs, from what I can tell. > > The only player I'm aware of that ever had a ban on *them, personally,* was Tyler1. And that was lifted. One banned account is hardly going to stop streamers from streaming. XJ9 was the first player to have an indefinite ban (though I'm personally against the permabanning system; 1 year ban, 5 year ban, etc. sounds good so they can really sit down and think about their actions, but permanently losing everything you've spent hours and hundreds of dollars on is kinda overboard imo). Jensen was also indefinitely banned, but that was lifted. Dopa and Abusagr also have indefinite bans, and I believe Riot is looking into Tarzaned.
He NEEDS to be removed from the LPP, if he hasn't been already.
: > [{quoted}](name=Linna Excel,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nJXpKRZw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-10T16:19:47.879+0000) > > I'm partly of the opinion that if riot really wanted to do her psychic blades things right, they should have made her a full on ranged champ and moved her to mid. So it could have been worse. Really would've liked if they went full [Blazblue Murakumo]( weave-in weave-out with the design. Don't really like how Irelia's now just a melee champion w/ infinite dashes and a linear AoE stun.
Are you hitting on me? Cats eat fish, you know.[/img]
: Yes, I could have, but those are my feelings about the lore. I have a right to use that terminology and also back it up with legitimate points.
Your legitimate points lose credibility to the receiving end if you decide to insult or demean their work in the process of delivering them.
: Janna is finally earning that $2.95 a minute I see
A comment from Laughing Fish? The biggest honor![/img]
: Except this is more than just a petulant bashing of the lore. I present points and actual feedback as to where the lore feels weak and downgraded.
You could do all of that without saying "it sucks" and calling it a "downgrade".
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: Time to REALLY ban Yasuo {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
Lan Fan (EUW)
: Any "No meta" thing is troll until a pro plays it, and it's annoying
Because there are people that pick {{champion:81}} support and say "Just because it's not meta doesn't mean I'm trolling!" or "Trust your teammates!" genuinely thinking Ezreal is a "support" in any way.
MrWasjig (EUW)
: No work is immune to criticism. And shutting it out is detrimental to the work itself, and your skills as a creative.
If you reread my statement, I specifically said "how to word their feedback". Feedback is crucial to improvement, but there is zero reason to be rude or scornful when providing feedback. Insulting someone's work or swearing with contempt is not a healthy way to provide feedback and should not be encouraged.
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: Hey! Morde's writer here. Appreciate you sharing your thoughts! A couple thoughts to share back. First, know that with any champion rework, we first seek to understand as deeply as possible what makes a champion great, what excites players about that champion, and what are the core essences that define who that champion is. From there, we set out to craft their place in wider Runeterra. Any change has the potential to be painful. Know that the folks on the team are all highly passionate players and story geeks to the Nth degree; no change was made lightly, and no expansion or shifted emphasis was done without heavy thought and robust discussion. One of the things I most appreciate about being at Riot is the space and time we give projects to do things as right as possible. Do we miss the mark sometimes? Well, to be human is to err. (Unless you're Mordekaiser. Then you just cease being human. :P) But I am grateful to have teams who are super passionate and knowledgeable all working to craft something to share that excites us and, we hope, the players that love this content. Onto some Morde specific thoughts: 1) Mordekaiser is an extremely accomplished necromancer - a soul of iron will and arcane power, and a warlord of deep intellect. Mordekaiser defied death by sheer force of will - a feat literally no other mortal on Runeterra had accomplished. The ghosts of the Shadow Isles are in the living realm because of a magical catastrophe; Mordekaiser _refused to accept the reality around him_. He gained necromantic powers in the death realm by listening to the maddening whispers of souls and *deciphering an unspoken language* over untold time, teaching himself Ochnun. (I barely learned some broken Spanish after 4 years of studying, so, uh, there's that.) Through those profane whispers, he also figured out how to speak across the veil of death and deceive mortals into thinking they could bring him back and bind him to their will - only to slaughter them all. Once returned, he didn't kill without a plan, despite what his enemies thought: > To his foes, it seemed he cared only for massacre and destruction. Entire generations perished under his relentless campaigns. > However, there was far more to Mordekaiser’s plan. He raised the Immortal Bastion at the center of his empire; while most assumed it was merely a seat of power, some came to know the secrets it held. Mordekaiser hungered for all the forbidden knowledge of spirits and death, and a true understanding of the realm… or realms… beyond. Mordekaiser sought out more arcane knowledge about the dead and about spirits, growing his necromantic powers while doing what he did best in his first life - conquering - all to serve his bigger purpose. He also built an impossible physical monument to his power that has secrets yet untold. And all of that empowered him to harvest souls, grow his necromantic power, and build an army of spirits bound to his will. It takes a necromancer of some power to exert such control. Also, Mordekaiser's rebuke of death was so thorough that he learned how to forge his own afterlife and realm. He is a necromancer not bound to physical totems or phylacteries, but has managed to reject the very cycle of life and death that seemed his destiny. 2) Mordekaiser is the warlord that inspired the entire Noxian empire. Take a look at his quote: "Destiny. Domination. Deceit." You might find it maps to the Noxian / Trifarix principles of strength: "Vision, Might, Guile." Consciously or not, Mordekaiser's legacy spawned an entire culture that emulated his conquests and his philosophies. Yet to him, Noxians are a watered down imitation of his previous glory. At the same time, to every day Noxians, his legacy as a conqueror is of mythic proportions - legends so big, they are hard to believe as history. (A real world comparison is the Romulus and Remus mythos around the founding of Rome.) 3) Mordekaiser is an unstoppable threat and a major force that looms over Runeterra. His first return, when his necromantic powers were new, resulted in a massive period of tyrannical rule that took both betrayal from within and united enemies from without to stop him. Now, he has amassed an army of souls, collected powerful arcane knowledge, and has plans and machinations in place... 4) There was a lot of discussion that led to Morde no longer being associated with the Shadow Isles. It was not a decision we made lightly. In fact, I originally argued against it, but came to agree with our narrative lead and lead editor on why it is the stronger story choice. Ultimately, we made the call due to a number of factors: **Death magic and necromancers exist beyond the Shadow Isles.** Runeterra is a big place, with a long history. The Shadow Isles was just one (albeit enormous) cataclysmic event that caused a specific area of Runeterra to become frozen in time, and to have a very specific form of undeath permeate the land. Ultimately, Mordekaiser's old connection to Shadow Isles felt primarily driven by a feeling that we had to shoehorn him into our "ghost faction". In our current storytelling efforts, we're interested in expanding our factions out beyond some of those wide (and as a result flat) characterizations that were made in years past. Another great example of this is how Demacia is more than just "the good guys" faction, as seen in how they deal with their relationship to magic, brought to the forefront with Sylas and Lux's story (shameless comic plug here - go read it!). **Questions of geography / narrative complexity** In terms of our geography, Shadow Isles is far flung from where the Immortal Bastion is. (Yay, Runeterra Map!) While I loved the idea that it took taking Morde's remains across the world to prevent him from returning, ultimately it felt honoring Morde's connections to the Immortal Bastion yielded more rich storytelling space. It also simplified a narrative beat in his backstory, allowing me to zero in on his arc and agency, rather than a moment of denied choice where outside forces moved him, and then an outside cataclysm happened to bring him back. **I wanted Mordekaiser to shed all mortal weakness.** A big guiding star for me was the question, "what makes Morde metal and terrifying and unique?" How do we take "necromantic warlord" and push him to an 11? One answer that excited us - rather than having a physical weakness of his mortal remains, what if he shed just about everything that made him remotely human? To me, his title, "The Iron Revenant," served a lot of inspiration in this regard, and further cemented the pivot away from his remains being a major weakness or vulnerability. 5) For a character like Mordekaiser, who spans massive swaths of Runeterra's timeline and history, his story has large impacts on larger reaching histories and stories we are setting up to tell. Clarifying and focusing Mordekaiser's story in allows us to help make greater sense of many other characters and champs. Some stories are just subtle hints right now, breadcrumbs that I can't wait to explore more fully in other outlets than just Mordekaiser's bio. This leads to some more general thoughts in regards to writing for Riot and League: 6) A huge challenge of being a narrative writer on League of Legends is the space in which we get to tell the story of a champion. In game, the main narrative outlet is a champ's voiceover script - a very specific set of lines, with very tight gameplay constraints on length. It definitely has its strengths and weaknesses as a storytelling expression. Out of game, we have a champ's biography and color story. A bio is, by its nature, more summary than story, more exposition told as evocatively as possible than scene-driven in depth storytelling. Our color stories are also a very specific length, and are crafted to give a very specific snapshot of the champion in action. With a champ that's larger than life like Mordekaiser, this means that there's much that remains untold in full, many details that must be summarized, and TONS of story space that is ripe for deeper exploration in future storytelling endeavors. And honestly, that's part of the joy as well - leaving tantalizing questions for players to ask, to explore, to theorize, and to discover. For now, I have to leave Mordekaiser with his Bio, VO, and color story. But if players are excited to learn more about his history, I hope we'll have more opportunities to expand and explore as we continue to strive as a narrative team to help move Runeterra's events forward in time. Whew, this got quite long - apologies! I hope these thoughts were interesting, and helped to answer a bit of the question "why did his lore have to change?" as well as address some of your feelings that he isn't the epic, metal champ he was! Thanks for reading and caring about Mordekaiser, this game, and our world and story as much as you do, and sharing that with us. :)
Hey mChao, I'm a fellow writer (though not nearly as successful as you, I'm still getting my degree!) You do great work, my friend! I know how it feels to work hard on something you're proud of, only for someone to not take feelings into account when thinking of how to word their feedback. Don't let anyone tell you your work sucks! You did amazing, and even if it didn't live up to some people's expectations that doesn't mean it isn't still a great piece of work! Keep up the good job, I'm proud of you and I look forward to you producing more. :)
: I don't think that's physically possible without dropping shittons of money to buy every champion...Assuming you mean mastery levels, of course, and not points.
> [{quoted}](name=DuskDaUmbreon,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=IhFWUpQj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-29T07:34:46.634+0000) > > I don't think that's physically possible without dropping shittons of money to buy every champion...Assuming you mean mastery levels, of course, and not points. Considering I'm level 109 with 237 Mastery, I don't think that's possible at all.
: So Morde's new ult is basically old Poppy's ult, but stronger?
Weaker. Poppy's ult allowed her to ult the support or whatever enemy had the least cc, then just charge in and 1v5 the enemy team. This one is just a 1v1 against an immobile champ; you can cc him and run/hide or play Lissandra with Zhonya's and just wait until it's over. It only lasts 7 seconds, Liss ult + Zhonya's = 5, root and E away.
: ***
Thank you man I would appreciate that. :) I've been very discouraged by my performance when I'm streaming but people like you make me want to keep trying. (You can even see the three game losing streak on my match history, then as soon as I stopped stream I went 12/4/8, 20/5/10, 4/2/7 :/)
: ***
Nh, that's not what I was asking at all. As I explained in the text, when I stream my performance goes down in-game. I rarely feed or lose lane off stream, my cs is almost always perfect, and my winrate is typically higher. Yet when I stream, all of that goes out the window. Talking distracts me, the music clouds my thinking, and I can't put nearly as much strategy or thought into my gameplay which results in terrible performance. The question was how to stream without my performance being affected. How to be able to talk and listen to music without distracting me to such an extreme point that I lose almost every game on stream. Obviously, streaming takes your attention away from the game and you'll never play at peak performance when streaming, but streamers still perform well while streaming.
: dont feel forced to stream a certain way. just be you and what you would want in a stream.
It's more fun when I have people to talk to though. That's why I stream: I enjoy talking to and meeting new people. When nobody is talking in chat but I have viewers, I feel inclined to talk about the game to express to them that I'm open to conversation. Is this wrong?
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: Twitch is the cutest and best champ in the whole world {{sticker:sg-lux}}
He is our plague angel. {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
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: it still does more damage in a 1v1.. i said myself that it would never happen the ult also no the W was not reduced it was increased
What part of 2% less for every 100 AP is "increased"? Unstable Matter (W) ** Now does **2% of a target's max health** per 100 ability power as magic damage **(In game currently is 4%)** **IN GAME CURRENTLY IS 4% of a Target's Max Health per 100 Ability Power** **NOW DOES 2% of a Target's Max Health per 100 Ability Power** I don't know how to make that any more clear.
: {{champion:154}} got more damage no... he gets more damage if he gets ap. he still gets the base 4%, just like old zac used to 「 Magic Damage: 40 / 55 / 70 / 85 / 100 (+ 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8% (+ 2% per 100 AP) of target's maximum health) 」 he'll still get the base %,,, along with more if he goes AP and the (current/old ult) 150 / 250 / 350 (+ 90% AP) magic damage. If charged for at least 1 second before recasting, Zac instead scoops up btw nobody built AP so it did 150/250/350 and the reverted ult/pbe ult Each bounce deals 140 / 210 / 280 (+ 40% AP) magic damage to all nearby enemies, that's 140 damage + 70 + 70 + 70, for a total of 350 damage at level one. 210 + 105 + 105 + 105 for a total of 525 damage level 2 280 + 140 + 140 + 140 for a total of 700 damage if both ults were to hit 5 people, old/current ult at level 3 would do 280 x 5 1400 damage, and the new/reverted one will do 3500, not that it will ever hit 5 people with all 4 bounces
His W damage was reduced. What part of the change aren't you understanding? On live it is currently 4% per 100 AP. Now it is 2% per 100 AP. That is 2% less for every 100 AP. And there is no reality of Zac landing every bounce on every member of the team without the entire enemy team afking on top of each other.
: I remember times when Lee was oneshotting people (he kinda still does). We waited 4 patches for his nerf, and Riot was like. Lee Sin: Base Movement Speed 350 -> 345. So yeah, since then i think that balance team is a joke, and i'll think so until this game becomes Season 4 (or 5) again.
Ah, ye ol' nostalgia. I agree that Season 5 (pre-juggernaut) was the most balanced meta, but times change. I don't think the game should go back to it's old state, but I do think that, although we should adapt to the current state of the game, the meta needs to be balanced around how it currently is.
Kazekiba (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Catffeine,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=XYHE0XE6,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-05-23T22:12:17.198+0000) > > A couple points I agree and disagree on. If I don't mention it, assume I agree with it. > > 1. Twitch's passive used to be 2/4/6/8/10 damage and that's when he was literally the best ADC and absolutely broken; for other reasons, also (which I'll touch on, but his passive did used to be overbearing. However, that's not what I mentioned; I acknowledged this and said just increasing it by 1 will help make it relevant without being overbearing (making his passive 2/3/4/5/6). > > 2. His ultimate duration used to be longer, and that's another reason he used to be a broken champion. It was almost impossible to touch him. I do want to mention that before 8.13 happened, Twitch was usually nearly always the best ADC in the game even if he wasnt the most widely played. Even with his current kit, and minimal changes besides the adjustments he got to offset Critical item changes. That said I understand the power of a long-duration R, and you can see I siphoned A LOT of power out of it to make up for that (although level 16 is flat buffed, albeit by a minor amount. Idea being Twitch operates in one of two low exp roles, Jungle or ADC, and shouldnt ever HIT level 16. If he does though, he deserves to end the game right then and there although I didnt consider Mid lane Twitch becoming a thing for that reason. AD Kassadin)
Twitch's weakest point is early game and we're in an early game dominated meta. The idea of making Twitch's early game weaker would just make him absolutely unplayable in the current meta (look at Trundle). It's already difficult to reach late game; that would just make it harder.
: What a simplistic way to judge balance... Like... dmg creep is in the board head, riot nerfed EVERY runes/items/summoner spell that the board said was responsible for dmg creep over the past year and a half. The also kept ADC "nerfed". So what the fuck are you talking about? You think that S2 or S3 was about low damage? It was about people not having the same income (hello S2 jungler 2 gold/5 item, vision elixir support) and their itemisation being shit (Remember when Orianna became stronger/more used once mage had a proper mana regen item in graal athene? When BC allowed AD bruiser/assassin to scale?). The only true change was how CDR is more implemented in items/runes, it is all. That and the game evolving about minion push, the way turret work, drakes and barons, etc. Just try to fucking read the patch note for the past few months, try to at least pretend to know the way the game evolved. It is more about mechanics and the way kits interact between themselves atm than "Dmg creep". You guys oversimplify everything.
: isn't zac getting his R damage up? :) and W?
Both were lowered: Unstable Matter (W) ** Now does 2% of a target's max health per 100 ability power as magic damage (In game currently is 4%) Let's Bounce (R) [Reworked Ultimate] "Zac bounces 4 times gaining 20-50% movement speed over the duration, but is unable to use Q or E and can't attack. The first bounce deals 140/210/280 (+40% AP) damage on a target, reduced by 50% for subsequent bounces on the same target. The first bounce on a given target knocks them back for 1 second, and all bounces on the same target slow by 20%"
: What are you talking about....This changes are completely irrelevant or insignificant. The Akali ones completely disregard the feedback and issues that are in her shroud; Karthus jungle is still viable with this changes. Literally all they have to do is make it impossible for him to clear the jungle this easily, by making the double damage on single targets on jungle monsters, gone; Any other changes are just brainless and came out of nowhere; Still no reverts to Zac ult, Urgot, Tahm Kench; And so much more.... If you consider it a good patch, then you are only falling on the psychological nerfs/changes that Riot does, just like the -5 movement speed on Irelia before.
Far from irrelevant or insignificant. Akali's shroud is perfectly balanced at the moment; previous shrouds were completely unfair to play against. Her winrate is at an all time low, and her pick rate is decreasing, but she's still a complete bully during the early game. These changes help reduce her early game threat. Her problem is her scaling; she has an absolutely horrible midgame and a lackluster late game. Riot will probably look into that in future patches. She will, without a doubt, be awful next patch, and I don't agree with a champion being so bad that they can't be picked, but Riot probably realizes that and will be quick to tweaking her late game. There is nothing wrong with Karthus jungle being viable. These changes aren't to eliminate him out of being picked as a jungler, they're to prevent him from doing what he's been doing of just sitting in jungle all game and still having the highest kill participation on the team with ridiculously high damage. He seldom had to leave his jungle to gank; just hit 6 as soon as possible and pressure with R while farming to make R do more damage. This will encourage him to leave the jungle more for ganks. Galio was allowed to be a poke support, a tank, and a hard engage support. The way you counter a poke lane is to shove the wave so they can't poke as hard; the way you counter a hard engage support is to freeze so they can't engage. But when he was able to do both, it made it very difficult to play against. If you froze, you'd get pushed into tower and poked down. If you pushed, you'd get zoned out of farming. His reduced damage will direct him into being more of an engage support than a lane bully. Jayce is another lane bully that's getting a high pickrate right now. His Q does a ridiculous amount of damage at all phases of the game. Nerfing it was necessary to keep him viable without him being overwhelming. Malphite is being picked as AP too frequently. These changes will encourage people to build him as a tank. Yi's Q was mindlessly one-shotting in lower elos. This will reduce his pressure in those elos specifically. Rammus is seeing a lot more play recently against low mobility or heavy AD teams. This is because, although he's a tank, he does a ridiculous amount of damage. A champion shouldn't be allowed to deal a significant amount of damage while building only tank. This will reduce the amount of damage he outputs. Teemo and Wukong both needed reworks; their kits don't fit the state of the game (very outdated). Zac was seeing the same problem as Rammus; dealing a huge lot of damage while being allowed to be tanky and have an overbearing amount of crowd control. This reduces his damage output and the amount of crowd control he's allowed to put out in a short duration. As well, Zac's ult was very clunky and a bit unfair; as well as reducing the amount of crowd control, this will keep crowd control in his kit without it being overwhelming.
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