: {{item:3155}} and {{item:3191}} are not comparable. You just buy {{item:3155}} and become unkillable by the enemy midlaner. {{item:3191}} is a weak item and you will have mana problems if you build it first item.
{{item:3155}} definitely doesn't make anyone unkillable lol. Sure, it makes you safer. That's the whole point of buying it. But it comes with sacrifices to A) damage B) item versatility and C) your power spike from your first big item. And you can certainly still die with it. Plenty of ad midlaners completely forgo hexdrinker cause they want that kill potential from an early lethality item. {{item:3191}} definitely not weak lmao. It doesnt give you a shield from physical dmg like hex, but the the passive provides a pretty great chunk of stats ontop of it's already devent base stats. It's a very gold efficient item, with plenty of armor to make you safer from ad mids/jungles. I don't see the mana problems argument either. Rushing a mana item isn't necessary or even recommended on most ap mids. You could try to make the same argument against hex drinker leaving an ad mid without lifesteal anyways.
: I miss the old days
You said BOTH of those things. > [{quoted}](name=ImTheSideKick,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EtmOPzbE,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-28T11:23:21.035+0000) > > _**every single game**_ ... done in less then 20 mins > [{quoted}](name=ImTheSideKick,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EtmOPzbE,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-28T11:23:21.035+0000) > > _**most games**_ I legit don't even see a elder dragon spawn because its always 10 / 30 or 30 / 10 with one team pushed into the other teams base hitting on the nexus already So there's that. Spawn killing reallyyyyyyy isn't common lol. And the majority of games definitely aren't decided by 15 minutes. Yeah, teams can get a huge enough lead by 15 min that winning is practically guaranteed, but those kinds of leads are pretty rare. There's almost never scores where one team is 20/4 or with a ratio even close to that at only 15 in. Much smaller leads are common at 15 minutes, sure. But just because the enemy team had a relatively small lead at 15 minutes, and then you lose at 30 minutes, doesn't mean you were guaranteed to lose at 15. Leads change hands alllllll the time. > [{quoted}](name=ImTheSideKick,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EtmOPzbE,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-03-28T12:41:48.982+0000) > > in the last week ive had at least 30 games where a team blew up the enemy nexus in less the 20 mins and more where a team /ff at that time Well, in the last week you've been playing, the total number of games that are less than 20 minutes have been... 2 A little short of 30. I'm sorry, but your logic doesn't hold up to the actual stats
: I miss the old days
Games under 30 minutes, let alone 20, really arent that common lol. Even with your match history, 12 of your last 15 games were over 30 minutes. Doesn't really seem fair to say that "every single game", or even "most games", are done in 15 minutes with those kinds of statistics.
: > [{quoted}](name=Get Ogre Here,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=McYGEIHp,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-28T10:45:05.101+0000) > > I think Akali and Diana are in a fine spot. Just play safe till level 6 then shit on ur laner and snowball. I can't say the same about the rest because I don't play them or play against them a lot and I play Talon who hard-counters Kassadin. {{item:3155}} / {{item:3156}} just fuck them up, since they're "all-in" and can't go back (aside from {{champion:38}} who isn't an "assassin")
I don't really see hex drinker as that much of a problem. It's a more defensive based buy, like {{item:3191}} , so it SHOULD feel like it makes an assassin's life harder. But you sacrifice damage to build it rather than damage based items. You also sacrifice versatility, since hex drinker and seekers armguard build only have a single buildpath (with the exception of moonflair spellblade in 3's) I also disagree that akali and diana are "all-in" with no out. Akali's shroud and ult make perfectly fine escape tools. Diana, if built like an assassin, is also able to escape too. Once she finds an opening and manages to land a Q, she can ult in, kill her target **without** using her refreshed R, and instead use that second ult as an escape.
: I missing the AP mid assasins
I disagree. In my opinion, they're in a pretty great spot. The ap assassins might not always feel up-to-snuff because of items. With the introduction of lethality, ad assassins can hit their power spikes a lot faster than ap assassins can. The trade off is that ap assassins tend to scale muchhhh better into the late game. Diana is doing pretty fine. Plus she's eventually getting a rework, which she needs badly. Akali's not doing too bad either. I personally think she needs a slight buff to her Q's base missile damage. Trying to last hit with that piddly 35-55 is a nightmare. Lanning phase is **supposed** to be rough for her, but damn, give a girl a chance. Leblanc is a work in progress. The others (kata, fizz, ekko, kass) all seem to be doing great ( too great @_@) and are top tier picks. I feel like ap assassins are actually in a pretty great spot, but could use another item or two that's dedicated specifically to them. I will agree that Nid Mid is dead and needs something to bring her back to life. She's doing great in the jungle, but she's got very little to offer in mid. Would be nice if there was a way to make her a more viable solo laner without buffing her already good pick as a jungler. I miss her {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
Ohushii (NA)
: was i really toxic?
Game 1 was pretty bad. Game 2 wasn't great but also wasn't awful. "Retard" is considered a slur. That was probably one of your big downfalls. Also, lots of curse words. **Context does not matter** with these. No matter how badly another player treats you or plays, **Riot expects to take the high road.** You have a lot of good moments, overshadowed by some bad moments. You occasionally tried to encourage people, as well as point out mistakes/critique/offer advice to people, which is great. But you didnt always go about it the right way, coming off as mean. And when people didn't follow your advice or more mistakes were made, you started making personal attacks, and THAT'S where you need to work on. There's no excuse for personal attacks against team mates. Period. If your team mates are the ones instigating it by being toxic and attacking you, you have every right to defend yourself - but as soon as you stoop to their level and fight back with a personal attack/bad language, it doesn't matter who started what. You're considered equally as guilty. Honestly, you're not that toxic. Just cut out the curse words **COMPLETELY (NOT EVEN AS JOKES/CASUAL CONVO)** and if you feel like someone is getting on your last nerve or egging you on, just block them and report after game. {{sticker:katarina-love}}
: Riot really needs a person based system on behavior, reports and punishment, not automated.
> thought process to figure the difference between actually terrorizing the players and game being played, or evaluating the situation at hand and the cause of a few said such words. The fault in this logic is that there is an "excuse" for saying something. Someone else was trolling/being toxic/etc, and you were retaliating or defending yourself. The fact that someone has attacked you in game does not matter. In Riot's mind, there is absolutely no excuse for any kind of offensive language or verbally abusive words. If you are being verbally abused by another player, Riot has given you the option to block the player and report them after the game. Any sort of toxicity, even if it was used by you for your own "defense" renders you equally as guilty as the offender. The system does not care about "he said it first" or "he said it worse", which is how the system is intended to work: penalize anyone who uses offensive language for any reason. There is no need for a human to do this job. The words, no matter why they are said, are not allowed. Therefore, you only need a system to recognize when the words are said, not why. > a lot of times you get trolled and reported by other players for nonsense If you have done nothing wrong, then the reports against you are irrelevant. If you say nothing the entire game, and somebody reports you for verbal abuse, then you have nothing to worry about. The system won't give any heed to the reports unless they hold substance. > Just because, my team is losing really badly, where the other team was just messing around with us, and i say lets surrender that deserves a permanent ban? Youve lost 3-4 accounts to perm bans. To receive a perm ban, you have to go through a series of other punishments, and then continue to consistently show negative behavior, to warrant such a severe punishment. Something tells me you're saying more then "Let's surrender" lol. If you have chat logs, post them. But until then, it's pretty safe to assume from so many banned accounts that you aren't exactly a player people enjoy meeting. Riot has done nothing illegal or wrong. They put in a system to penalize toxic players and protect the community, and it does just that. Just because you were banned doesn't mean the system is faulty; it means you were a consistently negative player and the system removed you. Many times lol.
Traust (NA)
: Victim of Severe Trolling
If you reported them, and there is substance to your claims, then they will be penalized. Posting about it isn't going to give your case some kind of special treatment.
Minarde (NA)
: >One of the most important is that there is (to my knowledge) no official place where champ specific changes are listed. Fun fact: there actually was [an official log of map-specific balance changes](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/summoners-rift/LT4F2XdE-compendium-of-map-specific-champion-balance) stickied on the Boards. Riot just didn't port it over when they combined Maps&Modes with Gameplay. I think the only changes since then were a Cass nerf, Garen W passive stacking doubled, and Gangplank Serpent passive stacking. No clue if the Cass nerf still applies though, since it was before her newest rework. >A solo queue for 3v3 ranked would help bring solo players to the table, and would amp up the popularity for twisted treeline in general. Dynamic Queue for TT was being considered along with the recent changes, but [it apparently didn't pan out](https://twitter.com/ManWolfAxeBoss/status/751296847956709377). >If you add in a reward (such as, ohhh i don't know, an exclusive skin) that is specific to your rank on twisted treeline, it may be enough of an incentive to increase players interest in 3v3, and thus increasing the maps popularity. Ranked teams did have their exclusive ward skin in previous seasons, but 1) lolwardskin and 2) no one knows how rewards are going to work this season with Dynamic Queue and limited teams. A 3s-exclusive skin would be a great incentive, yet unlikely. It'd essentially double the "free" skins Riot makes each year, which doesn't seem like something Riot would be willing to do. Maybe a Chroma, but that has its own issues. >There needs to be more work on champ specific balancing, item balancing (which you're starting to do I see, finally), and more love to twisted treeline in general. I wouldn't be so sure Riot's starting to do item balancing. For now, it just feels more like the annual balance patch that Riot does to placate Alternate maps players.
>Fun fact: there actually was an official log of map-specific balance changes stickied on the Boards. Riot just didn't port it over when they combined Maps&Modes with Gameplay. AHA. That's what I've been looking for! I had been trying to find a change log on the forums, but all I could find were very very out of date ones from like 2012. This one is nice, though it's still not good as its not updated. Still, while its great that they put it on the forums... it's an inconvenient place for people to try and search through to find the info they need. I looked for a pretty good portion of time trying to find a valid change log, and I was really struggling. Even if they had one stickied on the boards, it still wouldn't be as accessible as it should be. There must be a better way to get accurate information about the map more accessible to the players. >Dynamic queue for TT was being considered along with the recent changes, but it apparently didn't pan out. Yes, I did pop across some other posts that suggested they had tried to get dynamic to 3v3s but let it fall through. I personally can't say whether dynamic queue would be good for 3v3, or if there should just be a solo queue, but I definitely think there needs to be some way they can make ranked play on twisted tree line useable to people who love to play solo or simply don't have the time, flexible schedule, or patience to deal with maintaining a team. >2) no one knows how rewards are going to work this season with Dynamic Queue and limited teams. A 3s-exclusive skin would be a great incentive, yet unlikely. A fair point. Twisted treelike seems like it has problems that need to be fixed, and until they are, people won't play it or take it as seriously as summonses rift. But a nice exclusive skin for twisted treelike might at least draw some people back to it, so that the map could hopefully get a bit of a larger player base to deem it "worthy" of being tuned up and kept around. At least until the problems keeping people from enjoying it are fixed. Then you won't need exclusive content; people will want to play it because it's fun and it works. >wouldn't be so sure Riot's starting to do item balancing. For now, it just feels more like the annual balance patch that Riot does to placate Alternate maps players. It does feel like that. But I have hope that it might actually be the beginning of some serious changes. The only reason I think this is because the item changes they've done recently haven't been just random changes to look like they're doing something. They actually paid attention to the meta of twisted treeline, and changed the items to fix the toxic parts of it (Despite popular belief, ADCs paired with sanguine blade were an enormous problem, one which seems to have been recognized and curved) I'm just hopping it's not a one patch for show kinda thing, and that they actually have some kind of plan for the map.
: I've only played TT in normals probably 30 times and 10 of them I had 2 or more bots in the game. They probably would have gotten rid of it already if bots weren't making it appear that more people actually play it.
Bots are definitely a large problem. However, they don't really appear in games once your summoner level is 30. I have two accounts, one which is level 30 and one which is 20, and while I definitely see bots on the lvl 20 account, i have never encountered them on my level 30 account. This may also be because I've been ranked silver/gold in solo queue on my 30 account, and the system may be trying to find players somewhat close to my skill level. Bot accounts that are below level 30 obviously wouldnt be put in a game with people who are ranked, if that is the case.
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: Banned for 14 days on my birthday....
Sorry, but saying "oh the other guy was toxic too!" doesn't really excuse you. If someone lights your house on fire, and then you go and light their house on fire, you still get charged with arson. You're definitely on a slippery slope, but if you refrain from any negative chat, you should be fine. If you think you'll have a problem with holding your tongue, there's this lovely self-mute idea going around. Here's how to use it: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/OWq53vKX-how-to-self-mute Happy Birthday! Hope this helps you reform! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
laue101 (EUW)
: Riot
"I'm not toxic" {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: the exact reason i cant take riot seriously at all.
I don't understand ANY of these references, but I still understood it was a joke. Not a funny joke, but a joke. That being said, "it was a joke" isn't really any kind of defense. Jokes can be inappropriate. Jokes can be offensive. You may not have intended it to be taken like that, but intent is only half the equation.
: Can every person who got perma banned for trash talking, bad behavior etc. get one more chance?
Its a lot like college. You sign up and then you pay for your classes, just like you sign up for League and pay for some nice skins. But then you smack around your classmates, and the schools like "hmm, well that wasn't very nice" So they give you a slap on the hand and hope you do better. But then you keep smacking around your classmates. And the schools like "ooookay can you not?" So they give you a punishment that carries more weight, and hope you do better. But then you keep smacking around your classmates. Hell, you even smack around the professor just for the sport. So now the school is like "kbye" and bam, you're expelled. Does the school have to reimburse you for the classes you took, or even the classes you didn't finish? Nope. You knew the risks, you knew the consequences, yet you still followed through with your actions. Should they give you a second chance? Nah-uh. You've proven to consistently be a liability and a risk. It's the same theory with league. They gave you opportunities to improve and to change course, but you kept right on trucking down the path to permaban purgatory.
: I was permanently suspended and I genuinely feel I do not deserve it
You cuss, you attack players for their performance, you falsely accuse other of cheating.... If all your other games go like this one, permaban shouldn't be that big of a surprise. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Read the TOS!
: An Insiders view on why Irelia *should* be nerfed.
I don't quite think she needs a nerf. She's certainly not under powered, but shes not quite over powered either. She brings a lot to the table, but she has weaknesses as well. At most, she might need a slight tweak here and there. Perhaps the tenacity from her passive lowered a bit so that the enemy team can give their squishies a little more breathing room?
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: Extra Bonus RP is coming for a limited time!
This really isn't that big of a deal. Almost every business does this. Everyone buys things before the holidays, and then nobody wants to buy anything in January. So what do stores do? They hold huge post-holiday sales so that people will come back and buy more things. Besides, riot has this exact sale every year, so it really shouldn't be such a surprise. I mean yeah it sucks if you, like most people, bought rp before the holidays. But calling riot greedy and talking shit about them when they're actually a pretty amazing company that cares about the people who play their game is kind of like biting the hand that feeds you.
Schova (NA)
: Player leaves a very courteous and polite post with an important question, and a RIOTER gives a rather rude response that neither helps fix problems stated, nor does it uphold the standards this whole system is trying to establish. If we get punished for rude behavior with bans or low priority queues, what kind of punishment does the staff receive? Where will the proverbial shoe drop? If RIOT intends to uphold the summoners code that we as a player base are supposed to follow yet the staff of the company isn't willing to do the same, wherein lies your provocation or our motivation? Where do we report members of RIOT's staff for unfair treatment of the community?
The rioter was hardly being rude. Failing to answer a question is not rude. Neither is there anything in the rioter's comment that was meant to provoke, insult, or demean. All he did was give a small piece of advice about trying new champs.
: Talk about skimming and ditching the question. You were either dense ( Did not understand what he said ) or extremely insulting ( Condescending/Dismissive approach ). If you have any reason to speak this way, at least chew your words and think things through. We may look like money bags, but I assure you, we are real people with thoughts and feelings.
You are inferring that the rioter is dense because he may have misunderstood what someone said. Misunderstandings happen all the time, and everyone experiences them. Accusing someone of being dense for something that everyone does is insulting. So basically you're saying the rioter is either stupid for misunderstanding the post or rude for replying to it in such a manner, yet by your own logic, you're either "dense" for misunderstanding his comment or extremely insulting for calling him dense. Either way, it's hypocritical. Also, It's a free to play game. The LAST thing they see people as are money bags. If you have any reason to speak this way, at least chew your words and think things through. They may look like bad guys, but I assure you, they are real people with thoughts and feelings.
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Vesh (NA)
: This rework is going to be bananas [Soraka Rework Preview and Discussion]
I figure I'd add my opinion on this rework, since everyone else is. I'm not very good, so maybe I don't know what Im talking about, but ill try anyway. Soraka is who led me to main support for quite some time. Everyone seemed to hate support, while i called for it. I have also always loved the healer class in games I played before joining league, which is what led me to her. What I see as being potentially problematic is her W. I enjoy the idea of her dishing out quicker heals. I also enjoy that she needs to get closer to an ally to heal. This opens up a lot of counter play possibilities. The health cost is pretty intense. I can see why it's there, but I feel like there could be other, better options, though I cant come up with any at the moment. Since she cant heal herself with said W's active, she'll need to rely on the passive which poses a problem in my mind. Her starcall, as you said, will be easier to hit at close range and less reliable the farther away you send it. Basically, if soraka wants to heal herself, she would want to be upclose and personal where her starcall is most reliable to hit the enemies and heal her. It would seem to me that this would pull her to the front line, requiring her to build at least somewhat tanky. This idea also seems reinforced by the 2nd part of her passive. Building defensive rewards you. ^^ That reminds me a bit of a swain playstyle. Build some nice survivability, root some people and then gain health off of them, but now soraka takes it a step further and then gives that health to other people. The problem with that is it seems to completely shut down the purpose of the movement speed boost in her passive and the shorter W range. Ambulances do not jump into the fire, waddle around, and THEN go to the injured. They go directly to the injured. That is their purpose, and the purpose of a healer. These changes seem to make sorakas playstyle more focused on going into the fight, landing some powerful crowd control and sustain, and then healing allies when it's convenient or when they just happen to pass by close enough. If this kind of play style is your intention, thats fine, but you might as well (my opinion) abandon the speed boost in the passive and lengthen the range on W, since she really wont be running back and forth. She'll be in the front trying to land crowd control and gain health to pass on to others. The "ambulance" idea and the parts of her kit supporting it are better replaced with something else that can support this kind of a kit. If your opting towards the ambulance soraka, that's fine too, and what I personally would like to see from her. Soraka has always been THE go to champ if you want to heal, and there really aren't any champs that can sustain an adc as well as she can. If you DO decide to keep this ambulance theme and keep her focused around healing, you should (again, my opinion) abandon the parts of her kit that are pulling her into the fray. I'm not saying make her a complete back line champion who is unreachable to the enemy and dishing out heals. Keep the passive movement speed, and keep the changes to her w range so that she needs to take risks to heal her comrades. But having such a heavy health cost on her W and forcing her to get in even closer to combat so that she can reliably sustain herself is going to pull her out of her ambulance roll. Instead, take away the health cost and try to keep the W contained with something else. Perhaps when she heals an ally, it gives them a debuff that lowers the effectiveness of her healing. This debuff could stack. That would make it so that each time she heals them, they are healed for less and less. These stacks could disappear over time, or perhaps disappear when she heals another ally, or even when the champion with the stacks is takes damage. This would offer her interesting gameplay in both her duo lane and her teamfights, as she'd need to pick and choose who to run to, and when the best time to heal is. Sorry for length! I'd love to hear any comments you may have on my argument.


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