: Preseason Dev Update Number 3!
If you're considering adding something to the stat choices, please consider flat magic pen. Mages that prioritize flat pen have been screwed so hard in the past year and this is a real kick in the nuts that champions are going to be getting to start with magic resist like they did in the old rune system but there's no way to get more flat pen to offset it.
: Preseason Dev Update Number 2!
I know we're in the minority, but I main Zyra. Zyra got hurt with the removal of runes because we lost out on flat pen. The idea was it wouldn't matter because MR runes were gone too, except everyone also got scaling MR. Now it looks like MR is a choice in these new stats, but no magic pen. This really fucks us over to be honest. It's not the worst part of being Zyra right now (plants getting 1-shot by every melee and many ranged champs is pretty cancerous), but it's still bad since Zyra has such garbage ap scaling. They also separated the flat pen from liandry's and nerfed the burn hard, yes it's being brought back up slightly but still far from what it used to be. I mean plants got nerfed into the ground repeatedly because of liandry's and when it becomes bad the plants don't get anything back. Anyways, only the new stat choices are mentioned in this thread so that's what this was meant to be about.
Hawnda (NA)
: DoT Indicator on Health Gauge
As a Brand main I don't want this. People underestimating DoT damage is one of the only strengths he has left.
Testiclies (EUNE)
: Runes Reforged: DoT champions
I'm with you man, Brand main here and also play a ton of Zyra. Deathfires going away completely is pretty bad. On top of that, magic pen runes are going away so the only sources of flat magic pen are sorc boots and guise/liandry's. For a lot of these DoT type mages, magic pen is far superior for scaling than AP. And these champs aren't exactly top tier in the first place. Losing their ability to scale with extra flat magic pen is going to really harm them in addition to deathfires going away. I am, mostly, very happy with the new rune system. I think it;s going to be a lot of fun and invite a lot more diversification with builds. But Brand is my absolute favorite champ with Zyra being a close second...and I have enough trouble justifying picking them in ranked already. This is going to hurt them so much.
: No they did really well in season 4 actually. That was probably the best team they have ever had (except for maybe this one).
If I remember correctly TSM was the only team to take a game off of SSW before the finals.
Rozair (NA)
: There's one immobile mage that got forgotten about
I had thought for sure Galio would be one of the champions getting significant changes in this update. I was really, really sad when I saw his name absent from the list. His ult can be amazing, but his W is extremely lackluster and his Q is clunky as all hell. Bulwark is a phenomenal ability, but I think it could use some tuning as well. And his passive is boring. As good as it is, they need to think of something more fun and interactive for his passive.
1337JMAN (NA)
: I'm Scared to Play Ranked
Imo ranked is going to be 35% free wins because your team is on point, 35% losses because their team is on point and your team is tilting beyond belief. Games where you're getting stomped, don't get mad. Don't waste your frustration. It's going to happen, and it's going to happen in roughly half of your games. You don't have to give up because crazy comebacks do happen. But don't blame and if others are blaming mute them. Sometimes it is about luck, everyone has good and bad games, but how you approach it decides whether it will be a good game or not.
nabreus (NA)
: Fucking amen. Jungle and support are such under-appreciated roles.
Support main here, I usually am the reason my adc goes 0-9 and I barely contribute when he goes 5-0. I should probably uninstall. /s
Destaice (NA)
: Jungler did nothing to help top lane all game.
What tier? Good junglers know to maximize their effort by ganking for winning and even lanes. Gank even lanes to get your lane the advantage, gank winning lanes to snowball them out of control and take the turret so they can go gank other lanes with you. Ganking a lane that is losing is how you end up getting 1v2'd or 2v3'd.
HRyalD (NA)
: [GAMEPLAY] Screen flashing right before the end of a game
Had this just happen in a normal game. It was almost like a strobe light. No idea what was going on but it started as we were attacking the inhibitor turrets and ended when they surrendered a couple seconds later.
: @RIOT Today EA closed the Dawngate, Riot please be a pal to Waystone Games. PLEASE RIOT!
I think it's time Riot invested in another game. Don't just pick up some of the staff, if EA is dumping dawngate, take it from them. Show them why they have now fucked up twice in passing over exceptional MOBAs with outstanding potential. Dawngate and League are so different. Being able to nurture and grow a second successful MOBA would be a unique achievement and a phenomenal step forward for MOBAs and e-sports. As a League player since beta, I can honestly say that I don't like league any more than I like dawngate, or vice versa. They're so different in how they're played, they each offer so much in terms of gameplay. I think one of the problems Dawngate has is that not enough people have tried the game. Put Riot's name behind it and they will, and they'll enjoy it, and that game will blow up.
: ***
Who cares? Gambit is shit without alex carrying them anyways. Get over it, they'll never be good again.


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