: Legends Rising Q&A: Uncovering pro stories
watched all 6 of them, great job!
Swlocks (EUW)
: Najin will just go to worlds again, with Watch's gauntlet buffs
: Holy... Sure I'm happy for C9, but such a hot and cold team, I really don't think they'll do well in worlds.
they still have their bootcamp in Korea, and 2 more patches till worlds, so who knows? maybe they might fare well
: ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ C9 take my energy༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ
༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ C9 take my energy༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ
Xanixiel (NA)
: does anyone have a league i can join? I feel lonely T__T
here bruh! http://fantasy.lolesports.com/share/join/league/755908/N1J7NXR80QR3ZAmuwgKt
: Fantasy LCS returns for the 2015 Summer Split
join my league http://fantasy.lolesports.com/share/join/league/755908/N1J7NXR80QR3ZAmuwgKt
Hreef (EUW)
: my biggest fear with the increasing korean player appearance in other regions such as na or eu (mainly that because I rarely follow other regions) is that tournaments and especially worlds might become an all korean festival. If you look over to another big esport game named StarCraft2 I kind of lost total interest in the esport events when it became a regular thing that even in the regional tournaments in the eu or na were mostly koreans playing (at least in the second or third round). I don't want that to happen to LoL. I don't mind multi cultural teams and of course it is okay for koreans to look for better job opportunities (salary, work-life-balance, etc.) but it would reduce a lot of atmosphere and regional fan-flavour if for example an all-korean team wins worlds as an european team (personally I don't think it would feel like a european team would have won it at all) but if you look at them as korean teams as well then suddenly a lot of spots from other regions is filled by one "blocking" the chance for the "real"representatives. Yes I am aware that I jump the gun here a bit but in Starcraft2 for example it also started with a few koreans coming over to EU/NA
I don't think that would happen, since there's a cap of foreign talent per team, which I believe is 2. Besides OGN is getting the 1 organization format, meaning no more Samsung Blue and White, only one Samsung Team. Having Korean players in different regions may help them in a big way, like stated in the article, Piglet may contribute in bringing good habits to team practice, so all in all, it's a win-win situation.
im Cris (NA)
: My heart says Star Horn Royal, but my brain says Samsung White. C'mon China, take down the Korean overlords. <3
: What happened to Piglet? Excuse my ignorance I don't pay much attention to the Asian teams.
Manoi (NA)
: Imp should be higher :3
he is vertically challenged, both in rankings and in real life :)) hehe
fsis1111 (NA)
: i wish sneaky was as good as vasilli
hmm, their team head-to-head was 3-1 in favor of Cloud9. Vasili is more flashy, but Sneaky is way better
: u know. they must hype EU NA for Fanboys
yeah, I'm guessing Froggen and Rekkles would get a higher spot here.
: dyrus was soloing ackerman easy in the playoffs. {{champion:36}} vs{{champion:13}}
yeah! got solo-killed twice! that got Dyrus pumpin.
: #17 - Gogoing
"Gogoing has never encountered a top lane champion he couldn’t adapt to." It may be true in the LPL but we'll see about that on the Groupstage. He'll be able to take his revenge on ackerman from beating them at quarterfinals last year, and also there is SoAz and Acorn.
Almighty (NA)
: Sneaky is the NA equivalent to Reckless (Who i completely expect to make this list along with Uzi and NaMei for the bot lanes. ) Super safe, super consistent player that you don't really notice until they are just ungodly fed. While China may have be best botlane, I think Sneaky and Reckless will be the ones to fair the best in worlds against them.
Don't count Korea's Deft out. China is AD centric that's why most of the popular players there are those from ADC position. But Deft, being #1 in Korea Solo Queue ladder, he must be something else, given the fact that last year #1 was Faker. Even Rekkles admires him, just look at his korean account, which is named "European Deft". But yeah it'll be a great fight, atleast Rekkles will be able to fight SSB Deft on Group C of the groupstages.
Dormath (NA)
: The best turtle is not as good as sneaky but Turtle will have some very big moments in games just not as overall sold as sneaky.
I agree, at first i though WildTurtle was better, but looking back on the previous seasons, the consistency of Sneaky and how he transitions his champs from safe supportive AD champs to the most aggresive ones. Sneaky is not as flashy as other ADCs but he still manages to produce great results.
Shinobii (NA)
: I saw the prices for the finals and i was like WTF... Then i converted it lmao.
singapore has the priciest tickets.
: TBH man SKT K probably wont they need a lot of help like Samusung white has to lose tomorrow and SKT need to Completely wipe NLB I think that is the only way that they can make it. and even in such a case I think that K still has to play a tie breaker against White.
if Samsung Blue takes 1st place on OGN Summer and T1 S gets 3rd place, then that'll secure T1 K's spot for Worlds
Vexxed (EUW)
: The reason is because toyz orianna is overrated. I saw many better oriannas than toyz. Forellenlord played a better orianna than toyz. Yet, i never saw a better zed than faker, or a better anivia than froggen Toyz so overrated and has too many fanboys. If we made a top 10 all time player list toyz would not be there. Infact stanley (toplaner) was better than toyz in his role. His sublime nidalee play was why they beat M5.
FaciaI (NA)
: Then why put Uzi's Vayne in there. He transitioned to mid lane for awhile and I understand he went back to adc still he missed time at adc. Since then I think Imp has proven that he is one if not the best adcs in the world. Imp should have gotten Vayne or Caitlyn which even doublelift has said is the best in the world.
or Piglet, he was the one doing the carrying when Faker is doing not so good
: Champions Summer: Moving Forward
Too bad for T1 K, they need to face both samsung teams to get to the finals, but if they make it pass through those 2 games, the trophy is theirs for the taking. Would have been fun if both SKT T1 and Samsung faced each other.
: this didn't help explain much of anything? Or is it just me
kinda like an introduction, could have written something longer and should have given examples of counter picks, etc.
im Cris (NA)
: Yes, If they both make it to the play-off final or either go to the 3rd place game and win. I'm personally rooting for Alliance. It will be a great Worlds if they both go.
i hope SHC makes it in the top 3
: can both, fnatic and alliance go to worlds if they are top2 this split? would be so good for EU to have 2 really good teams to represent at worlds
top three teams from EU would get a spot in Worlds. probably be: 1. Alliance 2. Fnatic 3. SK Gaming
Maverin (NA)
: I'm truly saddened by this super-week. EG failing in every late game decision despite some amazing early and mid games. CLG faltering to some teams that are just not as good. My only bright spots are that DIG is still #1 and that Complexity has started rampaging like the team I always knew they were.
It seems that Complexity has Dignitas' number
: The Recap: NA LCS Week 6
Finally a showing of every team, no more one sided games. Hoorah!
: “Stand Behind Me!” - Braum in the LCS
Lucian is still the best partner for Braum, next would be Twitch.
: Has the SK Telecom T1 K Empire Fallen?
So far bengi is the most inconsistent out of the 5. They better catch up to the patch.
: OGN: Where do the teams stand?
The one who dominates group C would have a chance on winning Champions Summer
: I still don't see how everyone keeps saying Crs will make a big leap up the standings. Sure, Xpecial is a big name, but Cop was already playing well last split, and ADCs don't really start dominating games until teamfight stage, so switching supports won't help terribly much for Crs. When you see that the ADC was already close to maximized w/ average supports, but you're still in 5th, it's time to look to other lanes for the problem. Sorry Voyboy, it's you. Crs won't be going anywhere until they find a dominant mid, especially with Bjerg's dominance, Shiphtur finally on a worthy team, Hai's ability to not lose lane, Dexter's ganks for Link, the unknown that is XiaoWeiXiao, and Pr0lly's crazy champ pool (and ganks from BrokenShard as well); and Voyboy's very likely vying w/ Pobelter & Pr0lly for weakest mid in NA.
Maybe because people feel that Crs lack shotcalling, which is why Saintvicious went out of retirement before. But now they think Xpecial fills that big hole. But yeah, I think Voyboy is the weakest link among the 5, with the Mid lane battle amongst NA LCS, he better step up a notch to be able to go to playoffs, or like you've said, better find another mid laner.
: OGN: NLB Finals Recap, LoL Masters Preview
skt is just having trouble adapting to the patch, but it's good that other teams are rising up and making their marks.
: Few reasons: 1: Very likely the biggest reason... The potential for too many language barriers. Most Europeans can speak English as a second language, but it's not always the cleanest. Not very many Americans are pretty fluent in a different language, not enough so that they'd want to move overseas instead of staying where they're comfortable. 2: Likely they get more lucrative offers from NA sponsors/teams. 3: NA servers are more stable than EUW, and thus get more practice time in solo queue and/or scrims. 4: Timing/who they're replacing. Let's set aside EG, who came over basically cause they've said they wanted to for a long time (namely Snoopeh); they're a different story. 1st is EdWard. He had disagreements w/ Gambit, and no one in EU needed a support at that time, thus was forced to look to NA to stay in the LCS. Next, Bjerg. A young star on the rise, replacing Regi, essentially was made an offer he couldn't refuse. Same thing w/ Amazing really, taking over for a known name that knew the game was evolving too quickly for him and stepped down for the good of the team. Essentially, former NA stars who know their time is up. What big stars in EU are stepping down/getting kicked? The only ones I think of are Ocelot and Alex, and the Gambit opening comes with the need to speak Russian (see my 1st point)
You've got me convinced there. Environment wise, NA is more of an upgrade then?
: Fantasy Love/Hate: Week 1
should have chosen Selfie over cowTard
: EU LCS Super Week Preview
I wonder why no one from NA jump ships to EU? Can't wait to see the new roster for SHC, MrRalleZ is a solid ADC. Hope this will be enough to place them to a higher spot
: 2014 NA LCS Summer Split Preview
My prediction would be: 1. CLG 2. C9 3. TSM 4. LMQ 5. Dignitas 6. Curse 7. EG 8. Complexity I just hope that the games are close like in EU
: Top Sleepers and Value Picks for the LCS Summer Season
I don't think InnoX would be a sleeper, with the addition of ackerman and Seraph, It'll be harder for him.
: Fantasy LCS Beta Live Now
Kindly join my league, 7 slots are open: http://fantasy.lolesports.com/en-US/join/league/117285/MGuPPZjT44k8CAcKuQOr


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