Cåracal (NA)
: 20 Karma Skin Concepts
Oh shit!! I drew the second Star Guardian pic! Thanks for adding it in. Receipts: https://imgur.com/N8sutZh.jpg
GreenLore (EUW)
: Uhm as far as I know,there was no group of earth weavers,its simply a title for Taliyah. Anyway I think it'd be interesting if the sister of Varus uses the body of someone important from the distant past(maybe even an ascended?),but I really doubt that any of Azirs brothers is still alive,as they were all killed by assassins(and Azirs father was present too,so he witnessed their deaths firsthand). Also there is no reason to believe that the sun-disc blast turned anyone into an ascended.
> [{quoted}](name=GreenLore,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=sZfp5hHk,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-20T10:17:56.317+0000) > > Uhm as far as I know,there was no group of earth weavers,its simply a title for Taliyah. There are wood weavers in Riven and Yasuo's story, so it's super unlikely Taliyah could be the ONLY Stone/earth weaver.
: How could Malphite be extra-terrestrial?
He's quite literally the definition of terrestrial.
BleupizZ (EUW)
: Splash art and game model
Run-on sentences. Anyway, it's probably for readability. From far away the lines, most likely, would be obscured and the bandana would probably look pink-ish instead of red w/ teeth.
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l MrD l (NA)
: {{champion:127}} Controls dark ice which is ice that never melts :>
No, that's True Ice. Dark Ice is corrupted True Ice. So, I guess you're still right, but..
Terozu (NA)
: Sixth Weekly reminder. Lux should use her crit animation when autoing marked targets.
As much as I agree, I also noticed a difference between her illumination attack vs everyone else's crits. Critical attacks are calculated/decided at the point the attack leaves the character. The code knows it's a crit potentially long before the attack reaches the opponent. Same with Nami's E. Simply, it's more like an if statement that Lux doesn't satisfy, because the damage is calculated at the moment her AA reaches the opponent, as opposed to when it leaves Lux.
: Conqueror Varus Spotlight
Why does he look so thin? Did Varus always look that way? I like it otherwise. :3
GenoXx (NA)
: Of all the teasers Riot has done, I still think Jhin was the best.
Jhin is an example of an amazingly well crafted champion, imo. The teaser was suspenseful and impactful; His character is well made and amazing. I love everything about him.
aCup of Tea (EUNE)
: Irelia base on PBE, did she already recieve changes to the hair meantioned by Riot?
Don't quote me on this, but I believe the complaints were mostly aimed towards Aviator Irelia. I also think I recall a quote mentioning how it's difficult to change her hair much because of animations, clipping with her blades, etc.
: Support Life (Hard Stuck Level 2 Honor 0/3)
Playing your role like everyone else in the game isn't gonna help you. Honors are given to those who stand out. RARELY do I get honors for making plays or saving a life, namely 'cause that's just part of the role.
: Please change the Aprils Fools login screen to rotate Birdio chromas
IMO, it makes it funnier that it's literally the same thing over and over.
Revali (NA)
: Is the challenger skinline discontinued?
It got reworked into the Conqueror skin line, starting with Karma.
Phrase (EUW)
: GGMF Animated Splashart
It's the skin's best component... and it's not even a part of it. RIP.
: Gun Goddess Miss Fortune should be allowed to change suit without recalling to base
Same as Lux's Ultimate. Both of them can do it whenever, and Ezreal does it as soon as he levels up (aka, none of the other Ultimate skins wait until they're at base). It'd be a nice change and I don't see why not.
Hópe (NA)
: GGMF shoots her ult from her boobs.
xScarfy (EUW)
: Not listed skinlines in the skin-tab
Might've been on purpose, considering they're THE duo, but Sweetheart Xayah and Rakan aren't with the other Sweetheart skins. Edit: I take it back. Sweetheart and Heartseeker skins are grouped into a "Heartbreaker" line. Obviously those two aren't Heartbreakers... to each other.
: @Reav3 will there be a better void crest released?
Just a small note, slightly off topic. Nami has that same (or similar) symbol on her staff.
: My only issue is that she should have a face
Jokes on you, I can't draw faces! {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
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