: Riot/@meddler, would you please consider supporting Lichbane for bot lane mages?
How would that help bot lane specifically? That's just a generic buff. And an unneeded one at that.
: Soul Stealer Shyvana and Golden (???) Shyvana
Only complaint is that her gauntlets are identical; I like the asymmetry that they have in most of her skins. Other than than small thing though these are way better than anything she currently has
nelogis (EUW)
: (Champion concept: Joke) RNGesus the lord of dice!
: The whole point of Liandry's is to be used on DoT champions, that change would be dumb lol.
So we're just gonna make a single item required for all champs of a certain playstyle? That sounds like a problem with DoT champs as a whole. They can be buffed, if needed, with the item's absence.
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: AP Items Request for Balance Thoughts
I like the direction you guys are trying to go down, which is to create meaningful choices for AP users, especially in the context of laning. Of course some things pop out as concerning. Liandries: you can easily solve the issue of its new passive by giving it the Electrocute treatment: instead of proccing from spell damage, make it proc on spells hit. That way it isn't heavily skewed towards "DoT and dip" champs like Brand and Malz, and it rewards mages that stick in the fight to keep the damage going. Could probably increase the damage on the passive to compensate. New item: this will be the new auto-buy for mages. You reduced the AP on a ton of items, while making this one of the only left at 100. The damage on the passive will also be required due to the 20ish or so overall AP reduction on AP builds. You essentially nerfed Luden's and made another Luden's, but at least this item has a more heavily gated effect, so it isn't just "hey more damage in every fight". Good effect, but I question the impact it may have on the game. Introducing alternative 100 AP (or magic pen) options may be beneficial, perhaps ones that share a similar "charge based" passive so that you can't stack it with this item. Similar to the hextech items, so that you can create powerful and interesting abilities without it just dominating build paths.
NotSid (NA)
: Tsunami warning in effect for coastal British Columbia and Alaska
I live in Anchorage, although the quake woke us up, everyone is safe. No reports of harm from either the earthquake or the tsunami. Kodiak, one of the closer communities, also came out relatively unscathed but a bit frightened (I hear there were sirens and such). Thankfully was much less harmful than all the commotion it caused, which is always a good thing.
: The history of Mordekaiser's Canceled Skin
Did you ever hear the tragedy of Dark Crusader Mordekaiser? I thought not. It's not a story the rioters would tell you...
Proxy345 (NA)
: This is EXACTLY why no one trusts the mainstream media!!!
Since when has USA Today had any authority on what makes a good game? Talk about uninformed opinions.
: Why I (veteran) am slowly losing interest in League
Engelin (NA)
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FffGr3RlVxs Why the fuck do they scream GG every time anything happens More realistically would be "GET FUCKED" I actually don't think anyone unironically says "gg" in real life. Ever.
> [{quoted}](name=Engelin,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=xRu5Jm3K,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-29T17:17:13.770+0000) > > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FffGr3RlVxs > > Why the fuck do they scream GG every time anything happens > > More realistically would be "GET FUCKED" > > I actually don't think anyone unironically says "gg" in real life. Ever. I'm pretty active in my local fighting game community, and we say "gg's" all the time in real life at the end of a set of games.
Yma S (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Celestial Bodied,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WfEEZ3Br,comment-id=0023,timestamp=2017-10-28T20:24:22.818+0000) > > People need to realize that free speech doesn't exist on these boards, and that's not a bad thing. > > Riot is able to enforce any kind of community they wish. They can delete any comment they choose, or remove any people for any reason, because this is their space and we agree to abide by any rules they choose to make use of the forums they own. > > Riot has expressed that they want to keep the boards as a respectful place for people to have discussions, as well as to have fun. We are not entitled to be disrespectful here, and as people have said in here already, the use of the boards are a privilege and not a right. > > If you are a respectful person, this crackdown will not affect you! And if we feel like riot is going too far with their censorship, we can always voice our opinions. If nothing changes or things get worse, we have the choice to choose another community to post in. Simple as that. if they want to lose customers to Dota that's their problem even if 90% of these forums are trash, that 10% is worth enough to give valuable feedback and information that will make league of legends a better game. Shutting down all criticism is not the way to go for any company, regardless about how some SJW, %%%%%%, special snowflakes "feel"
I think it's pretty clear that riot is fine with -- and welcomes -- constructive criticism. Even if it's a bit crude. What they DON'T tolerate is harassment or verbal abuse. If you can't make your point without calling people names or berating them, then I don't know what to tell you.
: he went from being a poor nerd to a rich nerd, of course hes going to be in good spirit
You can still be rich and be a shitty person. Just look at Vasilli (sp?).
Wuks (NA)
: Moderation of "Golden Rule", specifically regarding Rioters
People need to realize that free speech doesn't exist on these boards, and that's not a bad thing. Riot is able to enforce any kind of community they wish. They can delete any comment they choose, or remove any people for any reason, because this is their space and we agree to abide by any rules they choose to make use of the forums they own. Riot has expressed that they want to keep the boards as a respectful place for people to have discussions, as well as to have fun. We are not entitled to be disrespectful here, and as people have said in here already, the use of the boards are a privilege and not a right. If you are a respectful person, this crackdown will not affect you! And if we feel like riot is going too far with their censorship, we can always voice our opinions. If nothing changes or things get worse, we have the choice to choose another community to post in. Simple as that.
: SKT T1 Bang shows immense respect to MISFITS
Seems like a cool dude. Statements like those show maturity.
: As someone who loves Lissandra but cannot play her I'd say its the 'clunkiness', mostly in the form of Inconsistent ranges and being slow (imo). A lot of people suggest she only needs a new passive or damage/range increases for her Q, however I believe she needs more fundamental changes: **Issues** - Slow. She has 325 ms because of her teleport (fair enough), but her E is also slow to accommodate her instant CC. - Clunky. As well as slow ms and E, she has inconsistent ranges: 550 AA, 725 Q, 450 W, 1050 E and 550 R. - Counter play. The only real counter play to Lissandra is out-ranging her (which most mages do). Her CC is instant and offers no counter play beyond not being in range, which also sucks up her power budget. - Lacking passive. Her current passive does nothing for her theme and feels like a justification for high mana costs. **Solutions** - Increase the speed of her E. Lissandra is offset by her MS, and her E is already a heavily telegraphed skill shot. Adding power here seem fair. - Update the W. Perhaps lowering the initial cast radius, then allowing it to be charged (like Galio's W) to 550 radius. Or perhaps updating it to be an actual ['Ring of Frost'](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/kNYOlxEG-lissandra-passive-and-w-suggestions). I think matching her W range to her autos would go a long way to improving her feel, since she wouldn't be encouraged to dive practically face 1st on to a target to be effective. - Spread her damage. I would suggest moving some of Es damage to the updated W, since it would have counter play other than "don't be in range". - Give her a thematic passive. No suggestions, but I have seen a ton of good suggestions floating around the boards.
I agree with your issues, but not to the point to where she is unplayable. I think Lissandra is in a pretty good spot, and any changes should be made to make her feel better to play as opposed to just being buffs. A new passive would go a long way, as long as it's not too strong. Lissandra was very popular not too long ago, and for good reason. She has very high damage, good CC, pick/engage potential, and survivability in team fights using ult/zhonyas. If she's made any stronger, these traits will be amplified and people will come rushing to the boards to cry nerf I'm certain.
: Wish a rioter would comment on how twitch compares to evelynn right now
: I am okay with changing it; I agree that especially after Bard and Taric her ult feels... lackluster. It's a shame because it has a *really cool concept* that is *spot on* thematically, but it doesn't translate well into the hectic teamfights of LoL.
I feel like her ult actually doesn't really make sense for her character. She's about taking life, not preserving it. It would make more sense if she had a "marked to die" ult that lasted for a long time. Perhaps giving kindred movement speed towards the target, increasing damage to the target, or some other effect. It could even be stronger if the target is the current mark. The only way her ult fits thematically is that it has something to do with death.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tusutaki,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rdaopMxX,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-18T18:00:52.337+0000) > > While I love the concept of her Allure and see a lot of potential with it, It's called 'Lust Dust', not Allure. If you watched the reveal video, the guy says the words 'Lust Dust' at least 6 times. This means that several executives, over the course of several meetings, sat at a table, while someone stood at a whiteboard. And when that person wrote 'Lust Dust' on the whiteboard, the executives nodded and said "Yes, 'Lust Dust' is something we want to put in our game." They also did some other stuff to her too, but I forget what it was. But I do remember, and always will, that her ability is called 'Lust Dust', not Allure.
Drugoth (NA)
: I can think of one: Evelynn's damage isn't negatively effected if the target isn't isolated...
It kinda is though. A lot of her damage come from Q, which is very hard to hit if the opponent isn't by themselves
: If it was targeted then it would lose damage and range. You can't just say ''imagine if Ez Q was point and click''
The fact that you said it has to be nerfed to become targeted just proves my point. Lol.
Tortunga (EUW)
: He would be much bearable to play against if the windwall wasn't such a mess of a skill. It blocks projectiles from every direction Casting it will block projectiles that are pretty much already in your face If 1 pixel of a massive spell touches the windwall, it will get completely blocked (Like Nami's wave). It blocks a shit ton of stuff it shouldn't block in my opinion; Ground effects, like Velkoz E or Swain Q; How are those considered projectiles? Tresh/Blitz hook, Amumu binding; Why are they considered projectiles? It's not some small arrow that can Ricochet from the windwall, it's a freaking part of themselves they are throwing at you. And there are countless more abilities that just doesn't make sense that are getting blocked by his windwall.
Vel E is definitely a projectile. He literally shoots a ball that explodes on the ground. Just because there's a big indicator on the ground doesn't mean it originates from there.
: Am I the only one who thinks skillshots aren't necessarily a disadvantage?
There are benefits, but the power of reliability is incredibly strong. Imagine if xerath's fully charged Q was guaranteed to hit every time.
: Allow Eve Ult to Reactivate Stealth
I think her ult is strong enough, if anything she needs more strength in the rest of her kit. I wouldn't really do much with balance changing before runes go live though.
Daunt (EUNE)
: I think it would be better if they'd stop the untargetability trend on almost every new/reworked champion.
To be fair it's only for a moment. I'm pretty sure it's so that her blink backward wouldn't be instant, which would make it used too reliably as a gap closer.
: i can tell you right now that old eve had a better laning than new eve simply because old eve could CS and cheese with her stealth. new eve, if your enemy has even 25% of a brain, will just stay behind minions and poke you down. your CSing early is heavily gated by the 6 SEC CD after 3 spikes of Q + lower dmg. you can easily force eve mid to work in normals, but you can force anything to work in normals. in ranked its not at all a good idea. if you are up against another melee assassin such as zed/fizz, or even kass you can also make it work, but anyone with range and especially range + CC will be impossible to lane against unless they are just that bad. old eve could W and rely on her stealth to get close enough to ranged enemies, new eve no longer has that advantage till 6, and even at 6 she lost her W. there is just way too many problems with new eves lane to list. old eves lane wasnt the best or ideal at all, but it was better than new eve.
A few years ago I would agree, but after the series of nerfs that old Eve after the mini rework she just couldn't really cut it anymore. Stealth took way too long to activate in lane; you were forced to exit from it almost immidately if you wanted to CS, and had no way to harass the enemy laner bedsides just walking up to them, and even then it was usually while stealthed in which case you probably gave up CS to do it. New Eve actually has range on her Q, and deals way more damage early on. She can also harass constantly because she essentially uses no mana. Additionally, the cooldown happens after using her first Q, I often am able to use it immediately after my third recast. Using W easily scares people away from hiding in minions, as no one wants to get charmed. I'm sorry if you're having troubles, but keep it up and you'll find success.
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: Actually, you just confirmed my previous comment. For something like that to happen you must be either against a vegetable or a champion with no on-demand CC.
Both the threat of Q and hate spike's follow up casts deter the enemy laner from being near their minions, giving Eve reliable farming opportunity. It's been pretty great for me :) Point is you don't always need to be constantly harassing. Staying alive until level 6 and roaming is as much a win as coming out with a few kills in lane.
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: Her Q damage may be high, but she has zero ways of getting in range to use it against pretty much everybody with a functioning brain and/or any kind of movement impairing CC.
Actually, the range on her q is pretty impressive, especially compared to old Eve. I've found that if someone is too far up, you can easily land the shot and follow them for the additional casts. And if you pressure them away from minions, that's a win for you either way.
Shaydrox (EUW)
: I think most junglers are having troubles because she's worse at running straight at somebody now, while a good flank will net very nice results. Maybe she's still weak but she will definitely be doing better once people figure this out. Kinda reminds me when my Talon was reworked, I first hated the rework since he lost so much power in his gapcloser but later I realized he does fine if you change your approach to the target. I like how Riot designs difficulty in assassins, some have complex combos and some have difficulty approaches to a fight. Eve is a good rework imo, but hard to balance at first due to upcoming rune changes and all.
I think people just got to use the huge strength that early game stealth provided. Now that her early game is balanceable, there's a lot more flexibility in working with her. I definitely think part of it is just getting use to her. I caution riot to make any buffs with her, because she can very easily be overpowered any point above her current balance state. Definitely should wait for runes to go live at least. My main concern is that she will eventually be tuned to the jungle at the expense of her laning. This has happened with champs like Elise, and I wouldn't be surprised if it happened again. Fingers crossed
Rioter Comments
: Evelynn Rework: My First Impressions
You call that a gap closer? Lol.
: Runes Reforged: Resolve Tree Discussion (Iron Skin, Mirror Shell, Conditioning)
Iron skin and mirror shield are just garbage, and are so awkward because they're early game runes that have a very weak effect that scales into late game, but then drops off again at full build when you can't use consumables. Having two of the same rune essentially just shows a lack of creativity. And combining them would at least be a step in making them okay. Personally, I think they should both be replaced with better options.
Rioter Comments
Nebuul (NA)
: Urgot's Q, oh how do I hate thee. Let me count the ways
Look, I think it is a bit better than people give it credit for. Whenever I go urgot mid, that thing is pretty oppressive. After even the slightest lead, it chunks for a massive amount of damage (also I max it first). It may be hard to hit, but it'll still be reliable if you shoot at an opponent's escape path or right where they're about to CS. I'd be careful before any buffs are made to it.
: Classic Galio Skin
Arzonv (EUW)
: When you need tenacity but Ninja Tabi exist
Or We can balance ADCs so ninja tabby isn't a must-buy on many champs.
: You guys complain about champions but not Riots patternized decisions directly involving them
I don't think it's a big surprise. There's countless examples of this. One off the top of my head is hecarim In the same PBE cycle (or very close to) that he got his new gemstone skin, his ult gets buffed. And this is after him not being touched for ages.
: So I made a spreadsheet of features in champions' kits the other day...
Can you separate your data into seasons, and compare each season with the next? I think that would improve your point of showing that "x creep" exists.
: Please can Skarner get a little love
First task, remove those dang pillars.
: @Riot: please do not add "channel blink" as a rune. It will make flash EVEN MORE mandatory.
I think it would be cool if every summoner spell had a tune associated with it. We haven't seen any others, so maybe riot is doing that? It could be a way to specialize into other summoner spells, maybe even replacing flash for some builds, depending on what they do. If they only have a rune for flash then...well that sucks.
: Ornn will buff every all Classes items except ASSASSINS!
Almost all AD assassins can be okay with getting an infinity edge or tri force to make use of the passive.
: > Are you okay with alienating the Yorick players or Cassiopeia players or Jarvan IV players who'd like a new skin just because they make up such a small percentage of the playerbase? Technically speaking, this is blatantly incorrect. They are doing nothing in particular to alienate those players. They are doing something to make other players happy- if you're alienated by that then it's your own issue. By this same logic they will alienate a much **larger** part of the playerbase by giving Yorick, Cass, Or J4 a skin. That said, Yorick and Cass are challenging for skins because of their unique models. Yorick in particular has 4 models: himself, his ghouls, his wall, and his Ms. Ghoul. For any given skin he has 4x the work most champions will. Think about that for a moment. That's not even taking into account the various particles he has- such as his cape. This might surprise some- but there's probably a good reason some champions have less skins compared to others.
Okay..but look at Azir then. Good amount of skins, and he requires a ton of work. Soldiers, ult, passive, and all the particles that go with them. Yes the skins are a lot of work but they can happen. Also, cass is not challenging beyond tail physics, which they have been perfecting over time especially since the work on Aurelion Sol. The main reason Azir gets skin while yorick doesn't is mainly popularity, with yorick's major update being in solid #2 due to them having to ice any production and start only after his release.
Because daisy is her own champion and don't you ever tell her any different.
: The problem with Vlad's VO isn't that it's 100% blood puns
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Caitlyn still has a 53% winrate and a 31% pickrate in diamond elo.
Just because she's the flavor of the month as far as flack goes, doesn't mean she's OP or deserving of nerfs.
: 🔒 IP from runes refunded please
I would be very disappointed if all we got was IP. I already have every champ in the game, what do I need IP for? Changing my name a superfluous amount of times?
: Shaco Box In Bushes
Probably in the minority, but I prefer this to stay. They die so quickly in the open and you can just walk away from them to stop any more damage.
: I don't understand how Riot can be so obsessed with champion classifications
Humans have a natural desire to classify things. Additionally, it follows under clarity, communicating better what a particular champ is suppose to be. It is mostly useful for new players that, after learning the naming system, can quickly pick up what a champ is suppose to do without being familiar with their kit. The idea of making class-specific items is something that could be done, but I feel would be better as a change to the system as a whole. Either make all items class dependent, or none.
hudzell (NA)
: Why can't Aatrox swap W's while reviving?
You need three hits to proc anyways, there's plenty of time to switch before the ability goes off.
: > [{quoted}](name=Quil Evrything,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nR65bmyo,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-06-25T15:31:52.971+0000) > > make it just "African", and would seem more legit. there isnt one, is there? turkish server should be the one they should be playing on, as its just outside of africa.
That span of "just outside Africa" is equivalent to saying people in China should just use the European server. It's quite a ways from South Africa.
Aracite (NA)
: Every time any sort of even remotely tanky jungler comes out, the LCS **_INSTANTLY_** tries to slam it into boring support role, and then the champion progressively gets their damage nerfed over and over again because they're doing too much damage for a support, resulting in the junglers who enjoyed playing that champion getting royally screwed over. It's so fucking annoying.
Except Naut wasn't designed as a jungler, people just started using him that way. He was suppose to be a top champ until people people started using him everywhere but top.
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