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: Thresh has 450 range, which is even longer than Gnar in mini form. As such, he is afforded certain strengths/weakness profiles that are more akin to a ranged champion as opposed to say - Alistar. If we were to make him Melee - we'd likely also have to take a huge chunk out of his AA, give him more hp, hp regen, armor etc. He suddenly also flips to a completely different side of the systems we have in place to safeguard and balance for the power discrepancies between ranged and melee champions. If he could suddenly apply glacial augment at melee strength from 450 range laning against him would likely become a nightmare - as an example. Or for relic shield specifically, a big part of why it even has the heal is because a melee champion is more than likely going to take harass for moving up to a wave to cs. Thresh on the other hand can again do that from 450 range, meaning he gets all the benefit, with almost none of the same cost/risk assumed by melee champs. While it sounds like a pretty simple solve - the knock on effects are actually incredibly vast and risky. Does that explanation make sense?
Plus my sweet sweet insta-shot Full AD Thresh would suffer from being turned to melee. Keep him ranged please and thanks :3
I would like to note that Kleptomancy on bot Ezreal is both hysterical and disgustingly broken. He can literally go to lane with just {{item:1027}} and {{item:1004}} and use all the free health bots from Klepto to sustain yourself until you get enough gold to buy {{item:3070}} and {{item:3057}}. Kleptomancy on Ezreal makes sustain items worthless. There is no reason to get health pots or even lifesteal on it. You hit your midgame at like 10 minutes. Its amazing.
: Only somewhat related, but does anyone have any good ideas for an interesting version of Sunfire Cape that you'd be excited to use and play against? We've been slow to buff Sunfire because the gameplay it brings when it's good isn't very interesting or fun, and so it's at best overly niche right now. That said, leaving it pretty bleh isn't the right treatment, and we would like to do something with it to make it worth its spot in the shop. So if you have any ideas, I'd be interested in hearing them. Buffing its stats or the damage of its current effect probably wouldn't cut it.
Make the fire damage a single line, and rotate around the player, similarly to Aureleon Sol. Probably not a great idea, but it would allow the damage to be higher (for that sweet waveclear) while allowing more counterplay options for the enemy. Maybe every 5 seconds it provides a burst of fire damage that does bonus damage to minions/monsters. Maaaybe have it only activate when you take damage. (But then it gets close to thornmail in design). Hell, maybe just make it an active: For 10 seconds deal bonus magic damage to nearby enemies, double to minions/monsters... but then it conflicts with the active of the smite items........ Honestly, just making it burst out every 2.5 seconds might work the best. It allows a bit of counterplay while still being useful. And a set damage time would make farming a bit easier too.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 22
What about a rune that increases the range of your vision? (self-vision, wards, ect)
: That is... very cool.
Thanks! I'll pass it on to Rockyino.
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Jeedos (EUW)
: Buff Sivir
Sivir is the strongest late-game adc, bar none, including Twitch. Any buffs need to be treated lightly.
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Xavanic (NA)
: Petition to put an hp bar on yasuo's wind wall
Rito has said that the reason they didn't add a health bar too it was that it became too much of a noob trap. They would waste additional resources to kill the wall that will simply disappear in a second anyways. Even with a health bar, it's better to walk around or wait for it to fall.
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: Mid Year Mage Updates - Annie Direction
Make Tibber's summons do less damage, buff his AI and basic attack damage, and then make his auto-attacks count towards her Stun count. Make Molten Shield reduce a % of damage to her, and reflect ALL damage dealt during that time, but reduce duration and add a larger mana cost. Just some ideas. :)
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: So why does windwall block an unlimited amount of abilities,but poppy's w only works once per champ?
Nagma (EUW)
: interrsting but a bit op hmm ? 3 giant plant max ?
Is her current passive suddenly good or something? I mean really, its a low range, low (true) damage, slow firing skillshot. Even if she has 3 of them at the same time, I doubt it would be easy to actually hit even one of them. LCS players could probably hit all 3, but LCS players could also probably dodge all 3. So idk. Just a thought.
CoffeeMug (EUNE)
: Certainly a good idea,but maybe some other kind of plant would be better? Idk really,but this is so far one of the better suggestions on the Boards. :)
Normal Plants: While yes, having a normal plant (I guess long or short ranged based off of target killed) would be a solid choice at first, it wouldn't feel very satisfying. On top of that, it would also be a buff to her W, not her passive, where she needs it. I had actually toyed around with the idea for while, but it just didn't feel right. Rise of the Thorns: A hard-to-hit skillshot that deals low to moderate true damage? Why not? Zyra's passive is not really that bad, but it's not really worth dying for. Having it as a bonus for scoring a kill to help a bit more in teamfights is the perfect way to make it feel a bit more statisfying.
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: You punch your main in the gut/face
Can i caress her face/gut instead? <3 {{champion:21}} <3
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: Your One-for-All Predictions by Champion
Everybody run! The Kalistas are coming!!
Meddler (NA)
: Kassadin was created long before my time at Riot, some benefits I can see to the charge system though: * It allows Kassadin to use his E significantly more often in team fights than some 1v1s, giving a champion with strong duelist power a boost elsewhere * It modifies how favorable some match ups are for Kassadin, giving him an edge against certain opponents and therefore adding a bit of extra depth to the decision of when to pick him or not, without getting into hard counter territory. * It adds a small amount of extra decision making to both Kassadin's play and his lane opponent's (value of next spell cast changes slightly in some circumstances if it's the one that allows an E cast). Now, if Kassadin were to be buffed, we certainly could remove that gate on his E, that would add power to him. Initial reaction personally though is that it's a mechanic that creates some optimization and adds a little bit of distinctiveness in some circumstances, so if we were to add power there would likely be more interesting ways to do so that created, rather than removed, gameplay.
Personally, I think the charge system is fine... if it would override the cooldown, or vice versa. Basically, whichever one activates first allows you to cast Kass' E. As it is now, you have to both have all your charges AND its be off cooldown. I'd like to see where if you only have 3 charges, but the cooldown is off, you can cast it again no problem. Or if you get 7 charges in 3 seconds you can cast it again. Or maybe even have it gated by cooldown, but increase its damage with the number of charges it has. Make it an advantage, not just another gate.
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: There's actually 4 real problems with MF, in all honesty
I agree with most of those things, but as a SilverTM {{champion:21}} player, I disagree with a few of those things. 1: Increased animation speed? Yes plz. 2: If you get {{item:3085}}, (so challenjour), you can spread your passive to the backline while hitting whatever tank is in front of you. When you get the chance to actually auto their carry, they'll already have a few stacks on them, making you deal a lot more damage than you'd think. 3: Well, yeah. It isn't the worst thing ever now though. It's usable, though its not that great. 4: HER ULT IS AMAZING. If your team can lock down the enemy long enough to get a full ult on someone, you're garunteed to shred at least 1/3 or 1/2 of their health off. Not only will her ult shred carries, but tanks as well. It gives no fucks. Her early game Q is broken as shit, late game her E + autos are devastating, W is helpful for fights and ok for escaping, and her ult is AOE Tank/Carry Shred 101. She doesn't have a solid kit that can be used all game, her abilities and playstyle change as the game goes on. Personally, I love it. <3 (She's the only ADC I can think of - bar Draven - who can 1v1 Kalista late game and win.)
: Sorry, I wasn't very clear about one part of my response, and that's that I think he would feel and play better with a passive that didn't suggest to him to build Attack Speed to optimize it, but more something that emphasized one significantly stronger attack rather than several slightly stronger attacks.
Attacking a slowed enemy deals bonus damage equal to the slow amount, _but removes the slow._ I.e. attacking a target slowed by 50% will deal 150% AD damage. His E slow would have to be nerfed with that... but still. Its an idea.
: {{champion:82}} You there, the slow archer. {{champion:22}} Did you just call me stupid? {{champion:82}} Silence. I demand to know how you have a slave for that duration. {{champion:22}} Excuse me? {{champion:82}} I can only keep my ghost slave for so long, but you gain yours at the start of the match and keep it all the way through the laning phase. {{champion:22}} Are you talking about the support? {{champion:37}} ....? {{champion:82}} Yes, your slave. How do you keep it that long? {{champion:22}} I'm the marksman. The support is the role that specifically helps me. {{champion:82}} Very well, I am now a marksman. {{champion:22}} Wha... {{champion:82}} I will taking my support slave to the bottom lane now. You can have my old mid lane. {{champion:22}} Wait a minute! Sona! Let her go, Mordekaiser! {{champion:37}} ....! {{champion:82}} Listen here, support slave. The first rule about being my slave is never talking back. Understand? {{champion:37}} ... {{champion:82}} Very good. You learn quickly. {{champion:82}} Hey, weren't we in a band together?
I want Morde to be able do this. Plz.
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: your wish is my command
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Trídent (NA)
: Veigar Buff Idea
People complain about Veigar, but with the new AP item changes, everyone else will have more AP in their builds... thus making it even easier to kill. GG RITO
: About that gangplank Rework AN OFFICIAL PETITION
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: People stopped complaing about the Veigar rework
Veigar still insta-deletes Kat. So I still like him. :D
Mandang0 (NA)
: Instead of replacing Zeke's with another item, why not just ADD an item?
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Nahui (NA)
: It'd be op? I actually don't quite understand what you're hoping for here. If you helped to get the kill, you got your assist gold. What could this item do more than that? Give you bonus assist gold? Give your ADC the gold for your kill? If it's the latter part, that'd be op and would promote kill lanes too hard.
It's less about the gold, and more about the small heal boost that goes with it. ...and I only now realized what I implied just now. No no no, don't give the guy next to me a bunch of gold, maybe like 10 or something.
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: idk lelouch never used guns, can't really think of a good champ for that type of skin although I love his costume xD I feel like you just posted this cuz of the name xD
> [{quoted}](name=The Ellimiist,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=3sR9WfFc,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2015-06-24T19:13:05.791+0000) > I feel like you just posted this cuz of the name xD
: Rabadon Changes on the PBE
It's funny, because the more AP everyone else gets, the more powerful our little wizard gets. Truely, the time for {{champion:45}} mains has come.
: The River King needs a bonus in the river.
+1 Health would be nice, since {{champion:267}} already gets +1 movement speed in the river. :)
: i need a code geass skin in my life, though lucian isnt the best champion for a lelouch skin
> [{quoted}](name=ZoumeroBiftekaki,realm=EUNE,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=3sR9WfFc,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-06-23T10:17:14.661+0000) > >lucian isnt the best champion for a lelouch skin True, but his name DOES go the best with it. LeLouch. LeLouch-IAN. LeLucian.
: lol pretty good. I'd definitely buy this.
> [{quoted}](name=Valkyrie Witch,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=3sR9WfFc,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-06-23T07:50:34.842+0000) > > lol pretty good. I'd definitely buy this. Even if he is holding one of the pistols upside-down? :P
: Soraka's heal isn't very effective on tanks
I've always thought if any support was going to have this change, it would be {{champion:44}}. God damn that'd be a nice buff for him.
Leu07 (NA)
: About the ap item changes and some community backlash
{{champion:45}} . Not because he interacts with these buffs too much, but because when the ENEMY has more AP, {{champion:45}} has more AP. And that's always a good thing.
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