: I think it's time for an honor progress bar. (or some sort of progress indicator)
: The struggle right now
: [EXPOSED] Hidden secret on how to get your support to peel, and protect you all game.
lmao support players u know we do this without noticing I bet
: Jungle used to be my favorite role
jungle is shit but of course riot Is too prideful to change anything
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Sukishoo (NA)
: There's that "we" again
maybe I don't speak for every single person but I speak for the majority, toots.
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: I hate the report button so fucking much.
the tribunal and report system is flawed af and only looks at chat logs. it's a broken system and needs to be completely reworked or deleted.
: riot you sure know how to make a grown man cry <3
omg so beautiful now fix the game before it dies riot.
GodCarry (NA)
: Riot Support's Response to my Permaban Ticket
So let me get this straight.. you people complain about this game being extremely toxic and having a horrible community, so when Riot starts cracking down on toxic / negative players, you complain and say that they are over the line. k.
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: ***
look its the guy from the picture, still getting downvoted to oblivion I see {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: You've forced me out of my role, Riot
you are a living example of "if you can't beat em, join em."
: They literally made a huge announcement about it before the change, saying how the values would change a lot. Literally what you proposed is basically what happened. There was a notification every time you logged in for like a week. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
well they were pretty much just talking about blue essence but even if they did announce it I don't think anyone expected the orange essence value to be taken down so low ........ I don't see a problem with my request
: Honestly, a good suggestion.. and if a week is too long, even 2-3 days would suffice. I really don't see the harm in doing this temporarily, other than Riot maybe looking bad but it would probably solve a lot of complaints and at least one issue would be taken care of for now and we can move on to something else.
yea that would be cool........... I mainly just said 5-7 days in case some people aren't on and miss it but 2-3 would be fine
: Just deal with it. and stop complaining.
let me guess, never spent any money on hextech chests before right?
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Hupsis (EUNE)
: Skins are the only real way for Riot to get any revenue off of their game... why would they make it easy to acquire them for free?
eSports?? advertising?? youtube?? there are tons of ways for Riot to get revenue, and why do you leave out how many people actually bought hextech chests for RP ?? you guys hear the word free and everything logical goes out the window, yes they can be free at a very low rate i might add, but there are lots of people who buy them for cash as well
: if the match is declined can u close the stupid popup plz?
this could easily be fixed and would be a great change tbh
: Well we do have to remember that rp sales are(a good portion of) what keep the lights on at Riot games complaining about the "fairness" of a system designed to give you free shit is the equivalent of complaining about how many stamps it takes on a hole punch card till you get a free sandwich, but at the same time I do understand the frustration in having a system change that is the equivalent of saving up 5 sandwich hole punch cards then finding out it now takes 3 full cards to get 1 sandwich.(srry for all the sandwich analogies but I'm hungry)
yeah I'm pretty sure esports has nothing to do with the profit considering they base all the nerfs and buffs around the pro scene and have pretty much ruined the current state of the game for casuals and solo queue players
: I’ve received Elemental Lux, Wonderland Annie, Dunkmaster Darius and more great skins from mastery chests. The fact that I spent $0 on an aspect of the game that has given me more than $50 RP value, makes me feel fine about spending more money on content that I enjoy. I believe you can still re-roll for a skin permanent? 5 years ago, you could buy a skin with RP and that was it. Now people who choose not to spend money can receive skins. I don’t think it’s an issue of you sounding entitled, as much as you not being realistic about the delicate nature of the economy riot is trying to maintain. A change to orange essence disenchant values, indirectly (directly?) effects the profitability of skin sales.
Ok so it effects the profitability of skin sales, everybody wants to keep pointing that out , but do you realize how much money people spend on hextech chests???????????????????? why is this ignored everytime someone wants to bring up profit? watch videos of hextech chest openings from pro players and famous youtubers. brofresco alone spent like 500 dollars trying to get hextech annie when hextech chests started, do you really think he would have spent 500 dollars in one sitting just to unlock individual skins ?? hell half of the shards he got were champ shards he already owned, and a bunch of the skin shards he got, he already had. once again, people want to keep bringing up the actual skin sale profits but choose to ignore how much money is actually spent on buying hextech chests when otherwise, they would not be spending anything to just unlock individual skins
: Orange essence is a fucking joke.
Everyone here keeps giving me this "it's free , don't complain, its a business" bullshit ok so tell me , ever since the new orange essence changes, how many "Free skins" have you gotten that you actually wanted? first you have to hope that you get a skin shard you want with the 4 free chests you get per 7 days (which usually end up being champ shards or something you don't have any desire for) ... k then you need to find enough things to disenchant to get the amount of orange essence you want, and after probably weeks and weeks of doing this (HOPEFULLY) you get something that you didn't even want that much but you can live with. it's annoying as hell when everyone just says its free /thread .. because to a lot of people IT'S NOT FREE. THEY DO CHARGE REAL MONEY TO BUY THESE CHESTS, therefore there should be some obligation to give us what we are paying for, especially considering that a lot of us already had an inventory of skin shards THAT WE PAID FOR , and all of a sudden now the value has gone down dramatically. if the prices and values were like this from the beginning, i would have NEVER even bought one hextech chest.
: >ive literally spent hundreds on hextech chests and I would have never spent more than a hundred dollars on individual skins. And this, gentleman, is why publishers are now addicted to loot boxes.
Ok but the difference with league and any other game you're talking about is that league is 100% cosmetic and doesn't change how strong I am or some advantage I get. i am not forced to buy these hextech chests because there is no in-game advantage, so that has made me much more willing to buy them.. i absolutely hate pay to win games so i usually don't spend a dime anywhere else on loot boxes
: The thing is I don't even wanna buy hextech anymore and boy did I used to.
I bought 10 chests like 1-2 times a week, now I haven't spent a dime on anything
: Agree totally. I'm sitting on a soulstealer Vlad I'll probably never actually get to even use.
I have a few Ive been waiting to use as well, someone said to just reroll but sometimes you get awesome shards that u actually want. u don't want to reroll and get some bs 520 skin for a champ you don't play
: im with you. not only is orange terrible but im back to what i was doing with ip with blue essence, i have nothing to use it on.
the blue essence is annoying but nowhere near as annoying as the orange essence... they might as well get rid of it with the values they have right now
: Yeah I kinda wish they would reverse it already. Ever since the change I've had no interest in the system. Why disenchant 6-8 other skins that I want to craft if it's only to craft one other. Re-rolling is a gamble of what skin I want, gemstones I still feel are rare to come by, and overall the value of the crafting system I just feel became worthless or a beginner's trap. There's no value in disenchanting skins for OE for a shard that you really want to craft. The only thing that's worth it anymore is BE and even then that's still sketchy with it's values
: Meh, you want my 2 pennies, I would say take champ shards out of the actual loot boxes, its already got skins, wards, and emotes in there bogging it down, the champ shards are the issue, we get those every single level
yeah I agree since they are a prize every level, there is no reason to be in chests anymore
: Riot lost a lot of money when they started to impliment this system, and of course they needed to stop this I also think them changing the issue would be a Tencent issue, rather than a Riot Games issue
What??? they did not lose money. I cannot be the only one that spent RP very rarely for individual skins , but when hextech chests came out, I was buying those things like crazy ive literally spent hundreds on hextech chests and I would have never spent more than a hundred dollars on individual skins.
Dvâ (NA)
: Fr I agree, its pointless, some of the new things riot has been doing is just ticking me off :/ orange essence is pointless, and they might as well just get rid of it in general. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
they make changes and then when people hate it they don't admit it was a dumb idea , ruining this entire game day by day
: Ammm... it's free that's why. Stop acting like you need to buy individual orange essence, you get it progressivly in it's own time, so it doesnt even hurt your champ pool progress. "Refusing" to disenchance those skins? Fine.. let them sit in your inventory. Also 30 skins are 10 free skins - 10 free skins that last year could only be purchases with cash. The game is already free you really want everything handed out to you like a baby?
10 free skins my ass? I bought them with real money , you know how you buy hextech chests for RP???? um they are in no way free . you are another sheep who thinks because something is free you can't complain about it. be gone
: I honestly have no idea what kind of an idiot would buy them after they screwed with the orange essence. it feels like getting skins from chests actually costs you more than the actual price of the skin which is pretty stupid when you can just buy the skin instead of buying chests and relying on luck.
couldn't have said it better
: if you have 30 skin shards, why not reroll them ? you can get 10 free skins. I literally got spirit guard udyr with 3 rerolls. lol
rerolls usually suck and you get 520 legacy skins everytime . kudos to your spirit guard but ive rerolled tons of skins and always crap
: As much as I loved getting random skins (almost none I even wanted) it lowered the value of skins overall. Why even buy skins since they're no longer unique? They had to make that change because it's already caused a ridiculous amount of damage to their RP value.
ok that's great but for me and I'm sure many other players , I would never spend RP on one skin whereas I would spend 20 dollars like nothing on 10 hextech chests skins are not meant to be "unique" they are available to buy for anyone and they just get rid of the same boring look for a champion when you play them for 100s of times. I can promise u that if hextech chests were not there I would have spent maybe 20 dollars total whereas ive spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on hextech chests over the years
: Riot already admitted that they reduced the OE you get from disenchanting because people were getting too many free skins, and that's also why they reduced how many key fragments you get.
yeah they always have some excuse for doing shit like this, I'm hesitant to even get one 975 skin these days because of how much disenchanting it costs me, idk why they are so greedy if it wasn't for hextech chests I would never buy RP and u can say that "too many free skins" but without hextech chests they wouldn't be getting shit from me and tons of other players
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: "The boards are a small minority of the community who just want to complain."
riot is just becoming a more greedy company as time goes on ive been invested in pubg and xbox live,i suggest you guys do the same. this game will be dead in 2019
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Luralin (NA)
: why would you start it in the first place?
> [{quoted}](name=Luralin,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=E7lEOqug,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-01-11T06:29:13.768+0000) > > why would you start it in the first place? I still love it, and I'm Pro-weed.. it relaxes you, makes you happy, and makes you think about things.. also according to studies it's relatively safe. however, lately since ive gotten older, it has just made me think TOO much about things, and now I'm over here scaring myself when I'm high so it's time to give it up lol
: LoL Should not be Free to Play
People are already extremely pissed off where the game is going right now , and u want to suggest a monthly fee of 30 bucks lol what's wrong with u??
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: Something is really wrong with the state of this game..
Game sucks now, find a new game now.. u heard it from me first
Meteora (NA)
: Every game seems one-sided .. no really like EVERY game.
I'm surprised late game champs haven't become obsolete yet. wouldn't be surprised if it happens soon
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Meteora (NA)
: New Idea for the Mission Events !
its fine how it is people are never fucking satisfied
Rioter Comments
Meteora (NA)
: 5 tips for toxic people who want to change.
just mute all and be done with it, i did enjoy reading it though
Meteora (NA)
: New emotes are going to be a disaster waiting to happen.
if u rage and feed that easily, don't play video games
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