: My question here is: How and why did you decide to give Aurelion Sol this voiceover where he simply see's everything as lessor then him?
How ELSE is a galaxy-creating, world-destroying space dragon supposed to feel?
: Imgine...
I hope they release this idea as a Featured Game Mode, perhaps for the week of April 1. Welcome to the League of Draven!
: Aurelion Sol's passive...
It also would apply Deathfire Touch and Thunderlords.
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Vladimir Direction
Either make Pool pop projectiles again, or remove the ability for Playful/Trickster to do so, I would say.
Taim06 (NA)
: Dynamic Queue, The Curse in Disguise
So if you are getting your second role so much, put your main role as your secondary?
: PSA: You bought a pre-leveled account.
How would they figure out that someone used bots and scripts on an account years after the fact?
: Aurelion Sol
The void of space, perhaps, but most likely not The Void.
: Could Aurelion Sol be an eastern dragon after all?
I really hope he is, seeing that he's apparently the final version of Ao Shin, who was supposed to be an eastern dragon. Then again, seeing the changes Jhin went through, there's no {{champion:86}}tee.
: I wish aurelion had a different personality
I dunno, "Dragon" says "super vain, super proud, super powerful" to me.
: Perhaps I'm bitter...
And can they at least put links to these lores in-game?
kinkan (NA)
: Vote if you would like Riot to put emotes on the game chat
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Seemed appropriate
: > [{quoted}](name=Centuros,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5tqXRG95,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-02T06:03:10.941+0000) > > Yi Q is technically a teleport, since he isn't even on the map for the duration. > > I feel it should block teleports too, though. This would make Poppy passively overpowered so long as TP is a marginally useful spell. As in she'd have 100% pick / ban rate in pro play due to being able to flawlessly deny the TP summoner spell.
The summoner spell would probably be exempt. Though being able to deny Flash might be a good thing...
: RP art as an option for splash art
I'd totally take this for the week of April 1st.
: Poppy W can't block Yi Q? ???
Yi Q is technically a teleport, since he isn't even on the map for the duration. I feel it should block teleports too, though.
: Renekton lowers his hand down his kilt and reveals his...
: Remember when cinderhulk made other champions too strong in top lane and jungle?
A large part of the Cinderhulk problem was that people were taking it in lane, when it was supposed to be for jungle. Devourer doesn't have that problem.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Look to the Stars - New ARAM Announcer VO
Second quote: Xom is getting BORED
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Cassiopeia Direction
I feel Twin Fang is an inherently unbalanced spell because of its reset: either it isn't worth using because it does nothing unless you can use it 15 times in a row, or it's super OP because you can use it 15 times in a row.
: whats the reason riot stopped "traditional" skins again?
They actually gave Gangplank a "traditional" skin, though they called it "captain", and it looks a little different.
: A little love to the AP players
And yet, there are THREE items specifically to counter autoattacks alone, on top of other armor items. {{item:3143}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3110}}
: Typo's and other things in the "spells" tab in the summoner profile.
Ironically, the post title has a typo ("typos" is not posessive; you don't need an apostrophe).
: With Aurelion Sol coming out next...
Dragons are basically cooler dinosaurs anyway. Not to mention there are several dinosaur skins.
: Lollipoppy's shield is chocolate >;P
> [{quoted}](name=Kindlejack,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=WUwqmxEZ,comment-id=0013000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-02-05T17:12:26.294+0000) > > Lollipoppy's shield is chocolate >;P Not anymore. Now it's just translucent golden energy in the shape of chocolate, which was the only thing I disliked about the visual rework.
: Zed rework/new lore/VU is coming? (What is this)?
: Mysterious Zed Teaser, Is It Ao Shin?
Pretty sure it's Zed, actually.
Rozzeta (NA)
: Zed's teaser video is the intro to a story that will reveal Sona as the mastermind behind it all
: Why AP Champs need NEW CDR items
And supports need fewer CDR items. Seriously, sometimes I have problems deciding what to build because I'm at 40% and everything I want has more CDR...
Llanite (NA)
: It's tactical because if you fucked it up, they'll fly to Africa and you miss the kill.
And yet, Poppy's ult isn't anywhere near as strong, and if you fuck that up, NOTHING is getting anybody that kill. Except Karthus, of course.
: ... I'll do this right now. Olaf.
Olaf should be the DEFINITION of Juggernaut with his cc immunity.
: Which league of legend ships are the most likely to be canon?
Gangplank's ship was canon (and cannon) for a while. Then he was Miss Fortunate.
: What Counts as a "Dash?"
Rule of thumb: if you physically move through the intervening area, it is a dash, while if you disappear and reappear at your target location, it is not. However (and this is the confusing part), many dashes are supposed to be unstoppable, due to awesome; as such, I'm pretty sure Malphite and probably Vi get free passes to ult however they want, and Nocturne and Rek'Sai's ults are coded to ignore everything in the way (thus they aren't stopped by Veigar cage or Poppy or Azir ult, etc. because it would feel stupid to be stopped in your map-long flight by something incidentally being in the way). Tl;dr: there really isn't clarity if you bring ults into the mix, otherwise it SHOULD be simple (unless spaghetti code).
: Fight for Snowdown Shop reroll
4/6 of my skins were for champions I don't own. Would have been 5/6 if I hadn't gotten the free Garen skin.
: Dragon Trainer Rumble, Corki & Heimerdinger...
With Dragon Slayer Poppy, just to buck the trend like she always does.
: Malzahar gets a free WW ult from the safety 650 range lol
WW gets a free Malz ult that puts him right next to the enemy, where he can follow up with Q and his autoattacks. Buts its fine because he can only use it on one target and there is counter play....... lol...yea
: Solution to real-time spectating.
People would still be able to real-time spectate the OTHER team and tell their friend where everybody is.
: With Essence Reaver, I really have felt very powerful as Varus. I usually go ER > attack speed item of choice (I have been favoring runaan's) > Infinity Edge/last whisper upgrade > the other thing I didn't get And I dunno, it's been going well. Despite not receiving the biggest buff I feel he's in a pretty okay, spot. I feel like straight up buffing him more would probably be unwise and lead to some difficulty with balance. He doesn't really need his AS steroid to be readily available (After all, he was designed with that passive in order to make him feel unique in that space) As for Twitch, his champion.gg stats suggest he is on the stronger side. 51% winrate, placing him at #6 in terms of adc power. I don't play Twitch. Like ever. But in the few games I've been against one, he seems to do okay. The other day one of them literally pentakilled my team by himself at baron. It was awful.
ER seems like a nice item, but I wish it wasn't crit reliant, since Varus is one of the few marksmen that can go without crit... Have you ever tried Rageblade on Varus? It seems like it would be pretty good.
: Blacksmith Poppy has purple hair in her splash, but in-game it's brown.
It SHOULD be red (that's why I bought it oh so long ago, after all), but I haven't actually seen it in game yet...
: put duo top and 1 bot it won't matter, the bottom will face 2 and get wrecked or force the jg to contantly gank, making it obvious and easy to countergank This only works if everyone is on board, which won't happen
But if they keep only the one player top, they will have the exact same problem top as you have bot - and YOU have access to the Rift Herald with an additional character.
: All this tells me is that Morde murdered a kitten. Thats a new low, Morde.
He didn't MURDER the kitten, he LIBERATED it.
darkdill (NA)
: Turns out Poppy (and thus other Yordles) live very long lives
It's funny that the embedded preview still has the beginning of her old lore.
xKAiiRUx (NA)
: Wait. So you now can search for multiple roles in a slot? example, support slot you can look for "Support" and "tank" Because the main problem I see with team builder are supports queuing as Tank instead of Support. OR parties setting both bottom slots to "Any Role" and getting nothing but 2 marksmen joining constantly. I never play blind pick anymore since Team Builder first launched. But the problems above are the reason I have to wait 5+ minutes in a lobby 50% of the time. If that problem is fixed I couldn't care less what the interface looks like. *Tips {{item:3089}} *
It looks like you don't queue as "tank" or"marksman", etc anymore, just by where you go to get your income (top, mid, bot, jungle, or none-of-the-above). It's up to players to figure out what champ role will go where.
: Why is Riot enforcing "the Meta" by telling people "this is how you have to play?" Since when did they MAKE you take 2 bot? I don't understand just because a mojority of people play one way, why do you MAKE others play the same way. Its just like when someone takes a champion to a role they don't want them to, they nerf that champion.
Notice that the "support" icon does not show a single lane, but instead suggests the entire map. "Support" here just means "not the main income gainer in a lane," as the whole reason support as a role exists is so the income generated by the three lanes and jungle is concentrated as much as possible.
: Ok...Just how old is Poppy?
And on top of that, she ran around trying to pawn off the hammer for that ENTIRE TIME? In other news, eyewitness reports still suck. I guess nobody wanted to admit to being saved by something that barely came up to their knees (or... however tall Yordles are supposed to be. I don't think we have an actual height guideline, and her new splash has too much perspective going on).
: Marksmen trade barbs on Twitter
I'll trade my Poison Barb for your Iron Barb.
: sphero poro idea?
I don't even know what this item IS, and this sounds like a good idea.
Mozhu (NA)
: On a game that I play.. theres 2 outfits for 2 people. Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len one is Rin.. Ironically like the yourdle charactar.. FEMALE and the other is... "Len" Which is the boy outfit.. but when people with those two outfits come together they get a whole new idle animation that complaments eahcother.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9Vb1ZDH8Gg So if the name was changed to Len.... that'd be amazing the refrence /)o3o(\
This is actually a reference to Vocaloid, which is a series of text-to-song idol programs. Hatsune Miku is the most famous Vocaloid.
Seriphym (NA)
: So... Remember the mantra vile feminists used to spout about not even considering men's issues until rape was completely obliterated. Yeah now that they can join and be a part of any military career field... Until ALL women are required to sign up with selective service, just like all men currently are required to (because that would be fair an equitable), then I really don't believe anything that comes from a feminists mouth about "equality".
You could also say you won't consider their opinions until the rape of men by women is obliterated, because that happens too.
GenoXx (NA)
: I found the amount of shirtless guys in league offensive
On the contrary, let's get some gender equality by making more shirtless human/yordle females.
La Bello (NA)
: @Rioters behind the Poppy comic
The hammer soulbound to her on pickup, but she doesn't have a handy tooltip to read.
: The league has tons of Knives, but i would like to see someone using a deadliest silverware. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VDvgL58h_Y ... Spoons. Seriously, spoons are badass. http://img01.deviantart.net/6842/i/2013/302/d/f/mega_alakazam_by_theangryaron-d6sahi5.png
http://i.imgur.com/YE2x5.jpg Even Mewtwo knows the power of spoons!
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