: Tbf, that's not how she's supposed to function, that's just how silly people build her. I could build AP ashe and use your same argument. It'd be just as valid - not very.
AP Shyv is played more than any other build. It also has a higher win rate. Those "silly" people are clearly doing something right. I agree she wasn't designed with magic dmg burst in mind but if that build is better than her intended one, her design is clearly flawed. See: AP Yi, AP Tryndamere
milian (NA)
: Ivern Level 7 Seems Impossible
See what you do is get a bunch of level 1 friends and play with them. Pick whatever and go 30/0/20 and get an S every time. Seriously though, some champs it is so easy and others it is almost impossible. It is really because CS is weighted so heavily, and in games where a jungler does really well, they get more kills/assists/objectives and less CS which means they are guaranteed an A+ or less.
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HercaZ (EUNE)
: If you are bad wit game objectives you are bad with jungle, simple as that... Jungler is the second role that is responsible for map control. Which means that you must understand how game objectives interact with winning the game. You also need to understand what lanes to gank. And not concentrate on those who are winning or those who are completely lost... You must feel the flow of the game and understand what enemy is going to do at the given moment of the game... If a laners blame you for something, they have a reason for that and you need to understand that if you leave some lanes without ganks, you need to push the game through other lanes instead... If you concentrate on famr and levels alone, you wont be good jungler... jungler does not need level he needs good CC control and good tactical movements.. Most of the time you are gaking someone you are 2v1, level importance disappear at this point. Successful gank is determined not through levels, but through good tactical decisions... Understanding how the lane pushing works and how the enemy leaves his retreat route in the lane is a vital thing for a good jungler. If you lack those, no wonder you struggle... As a supporter main, I tend to notice that in many games I do more ganks until 15mins of the game than my jungler does... And this is certanly not a good sign..
It doesn't really mater how good or bad the jungler is with objective when every lane is getting hard stomped. If bot loses lane, you don't get drags unless you steal them and the bottom half of your jungle is off limits. If top/mid lose you don't get rift herald and the top half of your jungle is off limits.
: How is Yuumi e in ARURF or any URF for that matter fair?
She get URF specific nerfs on 1/16 but looks like it may not be enough lol. YUUMI ~~Normal ~~⇒ -15% healing
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: I think it would be better if Conqueror somehow required the user to be either bruiser-level of tanky or melee to use optimally. It definitely needs to work with AP for magic-based fighters like {{champion:82}}{{champion:68}}{{champion:102}} though. However, champions like {{champion:69}} do need at least one good DPS APC rune, and not something weird like Aery that seems to be designed for enchanters. I think Press the Attack could be made to better fit this niche. Maybe we could also get a ramping up AOE/DOT keystone in sorcery.
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iiGazeii (NA)
: Can we get more jungle enchantments?
I want the ward jungle item back too. It didn't change your smite outside of making it heal more, but it was basically a second yellow trinket for support junglers that don't care about damage. Supports got a ton of love with preseason support items, now it's jungle's turn!
: Can we remove audio only cues?
Orrrrr turn sound on? Why purposely play at a disadvantage? Deaf people sure, but people like you are just handicapping yourselves.
Ztoka (NA)
: Why does the client suck so bad
In the pre and post-game lobbies, the chat shows people's names as a string of about 40 random numbers and letters.
: How is evelynn not a worse Shaco?
Shaco has much better early ganks but Eve has a lot of pressure just by existing after level 6. Normal wards no longer protect you and in fact create a false sense of security. Eve's power lies less in actually killing people and more in the _threat_ of killing people who are alone or don't have red wards.
: Blood Moon Kindred
Elderwood, Headhunter. Really just anything because almost every newer champion has more skins than Kindred. Blood moon might overlap too much with shadowfire tbh. Another one might be a skin in the storybook line (Annie in Wonderland, Big Bad Warwick, etc) because of the almost storybook way they are known. They are only really a legend and those who see them don't last much longer.
Crashyy (EUW)
: Mordekaiser is a second Darius with AP damage.
It's really just conquerer. Heals for 15% of damage done. The problem is that every other thing in the game that "heals for a % of damage done" is reduced by 66% for aoe spells, and conquerer isn't for some godforsaken reason.
Athene (EUNE)
: Make the 1v1 from All-Star a game mode
Pretty sure it was a rotating game mode once upon a time
: Kindred Rework When?
Or at least fix the numerous bugs in their kit...
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: Preseason Dev Update Number 2!
Sounds almost exactly like the way it was before Runes Reforged, with the Materies giving some cool effects while runes are stat sticks.
: Pyke is the only assassin or slayer that has to be completely killed to be taken out of a fight.
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: Patch 8.13 notes
Reducing early game snowball? You mean not all of my matches are over between 15 and 20 minutes anymore? And botlane isn't 1/8 and 4 levels behind?
: Kindred Players! Regarding the mini-rework RiotRepertoir mentioned for kindred 2 months ago.
Her stacks feel really weak when you aren't getting extra range (I preferred the old %current hp on hit) but I love the mechanic of getting extra range through a quest like her stacks (not something dumb like trist getting range for leveling up). Loading more power into her passive I feel could help her a lot. It is her defining mechanic but right now I hardly even notice stacks outside of 4/7/10. Maybe instead of giving a bunch of small buffs per stack give one good one per stack (think bard chimes). Dash distance on Q, # arrows on Q, radius of W, enhanced effect of E are some things I can think of. Q is probably her most fun ability, but feels very weak later in the game. The scaling is very weak, the dash is extremely short (unforgiving trying to get over walls) and without her W being active has a very long CD for such a weak dash. I say let it proc on-hit effects on all bolts and give it an AP scaling (nashors/guinsoo). The interaction with her W makes the ability pretty useless with W on CD or when you have to leave the field. Also make it acquire targets from both the start and end of the dash to help with killing jungle camps (if you are at max AA range hitting a monster and you dash even slightly away you will not get the damage from your Q) The W is so meh (not to mention buggy as hell) and doesn't feel impactful at all. It can wrack up damage over time but no enemy is going to stand there and let wolf hit them for 10 seconds. A way to move the field needs to exist (tied to her E?). Maybe a radius increase would help too. Wolf needs to be a bigger part of her kit. Change her E completely honestly. Make wolf do something like mark enemies for a debuff/extra damage/cc or something (wouldn't mind it being a skillshot). Wolf chasing down low health targets should be represented in her kit somehow. Her ult is weird because it can be so incredibly impactful, whether for good or worse. It is useless in a 1v1 situation because almost every single champion in the game has more burst than Kindred for the end of the ult. My vote is to completely change it. Make it reaper/death related, because right now it feels like the opposite of her theme. It needs to be about hunting/executing low health targets. Maybe having different effects based on the direction the enemy is facing (lamb based when facing her, wolf based when facing/running away)? Crit feels so awful in her kit. If you build her anything else she feels very weak (they built crit into her E) and even when building crit she feels very weak compared to other ADCs. She doesn't have the income to afford the new crit build at all unless she gets really ahead. She feels best when built as a duelist who can kite melees then chase them down with quick autos and frequent jumps. Also wailing on 3 tanks with runaans is a ton of fun too (but the crit version of runaan feels so awful for building on-hit).
: The only decent thing about scuttle change is that junglers now know what it feels like
What I don't like is that when the enemy picks Xin/Graves you might as well stay in base because they will be 3 levels up and you will have no jungle left by 10 minutes due to them getting every single scuttle because they are extremely easy to play dueling gods.
Feel Apathy (EUNE)
: How about this for the Ranked Ladder System?
I mean they already made it super easy to make ranks you have already made before, giving you a free win in your series. This seems like overkill.
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: Kindred "e" Mounting Dread bug
I may have to go look again but I am pretty sure this isn't the case. It does however, fail to use the wolf animation on the third auto if you canceled it the first time, replacing it with the normal auto animation.
: Elise, Evelynn, Nidalee, and Ekko all scale well off of movespeed.
Give me magic pen. Universally useful on all mages. CDR/Mana/movespeed are all conditionally useful but I cannot think of a mages that doesn't want magic pen. Especially because of how few items actually give the stat.
: Exp in jungle needs to increase past a certain point (lvl 8ish)
Dueling jungle vs non-dueling jungle means the dueling jungle gets all the scuttles and fucking bot lane is level 6 before you.
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Bilizver (EUNE)
: As mage player banning Yasuo is more satisfying than winning the game
Mastery level 7, 400+ ranked games played, 40% winrate with a .8kda, and I'm STILL happy I abvnned it.
: "Nasus is a lategame champ"
i mean once you are at 90 minutes and have 1200 stacks, im pretty sure you could be considered relevant.
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Macilento (EUW)
: The new Ranked system for 2019 pushes you EVEN MORE into 1 role and here's why
From https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2018/04/dev-updates-to-ranked-for-2019/ "One more thing: we know competitive intent is a big deal in Ranked, so we’ll be rolling out new systems to help combat situations where players don’t take games in off-positions seriously. One plan grants bonuses for winning secondary and autofill games that apply the next time you play your primary position. We’re also looking at new penalties to help ensure Ranked stays hardcore."
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Ekitaih (NA)
: What constitutes an S?
Get loads of farm and a half decent score and you are guaranteed an S. I have noticed the mastery system really only cares about farm.
: Luden's Echoes is Straight Up Inferior Compared to the Other Jungle Items.
Damn I would love some magic pen. Pretty rare stat in the game right now.
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Raoul (EUW)
: Noone complains because they sexualised one female character. People are sick of nearly EVERY humanoid female Character being oversexualised!
> [{quoted}](name=Raoul,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=E3yLIk4T,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-07T17:21:00.508+0000) > > Noone complains because they sexualised one female character. > > People are sick of nearly EVERY humanoid female Character being oversexualised! Would like you to play literally any Japanese or Korean game and see how "oversexualised" League is compared to them.
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: Things We Know About Swain VGU So Far
: Overthinking it, playing against Nasus is like a paradoxical hell.
You mean there are games longer than 20-25 minutes?
: What's your ideal game length?
15 minutes and 10 seconds. Enough time for the enemy team to surrender.
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: When Kha'zix is picked against Kindred
Kindred and Kha are my most played champs and I 100% concur with this assessment. (IMO I would rather fight Kha over Lee because fuck that guy)
: Kled's W Proc on Plants?
W procs on literally anything. You don't even have to complete the auto attack for it to proc
: League of Legends is One of my Favorite Games of All Time
3v3s are constant teamfights, so was Dominion.
: What weapon should the next ADC use?
How about a hextech tank? Its Q replaces its auto attack, and can be fired while moving, but he moves very slow and has no mobility.
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