: I honestly have to disagree with a few points here. While you’re right that Quinn’s rework carved out a distinct strategic niche for the champion—“Roaming Marksman”—Quinn is not and probably never has been a true Marksman in the strictest sense, which Riot seemingly agrees with now that she’s no longer categorized as one in their official Class and Subclass system. Though she holds a steady winrate in the game, her awkward champion design is what fails her; she neither has enough range of threat to serve as a consistent DPS source for her team, nor the mobility to play as a reliable assassin. In terms of jungle viability, her early clears are sluggish and she’s highly susceptible to invades, which means that while Quinn can survive the role, she’s not really competitive there and far from ideal. So, while mains like you and I may play the champion and have decent success with her, what exactly does Quinn have to offer to the game that teams care about having and no other map-mobile burst damage-dealer doesn’t already provide? > Tag Team was no good and I hope it never returns, but it must be understood that the reason people remember it fondly because it gave Valor a greater active presence than he has today; the player actually controlled Valor. I honestly think Tag Team could have been a great ability if it had only been designed with other goals in mind; it was bad, but not unsalvageable as most people seem to believe. What Riot was trying to accomplish with Quinn’s old R was making a Marksman who could also situationally fill the role of a melee carry or Skirmisher. What they failed to realize though is that without creating an entirely new and distinct kit for Valor, this could never be accomplished in a way that is healthy (not to mention Quinn’s kit on its own was fairly un-Marksman-like to begin with). I see Tag Team (and Quinn in relation to the ability) differently, though. Imagine if, instead of granting Valor bonus attack speed for the duration, it allowed him to escape upon casting Skystrike. So, Quinn activates her ultimate, dashes into melee range of a squishy target for assassination, and Skystrikes back out to a safe position that allows her to gain distance as a ranged attacker again. In this version of the spell, Quinn becomes a true assassin that can reap the benefits of ranged AAs (such as safe farming and sieging power) whenever her ultimate’s not up — but also poses a significant threat to the backline once it isn't on cooldown. In this iteration, her design isn’t confused between Marksman, Skirmisher, Diver, and Assassin — she’d be a ranged Assassin through and through, provided those attack speed steroids were removed and compensated for in order to streamline her identity. I also have to disagree that Valor’s removal as an active participant is the _only_ reason Tag Team’s removal is so sorely missed — it was also the pure fun of going from a ranged DPS to a swift, bursty melee attacker that so many of us would like to experience again. While her new ultimate may be more streamlined and healthy for the game, it also took away a lot of Quinn’s mechanical complexity and the champion’s unique identity as a melee/ranged duo team. Not to mention the thematic issues it poses by implying Valor’s contribution is solely support-oriented; in the lore, Valor is very much getting his claws dirty by ripping the faces off of Quinn’s enemies, as it should be. If you're looking for a duo where the winged companion is relegated to utility duty, Lulu and Pix are across the hall.
What's a Pix? Whoops, I didn't realize "air support" would paint the wrong image. Valor would very well be getting his claws dirty-- just control him seperately from Quinn.
: Let's talk about everyone's favorite Demacian to forget - Quinn.
I joined shortly before Quinn's release, so she's always been dear to me. The 2016 update was a great pleasure to me as it solidified her playstyle. She's versatile due to her design, able to occupy 4 of 5 positions; quick on her feet as she is, she excels at skirmishing, pursuit, and to some extent, vision control. The reason the changes came to shock many is that Valor's presence was made inactive. Tag Team was no good and I hope it never returns, but it must be understood that the reason people remember it fondly because it gave Valor a greater active presence than he has today; the player actually controlled Valor. I do think Quinn needs another rework for the sake of Valor, but I don't want him to operate like he did before. Quinn and Valor are a duo, not a tag team; my favorite thing about this duo is that they're scouts behind enemy lines, and with superior mobility and vision, they provide valuable information to their team. Rather than operate as a ground unit, I'd like to see Valor's potential as an air support unit emphasized with this in mind. I want to be able to send Valor out on all sorts of air missions. Maintaining vision in a select area, divebombing, revealing stealth wards/picking off fresh wards, etc. Of course, being preoccupied means Quinn loses some of the fighting potential she would have by having Valor near and ready. Micromanaging Valor in the sky while simultaneously working on the ground as Quinn should help the player feel like he isn't a prop.
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: Aatrox is probably better for a Roster project, which is a different team then the VGU teams. Not sure that he needs a full VGU.
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: We always read feedback posts, even if we don't respond to them all. If you have feedback feel free to post it!
I really like his claw trace effects, and I feel they should get more attention. Whether you call it smear, motion trails, whatever it is, it's really cool. Something like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orSSBeG-5H0


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