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: It is a thing yes.
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: I think they said they're going to try to bring the BE shop back each year, so you'll have more chances in the future.
Life is good. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Thank you!
GreenLore (EUW)
: They said the blue essence shop would return from time to time,so you'll likely get your chance to buy him next year.
You uh, you made my day sir <3
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: Nope, quite the opposite in fact.
Looks like its a mixed bag. I noticed myself and a load of a lot of my friends are scoffing at both the new runes and the IP to BE change and how it's made to be a money maker for RIOT it is completely ridiculous.
: Hey ToxicShaco, I see that you're actually only level 21. I've got good news for ya. We redesigned the 1–30 leveling curve specifically to give out more BE overall, and [we even published the EXACT numbers to prove it]( Once you check out the post, you'll see charts that show you exactly how much BE each level up to 30 will give out, along with estimates of how many games it'll take you to get there. We also showed in that post how we also made leveling 1–30 faster in the new system. So the change actually is a win-win for you. We're going to spread the information in this post a lot more widely so more folks like you can see for themselves how the new system is better. Sorry about the confusion!
It's not a favor. You're effectively doing yourselves a favor by making it so you force you players to spend more money. Pretty sure an exact number was produced by one of the members of the community that illustrated how long it would take to obtain all of the champions. The number is ridiculous. Especially, since you took out rerolling champion shards and made orange essence a third of its original worth. Don't try and pull the wool over our eyes on this. This is clearly a money making machine for riot and clearly the community isn't happy about your decision.
: Anyone else notice a lot of your friendslist not playing league?
I have 179 friends and they are all playing substantially less of them are on. Personally I've felt less inclined to go on league since the rework.
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Aminumbra (EUW)
: But ... Why would you call someone bad in the first place ? Of course he didn't wish for his midlaner's death IRL, of course he did not wish for his jungler's mom to get cancer. Still, there is absolutely ZERO reasons to explain his behaviour. He *does not have* to use the chat for this reason. Using chat for useful infos ( call nash / drake, call a dive, ask for a gank/counter gank if you know that it is a free gank/2v2, timing summoners and ultimates, etc ) ? Of course yes. Using the chat to tell jokes and laugh ? YES too. It gives to the game a good atmosphere, where everyone has fun. Using the chat to give tips ? Well ... It depends. Asked kindly, like "Do you prefer going for RFC instead of Stattik ? I personnally tried Stattik, it worked better, so I don't know. Do what you want ^^", sure. But "You should have done that, it was an obvious call". No. Honnestly, the chat log that we have is, objectively, toxic behaviour. A lot of chat logs in our daily games are worse, sure. But this is, undeniably, toxic. The question should be "to what extent do we punish this kind of toxic behaviour". Saying "ez game, ez lane" at the end of a game is, for exmple, "toxic". Ofc there are worse behaviours, ofc this is usual. But *why* do you say that, besides to make your ego even bigger ? You do not respect your opponents, show no fair play, bring no useful comment to help someone improve ... May be this doesn't deserve a ban. May be it does. We should discuss about it, not the fact that "this is toxic". The problem is that anyone thinks that the chat allows them to say anything to anyone. It does not. It is, as I said, a competitive game. Before using the chat : - Is it useful to win ? - Is it funny ? If not, then it is at best useless or irrelevant, at worse toxic and should be punished.
Fair enough. I see a divide in what would be considered toxic behavior. Those of which are the players who are toxic ( spamming mastery or a champs laugh, unprovoked hate, ego boosting EZ comments and actions of the like) and those who respond to toxic players with their own medicine in the form of disdain. The individuals who respond to toxic people with toxicity I can more or less understand more so than people who are toxic for the sake of being toxic. A large problem I have is that there is no context. We can only see what is being said by one summoner as opposed to the volley of what took place which kills any sort of examination of where the fault began. Do you agree context should play more of a role? And I'm sorry i didnt really respond to your initial point as to why some people flame in the first place. The only reason why that i see as partly justified is people, especially people on the internet, happily call out a troll and probably feel almost like they're doing some form of service to other law abiding gamers by flaming the trolls. All in all you're he doesn't HAVE to respond to toxicity but it is arguably hard not to. Why people start toxic behavior I honestly do not understand. My guess is that is their enjoyment. They enjoy disrupting and getting a rise out of people. It's cyclic issue.
Aminumbra (EUW)
: I do not feel that it deserves a permaban. However, I think that everyone acting this way should be punished. You did flame your whole team, the whole game. According to what you said, you were already banned twice and still you continue to act like an egoist, pretentious, overconfident, toxic child. You are asking to report the Kassadin, which is clearly forbidden by LoL rules. Your behaviour is plain toxic. You can argue that you did not use ( or almost ) the words "cancer, kys plz", you did not clearly int the game, etc. Still, you do have to understand that *no one cares* of what you're saying in the chat. Your team plays bad ? Try to kindly give tips to them. They do not care ? Unlucky. Play your game and try to improve. They are in the same games as you are : or they have your level, and so you do not realize your own mistakes and weaknesses, or you're leveling up a new account/are climbing the ladder, and thus you'll get out of this ELO anyway if you deserve it. I would LOVE to see this kind of guy banned for weeks. Especially if the first two punishments you received didn't make you realize your behaviour was toxic. Moreover, seeing in your later comment that you ask about "woman taking over Riot", and that people defending you argue with "this does not deserve a perma lol" and "wow, sjw from Riot are dumb", I cannot change my mind. This is a competitive game. 2 points : You wanna play for the competition, to be the best, to climb the ladder ? Cool. Do it alone, you cannot teach the people in your game how to play anyway, moreover when you do not know it yourself. If you deserve to climb, you will. It will take time, but you will. You wanna play cause it's fun ? Cool. Then do not flame the others, as you can enjoy your game without looking for victory. To conclude : Give me *one* reason not to be banned, besides : - "People do worse and do not get banned" -> I agree. They should be banned, and you too. The fact that some murderers are not in jail do not allwow to rape women, justying by "Well, I could've killed her, and still not being in jailed, why should I be there now ?". - "Lol that's not a real problem I'm not really toxic" -> Ask the Kassadin if he has the same opinion ( pro tip : he won't ). Now try to explain why your opinion should be given more value than his one.
Can't be comparing apples to oranges here man. There was no egregious flaming here... which there is so much of. I understand that the guy has a past record but if we continue with your analogy regarding the criminal justice system. This is a speeding ticket at best. It can't get to the point where people are better off muting everyone because you're stand the risk of being banned for calling another person bad. While I GUESS it could be considered toxic behavior to a degree that degree is minuscule at best. Communicating and making friends is a great dynamic in the game, but it seems to be getting quashed because of this looming fear of being banned for saying something that arguably isn't offensive enough to warrant such a punishment.
: Does This Honestly Deserve A Perma-Ban?
There has been some very odd bans in the past few days. My friend received a two week ban in.... august i think? and he got perma banned earlier this week. The kicker is that the ticket was from his original ban in august ( it showed him dialogue from that game as the reason ) He's working on getting his account back as well... I don't know man you had a pretty level head compared to what we all see on a daily basis.
Riddarn (EUNE)
: Riot removed the ability to reroll champion shards into random champs. The only reliable way to get BE now is to disenchant champion shards.
Yeah they dont like when you reroll 3 shards into the champ the come out with haha such a greedy move on their parts. and i really hope they make things right with their community.
: So... How do you earn Blue Essence now to buy champions?
unfortunately man, you arent rewarded any after the game. the only current way is by leveling up and disenchanting the champ shards the you get. if i were you id save every drop of blue and orange essence you have until they fix this
: Sona
sona, soraka, and nami man you cant kill adc without killing them now but if you go for the support the adc kills you if you go for the adc they cant die due to the crazy heals!! I feel your pain.
: We all normally get 4 strikes in our general term of use of our account. And no, they don't write off strikes for good behaviors. At least not to my knowledge.
Fhew this is useful information, thank you kind sir
: Any form of Harassment, insult, threats or slurs is not tolerated by Riot. Also, it doesn't work like that. You get 4 chances for your account in general time of use. After 14 day ban, which is your last chance before a permanent ban. Just follow the summoner's code, bud. You'll be fine if you keep to the code.
Curious, is it a total of 4 strikes period. Or do they consider the amount of time passed since a person was banned and whatever kind of good behavior as a mitigating factor?
: placed alot of wards, but didn;t deny vision, zero wards destroyed kill participation 64%, as a support i assume you gotta be there most of the time, maybe 80% max it's weird, cause i'm comparing you and the opponents blitz and you definitely did better, just short of perfection tbh
Thank you very much for your help!
: die 2 times instead of 3, your welcome
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: Can NOT spectate anyone.
still hasnt been fixed or addressed.
: Can NOT spectate anyone.
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: or play champs that beat him and dont let it get super late game... and there are items that will keep you from getting hit by his ring of death and getting stunned so he can one shot you...
> [{quoted}](name=MrFawknSunshine ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HNJvEjY3,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-10-29T21:24:37.389+0000) > > or play champs that beat him and dont let it get super late game... and there are items that will keep you from getting hit by his ring of death and getting stunned so he can one shot you... {{item:3102}} is one yeah?
: What are some "supports" I can play that do lots of damage and maybe some CC
knifeboxx (EUNE)
: Delete Veigar
zed, akali, kassadin are all counters
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