Syn1n1 (NA)
: Dynamic Queue is THE WORST thing to happen to League and...
DQ was never anything but a moneygrab. If you want it to change, dont give them money.
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Rebonack (NA)
: These Kog changes on the PBE-
He's still a pale shadow of what old kog was. Typical failure of a rework, and typical Riot for never admitting it.
Zielmann (NA)
: It won't stack. Think of it like Abyssal Scepter: It's a unique debuff that can only be applied once at a time. If multiple people run it, the source of the debuff might change at any given time, but it's still only going to amp damage by 3%. Also, even if they did stack, it would bring the damage from 43/second to about 50/second on sunfire. Not exactly gamebreaking...
So a champ caught in all the auras constantly taking 12% extra damage from everyone on the enemy team wouldnt be game breaking?
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: Jhin=Broken
Upvoting, Nice trolling bro. Alll the people downvoting should be marked for sterilisation.
Leu07 (NA)
: I played kog before too, his playstyle changed just that you dont wanna poke anymore with R and that you wanna be in a good position to stand still and use W. I dont see why this changes are bad, it is just a matter of how you like it. I really like the feeling of the R being an executioner, it allows me to steal kills hahahaha
"stand still and use W" Yep that's his new "play style" alright. I preffer a design that requires having more than one button on your keyboard, and one button on your mouse.
Leu07 (NA)
: I really like the new kog though... He definetely feels like the hyper carry he is supposed to be with clear weaknesses. I think they emphasized this trademarks really well. I really think Q is not useless, late game that Q will destroy tanks really.
He never had any trouble melting teams late game before, and he wasnt pigeonholed into a single playstyle.
: ***
You're full of shit and you got called out on it. Now shut up and sit down.
: This kog player likes the changes. old kog was garbage.
If you thought old kog was garbage, why did you play him? I suspect you didnt, and you now play him because he's overbuffed. In which case your opinion isnt relevant.
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: If this games balance was determined by this board how would it be like?
: "Feels awful to play as" Champs
{{champion:268}} Feels completely awful after his round of nerfs. His E feels terrible to use offensively now. It used to be fun to E into people because the knockup gave a visceral feeling of impact. Now it feels like sucide most of the time, and even when it's a good idea, it still has no feeling of impact. Not to mention the tower nerfs which nerf his already lame passive, and the fact that AD asassins are getting a new item, and they already counter the s**t out of him. There's a reason nobody plays him anymore.
: How the F*** do I get out of Bronze?
Play only {{champion:74}} Bronzies dont know how to properly engage, or deal with the pressure he applies, so he sort of just shits on them.
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: In ~24 hours, I won't have to argue with anyone for a role EVER AGAIN.
The new champ select is abysmaly bad. Terrible. Youll be wishing the old one was back pretty soon.
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: So why does windwall block an unlimited amount of abilities,but poppy's w only works once per champ?
Because blocking a mobility skill is much more devastating than blocking a projectile. Also, Poppy W does damage, and windwall doesnt.
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: {{champion:12}} was Able to: Headbutt + auto attack you away, every single time it was off cooldown. Basically, use 2 moves on you and you playing anything else than {{champion:25}} (black shield), {{champion:131}} (knock up), {{champion:119}} (knock side ways), {{champion:40}} (knock up), {{champion:57}} (perfectly timed knock-up), {{champion:133}} (perfect timed knock-up), {{champion:48}} (knock-up) would not be able to retaliate. There's other champions with knock-ups in their kit but their cooldowns are even worse than trundle. Meaning Alistar could do W+aa like 4-7 times before you would get your interruption move/combo. The concept of "trading" is a big deal on all lanes. Yes, people in bronze and silver often do not trade back, but you can't get above gold if you got no clue how to trade. Alistar was simply negating this "trade" aspect, doing point and click damage on you + getting a {{item:3057}} empowered auto attack on you. And that's precisely the reason why Alistar was played top to begin with. Because he can do damage while the enemy can't trade back. And because that "mechanic" baically said "fuck you" to almost all top laners, riot decided to remove it from his kit. That simple nerf to make alistar NOT use his auto attack right after headbutt (before the target was knock-ed back) meant alistar was only getting his W off on targets, no longer W+{{item:3057}} AA and this was enough to push him out of top lane. Tbh, there's other bullshit on top anyway at this point. {{champion:50}} is entirely point and click and his damage is absurd. {{champion:150}} says if you are melee and not Fiora, you will SUFFER. There's no reliable way to trade back with him when you are melee. Same thing as Gnar valid for {{champion:133}} . {{champion:36}} after lv6 its pointless to trade with him. You will deal similar dmg to him as he will do to you, except he will heal all of that up, and you end up in a situation when you got like half hp and he is full. {{champion:83}} i rather not explain.
To be fair, {{champion:58}} is pretty un-interactive too. E-W-Q-E free won trade, and he doesnt even use mana. Alli has a better late game though..
: Why does Zed get to defy what an assassin is while being deemed a "healthy assassin" by Riot
It's okay if he is obnoxious and toxic early game, because he supposedly falls off late game. And Riot wants to continue basing champion balance off of what the game timer says and not what is fun.
: Here's a post where you can ask questions about the stuff I've worked on, and I'll try to answer.
Is the idea behind juggernauts that they are supposed to be able to 100 to 0 anything that isnt fast enough to get away from them? It's a serious question, because I cant figure out what their role is meant to be other than a thing you have to stay away from or die. The supposed counterplay behind juggernauts is their immobility. Supposedly they get a ton of damage and a ton of tankiness in return. Problem is, this creates a situation where the juggernaut can get away with plenty of mistakes due to tankiness and built in sustain, but their opponents are punished severely for a single slip up. One can spend 15 minutes kiting and poking a Garen, baiting out his cooldowns and stopping his passive, but then make a single mistake, maybe use a cooldown at a bad time, and be taken from 100 to 0 by his Q-E-R. Same is true of Darius and Illaoi. I really want to now if this was the idea behind their design.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Why kog is dealing 0 damage?
Well the fact that he had no damage items probably didnt help. I kind of doubt any of the listed ADCs would kill him either with that build. The Kogmaw rework was garbage, but in this case the items were the issue.
: Isn't it about time Rammus got nerfed?
He already got nerfed, and there wasnt any good reason for that one either.
: Didn't play against lux since a year
I think singularity should do more damage depending on how long it sits there, with the base damage being fairly low, and the max duration being fairly dangerous. This way it isnt mana efficient to cast it for impossible to dodge free harass, but it's stronger for zoning, and if you land a binding.
DeusVult (NA)
: Hi, I'm Galio
I love me some {{champion:3}} , but his ult is so easy to cancle it's kind of pathetic. Honestly, if you want heavy duty disruption in teamfights, there often isnt any reason to pick him over {{champion:54}} or {{champion:12}} right now. He's very strong situationally, but less reliable in general. A good ult can win a game, but it's trickier to do than a {{champion:54}} ult, given Galio's lack of gap closer. The high burst AP champs he counters heavily can be countered quite well by simply playing safely against them, and staying on top of roams to deny them an early snowball.
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Mael bro (EUNE)
: Pick Teemo and make him rage. No pun intended.
Renekton generally shits on Teemo. His biggest counter atm is Jayce.
Rìcco (EUW)
: So let me get this straight. Rito balance team.
: but there is counter play to her E you can damage her to reduce its duration and you can just get out of range so she doesnt have time to damage it.the tentacles that pop up from you are slow enough to dodge so you dont have to worry much about that.
You do understand that "getting out of range" automatically applies the curse to you right? If she pulls the spirit into her team, it's a garunteed curse. Simple as that.
Shonjl (NA)
: Only time MF ult ever does that much is if you stand in the entire duration in which case, unless you are CCed in which case they played it out well and you were caught, is entirely your fault. Its basically no different that Lucian's Ult, if you eat every single bullet it will do insane damage, like over 2k worth, but in reality you will be lucky to even land 400-800 of it.
Lucian ult is single target. Nuff said.
Ichinose (EUW)
: Don't read the **total** damage. It's just a bait to make you say **OMG MF ULT IS TOO STRONG I WILL USE IT EVRITIEM** but no. **Don't f#½?ing fail onto this trap.** If you can hit **ALL** of your bullets with ult you give that damage. In fact it is hard to possible since you're firing in a wide cone so you can only hit all the bullets when enemy is very close to you. **TL DR ;** Don't trust your ult , use auto-attacks.
I've had MF ult do 1000+ damage to me. It's too much, even if it does leave her open to being jumped.
Ñaofumi (NA)
: Am I the only one who thinks MF is too strong?
Her ult does more damage than {{champion:161}} Seems fine to me. Arent ADCs supposed to have huge aoe damage along with huge auto attacks?
: Nobody likes playing against Illaoi and want her damage nerfed
I think most people would like her hitboxes to be fixed, and her bullshit E to have some real counterplay besides "dodge it" Her team can help kill the spirit, but your team cant help lift the curse. In fact they can make it worse by last hitting tentacles. Good one sided "minigame" there Rito.
Rebonack (NA)
: Is there any particular reason why Jinx gets to be a top pick for two years running-
Just look at all the {{champion:69}} threads ever since her rework over a year ago. Riot still ignores her because she isnt a popular champ. {{champion:96}} Is in the same boat. They feel free to fuck with him because he isnt popular, and they ignore the overwhelmingly negative feedback from then on. Just imagine them trying a big change on {{champion:64}} that his fanbase didnt like... Oh wait they tried that once and litterally _gave in_ to the relentless blubbering from the Lee Sin wank club, and turned the nerfs into a wrist slap.
: Let's congratulate the new ADC with the lowest winrate and a way forward
Good luck getting any reply from Riot on this. Unless the champ falls into a certain catagory, or has a certain amount of popularity, they dont give a shit. This is another case of giving a champ an unwelcome rework, and then ignoring everyone that didnt like it(everyone in this case) Good luck getting sympathy from anyone else for that matter. There will be the typical circle jerk of Riot brown nosers that rationalise every dumb thing they do. Unless it's something they like being changed, in which case they cry louder than anyone else. Kog's rework was just bad. They stripped him of everything in favor of making him a one button champ. If your W is not up, you're not a carry, simple as that.
: Why is Illaoi that strong?
One reason she gets to chunk people so hard with no items is that there is no reduced damage if you get hit by multiple tentacles. For example, if Azir hits you with 2 soldiers, the damage from the second soldier is halved. Same with Zed's abilities, and Zyra's plants. Not with{{champion:420}} If you get smacked with 3 tentacles, you take full damage from every one of them, and she gets full healthing from every one of them (15% of her missing HP, so again it doesnt matter what items she has, she gets a huge heal.) This is pretty much the reason she can 1v5 with nothing but a {{item:3071}} Riot thinks this is okay apparently. Honestly, the biggest bullshit skill in her kit is her E. Another high impact, low risk, low mana cost skill. Cause those never turn out to be a problem. Of course the huge mouth breathing circle jerk club of "nothing is ever unbalanced in LoL" will descend on this thread like they do every other thread that points out the obvious issues with a new champ.
Proelium (NA)
: Death Re-cap is Trash
Give em' a break, theyre only one of the most profitable gaming companies in the world, and they have one entire game to keep up with. Cant expect them to actually have a polished game.
JARmates (NA)
: Why do people say Lee Sin never been nerf?
He's been nerfed several times. The hatred for {{champion:64}} is not so much to do with specifically {{champion:64}} as much as it is to do with a double standard. There are certain champs that Riot totally ignores, or gives handwaving reworks that piss off the people that actually do play said champion, then there are champs like {{champion:64}} who Riot will never allow to not be viable for 3 seconds due to their popularity.
SSJTribe (NA)
: When asked about the team's thoughts on Kog'Maw, Meddler shared: "Quote: Hey Meddler, nice to chat with you! I was wondering if you could tell us a bit about the team's vision with Koggy. In particular, are you guys planning on trying to stick to the 'Protect the Kog' niche rather than some more exotic builds like JuggerMaw or AP Marksmen Kog? If you guys are sticking with 'Protect the Kog' how do you plan on making him attractive when compared to champions like Miss Fortune who also benefit strongly from having a team built around them who can get results much easier? We do think Kog's a champ you should feel rewarded for building a protective team around, given his lack of escape/hard CC and dependence on sustained auto attacking. That's a space that a few different champions should be able to exist in though, provided they're doing it in different ways (e.g. MF as the wombo character you want to pair with AOE lockdown for the duration of her ult, Kog as the one you want to protect for extended periods of time with AA enhancing buffs where possible, Trist as the one to protect if you want to push towers quick mid game etc)."
Why are you relaying a completely vapid non-answer here? He litterally said nothing of substance at all. He just said it's okay if Kog'maw needs an entire team built around him to do his job, and nothing else. Basically it's a "fuck you" to anyone that used formerly completely viable and enjoyable builds like {{item:3078}} . To the 90% of players who solo Q, this rework was a complete wreck.
: OK, you are very terribly wrong about things like AP God'Maw. Kog's AP build is still very viable- His mana costs were always high. While his ult is now a finisher, this makes it an easier to kill opponents who underestimate his damage. His E still does a chunk of damage, and his W still makes decent harass. On-Hit builds ain't got nothing on this chunker. I have no problem playing AP Kog'Maw against most enemies, and find it absurd that people consider it dead.
AP Kog got a blatant nerf with the cost of his ult going up, as well as the damage being reduced. It didnt need a nerf. As someone who liked hybrid caster Kog, this style is now totally unviable. With how quickly the cost of his ult ramps up now, using it to proc sheen just leaves you with no mana to even cast W. I shouldnt have to stack mana just to be able to cast more than 3 Rs in a fight. Any way you look at it, alternative builds are _weaker_ now.
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: this is not actually oppressing anything, one that understands the algorythm can easily get points to keep up appearances and still freely support any resistance movment he likes. It sort of makes those things easier our beloved "democrazy" you´re only knowing that you are constantly surveilled, but as you have no idea how the system exactly works (though recent events (#paris) show that apparently the system doesn´t even know that itself...) you rather choose to ignore it than to feel "oppressed". Edward Snowden really ruined his existence for nothing much it seems. gods, people! learn to think for yourself.
: "As long as Tahm isn't sticky he can keep his damage."
"Tahm Kench isnt sticky" HAHA, Oh Riot you funny sons of guns. Not like he can get full stacks on you in .5 seconds with auto Q auto, then devour, then by the time you get out his Q is almost off of cooldown again, then he can auto Q auto you again, and by the time the absurd slow wears off you're still in range for a stun, then his W is up again and he devours you for another third of your hp. Not sticky at all, more like a black hole, once you get close to it, you never escape.
: Can the ARAM format be changed already?
The game mode is close to being really good, but every time anyone suggests improving the balance, a bunch of tards come on the boards downvoting and saying "who cares about aram blah blah" I play mostly ARAM, and for one, it could really use some "help" with the randomisation so I dont randomly get Eve 4 out of every 10 games even though I have like 100 champs unlocked. I know that things like this can happen if the process is "truely random", but it shouldnt be truely random, there should be a bias toward not giving me the same champ every damn time. And also not giving the ARAM account player Varus every damn time.
: Other tanks will never be as good as Malphite or Alistar.
Bharhash (NA)
: Dealing with Illaoi Top - Strategies
Learn {{champion:58}} More reliable sustain. Faster trades. Very hard to force into an extended trade(the kind {{champion:420}} likes) Doesnt need mana, so he can mana starve her by trading freqently. He doesnt have the same potential teamight strength as she does, but he can keep her on a tight leash for most of the game.
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: It's very clear that Stormraider is not geared toward kite-able champs. Maybe Nasus is a fringe case and will abuse it, but with the 10 sec CD, I doubt it. But except Nasus, if you are kite-able, how do you manage to get to your opponent and deal 30% in 2.5 s to get the speed boost? Also, Riot explicitly said that Red tree was for DPS, Purple for Burst. So based on all that, Stormraider is geared toward burst mage/assassins to give them a way to escape after getting a kill. Think Diana, Rengar, Talon, Akali (maybe Annie?). They may have a gap closer to get in range of their target, but they have no way to get out.
No it isnt geared toward kitable champs, which is why it doesnt need a fucking 100% slow immunity.
Rozair (NA)
: Ekko base stats seem low
They nerfed his base damages because people were building him full tank and still 3 shotting people.
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