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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 30
I agree that the strongest marksmen are lucian, ezreal, miss fortune, and jhin. However they're currently "strong" because of what their skills provide. They're not really strong in general. Each of these champs provide range harrass or a skill that allows them to survive with skills that allow them to move with shorter cooldowns. I think the issue with this whole ordeal is that all specifically ad bought items need buffs For example, {{item:3036}} and {{item:3033}} (hardly anyone will ever buy this item) are items that are predominantly bought by marksmen but the item isn't that strong that'll allow a marksmen to kill a tank quick enough later in the game. I only say this is because this is a 4th bought item maybe 5th(last) bought item when the game has extended to 45 minutes to maybe 55 minutes where the tanks have around 200+ armor. I usually don't know how long games last and i don't play this role but I know marksmen players don't buy this item till much later in the game if not, not at all. Another example that I think only marksmen players buy but need serious buffs would be {{item:3072}} or {{item:3812}} . If these items were buffed enough to force marksmen to buy this item either first or second, hopefully this will allow enough sustain to let them live in any situation. Lastly, nerf {{champion:30}} . Literally makes markmen a canon minion if we're 20 minutes in the game(exagerating but it's sort of true). Overall, players play these champs because they're used to this role and these champs fit this role and would like to keep playing this role with these champs. However, this role is ultimately a dead role. Good luck fixing this role.
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