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: Rewards for old Honor are out
can we get a rioter to contact if we don't receive our ribbon rewards i had honorable opponent in the past but am yet to receive my honorable opponent icon
: This is the type of person we need working in Riot's skin section.
lol the only way ill ever get a skin to riot is if my comment got like 13k upvotes and a popular rioter or youtuber gave it attention rofl
: Bard To School Bundle
Bus driver Bard and Janitor Jax #skinsweneed{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Adele, The corpse Puppeteer
lil concept for the passive instead make it to where when an enemy unit nearby dies it's corpse becomes a puppet (does not apply for champs)and said puppet only lasts 10 secs but adele is able to cast spells from its position for instance if u wanted to Q ud hit alt+Q also its stats stay the same but at level 5/10/15/18 it gains some kind of buff maybe like additional armor or something and the effect can only hapen like once ever 30/25/20/15 secs

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