: You can try to contact support/reinstall. I had this one d3dx9_39 dll(maybe you misspelled so I'll put it here), which means that there is something wrong with directX/or that you don't have it installed. Check your directX or download it [here](https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35). For me it worked without starting as administrator so idk.
i cant download directx because i need admin privileges
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Lysergik (NA)
: Quality thread
Just like our skill B)
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: **Lethal Tempo ** Ya, this can become a probably really fast, not sure how much attack speed its giving however, like kog's W flat out doubled his attack speed + exceeded the cap, maybe all this one will only unlock the cap but give 0.25 attack speed on its own. Twitch will be a nightmare with this along with xayah, kog, ashe, and possibly varus. **Grasp Of the Undying** Ok, the different between this and strength is that strength was constantly scaling junglers for farming, you could have a power house like elise or nidalee get random bonus health for just clearing while being strong enough to gank or kill other junglers and laners. What this grasp is doing is making tanks like cho and mao'kai constantly trading, something junglers will likely not do as much. You're less likely to see this used on stuff just for free health, and more likely to see it used on the stuff it makes sense having. Whether or not that is too much though (especially in cho'gath's case) is what we need to watch for. **Summoner Specialist** This one I'm scared of. I hear the CD adapts though, so if you trade used TP for ignite, you're still going to have to wait for the CD of TP to end.
My worry for grasp is the laners that can like you over and over with no real punishment and then get more health because they hit you
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: List of Victorious skins in League
{{champion:29}} , I mean his win rate has been 55% for so long, but if it's pro play {{champion:58}} since they like surprises for people
Mig89 (NA)
: And hes played from bronze to challenger. I never knew he had no nerfs or buffs. He has to one of the most balanced champs.
> [{quoted}](name=Mig89,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=BPh2FoUg,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-09-11T12:46:18.079+0000) > > And hes played from bronze to challenger. I never knew he had no nerfs or buffs. He has to one of the most balanced champs. in bronze he's kinda aids, but then again we're pretty trash against a kit like warwicks
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AidanWR (NA)
: Blitz's e is coded so that it cannot be stopped, so it will hit people that go into Zhonya's as well, and knock them up in Zhonya's, but not deal damage
that's the problem, Fizz playful trickster is a mini zhonyas. Fizz should not be knocked out of invulnerability AND take damage
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Windoges (NA)
: why are new players frequently placed in low silver to high bronze elo
My first ranked game was with low gold high silver players. To sum it up i was zed and I ulted Malphite a couple times
: Watch the ~~support mains~~ boards downvote you because you are a "Toxic" Yasuo Main
: So it seems the M in M. Night Shyamalan stands for Malicious...
: {{champion:55}} Every midlaner needs the buff. I am taking it. No questions allowed.
I mean THERE was the 15% ap buff
: Name THREE champions that if you could, would delete. For any reason possible.
{{champion:103}} I don't find her oppressive to me, but it seems my team can never handle her. {{champion:1}} I count reworks as deletion as point and click aoe stuns is ok??? {{champion:268}} Needs a rework as well as Rito can't seem to find a fine line
: Bruisers/fighters have been divided into two categories. **Juggernauts:** Slow moving, large health pool, become perpetually more dangerous the longer in combat. {{champion:86}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:2}} **Divers:** Middle ground between assassin and fighter. The ability to swiftly charge into a fight and/or single out a target, windowed defense to survive the dive {{champion:266}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:62}} (and soon Camille)
pretty sure Shyv isn't as all juggernauts lack a dash/blink they have to run at you, shyv's ult is like of aatrox q as she dives in
: Laughing Fish's 150,000 Lifetime Upvote Spectacular (Come and get your free skins!)
https://media.giphy.com/media/11oRLY4FRk2s36/giphy.gif?noredirect @Laughing FIsh
: His winrate is juuust below 50%, and that should go back up a little once the brigade of players testing the new changes go back to playing their respective roles and Fizz mains become the majority. I'd say he's pretty balanced right now.
He might be "balanced" in damage but in this meta you need to overkill as the assassin to kill the squishy damaging targets. I ain't gonna deny the damage at max range ult, but 1 zhonyas and its gone
: Fizz is much stronger than he was before in all seriousness. Q and e damage the same, lower cooldowns, less mana costs and a better ultimate. Not sure how that's a nerf by any means.
Pre-rework he didnt kill with an e+q+w combo, he used a low cooldown ult to increase by 15%. His ult now doesn't add damage and now requires mandatory spacing and max range is the only reliable killing move.
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: i dont like the fizz rework too it really frustrating to wait 2 seconds before u can w ur dead in those 2 seconds + u cant even escape
and the 2 second boost isn't even alot of extra damage
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: > [{quoted}](name=Dasdi96,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iuJack6B,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-10T16:43:55.925+0000) > > {{champion:67}} vayne is the only true assassin left after this update.
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: Upvote if u don't like yasuo mains
I see the upvotes are bountiful this season my dear farmer
: While Bronze Rewards doesn't show a border, you do get a Summoner Icon to show your participating in the Ranked Season!
: My Thoughts On Smite Buffs And Why Riot Is Removing Them
Krug buff is very good for ganks when a mage is mid and a tank is jg because after the enemy is out tower taking will be hard as hell, but with krugs you get a significant boost
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: Ranked Rewards: The Unabridged Version ***All Rewards Distributed!!!***
Why doesn't bronze get a border, shows we at least played the game
: People think League is in it's worst state ever...
Personally the boards is in its worst state as people are just farming upvotes for the FP I'd write a list but it would be as long as this post with extra 5 minutes, but like the state right now I'm just too lazy to put any effort in because mentioning words that are abstract and that people hate gets me just the same
: Win rate 43%? Lcs/=/normal people.
There's a reason they're in the LCS us normies too casual
: Tip: 'Unique' means a passive does not stack, no matter how many you buy
It literally says in the game when you goto buy an item Unique items with the same name don't stack Anyone else tired of these farming for upvotes posts?
: There should be a disclaimer. "Do not attempt this at home." I don't think Miss Fortune support is the worst thing ever though. She is a mediocre niche pick outside of the professional scene. The majority of MF supports are the people that play Annie/Brand "support" thinking they're going to have an easy laning phase and siphon off the ADC's XP with kills. Cheesy stuff works often enough that I don't think she is going away anytime soon. Makes me glad I'm a support main now.
It's put up surprisingly good stats, BUT champion.gg is platinum+ ranked where the people have a brain and can play and adapt quickly, poor gold and below, I've been lucky to not have one
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: Upvote this gif of Morgan Freeman. Why? Because he is Morgan Freeman.
: Favorite quote of your main
{{champion:202}} They are gonna live, till they did {{champion:121}} I have evolved past jokes
: No, Riot. Tank ekko is not an "alternate playstyle". It is cancer and needs to be nerfed.
But he can't kill a marksmen with lifesteal Oh wait this tank ekko my b
: It is actually sad to watch Faker outplaying his enemy so well but can't carry hard enough because his bot lane is not performing. Like what can you do when enemy Ashe is so fed she kills half of your tank's hp with aa+Q reset? If it was season 3 or even season 5 we could probably see Faker pull out zed, but nope ADC power spike faster than assassins now a day.
Not only do they spike faster they carry harder
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Jerahmi (NA)
: So what lane does Aatrox actually win against?
He seems to win lane against {{champion:150}} (FROM PERSONAL EXP, I AM IN BRONZE) Personally the best option is full ap jungle No more fucking adc
: Just because won, you don't have to show your cockiness
How else will people know i have a big ego and belong in challenger
: Riot Please rework some of your 975 rp skin's or Tone down the value
Yo Mafia graves is the best skin, he so god dam badass that who needs new visuals you are a bad ass
: I remind you that sometimes a champion is OP because of meta shifts.
Exhibit A:{{champion:157}} While he still was annoying and a threat to many champions im pretty sure he wasn't called op by every body until bruiser yas showed up
: Game: A champion gets ONE little bug that completely breaks the game.
{{champion:7}} E now goes through minions {{champion:136}} Stars can't be seen by enemy {{champion:6}} Fear lasts for a very long time
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