: Just. Stop. The map does not change so radically that it will have a large influence either way. Does Rengar become slightly better with the 5 extra bushes that will pop up? Sure. Is it enough to radically alter his power level? NO. Will Hecarim get slightly stronger with extra movement speed? Yeah. But he also gets slightly stronger with the current Cloud Drake bonus, but A) Nobody complains about him getting stronger with the current Cloud Drake buff, B) You don't have to fight him in the jungle and C) His stats can be adjusted. None of that is a problem, and likely will not have a massive impact in 99% of games. It only affects the dragon pit and the area around the buffs. That's it. Nothing in lane. Nothing in the jungle as a whole. And it's not like the changes aren't something you can play around. If the enemy team has a Rengar, you just play around it in exactly the same manner that you do now, just in slightly different areas. If the enemy team has a ton of AOE and the Mountain Drake creates new choke points, DON'T FIGHT IN THE CHOKE POINTS. This will add in a few tactical wrinkles you have to play around, but it will not radically alter how you play the game.
Any sort of randomly generated change that can benefit/handicap another champion is an absolute joke of a concept, and I also didn't like the elemental drakes when they came out, you can be behind and have no jungle pressure while the enemy team gets three consecutive fire dragons in a row. The uncertainty isn't a fun concept and it wasn't needed. If you think that RNG is a good concept to Lol, clearly you don't play a high enough level to understand how debilitating 1 small effect can change a game.
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: How many times do I have to respond to this. His Revive wasn't his Identity, never on the pre Rework, nor on this Rework. It was always about being a drain tank.
> [{quoted}](name=SuicidePlank,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=WbBfO65N,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-17T19:47:40.601+0000) > > How many times do I have to respond to this. > His Revive wasn't his Identity, never on the pre Rework, nor on this Rework. > It was always about being a drain tank. I understand that his revive wasn't his identity, it was the last concept that old aatrox shared with current aatrox.
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Drej Mon (NA)
: Most people in game cannot connect.
Just happened to me in my ranked game, everyone on our team dced when the others stayed in, they ended and we still lost LP nice thank you riot
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: Learn More: Arcade Boss World Event
I don't know if it's just me but doing all these "Levels" seems fun and all but if they're releasing ARURF at the same time doesn't that make it kinda pointless? Like hey I love free loot don't get me wrong but I really wanna play the heck out of Urf
: Um, can we not have division markers? That is going to encourage far more toxicity than it will reward players. I can already see the comments from Silver 3 players calling me a newb for having Silver 4 and later next season after I've climbed getting mocked or judged for having a Silver 4 frame in Gold. "Silver 4 gg we lose." "Oh you missed the one CS go back to Silver 4 noob." If you really want to implement them, at least have it as a Summoner Icon or something we can turn off, even though that will just make people think "Oh, he isn't showing it, it must be 5."
Riot he definitely has a point, And the summoner icon is a good solve.. But does it have to be permanent? WHy not have it change for what ever division you are during the season?
Arie (NA)
: What does your main say about you?
{{champion:83}} No one know who i am ;(.....
: End of Season Rewards and the new Master Tier
still waiting for victorious skin for amumu he would look so badass {{champion:32}}


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