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: So I can't trade with my teammates because I haven't played every champion 5 times?
I would guess that in this situation there would be a way to trade champions you have never played before, but you are told by the system "Hey, you need to trade this champ, not play him"
: Forum Enhancement Kit: F.E.K 4.0
: Who has the best Lvl7 Mastery?
I wonder if anyone has a Galio lvl 7...
: 1/9/31 as Nautilus.. B+
9 deaths is too much for Nautilus. Depending on your role 1 kill is too little as well. Sure 31 assists is pretty cool, but it's not make/break. CS count matters, and if you participate in major objectives in jungle, then that's standard. Thus, a kinda standard score was given to you.
: Ah, nice. I'll reference this
But it would be the first ranked player against the last ranked player, right? I feel like a player in my position would feel disadvantaged for being above the cusp of lower and upper, since first round I would have to face a diamond. It will also make the finals (Lower number 1 vs. Upper number 1) not any competition whatsoever.
: People who think Riot tells the truth are ignorant as fuck.
Woah. Woah woah woah wait a damn minute. Riot has fucked up with their game on multiple occassions, but they have never lied. Show me one time you ignorant fuck. Edit: Alright, alright I'm wrong, happy? Still, the assumption being made above is that Riot always lies, which is not true. I think that Riot tries to tell the truth, but sometimes they don't tell the truth. Lying I don't think is the right word, but it's an easy word to use even if it isn't wholly true. BTW, I said "ignorant fuck" as a quote he said. Sorry, that was out of line
: I'm closing sign ups due to the queue being decent large and all the spots are filled.
Is there a possibility for the tournament to be expanded to 64?
: We can work something out where you get place in the 2nd half. So, yes, you could join.
Wonderful! I would love to then
: FEK 1v1 Tournament - Sign Up Thread
Hey! I would like to join, but I could only make it on the 18th, 24th, and 25th. Could I still?
: They don't do VUs anymore, just VGUs and Irelia may get one in a long while.
Irelia doesn't seem to be in need for a game update, though, so the only possible way that something could happen would be just a VU. It's very unlikely, either way.
: Find Your Lunch Table: Which Champs Are Friends?
When Aurelion Sol isn't on the list :(
MenoOG (NA)
: Is irelia going to get a small Champion update? I know she's not as bad as many but, her model is pretty bad and her skills are kind of boring (coming from an irelia main)
A visual update? A VU for Irelia is probably unlikely. They have to be as bad as Nidalee's splashes in order to be on the top, or close to the top
: S Grading Broken?
Lee Sin was jungle, I'm going to assume? Well, let's look at a couple things. Riot looks at a lot of things, but most of all they compare the metrics that an average person would have in that role. Thus, saying that one person was "better" than another person is automatically invalid. It'd be like saying that because the ADC went 10/0/0 and the support 0/0/10, the support is definitively worse than the ADC. Relatively speaking to their role, it could be true, but that's probably not accurate. Now, there's a LOT of different things that happen. For one, CS and dealing damage to towers is rated extremely highly for some odd reason (Personal observations - no actual proof). Additionally, participation in dragon could be huge. It could be that early game performances were rated much higher, such as if Lee Sin ganked 5x succesfully early game, and then off of those kills Yasuo got a bunch. You see, it's not about KDA, it's about the impact a person made, and Riot has a LOT of metrics in place that do not just extend to "I HAVE 20 KILLS I GET S"
: {{champion:64}} I'm blind. I don't see, I just upvote
: Okay seriously you are so idiotic if you don't see the community will downvote anything. I could make a post about pie and they would downvote it just to do it
You mean, if you make a random, off-topic conversation we would downvote it? TELL ME MORE
Greatful (NA)
: {{champion:432}} Flee through magical journey. Enemy team follows you through journey to kill you. Flash out mid-journey so when they show up at the end there is no bard to kill. No.
Feniks (NA)
: ***
Where the... Okay, RIOT isn't downvoting you to Oblivion. The community is. Wanna know why? Because you're comparing Riot Games, a legitimate enterprise who has been successful and has been providing an entertaining AND sustainable professional League to China. China. We aren't censoring you; you have to present your opinions in a legitimate manner for it to be taken halfway seriously.
Tup (NA)
: If you look* closely, there is a Block button.
> [{quoted}](name=Tup,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=WG1FhdE9,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-27T19:46:05.776+0000) > > If you closely, there is a Block button. Sarcasm only works if you can use English.
: Teenagers least favorite LoL mechanic?
*Wipes tear from eye* Good one. NOW GO TO YOUR ROOM FOR SUCH AN AWFUL PUN
: What was the soul purpose of True Damage?
First: It's "sole" not "soul." Sole means only, while soul means the spiritual part of a person. I just don't understand why it exists? True damage is very hard to obtain, only a few champions actually have it (And dragon gives it against monsters/turrets). It allows for Cho'gath to have a very unique execute, and it gives Olaf a trade off for losing health. Master Yi has it because it synergizes well with his kit (passive, along with junglers now going that fancy new jungle item I can't remember the name of and BotRK). Did rito feel creative making their own source of damage? I'm not sure what you mean by "their own source of damage" Why isn't there a defense item that defends only vs true damage? Because true damage is very niche, and would screw over people like Cho'gath and Olaf, but nobody else. In the damage logs out of game, why isn't true damage listed? True damage is listed indirectly. You have to do math, where you add your magic and physical damage and subtract that total from the total damage dealt Is Yi a main true damage champ now? xd Not really. Yes, he has some forms of true damage, but he's not one that comes to mind when you say "true damage"
: His ults also a knock up
You won't live long enough for the ulti's CC to be useful...
Arakadia (NA)
: Afaik, he can't perma stun as every champion has some extra tenacity.
It's not true perma-stun, but it's nearly. Sorry, I should have cleared that up in my original comment.
: The real problem is premades. Jerks on mics coordinating which solo player to kill. We need a separate solo queue for all modes.
> [{quoted}](name=cabdr1ver,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=chUO0ETK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-21T22:08:23.850+0000) > > We need a separate solo queue for all modes. Wait, what? Okay, yes, I understand where you're coming from. If every mode has a separate solo queue, then there will no longer be teams ganging up on solo players. However, it's completely unfeasible. First, Rito isn't made of money. The amount of money they would have to dump into their servers in order to double their server counts. Well, it's way too much in short Second, the queue times would shoot through the roof for all game modes.
Arakadia (NA)
: Why is Bard listed? I find him just fun but not broken at all. I'd say Heimy is super weak due to how easily some champs can destroy his turrets.
: Why only ladies? Why i cant have my Star Guardian {{champion:136}}?
This deserves an upvote. No. This deserves a fan art. WHERE'S MY ARTIST AT?
: I am a solo player and I want to play with/against solo players
: > [{quoted}](name=Chake14u,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UgHEE7s4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-06T23:04:19.321+0000) > > Wave clearer? Quinn? > > I don't think I've ever defined Quinn as a wave clearer. > > Behind Enemy Lines, her ultimate, is super effective for split-pushing, with the fact that she has great mobility to get around the map. I don't main her, though, so I couldn't tell you much more than that. What happened to Tag Team?
The fact that when she gets damaged she loses Tag Team, along with the fact she has to be up decently close to damage an enemy with ulti, makes it a subpar wave clearing tool
Ixoziel (NA)
: Raising the skillcap is exactly what needs to happen, though, because her old R plus E was far too easy to execute. Very low cooldown, high damage, very easy to use. Outside of that combo, there was NOTHING wrong with her. Her Q was very rewarding, but hard to land. They just nerfed the damage and increased the stun, so no real change there. Her W is unchanged. Instead of changing her E, they ruined her ult. It completely sucks now.
Anivia was highly positioning based. Yes, hitting E>R is very low cooldown, high damage, and easy to use, but to be in range and not be having a risky situation when executed is an entirely different matter. Anivia's skillcap is extremely high, regardless, but not for techincal reasons. Decisions on where to place the wall, where to place the ultimate and for how long it should be placed, going in for hitting an E, etc. etc. all were decisions Anivias had to face daily.
: Question of meta
Wave clearer? Quinn? I don't think I've ever defined Quinn as a wave clearer. Behind Enemy Lines, her ultimate, is super effective for split-pushing, with the fact that she has great mobility to get around the map. I don't main her, though, so I couldn't tell you much more than that.
Ixoziel (NA)
: Her new ult is bloody awful. It has to sit on the ground for THREE SECONDS just to become usable. No one with half a brain walks into that. They decided to nerf Q too for some reason. Reduced the base damage and the scaling. Sure, it stuns more at higher levels, but combined with the ult nerf it just sucks. They should have changed E and left her other stuff alone. They could have turned it into a skillshot and added more damage or smoething.
Turning E into a skillshot does not do anything except raise the skillcap. They want to really push forward certain ideals, hence their introduction of her being some great siege champion. They're wrong, clearly, the ultimate doesn't do anything except screw her over. What she was made for was to stall, but people forget that all too often.
: Rank 5 old Anivia player here, just coming back from a game as New Anivia. The ult did get a cast range buff, though not a very large one (not as big of a buff as the immediate area is a nerf). It makes it much more difficult to E-R combo, of course, which is honestly fine for the most part - laning against Anivia past 6 was incredibly difficult. Now it's... a little less so. The expanding range feels really bad in lane, but the storm now has an incredible damage increase after 3 seconds. It makes Anivia much more about actually maintaining her ultimate in an area (esp. during teamfights) rather than just using it as an extra way to snapcast E combo. In addition, the Q changes... She does a significant less amount of burst damage with it early on (20 less damage at max rank, doubled since it hits twice, plus an AP ratio loss). The additional slow on the Q is almost unnoticeable since a good Q stuns anyways, but the increased stun duration makes landing an AOE Q in a teamfight incredibly strong now. All in all, Anivia is a bit less of a forceful laner now, but a stronger teamfighter with huge potential AOE damage and stuns. It's a good direction for her to move in, IMO, as it much more rewards her for proper area control in a teamfight with positioning and walls rather than just focusing on E combos.
> [{quoted}](name=RavenMagus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ALFIOLda,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2016-05-04T21:58:26.170+0000) > All in all, Anivia is a bit less of a forceful laner now, but a stronger teamfighter with huge potential AOE damage and stuns. It's a good direction for her to move in, IMO, as it much more rewards her for proper area control in a teamfight with positioning and walls rather than just focusing on E combos. Okay, sorry, no. She did have power in the lane, yes, but she didn't have enough in order to merit THIS. This is an abomination. Her AOE damage is mitigated almost entirely because nobody with half a mind will ever stand in the extremely slowly increasing ultimate range. Literally anyone can take a few steps and walk out of it entirely. The same thing happens with Q. It hits in exactly the same way, but now has an increase on a stun duration for a MASSIVE hit on damage. What she was ACTUALLY designed for was her ability to beautifully stall. You want to know why Froggen's Anivia was feared? Because he could stall the game out for 75 minutes and come back to win (Back in the days of vs. M5). This? This isn't conducive to stalling anymore. The mana cost is way too damn high, and Riot neglects pushing forward her ability to stall over and over again (First with its tether reduction range, now with this). Then, after stalling so beautifully, she would come back and force enemies off with her ability to zone if in the right hands between her wall and her ultimate. If someone decided to sit in the ultimate, they'd get chunked by E. But there's a catch to the E. If you got too close, you died, as it should be. And this Q "buff" isn't helping her be more focused on positioning. An increase on stun is more forgiving for positioning. An increase on slow is more forgiving for positioning. Perfect positioning was when you had the long tether range and you had placed your ultimate in the chokehold and walled off the entirety of their team from retreating in their desired direction. Clearly, you haven't played Anivia for long enough to truly be in touch with the power of Anivia and what she actually has in mind.
: Patch Chat 6.9 - Playtesting the Mage Update
Perhaps this is a little uncouth, but I'm extremely unhappy with the state of Anivia Long rant here, please read~
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: > [{quoted}](name=Yamazaki Tetsuo,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=asIMGAnA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-09-28T01:54:42.007+0000) > > The way you posted this is suspect at best -_- i get that a lot. LOL but it's not a bait
> [{quoted}](name=Pink Fairy,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=asIMGAnA,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-09-28T01:55:12.435+0000) > > i get that a lot. LOL but it's not a bait Why would you include the fact that you're a girl then...
: "Zed is hard countered by Zhonya's!"
Except for the fact that a person can easily get the drop on you if they have some hard CC that can be procced right after you get out of stasis. It's not the best item in the game. It's good at its job, and fills much of the same niche as GA except with AP instead of MR.
iDiNitiz (NA)
Hey. If you are interested, I could become a coach for you, although I'm only in gold. As a coach, I'd offer in-depth videos that would outline incorrect builds, decisions that could've been made differently, and help with mechanical skills like last hitting and reaction times. I will warn you that I will come off rude at times, but I think that a coach needs to look at a person's flaws in a negative light. If you are interested, feel free to friend me, Chake14u. Thanks in advance!
Aikado (NA)
: Creating a 5's team. Applications from any rank accepted
Ign: Chake14u Preffered name: Chake Rank: Gold 3 Role: Mid Top 3 champs for every role: Anivia, Orianna, Vel'koz Time zone and avaiilability: EST Before 10:00 PM Which season You started League: 2 Prediction to win worlds: (This is a weird question) SKT-T1 Greatest strengnth you would bring to the team: Two things. One I would actively try to help the people on the team that may be struggling Two I'm good at making the calls that need to be made at the right time. Thanks in advance!
: > Great post op, but it aint gonna happen. and it shouldnt
: I don't {{champion:64}}
STOP WITH THIS CHAIN It was funny the first hundred times, but it's gotten really old.
: {{champion:201}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:86}}, {{champion:6}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:114}}, {{champion:53}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:10}}
Translation: Bring Urf Back(!)
Dandic (NA)
: I agree, no need for a volume meter on alert pings. Simply make it so that if you mute a player it mutes pings from them as well.
But you can! If you type /ignore BobtheTroller546 You ignore his pings also
: We've been overwhelmed by the awesome response from everyone on URF mode. We're glad everyone had a blast, so did we! As we've shown with One For All: Mirror Mode, popular game modes are destined to be re-released at some point. Before we do this though, we need to improve on modes for a better player experience that equals more fun for everyone. Given URF's popularity, we want to bring it back, and even better than it was the first time around. We wanna play it too!! \>o</
I'm surprised no one seemingly though of this before, but why not have URF mode while the other featured game modes are down?
: Statikk Shyv remove the shiv and shorten {{champion:102}} 's name into shyv
Was supposed to be a joke, but there isn't a sarcasm font in LoL
: League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn
Rito took a pointer from Stick Figure Spotlight and created a full world with beautiful graphics and awesome animation.
: Why does Lee Sin continue to dodge nerfs or changes?
Because he doesn't need them.
Howldoom (NA)
: With almost all summoners using {{summoner:4}} as one of their two Summoner Spells, what stops Riot from taking it and turning it into a base ability available to everyone? It frees up a spot for another ability of that player's choice. And if having access to three Spells is overpowered, then what keeps Riot from fixing it into D or F and giving access only to one other Spell? Jumping from there, is player choice a factor that fits in Riot's vision of how League changes over time?
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Okay, I'm going to presume that everybody wants the summoner flash. First off, there's a lot of people that want it on D and a large amount that want it on F, so Rito would have to take a poll(?) or something. Second, this really stipends the selection, especially now players like {{champion:11}} are forced to go flash + ghost or flash + smite when the opportunity to go ghost + smite is no longer available. I know that there's another champion that particularly uses ghost and ignite, but I can't remember him right off the top of my head. Third, not everyone wants flash. Lower ELO players have a difficult enough time flashing *Insert video of fail flashes into walls here* and some higher elos would be extremely broken (presuming that they went for the three ability idea). Not opening it to level 12 makes people forget that they have it because they aren't taught with it. Overall it just isn't that good of an idea. tl;dr: I say nay because which key would it be on, it really forces people to have a spell, or the skill cap would be too great.
Izzy250 (NA)
: {{item:3087}} {{champion:102}}
Static Shiv Shyvana... I don't get it
Occam (NA)
: Cutlass looks like genetalia and Exhaust appears to be in a position to envelop the cutlass in a manner generally considered uncomfortable.
The awkwardness in this comment...
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