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PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations
Just a few Idea's for some items, criticism accepted , but please no flame, it's not like these are going to end up in the game. ============================================================== Infinity Edge 4000g -- {{item:3031}} Build Path: 1000g -- {{item:1043}} 1300g -- {{item:3086}} 1300g -- {{item:1038}} Description: +70 Attack Damage. +50% Attack Speed. +30% Critical Strike Chance. Unique Passive: **Fierce Strikes**: Gain +5% Critical strike chance (stacks 5 times +25%) Unique Passive: Critical Strikes cause enemies to lose 5% Armor (stacks 3 times -15%). or Uniquie Passive: Swifly - Gain 1.0% Move speed (stacks 5 times +5%) =============================================================== =============================================================== Rapid FIre Canon 3200g -- {{item:3094}} Build Path: 1300g -- {{item:3086}} 875 -- {{item:1037}} 800g -- {{item:2015}} Description: +30 Attack Damage. +30% Attack Speed. +30% Critical Strike Chance. Unique Passive: Firecannon - Charge up your attacks, at 100% charge gain +35% attack range for your next 3 auto attacks. =============================================================== =============================================================== Phantom Dancer 3500g -- {{item:3046}} Build Path: 1250g -- {{item:3044}} 1300g -- {{item:3086}} 800g -- {{item:2015}} Description: +300 HP. +15 Attack Damage. +30% Attack Speed. +30% Critical Strike Chance. Unique Active Passive: Phantoms Edge - Activate this item, for the next 5 auto attacks you steal magic/Armor from your current target (1% per auto, lasts for 5 seconds at max stacks) gaining what you steal for yourself (Resets upon attacking a new target)(60 Second cooldown). ===============================================================
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yoshi2790 (EUW)
: Where's the HP in OhmWrecker?
My bad I forgot to add it, #added
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: Client Beta Update #3: Closer to Completion
I know this isn't a big priority but on the legacy client I could see my wins kills etc for all modes when will be able to see this info again?
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: What's the opening song?
: Nidalee Splash Update - This cat’s got new claws
Poor {{champion:83}} this guy gets no love {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Longest Vi Ult Ever?!?
1)Someone should try to go around the entire map xD 2)Someone should try Vi + Taliyah Ult ^^
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: That Ashe followup though
Nice play, although it has been done before, it is quite hard to pull off.
Khandler (NA)
: My Idea for a Ultimate/Legendary Skin
Riot would never promote Marijuana usage, although I would, I'm not Riot Games but yeah I would so rock this skin.
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: "inside taric" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Breaking News - League of Legends Champion {{champion:81}} has gone missing, he was last seen reading the title of this article he made it to "Inside Taric" and was never seen again.
: Champion Update: Shen
I'm just glad he's actually using a sword now and not that dumb dagger =.=
: 5 Faces of new champ select
PUNCH'EM N THE D !!!!!!!!!!!!!! KAPPA
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Frawgmar (NA)
: How about that new {{champion:78}}update?
I can't wait for the {{champion:19}} update QQ he doesn't feel like the big bad (play making) wolf that we all want, his ult is to easy...
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: My banana mains Soraka {{champion:16}}
my cat {{champion:107}} mains {{champion:55}}
: I love the idea, I hate how it came out. It should of been linked to Champion Mastery and it should of been linked to people who actually play that champion. It gives people incentives to main a champion and get good at playing that one champion instead they can just buy it like a normal skin. Honestly this could of had so much more potential
Logged in to upvote this idea i totally agree they really need to work things around this champion mastery system.
: Disaster during New Ultra Rapid Fire upload!
quit playing games or i {{champion:429}} kill u and ur teammates in 299 more spear stacks !!!!
: Ultra Rapid Fire my computer into a wall is what this will make me do.
uninstalling the game is what i might do :)
: how about a game mode where we can buy 10 items instead of 6?
or maybe a mode where we need not to farm we can just buy right off the bat :D
: The Featured Game Modes of 2014
: > [{quoted}](name=NTBP RaFulSawCe,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=faQsmbxK,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-03-19T04:06:31.610+0000) > > what do you think about me changing her from karthus mother to maybe sister?? It would probably work. Or maybe she's the one that turned Karthus into a lich in the first place, making him her subordinate. That would allow you to keep the "slumbered for many thousands of years" part since she was already undead. Making her Kathus's sister might raise the question of whether or not his entire family was obsessed with death since she would have had to get turned into an undead being too for some reason. You don't need those kinds of questions when you're trying to make a relatively short and simple lore, I tried to include family in one of my champ lores and it wound up being several paragraphs of explanation before I got to anything good.
haha ok i really appreciate the advice ill rework the lore, im kinda busy atm but ill post it some time today.
: Maybe Reaper's Death Wish could be something like "Genevieve encourages enemies to attack her, causing champions to have their attack speed increased by a certain % when (and only when) they are attacking her. The enemy that kills her takes 150% of the damage that they dealt to her as magic damage." This will emphasize the death-loving theme of Karthus without focusing on a specific spell. I would have said it deals double the damage that they dealt to her, but that could get way too OP late game, especially if she goes tanky and someone goes 1v1 with her and wins.
what do you think about me changing her from karthus mother to maybe sister??
: I like the overall kit and idea. It's a good idea not to put numbers on the abilities until someone suggests some if you're not good with the numbers, people tend to be over-critical about things on this site and numbers just give them more ammo. While I do note that his lore never said anything about him being a normal human before turning into a lich, I would like to just warn you that people may not like the part about a reaper being his mother since he had to offer himself in order to become undead, implying that he was alive before. The way your lore goes I wouldn't suggest adding more to it to explain any of this, I like the lore the way it is, but just be prepared because someone might come in and say something like "how could an undead woman be the mother of a living person?" or something. I would be careful about making her passive so specific; making it apply to only one of her abilities and making it scale with the level of the ability makes it seem like you just wanted to add another effect to it but didn't want to make the ability itself look OP. Maybe you could make the % health she gains back each time scale with her level, like "1% (+0.2% per champion level)" or something; I have no ideas for what you could make that wouldn't be specific to the spell, that would be a bit more up to you, but I at least wouldn't make it scale with the ability's level. Also, one more thing, it's "without further adieu", not "without further or do" :P
Thank you for the reply, about her passive thats actually like the third one i've tried to come up with for the rest of her kit. but i do see your point.
: How to be a bitchin' blitz split pushing monster.
: Can we have some Dragon Ball Z themed skins?
haha i swear {{champion:81}} voice actor is the same as Gohan's xD i mean the pulse fire taunts all but prove it ^^
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: So I've always wondered why riot didn't know how to do turrets right.
I kinda agree, they should at least make the nexus turrets something fierce they should target up to 2 targets at once its way to easy to siege with super minions and baron buff...
: 1. Sona's Q has deceptively long range. 2. Have you been poked by Sona's Q>Power Chorded AA combo? 3. INSANE trade potential. 4. Her heal is currently stronger than both Soraka's and Taric's. (Although has a longer cd than Soraka's) 5. The shield is just meant to support the heal. 6. Combined with Power Chorded E it's very effective. 7. Power Chorded E is a heavy slow. 8. She doesn't need it if she can poke you down safely. 9. She's a support, and a very safe one at that. 10. Boots. 11. Most champions have that. .-.
: Welp I guess his early clear is now destroyed, I mean it was already bad but now its worse. {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
time to experiment with new junglers
: Yasuo is going to suffer indirectly due to IE nerf
{{champion:157}} {{item:3087}} GG seriously though i think they just want more ppl to rely on skill rather then OP bursty damage thats why they are "nerfing" Crits. Honestly tho i think Penatration is OP i mean i had one game i had 300+ armor 4k HP and the AD heavy enemy comp ate me like i was nothing... Lower {{item:3035}} & {{item:3135}} to 30% plz rito..
Gaius (NA)
: pool party zac??? snow zac???
Arcade {{champion:154}} FTW with Super mario bros sound effects muahahahah WINNNNNNN
: Patch 5.1 notes
PLZZZZ Rito add bots to ARAM/Howling Abyss Custom Games I mean. :)))
: Patch 5.1 notes
PLZZZZZZZZ Rito add Bots to ARAM/Howling Abyss Custom Games I mean.
: Mechanically, he seems to be pretty balanced. However, I would like to see some more unique abilities in his arsenal. If this were to become a champion, I honestly wouldn't be interested in playing him due to his similarities with other champions. When I feature a champion in the Librarium, one of the things I'm looking for is uniqueness, something that makes them stand out from other champs. If you wrack your brain a little harder, I'm sure you can come up with something that would make this champion more awesome.
Hello Talon Yes I agree, I can come up with better skill idea's but, this is my first concept and his abilities fit his lore, which is a melee>energy beam type of character, I do plan to make more concepts. Any suggestion on abilities for him?
Sarutobi (NA)
: As far as i know they stated like all other of these new game modes they obviously dont want to favor one over the others. So if one stayed it would have been wise to keep all the others right? if that was to happen then that AI-bots/customs/Normal/ARAM/RANK/TT/All-4-one/Showdown/URF//Doom-Bots/Accession, plus anything new they come up with. the queue time would be horrendous! Not only that but despite it being a "joke" mode a lot of people took it serious and because of that a lot of champions were getting banned. i would think if it stayed out for this long there would probably be a handful of champions to pick on. Along with that because people were taking this game mode a bit too serious a lot of toxic people were coming out which i doubt Riot, let alone the community wanted. I remember getting yelled at because i wasnt playing X-champion because they were "OP". i couldnt have fun with the champions i wanted to play because people only had winning on their minds for this joke mode. With that i believe someone on these forums said it best. Riot obviously didnt want to change things just for this match. i mean it did happen. look at the rework Soraka got. i doubt any of that would have happen if there was an URF mode. people would spam her Q and because of that it got nerfed till it was completely changed. now think of all the other champions that could have been hit? Im not bashing URF mode i just feel it would lose its enjoyment if it was kept as a permanent mode. it was something fresh and out of this world. if it was to stay it would have gotten dull and boring. i know i was getting bored of it when they were banning half the champions. it would only be a matter of time before others would have as well till it would have been a dead mode!
The answer to life , the universe and giving the masses what they want (URF) wait for it ...... CUSTOM GAME MODE!!!!!!!!!!!! No Que Just you, some invited friends and some bots problem solved...
: Best Jungler Champ
Personally I think the best thing to do is to ask people who Main Jungle around your skill level, because for example, I'm in Silver atm and rengar/kha'zix are hardly ever a pick for jungle. It's all about picking Champs/Roles that are at your skill level , not the level of someone higher. Just some Forgotten Junglers that I think alot are over looking these days. They can still Jungle {{champion:31}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:20}} Also I have a [Champion Concept] Jungler that I feel needs more attention so if you want come by and give a look and vote please! Just my 2 cents. Thx
: Champion Conception Librarium: Where Champion Concepts Rise and Flourish UPDATE 1.2
Tobias - Master of Ki Role: Jungle/Fighter Abilities + WIP Lore + more included. Sorry about that I was just excited to get my champion up here. lol Thx
: ok needs a lot of improvements but fundamentally good
> ok needs a lot of improvements but fundamentally good Thanks for the reply, the only thing I ask is that you give a little more detail on what improvements you mean.
551202 (NA)
: {{champion:12}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:26}} . Those Champs need a VU or TU to fit in the Season 5. They need a Vu and Gameplay update because they are outdated and/or broken. Those 2009 champs need some love please {{item:3151}}
don't forget about these newbs {{champion:8}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:111}} {{item:2050}}__ {{item:2050}} {{item:3070}} -_- {{item:3070}}
: An OR Option in Team Builder!!
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