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: Overall Gameplay of League of Legends
This game is just... cancer to play. Never have I ever seen the game in such a horrid state. I will flat out refuse to play Normals in Summoner's Rift, because even if you win, you don't feel good. Here's why. Busted Champions. {{champion:266}} {{champion:350}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:246}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:223}} These champions here make the game COMPLETELY unfun to play. The AMOUNT of burst, CC, and snow balling is HORRENDOUS. People complain that people want to FF@15 all the time? This is why! If you fall behind at all, you will NEVER come back. Towers won't protect you. Shields will not protect you. Team will not protect you. Theres no reason to play out a game because by the 5 to 10 minute mark, a team is so far ahead in terms of gold, vision and items that they can just look at you and you will die. Towers are Pretty Much made of Paper. Towers, a central objective to the game, the one thing that's supposed to protect you in lane does FUCK ALL in terms of it's job. The enemy will more than liekly tower dive you, burst you, CC you, and walk out with at least 50% HP. Once they kill you, They take tower plates and get even farther ahead. Junglers will come in, gank you, dive you even, and take your tower by the 8-15 minute mark, and your forced to give up everything because you'll just die if you walk up.
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: Encountered a critical error while starting a ranked
: > [{quoted}](name=Chaosedge,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=umlbwhWG,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-06-27T17:16:54.011+0000) > > Indie Company remember? _Only a 1.5 Billion Dollar Indie Company._ 6 billion my guy, 6
What the fuck? It's more?! I checked google, seeing it was only 1.5 Bil. That's even more ridiculous!
: Riot is smol indie company with only a few servers :-/
Indie Company remember? _Only a 1.5 Billion Dollar Indie Company._
Jeokr (NA)
: Same thing happened to me and idk what to do :(
Do What I'm doing. Log out and go play something better. This isn't worth the headache if Riot can't do something about this.
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: i think i was in qeue for 1h, decided i'll just wait for the update to come on the 25th
I guess it's just goes to show how fun the game is. I'm surprised that Riot have made such a fun and addicting game as TFT. It's all my League buddies wanna do right now.
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: I really liked the combat system in Kingdom Hearts. Why has no other games done that yet?
The KH combat system in an MMO would be too hectic and there would be no way to balance it unfortunately.
: Fuck mmorpgs, there's a reason they died like 7-10 years ago. Unless they have some way to shake up the formula of a standard mmorpg significantly I would hate to see them making one tbh. They are expensive to make, and their audience is very niche.
"died like 7-10 years ago". LOL I don't think you're with the times my friend. FFXIV and WoW are still very much alive.
: Would you play an MMORPG based around Runeterra's lore?
Well that brings up a whole lot of questions that people (customers/developers) have to ask themselves. How extensive do we want that character creation? Do we introduce the already existing champions? What about the combat system? Although I have to admit, I would be EXTREMELY interested to see where this goes
: EA is trash, they took the once amazing RPG maker Bioware and turned them into a joke. They literally ruin everything they touch.
> [{quoted}](name=Nausicäa ,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=qpegzzqj,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-11-19T19:53:37.881+0000) > > EA is trash, they took the once amazing RPG maker Bioware and turned them into a joke. They literally ruin everything they touch. Okkay to be COMPLETELY FAIR, Dragon Age: Inquistion was one of the best Bioware games I've ever played and lot of people I know who played it agreed.
: I think ultimate skins will be harder and harder to release when riot realizes they have to out do the previous ultimate skin but also make the older versions still worth it (so the player base doesn't bitch). So they might take a lot longer than one year to come out with another.
> [{quoted}](name=Arcathos,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=69dK6aug,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-14T20:34:11.412+0000) > > I think ultimate skins will be harder and harder to release when riot realizes they have to out do the previous ultimate skin but also make the older versions still worth it (so the player base doesn't bitch). So they might take a lot longer than one year to come out with another. They don't necessarily have to outdo the previous Ultimate skin. They just need to give it the look of an 1820 skin with something to drastically change their gameplay. Like DJ Sona changing the background music, Ezreal evolving as the game goes on. Udyr becoming part Bear/Turtle/Tiger/Pheonix and Lux's elemental changing. Just gotta be something TRULY UNIQUE to the table
: ***
ELO has nothing to do with this at all! Either you are trolling or you're legitimately that stupid.
: How dare you insult my Vifu?!
Oh, do you mean the Vicious Violent Vixen Voiding Vindication?
But why can't they do the same thing they did with Battle Boss Blitzcrank and give him a "hovering" style animation...? C'mon Riot... Stop being lazy
: It's the world championship. People need to play meta in order to get an advantage. Sure it might be fun for us to see random champions, but for these guys this is their job. You wouldn't want you being the reason your team got disqualified, because you decided to pick a weaker pick.
Yeah I guess. Just wish I wasn't like that. Wishful thinking I suppose...
: Yeah well with championship on the line they are going to play the strongest champs/items. It only when matches have no bearing on their standing/placements that they gladly play random champs for the fans. Like this game for example:
I watched up to the pick phase of this video, and I was already excited. This is what I'm talking about. I want to see more stuff like this to really amp up the match and have it be fun to watch.
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: I'm of the idea the boards would be better without a voting system.
Well I've come to expect that every time I make a post on the boards, I'm going to get downvoted immediately. Because my topics are controversial or toxic? No. Because 70% of the people that prowl the boards are nothing but angry little mouth breathers who are probably toxic as fuck in games and on the boards to soothe and stroke their increasingly fragile ego.
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: Yasuo voice actor
That feel when you find out Liam O'Brien voices a lot of your favorite edgelords. Kain, Yasuo, War, Illidan... "You are not prepared!!"
: In honor of Spooky month, here's something Spooky
: Let's play a game : Choose only 1 champion of each.
1-One you really love his overall character and theme but you don't really play him : Have Mercy on me..... {{champion:157}} 2-One you really love him but hate going against him/her : {{champion:4}} (Such a cool champ, never do well with him) 3-One you like playing with him/Being with you in the same team : {{champion:37}} (She's my Bae~! <3) 4-One you don't like playing with him/Having in him in your team : {{champion:27}} (Feeds 95% of the time) 5-One champ you dont like his visual but you'd play him only with his badass skins : {{champion:77}} (Spirit Guard Udyr. The only REAL Udyr)
: This Whole "Never Surrender" (a.k.a "Holding A Game Hostage") Thing Is Getting Out Of Hand
Honestly, I've had enough of it as well. I have no problem at this point that after 2 surrender fails, Just strolling about in the base or AFK farming/pushing.
: Notice how your post is 0% toxic and 0% shitpost yet you still get downvoted? Sorry but I will never not point out how ridiculous these boards are with downvotes. Project Draven would be dope btw. Hope we get a new set this season.
Meh. I honestly don't give a shit about Down/Upvotes. As long as I can bring up a discussion. I dont play much Draven but I would so buy that Project Draven skin
: It's time for some beast-cyborg Project skins. Enough with all the cyborg humans. {{champion:19}} - Dark purple, purple blood hunt particles, new dance {{champion:107}} - Orange, make him a tiger cyborg {{champion:33}} - White
: No PROJECT skin without Quinn. Also Diana to go with Leona.
True True they would work. But I don't play either Quinn or Diana, so I can't say I'd be too thrilled.
: can't picture project {{champion:136}} Project skins are generally actual people and they wield weapons. Aurelion wouldn't fit by that description. The rest I can see.
I know it wouldn't work but I still wish for it! Any skin for Sol at this point would be appreciated.
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: I like to think they try to. I'm not here to call Reav3 a liar, I don't know the full story. I'm just looking for an answer to what's going on with that one line we were promised mere days ago.
Well lets think about this from a developper standpoint. Let's say you have a Voice Actor/Actress who has to read off about 500 lines of dialogue, each taking about 1-10 attempts at each line. Sometimes lines just don't work out to fit into a character so they remove it. I think Elementalist Lux had the voice work a shit ton worse because you had 9-11(I forgot how many) different forms to act out.
: What happened to Evelynn's line "It takes a lot of effort to move like this in heels."?
: Tibbers Gets Better Skins Than Volibear
Just goes to show you that the Skin Department doesn't give two flying fucks what the fans want. Fans want an Aurelion Sol, Illaoi, Taliyah or Volibear skin? Fuck them, make new Annie Skins! Unfortunately, champion popularity is a massive factor into which champion gets which skin. But what they don't realize is that a new skin for a less popular champion can breath some new life into said champion.
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: I agree with you the color seems a bit off. On an unrelated note, Fiora's splash art really reminds me of Korra :o
She more reminds me more of Xianghua from Soul Calibur. 2 to be exact.
: What rank does yi's usefulness fall off
Because it still amounts to player skill. A VERY well timed Q can dodge the Elise stun, the Lee Sin 2nd Q or any CC put on him. Around Diamond ELO is when his usefully starts to fade.
: I play shit like that in draft normals all the time. The only time I get flamed for it is if I do poorly. Who would have thought.......
> [{quoted}](name=L Psy Congroo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=G0inmN9s,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-11T19:29:20.923+0000) > > I play shit like that in draft normals all the time. The only time I get flamed for it is if I do poorly. Who would have thought....... Thats the kind of the only thing that bothers me. People have long forgotten the Fun Factor to League of Legends. Probably why I'm so trigger happy on the mute button
: Catch-Up Experience Is Unhealthy for Competitive Play
Meh, just play Warwick. I'd dare a Lee Sin or Vi to counter jungle me.
: My wish list for Season 8:
I agree with you but one thing. We already have good AP itemization. It's just trapped in fucking Twisted Treeline.
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AD Yuumi (NA)
: So a common misconception is, "Riot nerfs things that do things they didn't plan for." Looking back, there's a lot of examples that seem to support this theory, AP Janna and AP Lulu being a couple. The reality however is that we're fine with offbuilds/offlanes. What we're not fine with is when these different builds result in play patterns we find to be degenerate. The reason we tend to kick supports out of mid is that support kits inherently lack counterplay to many of their defensive (and sometimes offensive) actions (they need this, else they would be ineffective at keeping their allies alive as supports). This often creates creates problematic midlane experiences where an assassin like Zed has no chance to succeed against old AP Janna or Lulu as he has no way to get around their cornucopia of CC and Defenses. Nerf AP Janna's waveclear/offensive potential and she's no longer able to mid (there's a baseline of damage/clear you need to function in mid). Nerf her reliable "Screw you for being aggressive" utility and she becomes much worse at support. In regards to Lucian, it's true that he can be obnoxious, but he still brings a number of tradeoffs when picked as a midlaner, and he isn't unapproachable in the way that AP lulu was. TLDR: We don't nerf supports out of mid because "OMFG JANNA IS BEING PLAYED MID. GET HER BACK TO BOT AND BUY A SIGHTONE #NOFUNALLOWED" off-builds. We nerf them because when they're strong there it's often because their kits make them unapproachable in ways we would prefer not to support and changing that reality would risk forcing them out of the support role (we saw this happen to Lulu).
Then can we give small buffs to Sona so she can be played Midlane or do you guys at Riot really hate her THAT much?
: Stop taking Ornn Jungle
Maybe I want to play him Jungle? Hell I made Kassadin and Katarina Jungle work, I can sure as shit make Ornn jungle work.
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: We're hoping to do a pass on AP itemization sometime in the (hopefully near) future. If the issue with them is build diversity, some suggestions for new/modified items could be useful, if for no other reason than to get some ideas flowing. If those suggestions also included why they'd be good additions to the game, or what problem they address, that would also be very useful.
Maybe a good start would be bringing some of the items exclusive to Twisted Treeline such as {{item:3170}} {{item:3090}} could be introduced into Summoner's Rift for mages. Twisted Treeline itself is so meh as is to have it's own items, so why not bring the items you get from there onto the Rift and balanced them that way. {{item:3090}} Have this as a different option for armor on mages, but give them enough AP more than just armor. Remove both the effects on it while also making it a defensive item. Maybe give it an active effect that displaces yourself much like Elise's Rapple, so immobile mages don't immediately die if they get pounced on by an assassain, whilst also giving it a decent enough cooldown and range. To keep it from being abused, we could have it so if you are ALREADY targetted, the damage/effect goes through. {{item:3170}} LET THIS ITEM KEEP IT'S EFFECT of being a QSS for mages. To compensate for that, lower the ARMOR AND MAGIC RESIST, whilst giving it the same AP value as a Lich Bane. But what about the items already on the rift? I'll give some thoughts on those as well. {{item:3001}} Maybe make this less of a tank item and more of a mage item. Return it's AP but reduce it. Lower the MR from it. Keep the CDR and the Health. And maybe make the "lower MR from enemy" thing an over time thing, where an enemy would lose more and more MR, maybe up to 15% the longer they are in the effect of the item. {{item:3174}} Buff the AP to about 60. Make it WORTH buying, because nowadays this item seems pointless. {{item:3089}} Either Buff the Raw AP of this item, or buff the AP% BOOST we get from it. Unfortunately that's all I can think of for now.
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