: While you're doing that though, make sure to give a reminder that Morde does need some additional work done. He's better than he was, definitely, but that doesn't ignore the fact that he still is in an awkward spot and needs more power in the proper scenarios. (i.e Dragon should be more useful, W should probably be a bit (?) more rewarding). I'm not a morde main, but they've been giving ideas since Day 1. of his changes, so looking into their list again would probably be a good idea.
I wanna know who would down vote a productive comment like this...
: haha, that was months ago. i lost it ;;
Well then I'd suggest you keep trying with support tickets or the like, it's pretty rare that you get a red response on this particular board, especially on weekends.
: The strange thing is, I got a 2 week ban on my first offense. It was literally one game, granted I said some rather misogynistic stuff. It kind'a sucks getting that notification that I can't get loot every single damn game though.
That happens semi frequently is the log is bad enough from what I've seen in past posts. You'd have to post the log though for anyone to be able to try and gauge. Maybe get an arbiters attention at least...
: My friend who got a two week got his loot back in like, two weeks and he rarely plays. This system isn't really transparent.
I feel like transparency is a double edged sword here, since then people would easily be able to work the system. At the same time it'd be nice to know I guess. Though to be honest I'm not stupid enough to get banned so *shrug*
: no replies, feelsbadman
It could be that it's a Saturday morning at like 8 AM there...
Marbelara (EUNE)
: As in... He's intended to look like we're back to 2009? His model is literally 7 years old. _It's a potato with legs._
He actually got a texture update about 18 months ago I believe. Additionally I think there's a pretty significant list of champs that need it more... CoughpizzafeetpantheonCough
: I mean...how much money did you lose? Cause that's the main detriment. How much time did you lose, how much IP did you build? Those are also losses. Banning may not stop you from playing the game but it does just burn a lot of time and money, depending how much of both you spent. Probably better off playing Overwatch or HotS tbh. Community there isn't as bad I hear so you won't be as easily triggered, since it sounds like you have no interest in learning to control your temper.
Cool, those are your consequences for not taking the multiple warnings or the Terms of Service seriously. You lose all of that, straight up. Now you get to choose to either learn from your mistakes and try starting a new account, or moving on to a different game. Good luck either way.
PKNation (NA)
: then wtfs the point of banning this one? if people can just make new ones and keep being toxic see? the whole things is completely useless all it does is rip people of their money and their acheivements. rip me never playing this shitty ass game again i was about to buy darkstar thresh aswell. can't wait to see this game go to the shitter imma play some csgo
I mean...how much money did you lose? Cause that's the main detriment. How much time did you lose, how much IP did you build? Those are also losses. Banning may not stop you from playing the game but it does just burn a lot of time and money, depending how much of both you spent. Probably better off playing Overwatch or HotS tbh. Community there isn't as bad I hear so you won't be as easily triggered, since it sounds like you have no interest in learning to control your temper.
PKNation (NA)
: being banned wont help me become a better part of the community wtf i'm no longer PART OF THE COMMUNITY I'M BANNED.
Maybe read the first part of the sentence. You know where I wished you luck on your next account. It's not like you were banned from League as a game, just that single account. You can make another.
PKNation (NA)
: theres was lots of name calling but it wasnt just me i was being attacked aswell.
This type of thread has been made dozens of times. When will people get it through their heads, retaliation is just as bad as starting the name calling. You made the choice to start fighting back. Own up to that choice. You were given warnings, you ignored said warnings. Rather than complain on the boards maybe try to learn from your mistakes and try to get your temper under control. A short temper will cause more harm than good in every aspect of your life so it can only be good to learn to control it. Best of luck on your next account, I hope you learn your lesson and become a more positive than negative member of the community.
resumed (NA)
: veigar needs a vu
Reasonably sure he got a minor one within the last year. Additionally I'm pretty sure that's how he's intended to look to some extent.
: Brand does too much damage now.
The thing is a lot of his damage was shifted to getting max stacks of his passive. If you can't manage to do that then you actually do significantly less damage. If you can, then you do a some good damage. Combos are more rewarding, just landing one or two abilities is less. He does do more, but only under the right circumstances.
Drukai (NA)
: Thresh Bug
There is a difference between cast animation and channel time. It's an important distinction.
Maybe compare it to traps that aren't an ultimate...
: Ok, thank you!
You're welcome! Good luck!
Rabî (EUW)
Byebye you won't be missed!
: Screw you RITO. You didn't need to do this to him there had to be a better way to deal with the case. Tyler existing shows that your reporting system is really crap and instead of focusing on a group of many people you just aim at one guy. If you ask me it is YOU who is a genuine jerk. I have been reporting so many people for trolling in the low elo ranked games and you guys do nothing about it. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
So, 18 bans didn't deserve more severe punishment? Huh, so if you serve 18 sentences for, well, anything, you're not going to get a longer sentence eventually if you keep comiting crimes? If you get your license suspended 18 times they're not going to tell you you can never drive again (yes they totally do and it's way earlier than than 18 times)? Using low elo games as a comparison is also pretty bad....since down there the people can actually just be that bad. So these trolls can occasionally just be having a particularly bad day and if riot banned every single one of them then...well we would have a lot more players in silver probably. Also the 'trolls' you report probably don't also have 18 previous account bans. That's something upwards of 90 total chances given.
: man i have way worse in my games don't see them banned this is literally just a show so riot can seem like they are working good for the community
Yes cause your miniscule sample size can be compared to a person that got permanently banned 18 times. You only saw probably less than 20% of his games so you l know next to nothing about how toxic he actually was. I personally see toxic players every day too. I report them and get the response that they've been punished roughly one out of every 3 reports. So maybe pull your head out of the sand and think like a real human being for 3 seconds. Maybe you'll realize that this guy had WAY too many chances and that Riot got tired of giving them to him. Reason being since he's a streamer with so much popularity they were able to track the bans and his accounts. I'm sure if more people broke as many rules as often as him were streamers they'd be treated the same way. He's not being made an example of, he's just an awful person.
: is it possible to retrieve them somehow?
...it should be in your e-mail. They were also in the bottom of the box you screen spotted originally. Alterratically if you send in a ticket they will happily give you the logs.
: still get the point :/, there's not enough words in english from my opinion
There's no point to get here since the word they want isn't applicable anyway.
: > [{quoted}](name=Chaotic Sage,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tqcydtAE,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-04-30T08:29:40.168+0000) > > By the gods that's a bad string of luck...if you still have the courage to play more ranked after that I'm impressed. I would have to take a break from it by then :-/ This has literally been my match history for over 30 games, unless I'm the adc. Then it is the solo lanes. I'm surprised I have the give a damn to keep playing. This sucks man.
I recommend to you the same I did to the OP. Walk away for a little while, maybe even try to play with friends or search up a team on the forums. If you're silver-plat I'd be happy to play a couple games with you when I'm on next if you'd like to add me.
: just now i started a game and the first thing the 3rd pick does is ban my champ and say "xd swag". i picked fucking nasus top. to hell with this shit. im flat out doing the same shit back. theres no fucking point in trying to climb . fuck this goddamn game. everyone is keen on ruining my experience so to fucking hell with theirs. one of the duo that is trolling me just sat in my lane and told me to mid on a top champ.
Yea...probably take a short hiatus from ranked my friend. You're going to end up even more tilted at this rate. I'd recommend playing a different not Internet based game that you can just beat for a little while. When you have a string of games like that it seems like it just gets worse. Better to walk away for a little while at least.
: I'm not sure when the last suspension was, as i said I don't play league very often and its been months.. perhaps over a year?
We would need to see the logs then to have any chance of determining what happened then of that's the case.
: ive had this 3 times in a row. the last game i had a 2-25 bot and the game before that i had a 6-18 bot.
By the gods that's a bad string of luck...if you still have the courage to play more ranked after that I'm impressed. I would have to take a break from it by then :-/
: i refuse to believe i just played a ranked game.
This appears to just have been one of the unwinnable games that we're all prone to occasionally have. Sorry this one was particularly bad.
: So what you're saying is all the evidence in the video provided is faked and Tyler1 between lifting weights, going to class, streaming, eating, and sleeping is getting on a League personally everyday just to troll. Time to get out your tin foil hats.
The funniest part here, is that you seem to believe everything you read/see/watch on the internet. Did you ever think that he could, you know, be lying? Does he walk around with a GoPro on his head all day every day of his life? Can videos suddenly not be modified and doctored? No? Then hey, there's no reason to believe him. He knew he was facing the potential of this so why would he do anything but say anything to try to avoid it? Critical thinking is an important part of life, maybe do some sometime.
When exactly was the last suspension? That's an important part. Almost as important as the chat logs you failed to include in the SS.
: No, I was talking about his 2nd to last ban. They've probably been targeting him for nothing for a long time because that last ban he had is completely bullshit. Shit like this is said in literally every league game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__uglbrpqr0 I mean at worst this would be a All-Chat mute for a couple games.
I mean...did you read what I said? He was probably banned as a person well before this post. ALTERNATIVELY he doesn't stream the games that he's extremely toxic. Did you ever think of that Mr. fanboy? Probably not cause your idol can obviously do no wrong after telling the internet that he was trying to reform.
: Riot, you seriously made a mistake on this one. I agree with the community have you ever actually watched tyler? i mean sure he used to be hella toxic but now if anything he does it in defence being trolled on almost every game he plays and it's sad that you're banning him for what hundreds of thousands of players do on a daily basis for shits and giggles. "Go kill yourself", "Fuck you %%%got", etc. these things get tossed round the rift on a daily basis and that's not toxic enough to warrant a ban?? Clearly speculation, about how you and twitch are allowing the LCS players and the "Favorites" decide what's right and wrong and who gets banned or not, is correct. I'm am ashamed to admit that even if you read this you won't care you don't care about the community at all you care about how fat your pockets are. And yeah I will probably play league still but I'll be damned if i give you another penny of what i work to earn you're nothing but Trump clones all money, no brain/competence. But let your children run around and decide your rules watch your businesses fall.
Yes they have watched him. In the games he doesn't stream where he's still more than likely actively toxic resuling from all of the buildup he has from playing the 'reformed victim' on his live stream.
: If you watched Tyler1's streams this last past month you would understand how changed he is. Riot really doesn't care though. They don't want someone like him to gain so much popularity on Twitch even if he is reformed. He even got one of his accounts perm banned a couple weeks ago and showed the ban on screen and it was over nothing. I bet a lot of his last bans were simply because he is Tyler1.
If you read the part where they said he's been permabanned as a person...it makes sense that he was banned for exactly that. Being Tyler1.
: "genuine jerk," nice hypocritism idiots
News flash folks, 'hypocritism' is a word now. Jesus I had to stop my phone from correcting it to both hypocritical and hypocrisy...you know...real words. Not even applicable here is the best part.
Seltz (NA)
: I love how they say "we got your back" as if the overwhelming majority isn't disagreeing with them here. I was really enjoying watching tylers reformation take place through his content.. he was making a change.. You guys have done some stupid shit in the past but this takes the cake. Awful company that hardly listens to their community, fuck off riot
To be correct you should probably specify that it's the overwhelming majority of the people that use the forums cause saying that 1500 players is the 'overwhelming majority' of the player base is...well wrong. Also his 'change' frankly came too late...probably around 15 bans too late.
: ***
Yea, wow. You really need psychological help buddy. Hope you get some soon.
Saltorin (NA)
: are you seriously banning this guy?,,, he trash talks and he gets his accs banned, so what, he is passionate about the game. you dont see any referee destroying a soccer player carreer for talking dirty... srsly, the things this company do amaze me. They are smart enough to keep a the biggest gaming community in the world but dumb enough to do sh*t like this, trash talking is part sports... i hope u fail in what you are trying to do in esports. The unsportmanlike behavior comes from the company first... gg report... i know ppl that have been banned like 8 times and also keep playing, why dont u ban them? cause they aint famous?
He was banned upwards of 20 times...not just once and for more than just toxicity. Also they absolutely do ban professional sports players for life, it's just rare since the circumstances need to be extreme. Additionally, yes, it is cause they're not famous. They can keep banning his accounts as long as he keeps streaming, if he stopped he could probably make a new one.
: ***
Wow, you're a piece of work aren't you...well you're yet another that will definitely not be missed.
: RIOT please unban him, he has changed he said that on his stream. its really unfair.
Hey! We have a revelation here! If someone says (on the internet no less) they've changed in the face of impending punishment they've totally changed! It's legit!
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Socrates,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=8a75KeUR,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-30T01:30:20.882+0000) > > Hey all, > > Instant Feedback catches the most unsportsmanlike players in League, but some people go out of their way to continue ruining games for the community. Because of a well-documented history of account bans for verbal abuse, intentional feeding, as well as account sharing/purchasing, evasion of sportsmanship systems, and player harassment, we will not allow Tyler1 to hold a League of Legends account, indefinitely. Any account definitively used by him will be banned immediately upon identification. > > We know we’re not perfect, and this dragged on too long, but we want you to know when the rare player comes along who’s a genuine jerk, we’ve still got your back. When did he buy an acount? He improved vastly on his toxic behavior which is the goal of your system right? So it was working. Meteos is toxic after and you didn't ban him or any of his account. Unban him or I'm done with this game. Kaceytroy and Nicktron deserve the ban more than Tyler1. HYPOCRISY. FFS HE IMPROVED HIS BEHAVIOR. PEOPLE TROLL HIM IN GAME. THEY CURSE AT HIM, HE MUTES THEM UNLIKE METEOS, OTHER STREAMERS TALK TRASH ABOUT HIM AND HE AVOIDS THE DRAMA. YOU BANNED HIM BECAUSE HE BLEW UP IN TERMS OF VIEWS DESPITE HIS "BEHAVIOR."
Byebye, you won't be missed.
Recon (NA)
: This is what you worry about? Instead of fixing your garbage Dynamic Queue or trying to allow a streamer to continue making a job out of enjoying playing this game? Dissappointed as ever with you Riot, because you continue to prioritize the wrong things.
You...you realize that these are two totally unrelated parts of the game and each has a separate team devoted to it, right? Riot isn't just a tiny company with like 5 people working there, they have multiple projects running at the same time.
: It's definitely different now, it's definitely buffed beyond ridiculous. All I need is someone who's aware that he HAS been ninja-buffed to know this, and they'll realize their mistake. They won't fix it though, so I'm really just saying this to pass it along to the mainstream leet haxorz. Play {{champion:54}} Now!!! Ezmode
...you're very bad at trolling.
: Malphite needs a nerf immediately.
Pretty sure that he's had the AS slow on his E for...probably well over a year?
: fix annie
The amount of salt in this post makes me think OP is at risk of a heart conditon...they have the changes they're making to Annie are developed and are being tested. Stop asking for things that are happening.
: Is Season 6 officially the most unbalanced season?
*Looks up when Xin was first released* Yea that one.
Desmare (NA)
: no i didn't, well that stinks. Shes so under powered now i don't even feel like playing her anymore. i may as well just use alistar and get a better result lol
She's still really really strong though...you just gotta get used to the new style. The Q is always a slow now which is beneficial. The HoT can be transferred to allies with your W which is good for sustain. Read the rest of the patch notes on her. Her win rate is still increasing so clearly some people know what to do with her as she changes so try to find them and figure what they know that you don't.
: Remove tahm kench from swallowing egg aniva
: > [{quoted}](name=RiotRepertoir,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ApE4WjUg,comment-id=0000000100080001000100010002000000000001,timestamp=2016-04-09T20:19:32.932+0000) > > If you don't mind me asking, why's that? I'm not the guy you were talking to, but this seems as good a place as any to post this: I honestly might uninstall this game if that rocket belt ends up going live. I already run ignite/smite instead of flash/smite. That item would just ruin the game for me.
You know it's barely even in testing now...they've said they're aware how dangerous item and are watching it very closely. Maybe just let then do their job and when it's actually on the pbe for the next patch then start complaining if it's still in a bad state.
: You and your upvote sheep don't fool anyone Repertoir. If you're really so against these "Knee-jerk balance reactions" then stop making them period, for EVERYONE.
He may have upvote sheep, but I'm sure there's as many people that upvoted him here because he's keeping very calm and trying to address your concerns, even through your blatant aggressive attitude towards him. He doesn't NEED to post here. He chooses to and does a pretty good job of it regardless of the mistreatment he receives from people like you.
Asamas (EUNE)
: Annie nurf maybe ?
Why would they nerf her? The MYMU is coming up relatively soon. It would be a pointless nerf when she's getting a significant update.
Desmare (NA)
: Soraka not healing herself
You know it was changed to a heal over time, right?
: Who should be the next star guardian?!
I still want Star Guardian Rammus and Garen.
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