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: Bros, what you don't understand is, when you smurf, if you have more than one account so many experience players FLAME SO HARD new brand new players and RUIN the future and current LOL. I've reported so many people while smerfing even my own new account. There is NO reason you should be matched up with a bronze or whatever anyways in your ranked game. IF YOU'RE NOT IN RANKED then you're probably in your elo. If you're not in your elo then you're probably on the wrong account or YOU or YOURSELF need removed from the beginner players. Help newer players, don't flame them...Otherwise stay in your ranked elo and keep flaming your teamates. Getting mad just thinking about how much you probably flame. I don't care how good you are, how much damage ya'll do. Get out. Get off.
lol what smurf do you have bro? you might have alts, but youre def not a smurf (at least the acc youre posting as is not a smurf)
: You got a ban rather than a chat restrict, which means you either offended multiple times (since you had to get two chat restricts first), or your "one offense" was hate speech, suicide encouragement, etc.
never got a chat restrict and i dont use hate speech or suicide talk so i guess asshat really hurts peoples feelings
: >Im so positive now, I make myself sick in games. Ive had SEVERAL 4 honors in a game (not premades) and havent moved up one fraction of a level of my honor since my 7-day ban. It takes a while. It's not just games played, but it's also time. The other thing to know is that minor tox that won't get you banned (on an honorable account) will slow down or reset your honor progression once you're below 2. Basically, you could be getting honored every single game and then pissing it all away when you "tell that person they are an asshat". One of these things is true: * You're not playing enough games * You're getting reported, and those reports are accurate * It hasn't been long enough >Also- LOL at Riot saying Tyler1 is reformed. What a joke to improve revenue. He's not trolling in games, telling people they're trash in the chat box, intentionally feeding, or leaving repeatedly. By the standard of the rules you agreed to follow here, he is reformed. Riot doesn't care what you say on stream.
thanks for the thoughts on the matter, must have not been enough time since the ban
: >you tell that person they are an asshat. Welp, now you we know why you got banned.
because i deal with asshats on the regular and call them out on it. groundbreaking!
: >if someone does bad, i tell them to pick it up. Berating someone else in your team has never in the history of league caused them to start playing better. >if ranks are not effected, why is my honor so low now? Because you got knocked down to the lowest tier. A 7 day ban strips you of honor, ranked rewards, and so forth.
berating someone and telling them to pick it up are two different things. youve not played a whole lot of organized sports in your life. youre missing the point of the second statement. im saying that there is no way in hell its only honor taken into account. your elo is also effected (although they wont admit that)
: You're being extremely subjective in what you regard as "climbing." Going from stuck in Gold 4 with a 49% win rate to Gold 1 with a 54% is definitely breaking through a wall and climbing. There's no prisoner's island, you're just toxic, and your negative view of the world around you is warping your perception of reality.
whatever you and your clanmates say, aaron
: Yeah, no. I've never received any punishments from Riot, honor level 5 on two servers, and I've definitely hit walls, and then seemed to magically climb past them without really improving.
sorry aaron, going from silver to gold isnt really that much of a climb. but keep at it! gold 1, might hit plat this season
: What is the point of rehabilitation?
ALSO, who is to say my previous honor was lacking? i wasnt dishonorable BEFORE the ban. i burn passionately. if someone does good, i congratulate. if someone does bad, i tell them to pick it up. if someone if fucking around, i tell them to stop fucking around. i had the highest level of honor pre 7-day ban. if ranks are not effected, why is my honor so low now? bet riot wont answer this shit because they know the honor system is broken
: If you don't feel at peace with yourself you're missing the benefits. Some anger is useful as a constructive way to not get trampled over by others' greed but if you can control your actions and reactions and use them to calculate logically what is most advantageous to you, there will be reward.
imo its always in your advantage to be assertive. if you have some fool wasting your time, and at least 3 other people on your teams time, you tell that person they are an asshat.
Katheara (NA)
: "I'm so positive now, I make myself sick..." I swear that's a quote from MSNBC's Lockup (Life In Prison) Documentary of a serial killer saying this to the camera. Hmmm... Can Riot and we the community be convinced of reform after multiple offenses? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
1 offense? sure why not. i think there is a huge difference in flaming among the levels of game play. you as a bronze 5 player i would not be able to identify "bad play". thats just a fact you dont have that in-game higher level knowledge that someone at a much higher elo has. this is not to say you may watch a ton of pro/streamer play and so you can SEE when something at the macro/micro level is great. but watching and preforming/evaluating on the fly are two very different beasts. also as a silver/bronze player youre grouped with the absolute highest percentage of players in lol. youre not climbing or falling at any significant rate. once you hit gold, games matter. you get a guy thats messing around in pre lobby, banning your highlighted champ, talking shit, bragging about being drunk or high in your lobby, so what? that happens in my lobby? im wasting my time- at least 30 minutes of it, and only to lose that rung on the ladder im climbing.
Ifneth (NA)
: 7) You actually change for the better as a person.
1- funny you say that, im about 99% sure riot actual implements something in their algorithm to keep people with ANY suspension down aka harder to climb. i havent improved at all but while i was hard stuck in gold on my previous acc, im probably going to hit diamond soon 2- literally the only reason i want honor restored. BUT THEN AGAIN, dont think that will happen. told you how positive ive been and how many post game honors ive gotten and still havent been bumped up one iota 3- dont really care about rewards? 4- dont care about all of the champs either? 5- havent really grinded. played fewer than 200 games on the new account and im the highest ive ever been as opposed to thousands of games stuck in mid gold 6- im reformed. cant help if i go ap voli in a game, clearly saying in pre lobby that im testing something and the will of my team (who says im INT at minute one) gets imposed on the opposite team and i get a 7-dayer 7- lol. if being positive in a video game is your indicator as a better person then just.... lol
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: Someones skill doesn't factor into the game at all. There are rules. You follow said rules. If you don't, you get punished. If someone is acting like a jerk to you, you report it after a game. That's it. You don't have the right to harass or flame a person. You are not granted the right to do something wrong just because another person has wronged you.
again, this is the mentality of a low ranked player in this game because skill INHERENTLY matters in RANKED esp at high levels you wont see me getting upset at all in norms or fun modes cause they are exactly that- modes that skill doesnt matter
Parastoo (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kantala,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=rHNeKP5a,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-26T17:28:21.513+0000) > > I seemingly recall Challenger players being able to climb out of bronze with ease. > > Maybe it's time to take a breather, look at the common denominator in all your games, and realize that it's YOU. > > {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} indeed, i hate having players like him on my team
and i ABHOR having players like you (silver) on my team
Kantala (NA)
: I seemingly recall Challenger players being able to climb out of bronze with ease. Maybe it's time to take a breather, look at the common denominator in all your games, and realize that it's YOU. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
this is it exactly! it placing players like you (who are vastly unskilled compared to me) in my games on my team. even on the other team! that is so unbalanced i never once claimed to be challenger, but im sure as hell not silver 4 or unranked. i know how to judge my team
Kaioko (NA)
: I mean you're the one going full AP volibear and complaining about trash teammates?
this is it exactly! it placing players like you (who are vastly unskilled compared to me) in my games on my team. even on the other team! that is so unbalanced
: Again, kind of don't feel bad for things directed at abusive people. If they aren't a fan of being likened to a tumor on the community then maybe they should reconsider how they generally treat people. The more people who are removed from the community who threaten and harass the better the community would be. It's common parlance to call toxic people 'cancer' in gaming communities, and if someone is treating people like garbage calling them out for it is not abusive.
this is a slippery slope. rage, flame, whatever. youre low silver. again all due respect you cant drop much further from someone completely tanking your game. you might not be able to tell at the micro/macro level. at plat you INSTANTLY know when someone is messing around. in most instances this is on purpose! i am calm and i go into defense mode immediately and tell people to play safe etc. but once they start messing around cause "its a lost cause" or whatever their mentality is they are in fact abusing me. i say nothing until youre told in game how to salvage it and then not only ignore that order, but exacerbate the problem by doing dumb stuff. again i think this only applies to high gold +
Hines57 (NA)
: Then don't flame and be the cause of a toxic community. Easy.
i will get angry at you 100% of the time if youre fooling around in my ranked game no offense to you Hines57, but youre bronze 3. i have played years to get to the level i am and im trying my damnedest to hit diamond. you might not be able to tell, but at platinum you can EASILY tell when someone is fucking around. bad games aside (which you can also distinguish at my level) if you fuck around and try to lose you deserve all of the rage. not only do you waste at LEAST 30 min of my time (match finding, champ select, 20 min surrender cause they dont do it at 15) but you also strip away my points.
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Mita3003 (EUNE)
: I just checked you match history and you are playing with people that are your level of skill. You just have bad games i recently had 5 bad games where the bot lane feed 0/10 but what can you do. Just stop playing for a few hours cool off and it will be good
no they are not. look at their match histories and compare to mine, shouldnt be with me
: No, we shouldn't have player input determine "how good someone is". Almost every player thinks they are the best one on the team. This isn't even just a League thing: it's a people thing.
thats not even remotely true. you need to be objective just like reporting people.
: I'm sure that you deserve chalenjour and are only held back because the warwick gank caused you to launch your yasuo tornado in the opposite direction.
and im sure youre the reason im stuck in gold
: >IF someone blocks someone else riot- THEY SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO Q UP TOGETHER- THIS MAKES 0 SENSE! YOU NEED TO ALTER THIS RIOT! They can't do that or you'd run out of people to play the game with.
when you right, you right
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