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: Familiar with basics, how to get better?
Welcome to LoL! This game is very deep and there is a lot to learn, but it seems like you've got the right attitude already. I would highly recommend watching the new viewer streams from the world championship that happened a few weeks ago. Unfortunately there's no official Riot links, but this Youtube channel recorded them:
: Terribly Transparent Update on Client Alpha Acceptance Problems
Waiting for OP to deliver {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: What happened to Varus!?
I think Varus struggles because he is situational, whereas other champions are less punishing. Keep in mind that preseason is coming and the assassins update will affect how good Varus is in the meta. **Strengths**: * Strong, long range poke * Decent AOE damage * Healing Reduction * % health damage (Magic damage) **Weaknesses**: * Low mobility (no escapes) * Crowd control can be hard to hit (usually you only hit one person) * Burst damage combo takes time (2-3 auto attacks and a spell cast) I think you should pick him if you enjoy playing him, but be aware of the following matchups. These are popular champions in the current patch 6.21 Varus is good against: {{champion:16}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:8}} Varus has a hard time against: {{champion:60}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:85}} Varus plays well with: {{champion:202}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:43}} In general, Varus wants to poke from afar and struggles against hard engage teams.
: Hello Riot Lyte, I've been a League player since UFO Corki, but played a ton more starting S3. Currently in Plat right now, peaked at Plat 1, graduated as a math major(go Bruins!), and currently working as temporary independent contractor over at F Building. I've probably played League more than any other game, other than maybe SC1/2 and WC3/Dota. I've lived through the Evelynn stuns, Vlad Spell vamp stacking, AP Tryndameres, GP10s, Force of Nature, let's all get BotRK, Azir bugs, and ridiculous lvl 2 Rengars. League is a thrill ride for me, it drives me nuts sometimes, but it also brings a feeling of competitive satisfaction. League is fun as hell, but it's also a learning experience. I feel like I've improved a lot since I started, from things like strategy and understanding the game, mechanics, to cooperation, and little things like being nicer (I still get mad sometimes, guilty! ), that improve my experience and my ability to do well. My friends and I used to play a lot and we'd always mess around, but they stopped playing. Then I ran away to London for a year, made friends with a bunch of League players at the local esports pub, and fell in love all over again. Recently I've gotten to play a lot more with my coworkers too, and there's just a separate appreciation from playing together as a team with people you know, whether it's seriously or for fun. Anyways, I'd love to help out, my schedule is flexible, so let me know! Best, Luke SpotTheNinja / NA
Hey Lyte, I'm currently a junior studying computer science (games) at USC. In addition, I'm doing some cantonese translation with @SpotTheNinja over in F building! I've been playing League since preseason week 1 of season 1, with the release of Xin Zhao. I played SCII a lot with a friend in high school, but he suggested LoL one day. I thought LoL was a funny name, but immediately I was hooked. I ended season 1 at bronze, season 2 at gold, season 3 at diamond. In season 4 I peaked at Diamond 1. League has a very special place in my heart, because it's the first free to play game that doesn't trade in game power for money. I was a fairly shy person when I first started playing League, but it helped me make friends and connect with other people. For once, I felt like there was something that I understood really well and could converse about. This helped me make friends quickly in college, and I actually convinced 4 of my floormates freshmen year to start playing League...perfect for a ranked 5's team. League helped me keep in touch with my high school friends, and it also helps me solidify the relationship with new friends in college.
: Doraemon is pretty damn funny
Who's your favorite character?
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
This is pretty exciting! ^^ I don't mind having my chat logs shared.
: Patch 4.14 notes
HEADHUNTER {{champion:51}} WHERE?
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: I'm rebuilding signup. I can't tell you exactly how, for obvious reason, but needs an overhaul, don't you think? :)
LOL Woahhh I just realized that site hasn't really changed over the last 4 years.
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: Riot Games Summer Intern Q&A
What are some of the coolest projects you guys have worked on as interns? (At least out of the ones that you're allowed to talk about)
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: Queuing for Roles...
Yes, all the other posts are correct. Team Builder is a system where people can do exactly what you've proposed. Riot was hesitant to implement this for fear that it would solidify a set "meta," but they've left an option to queue for avant garde strategies
: Vi ult needs more counterplay.
I definitely agree that Vi's ult is one of the most difficult things to deal with, but taking away her CC immunity is too drastic. Her ability to dunk people makes her feel strong and imapctful. If her ult could be stopped by a janna tornado, vi would not be viable for competitive use
: Vayne skin soon ?
Keep in mind that the holiday season is coming up, so there's plenty of potential for a harrowing or snowdown showdown skin
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