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: > She is fine currently,but she got buffs on the PBE. > > > PASSIVE range to 1000 from 800. > > Knock up on Q got increased 1-1.5sec. > > And there was something else on Q,dont remember what it was. I don't really consider that a buff on the pbe tbh. Ok the Passive range increase is nice, and the other thing about her Q that you forgot was that the CD for the Tornado starts at the start of the cast instead of after the skill is fully used, which both of those are a straight buff. However, I think the knock up on her Tornado is more of a nerf then a buff. She lost 0.3 seconds on instant cast tornado to have it increase a max of 0.25. So it went from 0.8 - 1 second, to 0.5 - 1.25 second. As some one who played Janna a lot, it's not really easy to get a chance to even let your tornado charge up for the extra knock up besides for the laning phase. In team fights, you have to hold on to your tornado and generally instant cast it as a peel for your carry especially with there being so many champions with Dashes/Gap closers and general ways to easily stick to carries. Now on the pbe, we will have to let the tornado charge up for like 1.5 seconds (assuming an extra .5 seconds even adds any time) just to break even of the amount of knock up/peel that we can already do live.
[From the Lol Wiki page for Janna]( > Just edited Howling Gale's base knock-up. According to Rick Maher, it has always been 0.5, as opposed to the .8 this wiki had stated. Buff in PBE take Q from .5 - 1 to .5 - 1.25.
: > I think they just need to remove scaling with AP on support champs and increase the base damages, this will keep them strong in lane but fall off late game or their pushing power will go down. For instance have level 9 lulu do 50-70 more base damage with q and e than she does now but have AP scaling of close to 0 then give her e some sort of health scaling for shields only or something like that. Or add more items that add on hit damage for spells for supports to buy I dunno. I do think that they should remove AP scalings, but only on supportive spells like heals, shields, slows and MS buffs. AP scaling on damage spells is OK, as it makes those champions usable outside the support role. IMO, the support role shouldn't be allowed to deal as much damage as other roles, but it should be able to help their team the most. I think they should create support-only items that increased their utility which are cheap enough for supports to buy but gold inefficient enough for other roles to make them have to make a choice between damage, defense and utility.
By removing the scaling and buffing the base amount, wouldn't the heal at level 9 (assuming it was maxed first) be the exact same as the heal at level 18? This heal would be too small late game to even heal up from poke, or if not, it will be too oppressive at level 9 to balance. The purpose of AP scalings was to scale a supports utility over the game based on their teams gold income, but unfortunately this resulted in several abuse cases so scalings were warped to the ground. Instead of scaling with gold and ap, the utility scalings should all be by level. Instead of heals 50/100/150/200/250 +(0.50 AP), make it 50/100/150/200/250+(3/6/9/12/15*level) or something similar. My numbers might be too high, but I hope the point is understood. This lets supports utility scale with their ability to stay in lane, so supports scale with their ability to support. Damage portions of spells would still scale with AP. The only major counter argument I can forsee is supports as solo-lanes with an op heal because it scales even more with the extra solo lane experience. But this wouldn't happen as long as the level scaling on utility spells scale heavily with skill level (rank 1-5) and the supports lack wave clear without maxing their offensive skills first (small heal stays small until the laning phase is over because the laner cannot level it early, but could do so in a supporting role).
: She is fine currently,but she got buffs on the PBE. PASSIVE range to 1000 from 800. Knock up on Q got increased 1-1.5sec. And there was something else on Q,dont remember what it was.
They changed the cooldown to start when she first casts Q, instead of the starting the cooldown on the second/charged up cast. So basically 0-3 second cooldown reduction buff for Janna's Q. Edit: Although I never saw any mention of adjusting her mana costs, and at 150 mana each tornado, the shortened cooldown seems misplaced without lowering the cost as well.
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