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: Thanks for providing more context. Since the PBE works fine but the live client does not, I suspect this is caused by a network routing issue, specifically because the servers reside in different geolocations. Our [connection guide]( touches on common solutions for this, so I recommend giving the steps within it a go. Let me know if this caused any change.
Okay, I'm not sure it was those that worked. However, I followed a video I found and went into the folder and got rid of the "last version" in the RADs and the game config then moved game config back and ran as admin. This fixed the issue (or is right now). Thank you for your responses, much appreciated
: Are you sure all the processes associated with League are completed closed before trying to relaunch the game? Also, how often do you restart or shut down your computer? I'd definitely recommend giving the ole gal a reboot before diving too deep into troubleshooting.
Yes I make sure everything is closed before I try to run it again, and it consistently happens. I restart my computer fairly often. However, even when I tried to uninstall the client and reinstall it I am having the same issue. My PBE client works fine which is strange that that one works and my regular does not.
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: I have having an issue when the icon shows that the app is running and everything but I am left with a black square in the left top corner and nothing else comes up.
I can drag it around like a normal window but it is all black
: Experiencing Issues with the Updated Client Open Beta? We got you
I have having an issue when the icon shows that the app is running and everything but I am left with a black square in the left top corner and nothing else comes up.
: After i hit launch nothing happen. When i open task manager it says i have two Lol apps running.
Lapis (OCE)
: What was the first champion that just clicked for you?
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: As an ADCarry main i would like to say thank you for stepping up and taking the role no one else will. You are the types of supports i WANT to support me, the one who will: die to save me, give their life to get me fed/penta and just over all being a good team mate. I know that 90% of ADCarry mains are assholes, but you still want to support even when they are. Just thank you for being a good support over all and i hope i may get you as a support one day :D. Good luck in your games and i hope to see you on the rift "pref on my team" some day {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Thank you, as a support main it is because of ADCs like you that I stick with this role.
: How to get out of loading screen on mac
Command+Tab if you want to minimize the loading screen or any time in game too
: Hey Charles III, Is there any error code or other popup when your game crashes? Please perform the steps on the [Bug Splat & Game Crash guide here]( Try to test your game in a Custom mode so you don't incur penalties. Let me know if anything helps. -DTN
I didnt look at the error code ( my bad) I tried logging in and doing a custom game and everything seems to be working fine ( so far as i can tell). Thank you for your quick response though! Much appreciated
: Cant get into game
I'm having the same problem!
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iHerring (NA)
: I'll buy sightstone more when everyone else remembers what that funny looking yellow thing is that doesn't seem to do any damage.
SHHHH maybe we can trick them into thinking it does dmg so they will use them.
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: A Few Meager Skin Ideas:
I like Bowling Syndra, I think this could be a cool group of skins maybe like 4-5 champions who are all on a bowling team together.
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