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: Sick and tired of this ********
I have been saying the same thing. I get into a team and they are all lower ranks than me. It is so irritating to work so hard and have someone who doesn't even care lose your entire game. One game my jng and I were on a roll and helping all lanes and getting objectives and kills. Then my bot lane throws the entire game. Why work so hard for people who dont care. Its like I understand its a team game, but seriously you lose so much more lp just for trying to win and they lose it for you. They dont care if they win or lose. It sucks. This is the culture of League of legends now. lol. When i started people were mean, yeah, but now they are outright toxic and disgusting. How can you fucking climb when all you get are shitty teams.
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: never implied its riot specific to receive death threats, fire x, self harm tweets etc. We were just talking about riot specifically here, but it rings true for any major game. (WoW comes to mind) You don't have to accept the answer, also wasnt part of my statement. You have a right to say "I don't agree, here is why". The point where we are at with the boards is "I don't agree, therefore you're bad at your job and need to be fired. Here is a rage post in all caps." The point of that part of my statement was saying that Riot is going to know better than the playerbase, because where we have experience, they have numbers. Alot of numbers. Im not saying experience is worthless, the playerbase can tell when something feels "bad" but that translates into data for riot. (Example: Irelia winrate is 44%, but she has a really high ban rate because she isn't fun to play against. The experience the playerbase hating irelia, is translated into banrate data, despite her winrate data being sub-par.) I want to bring close attention to your final paragraph there, because its the real source of my counter argument to most of you anti-rioters. > Actions always speak louder then words and riot said they wished to reduce upfront damage which they did not accomplish which begs the question will they admit this failure and try to fix it or will they attempt to white wash it / ignore the issue? old riot would try to fix it new riot though? doubtful. Three open ended questions. 1. When did **old** riot become new riot? (significant events? position changeover? When Tencent took ownership?) 2. Why would **new** riot want to ruin their game that provides them jobs and an income? 3. How does riot fix **all** of the current issues in one patch, while introducing new mechanics to the game such as improved bounty system and turret plating, without creating all sorts of new issues? Preseason changes are inarguably meant to be shots in the dark towards a goal (lowering match length for decided games, increasing turret durability so they don't fall too early, lowering damage on problem champs and keystones.) This is the very first patch of the pre-season, and riot stated "Balance patches will come later, after we receive the data on where champion strengths land after players are used to the new bounty system and turret plating."
Honestly, I read this all through. More people should see this. You put it so well. From a business standpoint it really wouldn't make sense for Riot to intentionally piss people off. Technology is evolving, our behaviors are evolving, our preferences change so what is so wrong with just sticking it out and seeing what they come up with. In the end if they can't make everyone happier or at least get the stubborn die hard users to accept the changes, then inevitably they lose money. What everyone fails to notice or point out is that they will rage and throw their tantrums, but they will end up playing the game again. Because you put your money into it and your experience and time. So if you are so unhappy, go play Dota. I hate Dota. I love LOL because they make it a point to be clear cut and explain how everything works and why. Also the mechanics in this game is so user friendly, and the graphics are amazing. So please if you guys are so unhappy go play a different game instead of trashing a great game. It makes no sense for them to risk losing players or losing money. If there isn't money, then there wont be a game to run. PS. DONT FORGET YOU DONT WORK FOR THEM YOU DONT KNOW WHAT THEY HAVE TO DO. You dont know how much time or money they have to spend on researching and developing their ideas. They have so many departments and have grown, so sorry if they can't pay attention to whiners. Better Jungler is absolutely right and obviously smart enough to understand the company. If you are real fans, be patient and if you are unhappy, leave or write them a letter. Stop assuming they wont listen or they dont care.
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