: Revert Akali June 2019
I don't appreciate the biased pole you got going on there... Is she in the can compared to champs like sylas? Absolutely. However, she has such a high skill level to play that there is a discrepancy between low and high elo players. I would hate to see a revert because she'd be another brain dead champion like garen. Those auto aiming champs are just not fun to play or play against. I know she's not fun for the majority of players due to the current state. She's most definitely alot harder to use and keep up with the rest of the meta. I agree it's a problem but, this new kit is the most fun and interesting thing I've seen come out of riot in a while. I still play her and do fine most games because I've practiced her alot. So many people cried over her in low elos when it was high elo that had the biggest problem. She's an easy glass cannon to kill if you cc her once but rewards the player for outplaying champs. She's definitely not as safe as other assassin's or champs like zed and rengoo. Riot always over does things like the tahm and naut buffs (and these darn bruisers). They'll dial it back eventually. Trust me they don't want another ryze. Just be patient they even fixed aatrox somehow.


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