: 2018 Ranked Placements Venting post!
I don't get Riot. I ended GV last season, finished placements, and got GV. I'm not mad, especially when I won the last five but.... RIOT GET YOUR SYSTEM TOGETHER
: What does the reform card say? If there isn't a reform card, I've seen them lock people's accounts to protect them from unauthorized log-ins. Hopefully that's why, but as Time said you can open a ticket and find out for sure.
I can't find it is the problem. If it's anything it's leaves. I quit playing because my school internet was giving me so much trouble because a proxy server i had no control over, and I didn't want a ban. Started a live chat, so ill let you know. Just hope I can maybe get it lifted because I don't deserve it......
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MeilinII (NA)
: It's only on howling abyss
no its not, its ashe sej and lissandra fight for the frelijord on rift as well
: Plotting a way to get back at us for killing him so many times. :o
Gosh I hope not. Think of the millions of skuttles been killed and when they decide to sink their skuttly mandibles into us, there wont be enough hard cc on that day
: You're welcome!
Got it, sippin' his cocoa like the pacifist he is
: Hiya! We're still in the process of handing out this icon. You should receive it by the 23rd! If you don't receive it by then, please shoot us a ticket (or post here if you're still unable to submit one!) ^-^
Puttyblo (NA)
: To the silver/bronze/gold players that said climbing solo is impossible.
I got to gold 4 last season, but damn, silver three is the most disgusting cesspool out of all the silver ranks. Struggling in it right now because 2 people on my team consistently go 0/5
Eincolt (NA)
: Kled Interaction with Plants Not Cool
Does attacking a plant consume greenfathers?
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Terozu (NA)
: Go to support at the top of the screen, subit a tick with "I have a question about League of Legends/Riot Games", and use the category Game and Features/General Question, then shoot, about all I can tell you.
Thanks! Yeah it's a little backwards and more work for them if they have to answer questions instead of the site controlling traffic that way.
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: And what of the characters whose classes aren't as obvious? I'm not blind. If someone has a bow obviously they're adc and if they have magic obviously a mage. But what kind of mage? Damage or support? And what of other characters? What of the crocodile? The wolf? The blood guy? There are plenty that I think 'they could be this or that class"
: You keep bringing up kits. I'm not talking about kits so no, I don't think you're listening. I just want to know how I can tell who's who when I've never seen the champions and you keep mentioning their kits. You're of absolutely no help. You can stop telling me to 'figure it out" now. That's just going to frustrate me further. I shouldn't have to spend countless hours memorizing every itty bitty detail of a game before I can even PLAY the game. That's complete bullcrap.
I am just saying, it's part of what there is to learn. There are a lot of things to learn. Classes. Is one of them. You're not a gracious receiver. I, when I began playing league 4 years ago, started playing, never worried about team comp. I just knew a few champs that I liked, played them in their respective roles. I was told there are assassins, supports, tanks, fighters,adcs, and mages. I saw someone on fire, mage, i saw someone with a bow, adc. I scrolled through the store, fascinated by all the people, and read about them. I watched champion spotlights, learning who people were. I played a different champ every day, that's how i learned what they were in terms of class. I looked them up in the store, or observed how they did things in game, and drew associations from that. That's how you learn what class people are. There is no way, whatsoever, to see it in champ select. So you either need to be an intelligent observer in game, or a researcher out of it and peruse the store, or the internet to read about them. I didn't spend hours memorizing everything, I did it bit by bit. I went into my first pvp, and a chain dragged a minion into a bush and I was terrified, people everywhere did things I had no clue, but I took it like any game, identified a pattern, and tried to memorize as much as I could while i was in game, then after I looked the characters that interested me up. I also bought every 450 immediately, learned them and what they did, their class etc, and then I started buying other champs I liked. By looking at characters you can basically tell what they are. Either take my experience and learn from it or dont kid. I'm done here. You will do what you want anyways. At least you gave me something to do over the past few days, albeit it wasted my time because you wanted to do things your own way. If you can't look at Karthus and Identify that he is a mage, or look at Garen and know he is a tank, then you need to work on your deductive skills
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: I know how to play MOBAs/ This has never been about me not knowing how. Are you even listening to what I've been saying? This has nothing to do with a learning curve or the game being difficult. I do not know which champion is which by looking at a picture and being given zero information about them. So if my teammate picks an ADC I've NEVER seen before, I will not know they picked an ADC and thus I might too pick an ADC (maybe without even realizing it), completely throwing our team off.
Yes, I am listening to what you're saying. Learning curve includes all the information you need to know to play a game effectively, or do something effectively. It includes learning the champs names, classes, kits, synergies, pros, and cons. Classes. Look it up. Outside of the game. You're complaining about something riot's not going to change for quite a while. Complain about not knowing who is what class in champ select, or spend some time and look everything up. Just look it up. I gave you an answer, so did several other people. >"research and study" >"I am afraid there is nothing which would help you with that in champ select...you just have to play more" >"top laners http://champion.gg/statistics/#?roleSort=Top&sortBy=general.playPercent&order=descend >mid laners http://champion.gg/statistics/#?roleSort=Middle&sortBy=general.playPercent&order=descend supports http://champion.gg/statistics/#?roleSort=Support&sortBy=general.playPercent&order=descend ADCs http://champion.gg/statistics/#?roleSort=ADC&sortBy=general.playPercent&order=descend junglers http://champion.gg/statistics/#?roleSort=Jungle&sortBy=general.playPercent&order=descend " look, people are telling you to look stuff up about champions you arent playing Just do that, quit trying to do it "your way" and learn the way the rest of us did and click on a link and read
: I shouldn't have to spend time _outside of the game_ memorizing every single champion. that's ridiculous.
in a game with 130+ champs, yeah, you should. League has a steep learning curve. You can either suffer through it the "easy way" of playing in games and being clueless there, or you can do the smart thing that a lot of us do/did, and research and study until you get over the hump of knowing what champs do what. It's going to take the same amount of time to learn everything, it makes your life easier to do it out of the game instead of screwing up peoples games while you figure it out there. When everyone is telling you to study, and you say "isn't there another way?" yeah, there is, it's do what youre doing now. -or- study for goodness sake. Thats the long and short of it. The game isn't Nintendogs, you have to put work in instead of saying "this puppy is brown, i liek"
: Are we thinking of the same thing? I'm not talking about the abilities, builds and stuff of the champions. Like let's say I'm in Champion Selection. My teammates pick champions I've never seen. I don't know the names of these champions or their rolses, so I don't know what I should pick so there's balance. How do I know if they're a tank or ADC? I don't because it doesn't say. What you're sugegsting won't help with that issue. If I've never seen the chmpion before I know nothing about them, so I don't know what roles have already been claimed and I don't know if I'll unbalance the team with my choice because I have no clue what roles these champions are. I don't have during selection to search for these champions and read about them then make a choice.
Typically ppl call top, bot, mid, jg , or support. Spend time _outside of the game_, and look at the champ in the store and below their stats is listed fighter, mage, tank, etc if you just started, anything anywhere works. I mained tank warwick top when i started, its unthinkable now but it worked then
Zelorxon (EUW)
: Have you ever watched Dyrus or Pobelter stream? I feel like you need to see some high elo play to understand rotations, so you'll learn when do the most optimal choice, by the way of course you think of yourself first, taking a turret is never wrong whatsoever, think about damaging a turret like 1/3 of turret health is worth a kill.
Yeah, I have watched a lot of lcs and have a decent understanding of rotation, thats how i managed to get to gold this year.
Zelorxon (EUW)
: Once you'll have like 3 levels of advantage you can basically end the game on your own, just killing the turrets should be enough if you're monstrously fed/farmed up, just take it slow and kill one inhib at the time and let the minions to the heavy work, when you kill an inhib you basically summon an additional champion, so even if you have retards at least you will have a reliable teammate.
yeah, I haven't gotten that fed in a long time, but I'm starting to choose pushing mid and damaging turret over roaming unless someone shows and I know the roam is free or bot is low and overextended.
: I know how to play the game. But when I go to select a champion, I know nothing about them unless I've played them before, nor do I know anything about the ones chosen by others because it gives no information.
You have 3 options man, after I list them, Im done because youre adamant on not studying. Least effective method to most. 1. watch and observe allies and enemies play them so you can become familiar with kits and builds 2. play the champs yourself, learn them that way, learn from recommended and read your tooltips 3. Watch the champion spotlights(literally 5 minutes) 4. Read their profile in the store and watch youtube videos Get used to league bud, there are no shortcuts
>cause i was stuck in elo hell No, you got placed right
: How do I tell the classes of champions during character selection?
Read Thats how i did it. Dont expect league to be a jump in game. You need to practice and learn like any class. I still miss some things because I dont read patch notes, but I am a lot more aware than some of my friends. You need to study and read, thats just the truth. Otherwise click on champs in the store and learn a few between every game
: What's the point of picking Renekton if you own Darius
: Tell me the champions you think are the most obnoxious and annoying
{{champion:45}} _presses R_ /all tell your wife hi lucian {{champion:81}} i just think iceborn on ranged champs shouldnt exist, he's slippery but i still think he is fine other than that {{champion:105}} annoying, but still winneable. I hate his E and Fish, but he has solid counterplay now {{champion:55}} E for dayz {{champion:64}} overloaded kit imo {{champion:157}} overloaded but god i love killing yas players, so it balances out That's all i can think of, lux is annoying as well, but eh, it's a way of life now with her new skin, so ill deal with one in every game
Zelorxon (EUW)
: If you are Bronze, Silver, Gold or Plat you might want to read this.
I've gotten to the point when I play mid, I could roam, I could go help the 2v2 in the jungle, or I could take the inner turret. I always push waves and get waves going before I participate as well. Sure there are exceptions, but this has already helped so much. Imagine, pushing op. Rito plz nurf
: diamond player LF cute girl to play w/.
Hai :3 Hmu, hun, 20 in college, no roommate ;)
GigglesO (NA)
: Allow Us to Purchase Keys With IP
Riot needs money, chests are an appeal to humanity's impatience. We get free things, but we can't wait to earn them. So we buy riots keys, helping them, but they are helping us as well. I have around 50+ dollars worth of free skins, I'm not going to complain just because I have ten unopened chests.
: You may want to have your friend restart their client or their computer. This may cause the notification to pop up. ^.^ Let me know if this worked!
Oh hey got it! He called me a little bitch but he got it!
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TS Media (NA)
: I think a "Please build mortal reminder" would be more appropriate as most people always goes for LDR but rarely ever Mr. R.
Well I rarely even see my ad's build dominicks. I had a jinx with 4 completed items the other day vs two super fed tanks, and she didnt have a dominicks. like why. Do you even know that you need a Dominicks to get throught frontline?
TS Media (NA)
: PSA: ADC Mains
I was hoping this was a "please build dominicks thread" T.T
: Legit all my friends including me have had our most deaths from Yasuo in 2016
Most deaths from lucian, most wins vs lucian #SupportLyfe
: I was right about Camille; She's absolutely a feminist orientated/inspired character
Don't bother arguing, it's Dominick. We all know Dominick knows best......
: Climbed to Gold 1 in Flex, then they resetted it for no reason. Now I lose all my placement games and switched back to Solo Queue. It's Riot's fault for letting people play placement games pre season just to say "Fuck you dickhead, you climbed to Gold 1 for nothing.", because it WILL be for nothing. I main Support and lose all my games to Plat Yasuos on my own team feeding 0/10/3. Since my placements go so poorly now, they have an excuse to put me into Silver AGAIN and screw me over yet another time. Then they expect me to climb again, but no thank you. I'm done climbing for the rest of the season. There's only so much I can tolerate, and playing 31 Placement games, 10 Solo Q, 10 Preseason Flex, 10 Flex AND 1 Placement game because they resetted ranks because of crying challengers is one of those things I won't tolerate.
I made gold five last season, and I used to be like "WOW THERE ARE PLATS ON MY TEAM" now im just like "oh, its a "plat yas" or a "plat lee". All these supposedly good players are so ungodly bad. I dont get it. But the enemy plats actually know what they are doing
: The best thing to anyone masochistic enough to main support is hearing compliments, people have told me "This nami is a god" "Thresh Carry" and even simple thank yous can make it all worth it
Yeah, all I need is, "Ty for the peel" or "Solid engage" or even "Gj naut" I blew a jinx's flash yesterday by threading naut q between the remaining caster and oncoming wave. _a little while later_ {{champion:81}} : really good hook naut btw {{champion:111}} _SENPAI NOTiCED ME_
jill145 (NA)
: Normals Ip Boost group
Cipse (OCE)
: I thought that Jhin is one of the more useless ADCs when left alone. Also, wouldn't Vayne/Raka be able to dive an ADC like Jhin when left alone?
he didnt get dived, he died in the middle of the lane aka over extending. He shoved out the lane but he could have just missed a wave or roamed with me. It's a supports job to roam and the Jhin had already proven himself to be the type of player not worthy of being invested in. I decided to get my mid ahead or at least attempt it in a game where I two carries were already weak more due to their skill than circumstance. If an adc makes me cringe while watching them cs, you know I'm roaming mid. I support more than just my ad
Saianna (EUNE)
: If Shaco or jhin loses ~~W~~ E, then it's not a big deal. When Teemo loses his R, then well.. He became 3-ability champion. But Riot doesn't give a fuck. Seriously they simply don't care.
technically if jhin or shaco lose their w they are 3 ability champs as well....
Arkhan (NA)
: If you are Support and your duo isn't ADC....
if nothing is happening in my lane, and you're versus a vayne and soraka as jhin, im gonna roam mid to get stuff done.... If you somehow die to a vayne / soraka when the wave was pushed near our turret 30 seconds earlier, it's not my problem that you don't know how to act in lane. Mid wasnt even my duo. that's how you play.
Verdade (EUNE)
: Out of these only Bard, Thresh and Zyra are somehow fun. All others are "one trick ponies" as in they have one combo and if they can pull it out they win, otherwise they lose.
how is leona and ali and thresh not enjoyable?
Aeszarck (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Chatillon,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=fgZa7gnh,comment-id=011a,timestamp=2016-11-25T16:25:12.716+0000) > > I'm really thankful for my girlfriend Molly. I stumbled across her Junior year of highschool and I've been dating her for over 2.5 years now. I can't think about who I would be without her, and where I would be without her. It's just crazy how much one person can mean, and how clueless I was going into it. > > It's a constant cycle of mistakes and forgiveness, and constant adaptation to long-distance, close distance because we go to different schools, but I can sometimes think it's too hard, but there is no one else I would rather do it with. > > 739 > > p.s. i know, typical grillfried response, but it's true, she means the world to me. She wore the cutest sweater on thanksgiving and makeup just for me : ) she never wears makeup That's really nice. I can relate too; all I can think of when reading your post is that one really cute girl in my classes that I talk to a lot. I'm hopelessly enamored of her and if I could, I'd do anything for her. Then again, I've met a couple girls that I felt that way about in the past and now only see as good friends, and based on that I think I'm way too shallow. If the girl is pretty, smart, and nice in a certain sort of way, then I think I love her, but if a year of school goes by and I see her again, I no longer feel infatuated. I don't really know what to do. Glad your relationship is working out all right!
The fact that you know that about yourself says something though, so always be aware of that. Just make sure you evaluate the relationship and i dont think you're shallow if you are able to be aware of it. Good luck and you'll find someone to prove you wrong
Wuks (NA)
: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! (+ Elementalist Lux Giveaway?)
I'm really thankful for my girlfriend Molly. I stumbled across her Junior year of highschool and I've been dating her for over 2.5 years now. I can't think about who I would be without her, and where I would be without her. It's just crazy how much one person can mean, and how clueless I was going into it. It's a constant cycle of mistakes and forgiveness, and constant adaptation to long-distance, close distance because we go to different schools, but I can sometimes think it's too hard, but there is no one else I would rather do it with. 739 p.s. i know, typical grillfried response, but it's true, she means the world to me. She wore the cutest sweater on thanksgiving and makeup just for me : ) she never wears makeup
: I don't get why so many "supports" have a problem with buying sightstone.
When you ks: me: SORRY!!!! :"C actually: _Grins as he buys a full sighstone, pink, and boots_
Elisheva (NA)
: They can be harmless in chat, but plenty of %%%%s use them to instacall roles.
: That moment when your first GF is on Lol game and you feel like shit because of it....
Hey im sorry that it happened to you. I had a really close female friend destroy me because she treated me like crap and it took me a while to get back on my feet and get over it. I learned a lot from it though so I wouldn't trade it. Sorry you didn't receive much support so far and the -2 votes seems like you won't receive more. I know you need to talk about it, but often you will just find internet trolls and stuff posting on a forum. There arent always ppl irl to help you with these things but I hope you can talk to someone who will be more supportive. You won't get over it, but you will become a new you because of it, therefore its a valuable experience. Youll find another, and sure you wanted her, but don't worry. All in due time. Gods got a plan for you. -Chat
Elisheva (NA)
: Nothing because they shouldn't be allowed. :c.
chatscripts do not modify the client and don't violate terms of service as a result. They are a hotkey and do not affect gameplay unless you feel : "You shall fall to honougi academy" : "CY@" : "Mine lane opponent has retreated to the warm embrace of thine turret" : "I long for a worthy opponent" Are on the same level as "Scripting" and affect gameplay
: "As a {{Champion Name}} main ..."
As a {{champion:432}} main, I left dinner under the turret, im going out for a bit
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