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: Should Riot ban poor people from playing the game?
You made the a similar post with the same argument two years ago HHHHHHMMMMM
: I really hope Riot doesn't balance their game around the stuff people say on this board
ADC main. Yes adcs are pretty busted right now. If I fuck up it usually causes my team a major hit. I love playing champs like Kai'sa and Miss Fortune, but I can't take the pressure. I've taken a break from League as I feel too overwhelmed playing it at the moment. I don't know about Zed and Yasuo. I get annoyed at them both but I don't know if they're overpowered. EDIT: I realized what I said at the start was off. What I mean by when I fuck up is if I die to the enemy adc and they get a lead.
: Mains whining....
Why are you mad at people complaining that their champion is buggy? The report a bug forum is here for a reason and Riot can't catch all the bugs. Champion balance is also a very important thing for Riot to get feedback on from mains and the community, and from what I've seen has helped Riot fix champion issues in the past multiple times.
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