: > [{quoted}](name=Chazual Fridays,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=kEjAAWjE,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2018-05-17T04:17:22.306+0000) > > While I'm sympathetic to the cause, to phrase it as a day _against_ homophobia, etc. seems unnecessarily combative - like it's a day to rail against bigots than celebrate diversity, which makes it seem more _exclusive_ than _inclusive_. > > Speaking honestly as someone who doesn't really identify himself with his sexuality, it's hard to want to support something that seems - at face value - more "anti-" (increasing tensions/exacerbating conflict) than "pro-" (supporting people/seeking understanding from opponents). > > Am I out of line in thinking this? Just trying to express my honest reservations. I'm sure when equal rights for black people were first brought up like back in the mid 1800s or something, obviously some people took it as "I 'anti' you, you 'anti' me" kind of deal. But it still doesn't change the fact that black people really need equal rights, just that some people acted on it as a faction war of sort for whatever reason (I mean, some still do, 150 years later). Ofc, it isn't to say there shouldn't be any discussion or debate or stuff like that, but what I'm referring to is those who took it a step tad further than that and into the more questionable approaches with the discussion. Similar stuff.
Well, I would be very much hesitant to equate LGBT rights struggles with 1800's slavery abolition or even the Civil Rights Movement (speaking in terms of the United States, of course), since those are quite drastically different. I guess the root concern comes from a general oversensitivity in current Western culture where it's so easy to be written off as bigoted (e.g. any Republican/Trump supporter, any tweet that could possibly be interpreted as even mildly offensive, etc.). Like, when I read "anti-homophobic," I feel afraid, like I'm being suspected of homophobia before I open my mouth, and I'm not even straight!
: Support diversity with the Rainbow Fluft Icon
While I'm sympathetic to the cause, to phrase it as a day _against_ homophobia, etc. seems unnecessarily combative - like it's a day to rail against bigots than celebrate diversity, which makes it seem more _exclusive_ than _inclusive_. Speaking honestly as someone who doesn't really identify himself with his sexuality, it's hard to want to support something that seems - at face value - more "anti-" (increasing tensions/exacerbating conflict) than "pro-" (supporting people/seeking understanding from opponents). Am I out of line in thinking this? Just trying to express my honest reservations.
: FNC Caps -- "I want to [surpass] not just the EU mid laners, but all the mid laners in the world."
_"As a region, Europe’s success against Korean teams has been fleeting -- especially in recent years -- but it’s not like blueprints don’t exist. Lightning-fast aggression from the likes of Moscow5 knocked out Korean squads before they could even respond. Or on the other end of the playstyle spectrum, CLG.EU’s slow and methodical pace strangled their opponents. EU has excelled when they’ve played their own styles. And if Fnatic can step firmly into their own identity, then they’ll be an exceptionally dangerous opponent."_ This. So much this. I think this is what 100 Thieves did so well in NA. The second half of the split that they dominated in was because they played their game and more or less forced the other team to play their game. There was a "feel" to 100T games where you knew they were setting the tempo. Notably the 100T feels were absent in their finals versus TL, save a couple moments. I think this is ultimately the path to victory for any team, whether at home or on the world stage. Can you set the pace and make the other team play _your_ game?
: 10 thoughts going into Groups: "TL can beat KZ if Steve buys the Infinity Gauntlet."
I saw on stream a guy with a shirt that said "MEAN MISTER KIEN" on the back, and I was like, "Omg! That's the guy who writes the lolesports articles!" True story.
: Quick Notes: How shoutcasters prepare for MSI
_"If there’s something you think shoutcasters should be covering but aren’t, or have any feedback at all on how to bring games to life even more, please drop by and leave a comment."_ Honestly, I've been consistently impressed with how accessible you all make the viewing experience, and the hard work and preparation really shows. I was actually marveling about this recently how the analysts and casters are exceptional at not just the stats and analysis, but the communication of that analysis. The one thing that bugged me a bit this season (and this is more caster desk than the actual casting) was MarkZ's and Jatt's (mainly MarkZ's) predictions in the NA LCS where they would predict a team to win not because they thought they would win but because they needed to have a difference to potentially 'beat' the other in their 'prediction K/D' if you will. Seems lame to give up honest opinion/analysis for one-upping Jatt. That being said, I love MarkZ and Jatt, and really that's peanuts compared to what they do well.
: Quick Notes: How shoutcasters prepare for MSI
" you can’t always rely on PapaSmithy to go on 15-minute monologues " Totally unrelated, but I could listen to that man monologue for hours. PapaSmithy is like half the reason I watch the LCK; not gonna lie.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 4
Hey Meddler, question about Hail of Blades (as I'm not on the PBE): Does the keystone disable if a spell is cast on a champion prior to executing an AA, or is there that 1.5 second buffer? Just wondering for melee champs that might need to gap-close before AAing (though perhaps at that point you would use Electrocute?). Also, do you have any thoughts on the paradigm of squishy mages that like to dive or be dove? I've frequently found it to feel kind of awkward. For example, Heimerdinger wants to be dove near his turrets, but he has a squishy build path and no escapes, so the idea seems to be to Zhonya's and pray. Fiddle, Liss, and Diana give me similar vibes, except they dive in and hope people die otherwise they're toast, since they have no escape method. I have a lot of love for Fiddle, Heim and Liss (the former two being my first loves in League back in S2), but they just seem too risky to feel reliable. Perhaps I'm off here? I'd love to know what you think.
: Quick Notes: Showmatch Showdown
My only gripe was it was too short! I loved this! I particularly enjoyed seeing the casters play for a change.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 23
Hey, Meddler! Been a lurker for a while and just wanted to say I super appreciate these Quick Gameplay Thoughts. I understand with regard to your point about Azir/Kalista/Ryze that the idea is to leave these champs as is in their weak-in-regular-play/strong-in-pro-play states to allocate resources toward other champions? Also, how do you decide which champs to give some love to? Ahri in particular struck me as an odd (but not unwelcome) choice. Cheers and thanks, -Chaz
: Group Stage Week 2 stats breakdown
What an interesting (and disappointing for many fans) Week 2! Predictions: **LZ 3** - 0 SSG **RNG 3** - 0 FNC **SKT 3** - 0 MSF **WE 3** - 2 C9 While I think there will be a lot of 3-0ing this Quarterfinals, I don't necessarily think they'll be blowouts per se. Like with LZ over SSG, while both are really good teams, I think that their strengths and weaknesses are largely the same, just LZ is generally a bit better, so I don't see how SSG can overcome that. FNC and MSF could chip off games from RNG and SKT but it all depends on which team shows up, because neither are very consistent teams (quite obviously so with FNC). I think WE vs. C9 will be the one to watch. I think C9 could pull the upset if they are consistently able to snowball an early game lead to an early victory. The quicker C9 can finish out their games, the better shot they have vs. WE; the longer they draw the games out, the more the scales tip in favor of WE IMO. What do you guys think?
: My Power Rankings: (tldr: NA and Korea R oaf stronk, but r dey stronk 4 log? #Biased) S Tier: 50% 1. Longzhu (3-0) 2. SKT (3-0) A Tier: 20% 1. RNG (3-0) 2. IMT (2-1) 3. C9 (2-1) B Tier: 15% SSG (2-1) C Tier: 10% 1. TSM (2-1) 2. Misfits (2-1) 3. WE (2-1) D Tier: 4% 1. G2 (1-2) 2. GAM (1-2) 3. AHQ (1-2) F Tier: 1% 1. EDG (0-3) 2. FW (0-3) 3. FNC (0-3) 4. 1907 (0-3) Teams are placed in each tier based on their overall win rate and performance, with stronger teams being numbered higher in each tier. The likely-hood of each tier containing winning team is rated by a guessedimated percentage. Sadly, my pick-ems are complete trash this year. Week 2 will really decide if I'm correct about my power ranks or not, but I'd say that the teams that are in the F and D Tier are almost guaranteed not to get out of groups just because there are only 3 games possible for each of those teams to win (not including tie breakers). And if I'm being completely honest, the only teams I had difficulty deciding where they placed were: TSM, RNG, and SSG just because of how they've been playing. At times RNG looks to be stronger than both C9 and IMT, but is that because SSG is doing particularly bad this year? In regards to SSG, is a Korean team really B Tier, or are they having a rough week 1? Finally looking at TSM, they look stronger than the other teams in their group but they did last year too and flopped hard in week 2, so are they really reliable enough to call B Tier or do they deserve C Tier? Hard choices, all I know is that out of all the regions NA, Korea, and China look the strongest here, and of those regions I think SKT, RNG, LZ, IMT, and C9 are most likely to win it. Probably SKT or LZ will win worlds, but it's fun to dream of non-Koreans winning.
Thoughts: Definitely think you over-rank IMT. Personally, I think GAM is the better team in their group; they just need to be smarter in champ select and show some restraint (in their game vs. IMT, they gave up Xayah and Rakan, and the Kayn pick was foolish IMO), though it wouldn't exactly surprise me if that kept them from the quarterfinals. TSM is definitely better than you give them credit. I think they got too comfortable/cocky in their game vs. Misfits. I expect them to 3-0 Week 2. If they don't, then perhaps your ranking is justified. Fanatic is definitely the worst team right now. They look absolutely horrendous. Certainly 1907 Fenerbahçe, for having nearly defeated Samsung Galaxy, deserve more credit. All in all, this will be an interesting Week 2. I think it's very possible EDG, FW, and FB take home a win before the end of groups. Mostly I think Week 2 will expose inconsistent teams and test how teams adapt from their first game with each team.
: Worlds 2017: Group Stage Week 1 stats breakdown
Just wanna say, 1907 Fenerbahçe deserve a lot of credit for getting to groups and exposing a huge weakness in Samsung Galaxy. Even if they end 0-6, I feel like they and fans of the TCL have a lot to be proud of.
: I would love if they reworked {{item:3042}} into an ap alternative to {{item:3165}}. It would have some CDR and a hard cap that prevented champs like {{champion:13}} {{champion:134}} from completely abusing it. And its not like AD champs would miss the item. Only person who uses it now is {{champion:81}}. Where as you plenty of mages who can use it. {{champion:103}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:76}} . Fun fact. {{item:3042}} back in like season 1/2 the item originally did magic damage until {{champion:13}} ruined it for everyone. But his new reworked kit can't abuse it like before.
I like the idea of reworking {{item:3042}} at least, but I think it would still be best suited as an AD item - perhaps an alternative to {{item:3508}} because why do adc's get free CDR and mana (essentially free because they would build crit items anyway)? They should have to invest and take the hit of going {{item:3070}} first instead of damage (though in theory they could go {{item:1037}} first) and sacrifice crit/lifesteal, but with the payoff being great damage and slot efficiency. Just a thought I had; I suppose it is somewhat unrelated. I do, however, like your rough concept, even if it ought to be different item than {{item:3042}} .
: Hey HateDaddy, To start off, I just wanted to say that we, Riot, do care when people choose to stop playing League. We might not be able to address everyone individually, but as gamers ourselves and players who love to play League, whenever someone, let alone a super engaged player chooses to leave, it gives us reason to take a step back and think about what we're doing, or not doing, that made you want to make that choice. I can empathize with a lot of what you wrote here, as I've been playing League since 2009, and joined Riot back in 2014 (god that seems like forever ago), and want to try to touch on at least some of what you've said. I want to make it clear the statement that you're replaceable and irrelevant isn't true. Full stop. We can't simply "replace" a player who has been a long time supporter of League, we can't replace those experiences, the highs, the lows, and everything in between that you experienced. To me that's one of the reasons I love League, because when I think back on the 8 1/2 years of playing, my own experience is my own personal story where I can remember times in the past before a meta, when Ashe mid tping to a ward after ulting from fountain was a thing. I can remember when Rock Solid made GP support a thing in the pro scene and it worked. I remember when Veigar evaporated people with DFG and when Yi could EASILY 1v5. I remember when TF had his destiny on his E, and would tp to a side lane bush and have his team follow him for a cheesy early game kill. Those are the memories and experiences that if I left couldn't be replaced. It's all a part of the journey, and the never ending path to mastery that keeps me coming back to League year after year. Have there been times I've wanted to quit? God damn right there has been. Hell, I have a baby now, and another on the way in February, and with my free time quickly fleeting, the first thing I still want to do when I get an hour to myself is load up a game of League and get my ass handed to me on the Rift (that or play a quick game of pubg if I don't have enough time). But enough about me, let's talk about what you wrote here, again I won't be able to touch on everything, but I'll try my best with the time I have. The feeling that this season has been one of the least fun seasons for you is a very interesting thing to callout, as despite what I've said about, it's something that I've felt **at times** but not the entire season as a whole. Usually when I feel like the game has lost all appeal, is after I've had a run of games where someone went full potato on me team, or raged out at us for several games in a row. Those are the times that I stop and ask if it's really worth it, but then when I find an hour of freetime...I still keep coming back. So there seems to be difference with what we classify as what makes League fun. For me, if my teammates are level headed rational people, League is still the best game ever, but for you it seems like it's more about the state of the game which takes the fun away, so let's dive into that a bit. Snowballing and game length are some very interesting things to point out as reasons for feeling the game isn't fun. Anecdotally, I feel like my games have had more variance in terms of quality of game play for the past year, and to me personally, it's led to a feeling of games feeling more snowbally at times. On the other hand though, I also feel like I've been in games with more epic "come from behind" victories due to good teamplay, catchup xp/gold which helps cushion snowballing, and over confident opponents. League was designed as a team game, and when people snowball the hell out of their lanes winning 1v1, 2v2, or with some help from the jungler, the game also gets determined by which team has the better comp. The infamous "don't worry we'll scale", is actually a thing that matters, and has led me to experience more games that maybe felt like they were decided at 10 minutes, but actually swung in my favor as we scaled. In regards to playing fighters specifically, we have a task on our plate to figure out how to best support melee champs in League holistically that we're aiming to get to early next year. Right now being relegated to split pushing, and buying the same items that your fellow marksman are purchasing usually makes one of the most valuable stats in the game (range) make you come second to anyone else that can build the same items. This often forces melee fighters to rely on splitpushing, which is a pretty shitty solution to a problem when you want to be in the middle of a team wrecking havoc whether it be with your blade or your fishing rod. Sorry that was a bit tangential, but you called out fighters and I wanted to touch on it a bit. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like a lot of what's leading you to feel fed up with League is how heavily you need to rely on teammates to do the right thing? If that's the case, it's going to be a bit trickier to solve the problem for you explicitly, as the design of LoL is based so heavily on coordination with teammates, whereas a game like DOTA is designed around each champion being capable of carrying their team more easily. I won't go super heavy into this discussion, since I'm not a designer and didn't create the original dota, dota 2, or League (I just work on the balance team), but we have intentionally gone the direction of having all the micro decisions you make in champ select, runes/masteries, in itemization, in lane phase, and macro level calls all feed into increasing your chance to win. I definitely don't think we've perfected it, and we have a long way to go until we can say that's 100% the case, but I'd be curious what sort of solutions you'd like to see to make League the game that you want to keep playing? Is it the ability to better coordinate with teammates? Is it the ability to more consistently carry a game when you rock the lane phase and go 6/0? Is it giving a different distribution of damage and durability to champs? Or retuning jungle mobs and epic encounters? I'm asking this to be pedantic, I'm genuinely curious in your thoughts as a diamond player and person who's played League for as long as you have. I never played Doom, so unfortunately I can't touch on your references, what I can say however is we've been talking internally about how we can make epic monsters (Rift Herald, Baron, Dragons), actually feel...epic. There won't be anything in for this pre-season as we're trying to keep the runeway (hue) for runes reforged as clean as possible for as stable a launch as we can get, but we're talking about them for next year. No concrete plans as of yet, but it's one thing I wanted to call out since you pointed out how they currently feel. In regards to teamfights I think this one becomes a bit more nuanced and subjective, as my perception of the live state currently is that coming back is arguably more possible now, that teamfights are actually longer, but I think I can concede the point about CC being higher especially in a time like right now when tanks are strong and viable. Creep block is another thing we've been talking about, not removing it, but making some adjustments so we can avoid as many of the "I was literally stuck in my creeps" situations as possible. I would go into the runes reforged stuff, but I'd prefer to leave that to the team (who's been pumping out a ton of content/articles on their progress), and I have to say that while I was personally skeptical of the system at first (like waaaay back), more and more recently I've been getting excited theory crafting how a particular keystone would synergize with a champion or playstyle I enjoy. When I'm testing internally it _feels_ more like early seasons, when theory crafting was another key way you could find your way to victory, and I'm super excited for the new system to go live, and see what problems it solves, and what we need to continue to work on (like some of the ones I touched on above). In regards to the rank system, this is one which I may actually be the most aligned with you, and it's been the topic of some hot debate last Friday in the office in one of our slack channels. There are some major pros to the way it works now, in regards to things like how you can feel a sense of progression as you play, but there's definitely some pitfalls when you run into people who seemingly just grinded their way to their mmr and don't actually have the skill to hold their own. I do honestly believe that we have one of the best matchmakers and ranked systems around, but definitely don't think it's perfect either, though sadly I don't have much context into that space I could give you. Just know that it's a thing we talk about a lot ourselves. To close this off. I want to first say that if you do choose to truly leave League, I hope you find another avenue that brings you the same highs that I've experienced in the past 8 1/2 years, whether that be in games, or in the real world (fuck it's scary out there). You're not just a spoke in a wheel, as for every person like you that writes a clearly passionate and informed post that you did, there's 10 others who leave silently. Yes, we can replace you with another player if we looked at our players as just 1s and 0s, but that's not how we look at you. You've been a part of this journey and have supported us, and it's on us to prove that League is a game you should feel confident in spending your time and getting rewarded for doing so. Whether that's ranked dominance, super fucking high moments, or riveting gameplay. I appreciate the time you took to write this, and I'm sorry if it felt like I was glossing over any of your statements. I'm not the best equipped to answer all of them. If you do have followup though please reply to this and I'll try to get back to you at some point over the next few days. I'm really sorry that this is likely riddled with typos and shitty grammar, it's early and I haven't had my coffee yet :P, also note that a lot of this is just my opinion, and not an official stance from Riot, but I wanted to reach out to you regardless. Thanks again man, and good luck over the rest of the season! Asyrite
Your feelings on the new rune system gives me a lot of hope - I do miss the theorycrafting of the olden days. There isn't as much excitement of "Oo, I wonder if this will work?" these days. I'm not the OP, but I, at least, appreciate this thorough response.
: Are you right? Yes. Will Riot do anything about it? No. Will we miss you? Maybe. Hotel? Trivago. ###### glhf
Now if we could swap out the topic creator for the Trivago guy... Let's just say I'd duo with that guy.
: Just played the new Urgot and..
As a strong Urgot player before and after rework, I was initially highly skeptical of his rework (I very much liked his unique anti-adc identity which was not the route they chose to go, obviously, but I have since thoroughly enjoyed him. I don't think I've ever played top lane so much ever. I do, however, feel pretty out-of-place after lane phase - I feel pretty below-average in team fights, it's hard to effectively split-push without the mobility to escape (if only one person happens to confront you, then I suppose you can just kill them), and it's difficult to make picks (and duel like he's supposed to) without solid initiation tools or an ally with you. Thus, while I frequently win my lane, I find it very hard to snowball that for my team effectively (lately I've been trying to gank mid more with mixed results, depending on how quickly top lane can farm). I don't know if you've felt that way; I'd be curious to read your thoughts.
: Would it be healthier if he could have charges on his Q?
I at least like the thought behind this, but perhaps in a different way - I like the idea of giving him a bit more to do when his W is on CD (in this case a few pokey potshots), because I feel very out of place while I'm twiddling my thumbs until W is up again, and maybe changing the Q in such a way that it's satisfying to use in non-W cases could be nice. One of the things about old Urgot was he had a very one-track damage pattern with no room for mixups, except maybe if you choose to W while you EQQQ or not, and new Urgot is certainly _better_ but _not substantially different_; in both kits there is a period of felt uselessness for a small but significant period of time (miss E with old Urgot, Q/E misses or W on CD with new Urgot), and in both kits there is really only one damage pattern. I definitely enjoy new Urgot a ton, but I do notice I consistently feel bad post-lane phase. I'd go on but I don't want to de-rail the specific topic at hand.
Arcyyy (NA)
: Lissandra new passive idea.
It unnecessarily takes identity away from Ryze with the mana scaling, and while you could, in theory, keep the maximum mana gain, you would shift Liss's itemization a lot, I feel ( {{item:3003}} would feel like a necessity to maximize the passive's use, but rushing tear on a Liss would feel pretty bad, and so would it really be best to lead someone toward a non-optimal build path with that passive? Probably not, I think). Don't mean to crap all over the idea necessarily; just my initial thoughts. As a top lane Liss player, I do like any passive that would in some way mitigate mana costs to be less Blue-reliant (and therefore more viable top lane).
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Sujiren (NA)
: Can we bring back pink ward trinket?
I wonder if they could have some trinket that is basically a holding bag for Control Wards, so you can purchase Control Wards at full build; they just are put in your trinket slot. Just a thought. Might be OP.
: this is coming from a fairly experienced NEW urgot player , what i have concluded from the many games ive had in ranked , his kit is waaay too simple to dodge and very easy to play against , almost every single ability of his has a delay or clunky animation , so many restriction and downsides to his kit: -Q has a massive delay , while also being just a generic slowing ability (doesnt feel like it actually rewards you for doing anything exept the lock on part) -W relies on you being in melee form of the enemy or landing your Q while also having to be nearby and it also slows you down HEAVILY -E's animation windup feels really clunky to use and just not smooth at all -his base ms is quite low -his passive shotgun dmg is quite low early and has a fairly long cooldown being 30% total ad at lvl 1 and 30 seconds cooldown as well -his ult is EXTREMLY EASY to dodge unless your stuck between a rock and hard place TLDR : Urgot needs buffs , but not necessarily a scaling type of buff or base damage buff , he just needs QoL changes at this point and make his kit feel smooth to use and rewarding when used correctly , dont get me wrong , he is quite strong if hes ahead , but that happens very rarely specially against lane bullies and ranged matchups
I agree with this a lot. As a big pre- and post-rework Urgot player, I do think he needs more reliability (or _something_) in his kit. One of the frustrating things that I've found (and perhaps this is just me, in which case I'd love to hear what anyone has to say!) is that it's hard to find a place in mid-to-late-game (in particular when I've been snowballing well but my team hasn't), because he's too slow to be an effective split-pusher (in theory you might be able to duel someone who tries to stop you, but if more than one comes, you're screwed) and team fights are super awkward if you can't single anyone out to use your spell rotation on, and once you're done with your spell rotation you either clumsily keep auto-attacking until your CDs are up again, or you clumsily try to waddle out until your CDs are up. I've done picks, I suppose, with Urgot. Anyway, I guess I wish there was _something_ to do in Urgot's down time (when W is on CD) or feel like I could contribute more meaningfully to a team fight, and I definitely don't think (nor want) the answer to be more damage/higher ratios. I don't know how much this is useful, but it's what came to mind.
: Erm... Sorry what?
: I finally hit honor level 452918
That's so congrats! Draven Caitlyn Draven Jhin Lethality Duskblade Caitlyn Traps Yasuo Draven _**Frazual Chidays**_
: The issue is his old kit was either brutal, overpowered and unfun to play against (see season 1 and 2) or piss weak and near unplayable. It needed an overhaul. They ended up going for what they intended his original feel to be.
I agree it needed an overhaul. I'm just sad that they chose a different kit identity.
: Things You Miss About The Game But You Know Will Never Come Back?
: It all started when I was born...
Hey, I know an Evan Thomas... :O
: Please allow us to type "4" in champ select to have Jhin show up
I heard Jhin doesn't like to eat or drink. He prefers to get his nutrients from an IV.
Jokercub (NA)
: Urgot Abilities
Just saw this myself! Might be a bit important for the players to get to know his new kit.
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: I miss old Urgot period. The old one abused people at range and slows. This one, albeit has more counter play, is nothing like his original counterpart.
Agreed. I really liked his unique identity as an anti-marksman marksman, which was completely lost in his new kit. I suppose I must be in the minority, alas.
: You know who plays like a tactician? Gangplank
I would just like to say, I would totally read/watch a series called "Showerthoughts with James Borne." I imagine it being mildly profound and vaguely sexy.
: I'm on mobile (out of office this week), so please don't take the brevity/choppiness/typos of this response as me trying to overly simplify or gloss over any of the issues here. As some of you may already know, I did the gameplay design on Rengar's assassin update, so this is indeed an important issue to me. I don't respond to many Rengar threads (because many seem to be trying to say the same things and it tends to feel like a dead horse is being beaten), but I do try and read all of them here and on places like rengarmains regardless. That said, the effort put in here is, at the very least, admirable and collaborative, so it seems like a decent place to speak up. Rengar is far from perfect in his current state. I'll be the first to admit that. I do remember feeling more nervous (than other updates I've been a part of) than usual prior to his release, because it felt like we took some pretty drastic steps to try to accomplish difficult gameplay goals. Some of these worked out well. Others did not. Outside any individual item, to me, the single biggest shortcoming of the update is that he feels too different too play to really feel like the same champion, which I suppose tends to feel quite bad as some kind of confirmation of my pre-release nerves. The experience has been valuable to me as we hone in on the ingredients of a great update and the risks we may feel comfortable taking, but that should be of little consolation to players that may be feeling betrayed by this update (or any other, really). I've read many ideas for what we could do or ought to have done for Rengar, and still, I'm not sure what would be best. It is easy to know what doesn't work. It can be difficult to know what will. In the spirit of thus thread, below will be my thoughts on Rengar's kit. Keep in mind that this isn't a commitment to any type of incoming change. P I do think the changes to Ferocity generation were a great improvement to Rengar's gameplay, and I believe that this bonetooth is an improvement over the previous one, even if its progression and rewards are not as good as they could be. I'm unsure about the leap elements of the passive that get don't complaints, as I tried to set the range/speed/frequency as high as I could without being unfair to opponents, and I think that some of the complaints about these things mostly come from no longer being able to do some of the same exact jumping behaviors. I agree thus feels bad if you've learned all of them, but I still think the changes made here were generally acceptable. Q If I were to do it again, I would take more of an approach of "keep Q the same at all costs." The spell is mostly good in isolation mechanically (could be a decent spell on a different kit), but just feels bland, rushed, and uninspired here, primarily if you were attached to the previous Q. This said, reverting to the previous Q would result in the kit being back in a state where all of its damage could be applied instantly, and we were trying to move away from that for his update (which, at a goals level, I still do think is correct). W I don't think this spell is perfect, but I stand by it being mechanically better than the previous version. Whether that's true or not, honestly neither version is amazing. It's possible this should have been a new spell entirely, or that it should have part of a more extensive effort to make all of Rengar's instant cast spells not just stackable in the same instant. There is something to be said for the familiarity and simplicity of the spell, I suppose. E Bola is mostly fine. I was shocked by how many players complained that they couldn't instant cast it during leap, but I do think it having a cast time at all times was the right call. R After the Ferocity changes, I think the gains made to R's play for opponents was a definitive step in the right direction for Rengar's kit. I think there some merit to the spell having TOO much counterplay for opponents in the approach and not enough once he's there, but the spell seems far, far better for the game than the previous version, and with some tweaks, could be really great. I also know people tend to complain about the "free" crit on it, but I think rewarding jumping to the right target is appropriate, and damage seems appropriate as well. Perhaps it's the word crit? Maybe it should just be some kind of bonus damage. I'm not entirely sure, but that seems tunable. Pattern I'm not really concerned about whether people think Rengar is an assassin, diver, bruiser, fighter, skirmisher, or whatever. There seems to be enough division there that satisfying a singe singular majority doesn't seem possible. Closing Despite tending to think we made mostly good calls and took mostly good risks with Rengar's update, I think it's pretty clear that the changes to Q primarily tend to overshadow these. In my opinion, Rengar would have been best served by keeping the mechanics of pre-rework Q at all costs, though the way to accomplish that and still hit game health and counterplay goals we aimed for are still unclear, and are unlikely as simple as some passionate players may make it out to be. I'm thankful that League is a constantly changing game where we may get to circle back and revisit changes like these in the future. Thanks for taking the time and effort to put this post together. I know that sometimes it may feel like we aren't listening or don't care when something like this posted and maybe there's no response from a Rioter, but I do think it's rare that we're just turning a blind eye to something players care about. I apologize that it sometimes feels otherwise, and that we (I personally, on this case) don't always make the right calls, but I am thankful for feedback like this that keeps us in touch with player sentiment and helps us to improve moving forward.
Much respect for you, Repertoir.
Recons (NA)
: I'm not OP, but this is how I see it. Mount Targon serves as a natural humidity barrier, blocking rain from falling over the Shuriman desert, as humid sea winds hit the sea-facing side of the mountains they heat up and are lifted into the atmosphere, bypassing the desert and eventually precipitating over the Eastern coast. The Eastern coast is home to jungles because of the additional precipitation from Mount Targon's deviation and the natural humidity provided by the east seas, this ends up creating lush jungles, and swamp lands, which is why the Kumungu jungle is divided by a waterway. The Kumungu jungle is actually sinking into the sea slowly just like Venice. This means the Shuriman desert, and the jungles are actually closer to the Equator line of the planet. Leading me to believe the existence of a southern continent, not yet discovered, which prevents humidity from the south ocean to provide precipitation to the Shuriman desert.
: I expand my knowledge of memes
But why can't we expand our knowledge **with** memes? I think academia needs to get with the 21st century. Like. why can't we replace the symbols on the Periodic Table of Elements with various cat memes? Srsly, ppl.
: She just got a TOOLTIP update, she doesn't loose anything - unless Surr@20 lies. You did me a serious frighten, fren.
Surrender@20 never lies! Unless Moo screwed up, in which case we would just blame it on woops. I miss my S@20 days sometimes... Glad to see you're supporting a fellow LoL fan that cares deeply about his fellow fans enough to not shamelessly profit off of them with obnoxious advertisements. Working with Moo definitely makes you respect the guy a heck of lot more. He works hard for y'all! XOXO, -Prof. [Edit: Sorry, I realize this was somewhat of a derailing of the original intent, but you must know I clicked on this thread because I, too, am a Zyra fan!]
: Riot, we need a pants item.
Kudos for using the correct plural form of "staff."
: I don't think that's exactly what league is going for, but there is definitely a stylisation that allows some characters to be depicted literally larger than life. Having said that I love One Piece's irreverence for such things - imo it's always better to just do things the way you think works best for your story and not try to midichlorian things.
Kartagia (EUNE)
: Apparently you are among "skilled" players who focus on kills, and play roles which should take kills. The new system is really good for you, as those who deserve honors would rarely get them due score focus, and you can only give one honor. Supports get way less honors nowadays. And one important part is the fact you cannot honor enemy team members. I used to get honorable opponent every other match.
Actually, that's quite false! I play everything across the board mostly equally, but a bit heavier on the support side (I'm one of those oddballs who likes to play Draft-Fill when I'm going solo). I don't see any reason why someone can't get honored, no matter what they play or what kind of game it is. I find that friendliness and optimism in chat goes a long way whether you're getting kills or not!
Simurgh (NA)
: Let's Chat about Honor
I like the new honor system! It makes things feel more fun and rewarding. I wish I had something clever to say or some intelligent suggestion, but I don't. Just tossing in my support, I guess!
: 3v3 Fountain heal
Amen, sistuh! Prayeth unto the Lawd Rito, and thou shalt be healed soon(tm)! ... For some reason this post made me channel my inner charismatic preacher.
: > [{quoted}](name=Thefrostyviking,realm=EUW,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=uEEy5EdA,comment-id=000800000000,timestamp=2017-06-12T23:20:47.996+0000) > > I cant say i recall the entire story but the only thing he did about the disasters was that he simply only told his bro's and friends about it and had them all run away? > > God or some angel were the ones doing the raining of fire, plague and rivers of blood and whatnot. Moses just got a headsup and told how to run away from it. > > Kinda imagine it- > > "God to moses" > > "Hello, i just wanted to tell you that today i and my angels will be raining giant balls of fire from up here to down there, i suggest you run away, like really far away and quickly because we´ll do it in a few hours after dinner, oh and evacuate all of your people too and don't be late unless you want to be roasted" -God. > > "wait what!?" -Moses > > "good luck" -God. (Bush turns to ashes) ((Call ends)) > > > Somehow that image is probably terribly inaccurate but it kinda shows how much moses had to run around an entire country and save his people with little time on his hands meanwhile his god was preparing a big "righteous" magic show above and gave moses limited time to prepare. > > And moses got all his work done and more, and his people still got their asses kicked about and around in the end despite his efforts x) > > Old Soraka indeed, hundreds of heals and overheals and her team still dies miserably all over, RIP. Actually the Pharoah hadn't let the Israelites go until until the 10th plague: The Plague on the Firstborn in Exodus 11. Exodus 9:35 - So Pharaoh’s heart was hard and he would not let the Israelites go, just as the Lord had said through Moses. God mostly protected the Israelites from harm and only hit the Egyptians. It helped that the Israelites lived separately from the Egyptians tho. Exodus 8:22 But on that day I will deal differently with the land of Goshen, where my people live; no swarms of flies will be there, so that you will know that I, the Lord, am in this land. God also gave Moses instructions to give to the Israelites on how to avoid the last plague as well. He told them to put a sign on their doors. Exodus 12:13 The blood will be a sign for you on the houses where you are, and when I see the blood, I will pass over you. No destructive plague will touch you when I strike Egypt.
Rioter Comments
: Nasus - The Flapjack-Stackin Lumberjackal
: How to Gauge Range
I remember the unit width of a lane solely because of release Zyra's ultimate xD
Diansiji (NA)
: Ok riot, I have finally solved the problem of toxicity, anger, and wars in general.
I feel like we need some motivational pop ups, like after you lose a game: "Hey! It's okay! You really played your heart out, and that's what matters!"
: The real MVPs
People who don't play support are missing out on the highs of epically saving your teammate(s), which I think is a way sweeter feeling than getting a bunch of kills (and I play all positions).
: Lissandra Passive
I think much of the hesitation to change her passive (even though it feels underwhelming) is that she's in a pretty good spot at the moment, and changing things up could easily make her OP. That's not to say I wouldn't want them to change it.
: Wait so which one is it actually?
Sadly, I've not gotten a definitive or satisfying answer. Supposedly the singular "bee's knee" was a thing, and it ended up converting to the plural form of "knee" later, which only makes things worse, because are we then referring to both of the *singular* bee's knees now, or are we exaggerating it to *many* bees' knees? The history of the expression seems mostly clouded in mystery.
: Anti-Harassment: I like this but it seems like it would be mandatory on all melee even if its melee vs melee but i cant think of a way that could be improved on, maybe adding armor/mr to it and having the bonus removed when its on CD? Onward!: interesting but i can't see it being used all to often, what if it gave the speed and for when you take damage from a monster you gain an effecting keeping you out of combat with monsters for 5 seconds, i can also maybe see this as being hit by spells or basic attacks keep you out of combat for a few seconds though this would still be situational Mark-Bearer: I'm not a fan of this even as a support you shouldn't have to weaken yourself to make your team stronger, i would remove the 5% less dmg and lower the extra dmg + move speed Substitution Atonement: seems to strong for a key stone mastery i dont think it would be possible to implement it
Thanks for your thoughtful comments! All valid points, indeed. I like to imagine Riot using stuff like this as inspiration for other/better ideas, so much of these are expressing themes or feels I'm trying to get at (What kinds of fantasies do I want to live when playing different roles and how can that be enhanced in small, visible ways?), even if the execution is a bit sloppy. Thanks for taking the time to comment! I appreciate it.
: {{champion:6}}
Except for the smell of undead flesh, I bet he'd make a great pillow or beanbag chair.
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