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: [SKIN CONCEPTS] 5 New Star Guardians - Jhin, Irelia, Tristana, Zoe, Taliyah!
Winter Wonder Nami should be a thing. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: GG: Over $2 million raised for charity
to celebrate, we should have more skins featuring this. :) {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: New Epic skins: Immortal Journey
there should be no excuse now for SONA {{sticker:sona-playing}} to have this skin...[(]
: New Epic skins: Immortal Journey
why doesn't Fio have Chromas? {{sticker:fiora-cool}}
: Road to Pre-Season: Gameplay Systems Update
: Patch 4.8 notes
Can someone PLEASE EXPLAIN as to why this week alone. We have been undergoing LAGG problems back to back with no solution? Even, when leagued is repaired the issues remain. SINCE Season 4 started, its been nothing but LAGG/DC issues. WHAT is going on?


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