Gwynder (OCE)
: Salty NA fans dislike my comment... Good to see you guys are humble in defeat.
: If only Rito didn't F**k over crit markswomen. Took an entire class of champion out of viability in a snowball scuttle crab meta.
If they only took out the markswomen could't we all just play ezreal v lucian again?
: Fnatic caps off EU’s victory over NA
: Rift Rivals Flowchart: A Guide to Fandom
Bitch I was instalocking Yasuo before foxes evolved
NiamhNyx (NA)
: I still see lots of junglers die to the raptors.
: What are the Values of Minions at each of their levels?
Tell me in this comment section some sexy stats on minions and such {{champion:157}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3033}} {{item:3068}} vers {{champion:92}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3033}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3053}} dislike if yas would win like if riven would win. And of course, riven is using her Dawnbringer skin, Yasuo has High Noon with the blue chroma
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Drako125 (NA)
: A new tree called Warmonger Passive: +90 HP, +7 AD or +9 AP, adaptive Keystones: * **Champions Glory:** After being in combat for 3 seconds, gain 5% extra damage against enemy champions and 3.5% armor pen or magic pen (adaptive) * **Growing Strength:** Gain AD or AP equal to 1.5% of your max health, capping at 2500 hp * **Weakening Strike:** After hitting an enemy champion with an ability, your basic attacks deal 2% extra damage to them for 3 seconds Couldn't think of any secondaries, but the main idea is that its a tree for bruisers.
jesus that is weak af. minus the growing strength, i think that THAT one is way too overpowered and I would take it even on a mage. cool names though, just change the stats. I like it.
: I'm mostly going to try and modify or add to trees that need a bit of love. Inspiration tree ______________ Keystone: backpack: Start the game with an extra trinket slot & item slot healthy: I don't really know, not many characters could utilize this well unless you make it to the late game. _____________ minor rune Roaming ward (replaces hextech flashtraption): a wisp will roam 1000 units from a placed ward. The wisp will last for the duration of the ward or until the ward is killed. the wisp is not targetable by attacks or abilities but provides vision in a small circle. trinket range also increased by 50 (range increases with level). healthy: because at the cost of revealing that you have a ward nearby, you have extended vision and longer range trinkets. ______________ Minor rune: eternal servant (replaces minion dematerializer) every 7th enemy minion that dies near you is resurrected as a shade to fight for you. Shades are resurrected with 60% health and grant +5 gold when killed. if a shade kills a unit, you recieve the gold from the kill. healthy: tbh minions aren't that much of a threat to champions unless it's either very early in the game or a super minion. This essentially helps perform the same function of dematerializer in a more impactful way. You will be able to siege turrets for one additional shot each wave, you can clear additional waves faster perhaps. And enemies can earn additional gold for your use of it. this rune might need some balancing, but it would be more impactful. _______________________________________________ New Tree: Balance (this tree I thought needed to be added to help a bit with bruisers in the game. top lane needs a bit of love for characters that aren't as damage heavy but also aren't purely tanks. Some of these skills will help a lot. Keystones: - Mana soul: 10% of mana/energy spent is redirected as HP damage. 10% of damage received is redirected as mana/energy damage. if damage received exceeds the remaining mana in the champion's pool, it is received as HP damage. - adaptive armor: 10% of all armor is gained as MR. 10% of MR is gained as armor - Convergence: 20% of all physical damage is dealt as magic damage. 20% of all magic damage is dealt as physical damage __________ tier 1: - weeping gods: (start the game with a mini tear (0/300 mana) which can upgrade into a tear of the goddess for 350 gold) - gambling gods: after every kill or assist receive a _**sly sack of gold**_ and receive 75 less gold from the kill or assist - benevolent gods: After dealing or receiving 100 points of damage to/from champions receive a permanent random stat boost (+1 mr, armor, ad, ap, or move speed). ___________ tier 2: - perfect timing: during odd minutes of the game, gain increased armor and magic penetration. during even minutes, gain increases resistances. - combat rest: after 5 seconds out of combat, gain 20% increased healing from all sources. - battle hardened: after 5 seconds in combat, gain increased damage and resistances. ___________ tier 3: - Fleet feet: gain +10% movement speed, take 5% more damage - Trample: .5% of all bonus health is converted into movement speed. - tracker: gain 5% increased movement speed in brush and towards low hp enemy champions.
this is great. even though i made one, this one is the winner in my books
: Rune Creation Competition ! (RP REWARD)
THIS IS GREAT ON KATARINA AND I USE IT ALL THE TIME. DISCLAIMER: USING THIS BUILD TENDS TO CAUSE THE USER TO HAVE PERFECT KDAS. THIS MIGHT MAKE ALL YOUR FRIENDS JEALOUS. DO NOT USE IF YOU DONT LIKE CARRYING AND GETTING FREE LP, OR JUST FEEL BAD FOR THE ENEMY TEAM CLICK ON LINK FOR RIOTS SECRET KATARINA CARRY RECIPE. ( Just highlight it and right-click to go to link :3 ) {{champion:55}} Warning: This build may cause invincibility late game, instant ability to harass early game, and a juicy in-between during mid game. If you fear getting flamed by the enemy team, do not use this build. Warning 2: You have an increased chance of Honor Five if you take this Rune Page in unhealthy amounts. Carry Responsibly.
HT Helix (NA)
: "Monday night League" looking for artist/art
THIS SOUNDS COOL you should contact the player "Estionagk" hes my friend and he does league art
: How do you guys feel about LP or the Ranked system in general? Regardless of rank btw.
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: Champion capsules
I still am getting only one champion and things like master yi and other such champions. Riot is slowing down BE gain on purpose in my opinion- saying the minimum is 810 and getting away with shit like 270 so that we are obliged to buy RP for champions we might want. They know theyll get aweay with it becuase almost nobody cares about reading the websites, and wont freak about it anyways. If this isnt true, then they need to step up their bug game regardless. im level 46, and a salty NA player.
Quepha (NA)
: guess again. > The lowest possible drop used to be worth 720 BE, but now it's 810 BE. BE gains are objectively higher than IP gains for all players even before considering the removal of the cost of runes and the possibility of champ discounts from perming specific shards. The new system is objectively better for consumers and to state otherwise is either ignorance or lying.
DUDE i have gotten basically NO ip out of capsules Riot is totally fucking up with these capsules, their drops dont make sense somtimes
hellhex (EUNE)
: its not faster beacuse from capsule you can get campions like yi and whene you destroy that you less than 100 Blue essence from 10+ game so its no way as fast as before.. its grind grind lvl " you can downvote the respons as much as you like but this the truth"
def true i honestly got a capsule with only {{champion:69}} in it
: Champion capsules
> [{quoted}](name=DEVILCZECH bruh,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UqIciIPK,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-11T13:25:20.164+0000) > "> Dear Riot games, i am not sure if this is usuall or it is just my problem but i am already lvl 32 and i got 2 champion capsules but what is my problem is their content i got 2 450Ip champions and 1 3100Ip champion in both of them and the 3100Ip champion was twice kassadin so i do not know why am i getting them like this and i would really like to get more blue essence faster but i can not when those capsules drop 450Ip champions can you please answer me and tell me if this is normal or am i just having a bad luck in drops thank you" adding on to this guy, i just had a capsule where i only got one champion wtf? also i have never gotten a champion i dont own out of capsules and im pretty sure i got two 450s as well
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: No Reconnect button when I left game and I was able to start another
: Is Anyone Honor Level 3 yet? (Proof please!)
: EXECUTED: The Terrible Truth About Jungle Monsters
Give graves a cigar if the damn ERSB rating says alcohol and tobacco anyway why not let him have it?
: How many died to Scuttle Crab?
: Bard is the most bard champion. I rate Bard Bard/Bard, ~~mate~~ Bard! Magical journey forever! {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}}
: Is it possible to have the skin select viewable by other players in champion select? Seeing the same splash arts in the bubble is boring. And Taric's doesn't even fit!
Demeter1 (NA)
: I know there is probably another forum for this but please rito, make an Easter bard skin, I've been thinking about it and it seems like it could be pretty sweet.{{champion:432}}
: Riot Pls: Dev priorities and the League client
{{champion:48}} 's q should have an additional ap scaling and his w should do damage per second to enemies in it. (scales with 20% ap and 30% ad)
: Does a new client mean we wont have to spend 5 minutes staring at the loading screen with all players stuck at 100%?
: Riot Pls: Dev priorities and the League client
{{champion:104}} needs a cigar and now


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