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: Apply pressure towards objectives without dying.
: It kinda depends on where your trouble is. If you're pushing out, place a few wards. I recommend placing 3. Where you place them is up to you, but for bot and top I highly suggest the tribush, crug/blue bush(depending on side), and one of the river bushes. For mid I suggest bush behind blue, bush near raptors, and in the bush at river. You can choose different places depending on which side your on of course. Also, keep an eye on pings and where the enemy is. If a lane disappears, I recommend pulling back even if you have vision until you're sure they're not coming for you, mostly by them showing back in their lanes. If you're mid/top I highly recommend warding rift/nashor pit when you can. I prefer in the front of the pit, so that if anyone walks up/down past it they may get spotted. For bot I suggest warding the front of dragon pit. For the same reason as for the rift/nashor pit. And if they start it, you'll be able to see how many are their and possibly contest it. If you're unable to push a lane by yourself, help other lanes push. Try to have pressure all around the map. Even if you're playing a split push champion, sometimes it's better to group when you can't push solo. Also, your summoners. I checked your history and noticed some summoners could be changed. Singed does better with ghost over flash, and some will even take ghost and flash on him, or ghost and ignite. With immobile champs you should always take flash. This way if you get caught in a sticky situation you have less of a chance of dying. It's also better to take barrier or heal on an adc when you're bot lane. Heal is beneficial to both you and your support or any other teammate, while barrier can give you that bit of extra time to get out or possibly get a kill. I recommend learning more about which summoners are best on champions you intend to play often, and where which champions are best played as well as how to play them before trying them in other lanes.
cool thanks for the help
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