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: >My comment from earlier still stands: >Riot Games loves trolls. Trolls circulate Riot's ecosystem. They provide bans to people that spend money on accounts. Those people get new accounts and rebuy the skins they previously had, thus sending more money to Corporation Riot Games. This has always been a free to play game. Buying skins and content with irl currency is an action **you did on your own**. This game can be played just fine without spending a single dime on the store. I'm positive that there are players out there who have most of the content unlocked without having had to use any $. But hey... whatever excuse makes you feel vindicated, right?
So.... do you just have no comprehension ability? Or just a bad troll? Somewhere in between? because what you keep doing is Him saying "Drugs are bad cause they make ya do weird stuff", and then you reply, "no one forced you to buy fastfood, you chose to buy fastfood and eat it, its your fault!!!!!!!!!". Needless to say anything you say makes no sense. Does that make sense?
: There are two responses. An attempt to defuse the situation, or mute. You have to remember the other person is angry, and you are a stranger. Examine the situation. Yes, being assertive for yourself is good in real life, but that's different. There's no face to face and you'll never see each other again. So they barely see you as a person. Yes, trying to defuse may make you, as the 10 year olds say, "beta" or "a soy boy", but the fact is, the other direction is just going to continue things and escalate. And hey, so you have the other choice. Just mute and report.
Ya do know that does nothing right? The person still gets to continue ruining games :p You can int every game and not get punished cause ya might be new they dunno. The loss doesnt bother the troller. That is their intent. To ruin your game, you can't just mute the loss for your MMR ???? You give no solution but act as if you did. Brilliant.
: The Reason You're Not Able to Dodge Skillshots Could be this Surprizingly Common Problem.
Tfw you read so many troll posts that every post you run into starts to feel like a troll post.
: Insane Nunu Glitch Cost Me My Lane
Why does this feel like a bad clickbait add
: If Lee Sin wrote poetry, what would you call his poems?
: "I also like to put things in quotes that don't reflect what someone said" - D357R0Y3R Let me rephrase the statement which was from the post where I was talking about why we hadn't nerfed some of the high presence champs in pro play on 8.19. Hope this is clearer for you. 1. On 8.15/8.16 Kai'sa had high presence in pro play (76%), but had more picks than bans. 2. On 8.18 we nerfed her. 3. On 8.19 we opted to not nerf her again due to the fact we'd already nerfed her since the last pro play we'd seen. 4. On 8.19 we instead buffed some champs that are considered decent against her as a low range marksman (Pyke, Thresh, Kog'maw), while nerfing some that gave her a lot of protection (Braum/Tahm Kench). We're doing some power curve shifts to Kai'sa for potentially 8.21, but it's more involved than a standard buff/nerf and not something we were going to do for 8.19. Really enjoy talking on the boards!
This logic is why we are where we are. I applaud you for acknowledging you are part of the problem and refuse to be part of the solution. Very brave of you. Hey I heard pollution was a problem the world has, want to do our part and use less toothpaste or dental floss? Problem solved.


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