Kalikain (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cherysse,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vZGLh2gj,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-04-12T16:04:46.667+0000) > > he needs QoL buffs regardless, not to his numbers, but at least give him more range on his Q and E, more versatility, more opportunities to proc his passive, something. They buffed all the other tanks but him, and I don't think he needs more damage, just more range and more ways to proc his passive, that's enough. And maybe apply his movement speed bonuses to his E. The issue there is, he still dies to everyone with conq and true damage. Maokai is not doing poorly right now, mainly when picked appropriately. He needs to be picked into an assassin, because he counters assassin burst damage by sustain. He also picks into tanks, but never into long trading champions like kayle with true damage readily available. Also, if they buff him, which isnt needed; (https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/platinum/plus/champion/Maokai/Top/), when they nerf conq and true damage, maokai win rate would sky rocket for a couple patches.
they already nerfed conqueror, it is not going to get nerfed any further, he needs changes, because conqueror isn't going anywhere and many tanks outclass him.
Kalikain (NA)
: He and other tanks are not doing good because of conq meta in the top lane. If they nerfed conq, I guarantee you maokai becomes S tier again. It's not the champion, its the meta.
he needs QoL buffs regardless, not to his numbers, but at least give him more range on his Q and E, more versatility, more opportunities to proc his passive, something. They buffed all the other tanks but him, and I don't think he needs more damage, just more range and more ways to proc his passive, that's enough. And maybe apply his movement speed bonuses to his E.
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: I think the fact that you get both 5% cooldown on your active items and 5 gold for every seed you collect already makes this questionably too good. Then, add to that the fact that you can place down Honeyfruit under your turret, Blast Cones in a lane bush, Scryer's Bloom anywhere you want, and have a Ohmwrecker in your inventory without actually having to build Ohmwrecker. **This rune is way too good.** The ability to summon jungle plants anywhere on the map is too OP. Riot is hesitant to buff Ohmwrecker because the ability to shut off your opponent's turret is extremely powerful. Then, as if being able to summon the plants wasn't enough, you also get free gold and active item cooldown just by playing a Bard like mini-game. I could see a rune like this being way too abuse-able with Jungle and Support in particular. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
It is 5 seconds on current cooldowns, not 5%. - The pouch has a high cooldown. - Honeyfruit would scale with level, and it doesn't heal as much (even the normal ones), consider that it also has a maturing time which means it has a setup. - Turret Vine also scales with level, from 1 second to 2.5 - Ohmwrecker is almost NEVER used, _NEVER_. - Blast Cones do also scale with level, the knockup isn't that powerful until lvl 18 - Scryer is the same case - It is a rune without damage, shields, or stat scalings, the only thing it has is a delayed restore/healing which has a setup and that can even be used by enemies, I could remove the gold but then I would have to add something else to compensate the XP and gold you lose by leaving the lane to get the seeds. But, pherphaps you are right, maybe 5 seconds on collecting seeds is too much, I will tinker this a bit, rework this mechanic and remove the gold from collecting seeds.
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JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: alright mate, i'm fucking fine with playing chubby caitlyn as long as what i see is what i get! right now it's wonky as fuck! infact, i don't need to see models, give me a fucking square that represents my champion and the correct hit box and i'll play with it just fine. and the biggest problem right now is inconsistencies. on a different day, none of those would hit me.
they could just add a hitbox indicator for your character in the visualization options.
Moody P (NA)
: I feel like this rune system only gets realized fully in the hands of limited champions
My problem with the new runes is that it cuases champs that depends on stats to be forced into a set of runes. By example if you are a mage or an assasin you are going to take Sorcery + Domination 90% of the time, because those 2 are the ones that grant the most offensive stats. Runes shouldn't grant AD, AP, Armor or Magic Resist. It forces their users into them because of their roles. In that way I can't go full inspiration without loosing a shit ton of damage capacity, and precision is only viable for certain cases due to the attack speed focus. In the other hand the tank runes are sub-par compared to the damage runes that scale through the whole game, the only ones that grant tank stats are quite limited, with you getting +15 defenses from conditioning and +150 hp from excesive growth at best. Revitalize base bonus is quite weak, and fountain of health doesn't have a base scaling. The only good resolve runes are the most offensive ones; Shield Bash and Demolition, they are quite good. Also Keystones shouldn't grant stats either (except for Grasp), but Aftershock should grant % damage reduction, and Conqueror should be reworked, the stats it grants have shown to be problematic. Gathering Storm, Eye Collection, Transcendence, Water Flow, and Absolute Focus should be reworked. If you remove the stats, make the runes more interactive and work with other mechanics players wouldn't be forced into a set of runes because of their role. In that way I could go Brand with Glacial withouth loosing a shit ton of damage, and so on
: > [{quoted}](name=KFCeytron,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=q2OVtbKm,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-03-15T02:27:25.254+0000) > > What are you talking about? I see complaints about the client all the time. Every patch the client maxes my HDD too 100% making it impossible to almost do anything while it updates Trying to swap champs between too players barely works and is buggy has hell About 75% of the time whenever I click store or loot it takes a whole minute to open, or even worse just doesn't at all alt-tabbing breaks the game unless you play on fullscreen windowed honor screen can sometimes take minutes to pop up after the end of the game
> [{quoted}](name=Invisible Thot,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=q2OVtbKm,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-03-15T03:27:25.699+0000) > > Every patch the client maxes my HDD too 100% making it impossible to almost do anything while it updates > > Trying to swap champs between too players barely works and is buggy has hell > > About 75% of the time whenever I click store or loot it takes a whole minute to open, or even worse just doesn't at all > > alt-tabbing breaks the game unless you play on fullscreen windowed > > honor screen can sometimes take minutes to pop up after the end of the game they should create a really Low Q client with less animations and less sht, my pc runs the game quite fine, but the client wrecks my pc.
: Ok... don't see how any of those champions lose to a Sona at any stage of the game unless they are just bad
they engage at you and you reduce their damage for an about of 30% plus being tanky (normally you'd get to reduce the damage you receive by 60% with W passive and resistances), while having sustain, ranged damage, poke and prolonged durability. As long as they can't pop you up they won't win, because you can rotate your passive damage reduction. I've had Fioras, Reneks, Rivens and Jax dive at me to discover they can't win the fight and I even chase them at melee range because of that. All of that, obviously, after getting at least {{item:3025}} {{item:3010}}, which to be fair are not that expensive. The only matchup that has been even to me is Gankplank, but that is mostly because he can stay at long range and heal with his W.
Alzon (NA)
: Waveclear tho. You could just get shoved in by Renekton/Garen/Rumble/Riven all day and lose half of your CS under the turret.
I usually get behind in CS by 20 points but I do ok by getting kills, unless I get camped, which being honest can happen a lot. That's why I say in the end, it doesn't matter if you do well, you need a good jungler. And about Renekton, Fiora, Riven, and others, well, I usually kill them even when they hard dive at me, you just have to use your passive on W mode and they are no one.
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heroikc (NA)
: You do know that, like other precision runes, it is meant for prolonged combat, right?
that's the whole point of the idea. Running away without attacking is not combat, standing in defense mode is not attacking. So while Irelia and Yasuo dash through minions they would lose stacks, and when Yi gets their target away they would lose stacks too, also when they meditate, and so on. Stacks don't fade away all that quick at once, so if the champ gets into battle again he can regain stacks. The rune is always ready and available, you don't have to stack it all at once to get a bonus.
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: > [{quoted}](name=5StackUltOneShot,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bEraBg5K,comment-id=000e0000,timestamp=2019-03-12T19:26:52.355+0000)I think the main problem comes in the fact Riven is supposed to be a 'high skill cap champion' that rewards mains. Personally, I still favor (if nerfs *are* needed) exploring reducing her passive to a maximum of one or two stacks (instead of three) to encourage properly weaving spells and auto-attacks instead of spamming three spells. I think that would do a lot to make sure that her skill floor is a little higher, and her engagement window for maximum DPS a little longer.
: This would be super fun, also would result in frustrated screams being heard from space as every support that takes it turns into {{champion:432}}. xD But, take your upvote anyway. Well-thought-out ideas deserve support.
thanks, I hope a Rioter sees this. I want to know what they would think about this rune idea.
: > [{quoted}](name=Cherysse,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=A0gFFEcc,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-03-11T14:45:33.811+0000) > > Well, to be fair most of the time I'm skeptical too, mainly because of things like Conqueror... but: > > - Hail of Blades has been quite nice. > - The old Dark Harvest was beyond broken one shot. > > I think that this one will be ok. Oh, I wasn't talking about the Keystone in general, I think it's a great idea. I was talking about the new plants you suggested. I'm a bit skeptical about those, I'd rather just keep it to Blast Cones, Honeyfruit, and Scryer's Bloom.
> [{quoted}](name=Warlord Rhinark,realm=EUW,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=A0gFFEcc,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2019-03-11T15:51:25.359+0000) > > Oh, I wasn't talking about the Keystone in general, I think it's a great idea. > > I was talking about the new plants you suggested. > > I'm a bit skeptical about those, I'd rather just keep it to Blast Cones, Honeyfruit, and Scryer's Bloom. Well yeah, I don't think they all make it into the game if the rune makes it, but I guess they would have to be tested.
: I'm a bit skeptical about the new ones. I'd rather just keep it to the three we already know and balance it around that.
Well, to be fair most of the time I'm skeptical too, mainly because of things like Conqueror... but: - Hail of Blades has been quite nice. - The old Dark Harvest was beyond broken one shot. I think that this one will be ok.
: Chain CC (i think) needs a nerf
{{item:3111}} {{item:3053}} {{summoner:1}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3140}} {{item:3222}} + 55% tenacity in runes. I don't know, I guess there are no options to fight CC.
: It depends. They don't generally have something against original playstyles. But if a playstyle gets invented to remove the weakness of a champion, yeah, they don't like that. Kayle gets a godlike late game, the trade off is supposed to be bullied in the early game. If Kayle starts to jungle, then the primary reason for that will be to hide from PvP situations until she reaches her god mode. Which is something they don't want for any jungler, actually. They made alot of changes to the jungle to promote ganking and jungler vs jungler situations (like scuttle). They dislike the idea that players use the jungle just as a PvE game mode until they reach their unstoppable powerspike, which is understandable in my opinion.
Weird, I guess they changed their opinion, because the last time I checked they created Feral Flare and said "we want champions to PVE and then go out in god mode" not kidding.
: Bard the keystone? But its zyra?
Now that I think about it, I will just remove the fighting plants. Edited: removed the fighting plants, reworked the Carnivora to work only against minions and small monsters, made it more geared towards laning.
: See, this is all cool, and well thought out andd all. But the last thing i want is more Zyra in the Zyra, So She can Zyra harder whilst being a Thorn in my Side.
Yeah, maybe you're right, removed the Thornspitter and reworked the carnivora to be a devouring plant, it devours small monsters and regular minions.
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: Let's list every one of his weakness: 1) Needs a minion wave to get his infinite mobility 2) Has to wait 80 / 55 / 30 seconds before being able to kill 3 enemies at the same time again 3) Can be killed if the enemy team brings a 5 man gank with lots of point-and-click hard CC.
wow a 5 man gank with lots of point and click CC, obviously he is the only champ that has that weakness.
: > [{quoted}](name=DeathBurs7,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=F4nvEveK,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-02-28T19:06:42.577+0000) > > Mobile characters should be fragile and probably with low sustain to boot. You can argue that Riven spamable shield or Sylas big heal are out of place, or Pyke regen for instance. But they need to be high damage champs. Those situations are fine imo because melee in general NEEDS something to keep it alive, especially if they're a character like Riven or Sylas who has to go in. You can argue these things are out of line (and very well could be) but if a character like Riven had no shield, she'd get BTFO the moment she went in. This also doesn't take into account Sylas's base stats are pitiful and his heal/shield are the only ways for him to stay alive if he builds damage. Alternatively he builds tank but then just does no damage. Generally you have to split mobility into two categories: Initiation mobility or escape mobility. You can technically use initiation to escape but then you lose your big money maker (See: Malphite R). You can use your escape to close the distance but then you lose your big escape tool (See: Caitlyn E).
And what about champs that have engage mobility AND scape mobility? {{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} It is really frustrating to fight a Champion that even when he doesn't burst you down gives you no chance to retaliate, as when you survive he is already checking out, UNLESS YOU CC HIM HARD TO DEATH. But guess what! CC is a counter to everything. Also many of these champions have overloaded kits, stuns, cc, stealth and more.
RaedXray (EUW)
: I should've worded my comment better. I understand the whole ability passive switch depending on the stacks you bring with what ability but the concepts in here make him too versatile at any point in the game depending on who he's facing. Not to mention every ability works with a tanky build, be it the true damage, the damage reduction, or even the life steal. No matter what you pick building tanky will be the best way because of how the abilities are built and because Nasus inherently has no dashes. The W is especially strong because of the percent health true damage, which is over the top, and has literally no counter play since it's point and click. Would legitimately make him broken in any role he plays, even support with a weird W max build, just for the true damage. What I'm saying is champions need to have strengths and weaknesses. And this rework seems like a balance nightmare, with Nasus being too versatile.
He wouldn't do so well by being a W supp, at max rank it deals 100 + 10% of the target max life over 5 seconds. Which means a 1500 champ would take 250 damage, which means 50 damage per second. He needs to farm his abilities to get more stacks, even with takedowns he would be weak. He would only do good against Attack Speed ADC's but others like Jhin, and the more cast oriented would wreck him. He is not versatile at ANY POINT in the game, once an ability is maxed it is locked, you can't switch the passive bonuses. I actually think the W max is kinda the worst to max, but yeah, maybe I'm wrong and if that is so the numbers can be tweaked. I'm not giving him a dash, or a stun or anything actually flashy like most reworks do.
: Champions in tunnel being immune to knock ups, getting gold from meeps and no channel time on his ult are all significant buffs.
*Both enemies and allies would be immune to knock ups, and I think they should be, also knock ups bug the tunnel, even some times when you are knocked up before entering, afterwards you can't use the portal. *The AS growth is actually a rebalance, as they nerfed him some patches ago because of Hail of Blades. *Gold from chimes shouldn't be such a big deal, 3 gold per chime should be ok, at 100 chimes if you even get to collect as much you would be getting 300 gold.
: Bard likely has the highest early game burst outside of all non-mage supports (Brand, Zyra, Vel'Koz etc.), whilst also retaining some pretty potent early game sustain. His Q, whilst only giving a situation stun, has a considerably lower cooldown than most other 'pick' abilities. 11 seconds at rank 1 all the way down to 7 seconds at rank 5. In comparison, Morgana's is 11 seconds at rank 1, but the cooldown doesn't decrease with levels. Zyra's E is 12 seconds and also doesn't decrease with levels. Lux's is 10 seconds and yet again doesn't decrease with levels. Meanwhile all of these abilities are roots, whilst Bard's is a stun. Blitzcrank Q has a 20 - 16 second cooldown based on level and Thresh Q has a 20 - 12 second cooldown (reduced by 3 seconds if he hits an enemy). What we can see from this is that Bard's Q has by far the lowest cooldown late game, and if he's able to land stuns consistently he can keep his target locked down for the most amount of time. Walking over 3 fully charged shrines gives around 210 hp with the ability at level 1, which is higher than any other heal in the game. For comparison Nami only heals an ally for 160 damage with the ability at rank 5. Soraka only heals an ally for 200 damage, also with the ability at rank 5. I'm not, under any circumstances trying to claim Bard has more sustain than either of these champions, as he obviously has the stipulation of having to wait around 30 seconds to get access to this level of healing, I'm simply demonstrating how crazy his sustain can be, if he sets it up properly. Against particularly aggressive lane opponents or high poke damage champions, you might want to consider putting another point into your W which will turn the heal from 3 fully charged shrines from 210 to 330. As someone who's played literally thousands of games on Bard I can honestly say the portal is almost entirely used for me and as Bard has no other mobility spells in his kit, it's pretty impactful. There have been hundreds of times I've placed a portal down for the team to take, whether it's because they're literally about to die, to get them into lane faster, or to try and sneak into Baron/Dragon pit only for it to be completely ignored. I can say at this point that I completely understand where Thresh mains are coming from when their lantern gets ignored. That being said, the portal can allow Bard to play much more aggressively than most supports and can attempt to poke his lane opponents with the safety of having his portal ready if things take a turn for the worse. Also it's really good at giving junglers an avenue into the lane that will bypass potential wards. Bard's ultimate is one of the biggest victims of all the mobility in the game. Trying to land ultimate against anyone with a dash, speed boost or flash is an absolute nightmare. Thankfully Twin Shadows makes this a whole lot easier and I can't stress enough how important this item is on Bard if you wish to play a more aggressive playstyle. Bard is only one of just a few support who can reliably take Ingenious Hunter which is an absolutely nuts rune on supports. Sadly most don't enjoy going into the Domination tree and as a result are stuck at their miserable 0% item cdr. Redemption, Locket and Twin Shadows are all insane with 40% item CDR. In short, Bard has some insane strengths that surpass just about every champion in the game if he's able to bypass the intended restraints placed on these abilities. I promise you, if you took away some of these intended weaknesses he'd become way too strong and would only need to have them put back in later on.
*I never talked about buffing his heal or his Q, the only buffs I'm asking to his stats are the AS growth for late game, which shouldn't be much. *I don't think the E bugs are "intended weaknesses" *His ult would just get a better animation, it is still really freaking slow. *I sometimes play him with Predator and it makes wonders on him, so I also take ingenious hunter, it depends on your playstyle, I usually sit arround 30% CDR. I want to try him with conqueror though, since each meep attack gets 2 stacks. *Bard doesn't have HUGE strenghts that surpass EVERY champion in the game, this is bias. He requires a lot of thinking, delicate play, and planning ahead to get full potential, while other champs are just a ball of stats and damage ready to roll over you and crush your nexus. His early "burst" is not that high, a Brand can easily out damage him since he only has 2 sources of damage, and only one of those is reliable, and he requires Electrocute to deal some significant burst early. Bard, in short, requires a lot of setup, too much. I honestly think his W should work with charges, like at level of the ability you get to store a second charge, or something, to allow him to get more healing potential during team fights.
RaedXray (EUW)
: Jesus this rework idea is bonkers... The Q could be fine and the passive too if balanced correctly numbers wise. The W, E and R seem absolutely broken with no counter play if he builds tanky, which he can since the W has **POINT AND CLICK TRUE DAMAGE**, the E heals him, and gives damage reduction, and the ult reduces the cooldown of every ability lmfao what the in the holy realm have you created with this. I think Nasus is in a fine spot, since in any elo where people know what they're doing he gets absolutely smashed, and ends up being a supportive tank, which is kind of his thing, being the counter part of Renekton, the damage diver. His ability to farm the lane out with Q and become a Juggernaut or max E and go an AP-ish route is good I think, and changes his playstyle more than enough depending on the matchup. Not to mention he's a late game champ, meaning he has to be relatively weak early. And I disagree with making him teamfight, since he already can without a rework and there are already too many champs in the top lane that can teamfight more than well enough.
did you read properly? only one ability gets buffed. He can't have life steal, the empowered w stats, or the healing E all at the same time, only one thing at a time.
: this looks like you can build a yi build on him on your suggested wither.
not quite, he doesn't have the tools to "survive" like Yi, and looses sustain going W, he would be more of a duelist, meant to fight the likes of Fiora and others because by maxing W you make their lives hell.
: Bard's currently fine and at most could do with a couple of QoL buffs. Bard's a Jack of all trades master of none kind of character, so no matter what situation you're in, you should have the opportunity to be somewhat useful for your team. Unlike say Pyke or Janna who synergise very poorly with certain team comps.
To be fair most of what I'm suggesting are QoL buffs, except for the AS Growth buff.
Bârd (NA)
: Bard has issues. These aren't them. * Knockups glitch his E a lot. * He doesn't regen meeps while dead. * He can't freeze inhibs, nexuses, or invulnerable towers. * TT chime spawns are fucked. * Frostfang Hotfix sucks ass.
- Happens to me a lot, I get knocked up and then I can't travel pass my E, It fuck*ng sucks and it has been like that for a good while and they have not fixed it. Gonna add that to the list. -Yeah, I noticed, it kinda doesn't make sense. -Too, it would be awesome if he could. -Some times they spawn in weird areas and very close to enemy camps and towers, which is not good, when you are zoned and can't leave your base Bard can't do anything. -Yeah, kinda, I can't get gold early because of the "support leash".
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Saianna (EUNE)
: I have seen too many threads made by human vegetables. I just can't recognize sarcasm now. Whatever stupid there is, I take it as someone being serious with me. Most often than not, those people are dead serious, but extremely stupid.
Saezio (EUNE)
: Nasus is not nearly as strong as you imply. Except for under plat Elo.
Yeah, kinda, but still he could use a change to make his gameplay more fun and to encourage team fights instead of AFK farming.
: You're a smurf. Chill.
I play in LAS, but I prefer NA boards, cuz all the big people are here.
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Ruffian (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=A Bad Nasus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QF7mu3wg,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-02-25T06:46:25.684+0000) > > Make the damage of his spirit fire against minions continue to scale by half the number of stacks he has accumulated during the game. Now Nasus can quickly shove out a lane like other splitpushers thus giving him more options provided he stacked well. Wow, that works. I was overcomplicating it. Thanks.
Maybe they could just make Nasus decide which ability to scale. He could by example stack damage on his Q, W or E, Maybe rework him so that in a way he could decide where his damage goes. Q: +3 stacks on kill, +12 stacks on big kill W: deals DPS true damage, grants half of the movement speed and attack speed reduced to Nasus, when it kills minions it has it's CD reduced to 1 second. +5 stacks on kill, + 15 stacks on big kill. E: less base damage, +2 stacks on kill, +8 stacks on big kill. R: reduces the base cooldown of your basic abilities when active by 30/40/50%. In this way Nasus can max any of his abilities and still be viable, with his W being usable on minions and monsters he has a better jungle potential. He can max Q and be his usual self, he can max W and use this as a jungler, ganker or have a better chance at winning against duelists, or max his E and become a mage like tank-ap with an ability that is still going to scale, all of this would be startegical because depending on your enemy you can adapt and choose which strategy goes better with you to wipe them out.
: Overloaded kit and overall too much damage. Shield/Double Crit chance/Range piercing basic attack on Q/Hard AOE CC on nado/W nullifies most ranged champions/E insane mobility and great lv1-2 harass// you can combo ULT to 1 shot squishies: Nado-AA--ULT-AA with no counterplay from 3/4 items on. Pick a lane bully that can own any melee like Renekton, Darius, Teemo, Kennen etc. or lose lane and also get outscaled. Yasuo mostly loses if the opponent is more skilled, at equal skill you usually win.
yeah, and even when you get to leave him behind he gets 2 items and his power spike is insane.
Jaspers (EUW)
: "Git gud."
: Or just wait for the windwall to end.... It has like a 30 second cd, isn't maxed until late game, and can only be reduced in cd, which is something yasuo's almost never build. And it only lasts in one location for a few seconds.
3.75 seconds, an eternity in league, and when well placed on a jungle fight means the enemy ranged champs become useless. God forbid Yasuo starts using {{item:3161}}
Jaspers (EUW)
: Do you want the short or long answer? As the short is: "Just because it is balanced, doesn't mean we want to deal with it."
Rioter Comments
: His W too strong.
Mostly, everything else I'm ok with. His W could be an ultimate for all I know. If it lasted a lot less, it would be better, but he can jerk his sword in the middle of it while he dances the devil's tango all over my champs corpse. If the wall kept moving like the upgraded odyssey version, it would also help, because it would limit it's zoning and use.
Rioter Comments
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333lom (EUNE)
: Here are my edits for Kayle's base visuals
I think they should have done a traditional Kayle skin kinda showing her old form.
Rioter Comments
: Your build path doesn't make sense, since you are actually building life steal with {{item:3144}}, but your version of stormrazor does not provide any form of sustain. Personally, I prefer the current version of stormrazor. I don't think it will be so problematic on the champions you listed. Keep in mind: You need 4 crit items now to reach 100% crit. Additionally, you would need boots, a lifesteal item, and armor penetration. Picking up stormrazor is a trade off, you have to forgo something for it.
exactly that is why it is a problem. You are trading must-have for an item that doesn't really have a place in you build unless you want a slow each 7 attacks
Cherysse (NA)
: Rework Stormrazor
For your consideration: -The active does the same damage +50 in late game that a {{item:3144}} would do, plus the slow is slightly better, and it combines it self perfectly with {{item:3087}}, giving it synergy. -The spellblade passive would have a max damage of 175 bonus damage on-hit, and a minimum of 75. -This energized stormrazor attack is, also, as the current item, a buff to the other energized items, as it deals the magic resist reduction before the energized damage is applied. Also It is good for the more magical ADC'S on the game. I'ma gonna tweak some numbers.
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