Kenanja (EUW)
: Yup. Meanwhile they removed morde from midlane and anywhere else, but hey, he gets a dragon /s
Zyra IS the new Mordekaiser for the Mage update watch as they give her a minigame which only makes her good in a duo lane and how they will defend these changes as being good when actually they are destroying her identity as a champion just like what they did with Mordekaiser
: Mainly because a lot more Zyra players take her bot than mid and we've typically had a bad time trying to force roles into champs. We're open to balancing her for mid if that's where she ends up.
LOL typical Riot trying to enforce the meta as always instead having a more flexible game like Dota 2
JnFnRu (EUW)
Riot Lyte is gonna make it his life mission to never bring back soloq and try to convince us all that soloq is toxic and that dynamic que is what the people want even though its not
: You thought tank akali, naut, and fiora were bad.
no Malzahar is AIDS. Tank Fizz is Ebola
Iqqi (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dyto,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HiL2aHMU,comment-id=0056,timestamp=2016-03-17T00:57:58.914+0000) > > Riot lyte..... literally the worst thing to ever happen to league of legends.... Riot headquarters could burn down tomorrow, them go into bankruptcy and lose all their designers .....Riot Lyte would STILL be the worst thing to happen to league of legends lol Lyte and Ghostcrawler are probably neck and neck for the worst hiring decisions in the history of their company.
You forgot Pendragon there too he tried to destroy the DOTA community by taking down DOTA allstars and was trying to put the blame on IceFrog the very man who was responsible for making what DOTA is today
Kürama (NA)
: Riot specifically said it would take 2 more months to develop the Solo queue. It's an entire new queue built upon the New Champ Select. They can't just reuse the old Solo queue with the New Champ Select.
: Lyte is the worst thing to ever happen to riot tbh
no Pendragon will and always will be the worst thing that has ever happened to LOL
: Why not have both solo q and dynamic q??
because most people would play soloq where they can test their individual skill and not touch DQ thus it would be deemed a failure which Riot doesn't want it to be even tho it is
: They run them on Reddit afaik
the LOL sub is such a joke its really just a safe space with mods that are in bed with Riot that will delete any anti Riot post on there to not get much commotion out of the community
: i agree the moment solo que comes back watch the numbers fall from dynamic que its a good idea but riot screwed it up hard
thats IF soloq comes back Lyte is probably gonna make a excuse on why it isn't back because of some techinical bs and stall it longer and longer until he thinks the community will forget about it
lolptwo (NA)
: Riot Lyte is trying to tell us the majority of us prefer Dynamic Queue over Solo Q
Bookmarking this too see if this post gets removed because lets be honest here Riot thinks we are stupid to fall for this. Maybe people on Reddit can buy this bullcrap since the mods there are bought off and are in bed with Riot but here on the boards nuh uh that shit ain't gonna fly. We all seen first hand some of the crap they come up with remember when they were trying to change Mordekaisers title to "Lord of Death" and everyone on the boards were furious now imagine when this bullshit tries to get defended by Riot. IDK why Riot just for once admit that DQ is a bust and leave it at that and bring back soloq. Are their Egos that big they can't admit they are wrong? They are making this way harder than it needs to be its actually both pathetic and hilarious at the same time. They know that DQ was a bad idea from the start but their pride and their motto "Riot knows best" won't accept it because "hey LOL is different compared to any other MOBA out there. We are completely different and if we show any sort of resemblance to another game *cough DOTA 2 *cough we will change it because we wanna be different!" Basically LOL is in its edgy teen phase and has to realize that will always be similar to other MOBAS and maybe its time to take some ideas from them to help improve LOL to make the players happy. Hell I would love it if we could have all of the customization that DOTA 2 has and also the rank system it possess or even HOTS style of making fun and innovative maps instead of removing them and not supporting them years *cough dominion *cough. Riot needs to stop this and realize they are practically killing the game very slowly.
: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZKI4huWE,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-03-15T00:12:46.920+0000) > > Yes, we think the active on Zhonya's is that powerful. Given the amount of use it gets and the effectiveness it shows when used that price point seems to be in the right ball park at the very least. people downvote riot responses and then wonder why not a ton of rioters respond. especially when you brought up perfectly valid points. the only thing that could be improved for Zhonya's is the build path I guess
Rioters tend to not respond to us if people are antagonizing them not downvoting them. I'm sure people at Riot care more about reaching to a agreement with the community because of the feedback they gave rather than being scared to interact with them because of worthless internet points
Eeyore (EUW)
: How to give Mordekaiser a dash...
This would work pretty well I like it
: which charactrer is that? he looks cool
King Leoric boss from Diablo 3 very fun game if you love the kinds of game where you destroy wave after wave of bad guys while also getting some cool loot
Brascus (NA)
: I'm kind of starting to feel very indifferent about winning or losing
This is one of the reasons why I just stopped playing I frequent the boards and keep up with news of LOL because I hope things will change but it seems like it will be a long time in the meantime I have been having a lot of fun playing Dota 2, F4, and Overwatch. Also been planning on getting that new Hitman and the Pokemon remakes. I just want for League of Legends to be great again.
: I hate how people keep trying to pull that pick order bullshit on me.
Dynamic que and the new champ select are 2 different things stop trying to make them the same thing because they are not
Rioter Comments
: Get rid of the "naming and shaming" designation for public streamers and YouTubers
totally agree I'm sick and tired of streamers like Uberdanger getting away with viewbotting on twitch just because he is a famous youtuber
: Champion Reveal: Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger
looks like a ripoff of dota 2's Io and Batrider really
: Aurelion Sol just smashed the sun in his hands.
Forgot the minigame on him and the % hp true damage aswell
: I don't play dota but isn't that like a thing in dota, tp boots?
yes there is you can tp not only to structures or minions but also to your own allies aswell
: I know it's probably one of the most iconic "Brand" things, but I honestly have no attachment whatsoever to his ult and would have zero problem with it being completely removed and replaced with something different. It's just not compelling at all to me. A big bouncing fireball? Why would a fireball bounce anyway? And it's annoyingly RNG sometimes too. I always thought that Brand's ultimate should be like, some huge ass aoe fire that he starts that really encapsulates "set the world on fire". Dunno what I would have it do really, but it would be flipping huge and hella metal and we can run from there.
: RIP Forgiven :(
Wait What??? Forgiven is like one of my favorite players I think of the times where he was destroying everyone on Lucian and graves at katowice. Everything seemed to have gone so well for him when he got picked up by H2K :(
: Reminder : We are not giving up on solo q .
: A 2009 Player's Plea to Riot Games.
Can agree with all this its because of these changes that made me quit and uninstalled. I barely even watch prolol because its so damn boring and was even planning on ranking up this season but now it seems a way of testing up my own individual skill is too much to ask now from Riot Lyte. I'm just been playing Dota 2 and I cannot believe how much more fun it is than LOL right now and have been watching the shanghai major has been pretty good. Apparently also that people who I known that intentionally lose the game are still unbanned but if you say anything naughty to them you get banned faster then they ever will. That's some next level priority right there "we care more about what people say too you online rather than the people who intentionally lose games because people still don't know how to press the mute button"-Riot Games. Also sick and tired of the favoritism towards certain champs like {{champion:103}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} meanwhile they leave unpopular champs to rot {{champion:72}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:266}}.
: 1 each is incredibly reasonable, why hasn't this already been implemented?
Because Dota has it and Riot wants to make LOL to be different but their are just somethings that you kinda have to copy from what is successful from your competitors to make your product better for your consumers.
Mhihnj (EUW)
: No definitely mario
Its obvious its DuckHunt
: Patch 6.4 notes
release soloq already so sick of this bullshit dynamic que
: The biggest change Singed needs right now is an actual passive that could give him a more interactive playstyle.
can confirm as someone who plays Singed he really just needs a new passive (NO FUCKING MINIGAMES PLZ)
Cherysse (NA)
: "We thought Xin needed some love"
Eh Singed is fine sure the thornmail nerfs hurt him but that hurt all tanks and bruisers. I say he is pretty strong but has a lot of counters that are meta which is why you don't see him as much not too mention he can be hard to play at times for newer players despite how easy his kit looks its actually a lot more difficult then its led to believe.
Bârd (NA)
: 4v5's are not just "some disadvantage"
Riot seriously should just copy the system dota has for dealing with afk/leavers right now it just wastes time that could better spent in playing a more fair game. They really need to stop trying to act different by doing things because some of the things they do just don't work just like with how Dynamic que didn't work for HOTS and blizz removed it because the playerbase didn't like it because it was unfair same thing for how it is now but Lyte is trying to convince everyone that it can work despite evidence and feedback is shown that it does not.
: His E should not 1/2 health adcs
Why? That's most of his damage and can be pretty easy to dodge plus ADC's are known to be squeshy since they rarely build resistances unlike mages which is common for them.
: Viktor's E Nerf
They don't like that his waveclear can stall out games thus making longer games which is what Riot doesn't like now apparently eventho they are plenty of other champions that can wave clear just as good as Viktor. IMO its a bad design philosophy the way they are going for shorter games its make the game less fun, makes comebacks happen less especially with how snowbally the game has become to where games can be extremely one sided, and makes late game champions nearly irrelevant since early and mid game champions are dominating right now.
: your list is wrong, if there's one thing i've learned form watching the history channel it's that Aliens are anything BUT a myth!
I swear that guy looks so much like Crumbz
: When are we getting a SOLO que?
Agreed I just want soloq to comeback so I can actually try and rank up too see my individual skill level again. I even ask Lyte on Twitter and he still hasn't given information on it or Teambuilder for that matter
: > He has poke and a knockup; If he hits his E, his team and he can go in. Again, how is this different to other Champions that have their own "If I hit X, I go in" patterns? Exactly. They want him to be different from other champions.
He is already different from other champions better to work on someone who needs a actual rework like Xerath who is really weak right now and not fulfilling his concept of a artillery mage. Vel'Koz is the penetration mage he builds magic pen and deals true damage when he gets 3 stacks from his spells he is already fine. There is no reason to change a champion just because "hey it would be fun". Vel is fine work on someone else like Xerath or Ziggs that are in need of more attention.
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Vel'koz Direction
Please don't do a cop out and give him a minigame for the love of god. We have enough of them already that they made some of the recent champions made to be very unsatisfying to play as or against such as Morde, Skarner, Illaoi, Fiora, Garen. The only fun minigames in the champions have been lately is Bard and Kindred. Please don't screw up on Vel'koz he was one of the first champions I ever bought and is one of my favorites in the game.
: Coachs were always at one point or another a professional sports player ALWAYS oooo downvotes here i'll add my own! I love downvotes!
completely not true they're many coaches who have never played in pro play heck the coach of SSW the world champs of S4 and arguably one of the best teams in competitive history was ranked silver
: Fizz Is Impossible To Punish, Especially With How Weak Turrets Are
All I really see here is that turrets need to be buffed and that you needed to chain your cc properly also how the trundle probably could've sidestepped there to survive from him.
: Can we have team builder back yet?
I'll upvote every post about bringing TB back
: I miss it and idk why blind pick didn't go instead.
I find it funny and hypocritical at the same time that they remove blind pick from OGN a tradition of League of Champions Korea but they still keep it in the game which really sucks. I miss those mirror matchups on OGN they were so much fun to watch. Without it we wouldn't have the Faker vs Ryu Zed 1v1 arguably one of the best plays in all of LOL competitive history.
: {{item:3151}} {{summoner:14}} and hp scaling abilities like elise for exemple that ARENT TRUE DMG
you forgot these ones {{item:3165}} {{item:3153}}
: I liked Graves when he wasn't a jungler
I personally like a marksmen being somewhere that isn't the botlane but would still like him to be good in bot aswell
: I'm finding it harder and harder to stay interested in League in 6.2
Everything about the new season that was explained in this thread is so damn true and has made me really hate playing now. After I get the jist of playing Jhin I'm gonna stop playing since the game is really starting to become less fun and might just get worse later on. The game doesn't feel it has any strategy at all. S5 may have had some downs to it and all but it still had some reasonable stuff that made the game interesting such as cinderhulk and ap item changes made the game more fun but the changes that they done in 5.(5ad)4, juggernaut/worlds patch and the most recent couple of patches are just signs that the game is dying. Remember at MSI where teams actually had to have strategy to think what they had to do to win? I sure did, the cinderhulk patch was probably my favorite and probably I would say the best patch ever in the history on LOL. It provided so much diversity that forced people to be more decisive about the game to where we got champs like Cho, Sej, Sion, and hell even Urgot who many people considered him trash. Now its more or less obvious that Riot plays favorites with champions like Lee sin, Ahri, Riven, and Leblanc and only keeps them up because of their high fanbase is simply embarrassing. Dota doesn't play favorites with their characters yet LOL all of a sudden has to be the stingy teenager that has to say they are different even tho lets face it all MOBA's have the same concept that were derived from the Original DOTA so they kinda are all alike. LOL has become not only really boring to play now but even watching LCS games are a snoozefest. Watching LCS is just basically 20 mins of everyone farming and not doing anything to one big teamfight and whoever loses that one loses the game. Turrets are next to useless that don't protect you nor you can even protect them because they are so weak its laughable at least make them durable as Dota 2's turrets. The concept of warding is basically dead and their is now almost next to nothing for counterplay against stealth champs since pinks don't exist at lategame which also doesn't really happen unless your game is a clown fiesta because either you or the enemy were constantly throwing your leads. This game has gone to a strategic and well thought ideas to brain dead killstreaks that are caused by people getting caught out with nerfed vision and is starting too look like a mindless and unoriginal game like COD. At the very least can Riot actually answer these questions instead of hiding the problem away under the rug. The only Rioter that really tries to help communicate with us is Repertoir and sometimes Meddler and its still not enough to get the answers that we need. At the very least can we get a indication if any of these things are here to stay or go? Because if it doesn't then the rumors about catering to proplayers are true after all and that we the 99.99% probably don't matter anymore.
: Nexus turrets should be the strongest, not the weakest turrets
Turrets are so incredibly weak its just a joke at this point. Watching LCS right now is so boring since teams can just like 3 to 4 people to destroy the 1st turrets at like the first 5 mins of the game is really dumb. The game feels like it requires less decision making and more on people getting caught out.
: {{champion:268}} has mana problems.
mostly because he doesn't build mana regen items like {{item:3165}} {{item:3174}} because of the changes to his passive where he doesn't get attack speed from cdr anymore now Azir players build {{item:3115}} because of the cdr and the attack speed since both are important stats on him
: > [{quoted}](name=The True Bard,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2EHv7Wg8,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-27T23:21:58.580+0000) > > So now it is pretty much impossible to mess up the combo. A bit worrying. > > I am just going to go cry in a corner. > > I have become the physical embodiment of Amumu >
I love Planet of the Apes
: My GF Asked, "Why are they all fighting each other?"
They are fighting over the last piece of cheese obviously
: Mordekaiser, The Iron Rework (Just some fun brainstorming^^)
I always thought that Mordes ult can be a lot cooler if it was turn into some kind of CC or something where you put the enemy in a iron maiden like Liss' ult so too speak whenever they die while under its effects they are turn into a ghost slave and that his W could be changed to where banshees swirl around him and metal shards maybe even Mordes new E could be him sending forth his wraith friends in a cone that damages gives him a shield and also reduces his enemies resistances hit by the spell. I'm not that really good at making stuff up for champion but I think this stuff would be cool just something I thought would be cool
ßoy (NA)
: Having trouble finding the right champ for me.
Try Vlad{{champion:8}} no health sustain issues since you practically have infiinte of it. Can be player mid or top. Really easy to play and great waveclear later on. He doesn't really have any mobility other then his pool which gives him a slight speed boost but other than that he is a really fun champion and very safe. Do you want to be annoying %%%%? Do you want to do bullshit amounts of damage while having infinite sustain? Do you want to role play as a Vampire? Well worry not because Vladimir is the perfect champion for YOUUUUUUUUUUUU. Seriously he is one of the easiest and safest champions to play in the game, I highly recommend playing him, but one thing you must remember is learn how to LAST HIT. His autos might be a little slow but later on you will get used to it and also he can use his spells CS so that makes it even easier.
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