: Petition to make Veigar's voice higher the more ap he has
Higher or deeper are both hilarious. Make this happen.
: First off, I give you credit for putting so much effort into this post. My personal opinion is they need to be changed. If it were anyone else, I wouldn't care... but Xayah and Rakan on Valentines Day??? The skins need much more effort! All I know is that I love the edit you showed there of Rakan. I agree with everything here.
Novócaine (EUNE)
: Lets play a game
Congratulations, Mrs. Smith, It's a girl! Now gimme my rp.
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: Why are people so upset about the Sightstone changes?
Hi, I've been seeing these posts around. I didn't see any news about this in the patch notes. What is going on exactly with the sightstone? thanks.
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FeeNeeX (EUNE)
: Things i expect for Diana IN 2018 (RIOT THIS IS FOR YOU)
Dude, you're so passionate about this. It's so nerdy but I respect that, I can be the same way at times. It's cool to see all your ideas and that your speaking out about it. I've played a little Diana here and there, and I agree with what you're saying. I hope Riot does take a look at this because I think most people can agree a visual update is due, your kit changes sound pretty reasonable, and a new voice over would be nice.
Ràkàn (NA)
: "Nothing important should be taken seriously." - Rakan, The Charmer.
~~"That thing went flying everywhere. Prancing across the floor, and getting people all excited. How annoying... He was kinda cute though," Urgot thought to himself.~~
Rester (NA)
: That actually looks pretty wicked, even down to the little details on the cape.
Exactly! It's such an improvement! The artist who created it made it well.
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: Improved HeartSeeker Rakan Skin
That beats my edit. Thanks for sharing! I made a post today as well about this topic. The skins need some work, but that's such a nice edit.
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: In memory of my brother
I give my condolences to you, may he be in peace.
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Taikobou (NA)
: How about a Dominion ward skin?
Dude this is so cute. Your love for good ol' Crystal Scar is kawaii. I didn't play a lot of it back then because I was still new, but I miss it, too. :'c Also, cool idea you came up with.
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xKàyn (EUW)
: If you are interested in lore check this out.
I love lore. Learning even more would be nice. Never thought about this before though, it would be a completely different gaming experience entirely based around lore. Basically to submerse yourself in it. Idk if this is a possible idea for the future, but it sure is a nice concept.
: You should be able to see who is pinging your items
I agree, and it seems almost like a bug in some ways. It would be a small thing to add that would make a nice difference in how item pings work! <3
Engelin (NA)
: Petition for practice tool to allow up to 2 players so we can test interactions between champions
I think this would be a good idea, and a great starting place. I enjoy the practice tool, but there are too many limitations not to get into those 20-30 minute customs. Also, it would be so fun to practice with friends, the sandbox would become a playground. I think allowing 2 players is a great place to start, I'd like to see even more open spaces for more players as well. It's a fun way to experiment and just have a good time in some customs. I'd like to see this added and more in the future.
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