1m Uzi (NA)
: Please deleteADC,they are already losing their purpose in the game while you guys are buffing top laner and assassins for years. Really tired to be a bot player.
(Hey just so you know, you're completely correct that they should delete ADC as a role, sincerely.)
: State of Gameplay: Pre-Worlds Updates and Beyond
Do not add more bans. Instead, remove bans completely from the game. They are not necessary for 99.9+% of all players anymore. If pros need them, perhaps enable them just for pro/high-level play.
: Honestly, supports are the most crucial role. It's their job to babysit a champ until they are powerful enough to carry. They usually are the shot callers and strategy during the game as well.
I appreciate your honesty! :D That makes sense to me, but I'm wondering if anyone has data on this and not just personal opinions.
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: [PETITION] Jhin music plays when he gets quadra kill
No. There needs to be as little fanfare as possible for things like multi-kills. The game is not about multi-kills and your personal little ego trips. It's about winning, as a team.
: Tier 2 runes now on permanent 1 IP sale
Why do Tier 2 runes even exist? Also, can we just delete runes entirely, please?
: Champion Reveal: Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger
I love the concept, but then in the voice acting this character seems like kind of a jerk. I would like you to make more characters that are less like aggressive murderers and more that are just nice charming personalities. I dunno, I guess I'm crazy but I don't really find the "psychotic killer aesthetic" that appealing.
: Along with that weighted randomization, there's a couple other sub-solutions you could build in, such as: 1. After 3-5 minutes, start deprioritizing the primary role. 2. After same amount of time, give player option to deprioritize role (better but clunkier). Either way, I'm usually queueing top/supp or bot/supp, but while I get tired of always getting supp, a five-minute wait for top/bot is just too long for my tastes—I'd gladly play supp if the system truly can't find me a top or bot game.
: "DOUBLE WARD-KILL!" "TRIPLE WARD!" ... nah that still sounds lame lol But on a serious note I think that Riot is actually doing something about this, as most supports they've created lately have actually felt very impactful. The challenge was basically laid out to Riot prior to the creation of Thresh, most people don't like to play the supports they made. So they started making champions like Bard, Thresh, Braum, and Tahm that feel high impact and are "flashier". So I think they've already started making progress to make support a more fun role by making supports more fun to play. I was a Thresh main for a while just because making all those clutch plays with him made me feel like a _badass_. So I commend Riot on their progress and willingness to take on the most challenging of the alternatives you presented.
I'm not saying "add in stupid double/triplekill for the kinds of stuff Support does", I'm saying, REMOVE that stuff for the kills.
Quort (NA)
: Weighted randomization is a horrible idea. As someone that really only plays Support in ranked, I hope to get it as much as possible. :/
Maybe we could do it 70/30 if your secondary is Fill.
: You're missing the point. I _love the bot lane._ I WANT to be support if I am not ADC. I just wish selecting ADC as your primary role and support as your secondary role would **primarily give you ADC as it should.** Or any primary role you pick, for that matter.
People will tell you to pick ADC / Top so that you get ADC. Of course, that doesn't solve the problem at all and is a weird thing to have to do.
Frnak (NA)
: I stopped clicking support as secondary. Even if it's my *secondary* preference... ...it just means auto-support 9/10. I just pick mid/top since they are almost interchangeable. ALMOST.
Really, it's a lot closer to 10/10. In fact I think it's probably 9.9999 out of 10.
Lucifer (NA)
: They need to address this, or people are going to stop putting support secondary all together.
They already have. Which is why people who DO put Support secondary get it 100% of the time.
: Can No Longer Be a Secondary Support Player
The system with regard to support specifically just doesn't work as intended at all. It's funny, it worked OK in the first few days because people were actually using "fill", but no longer - everyone learned their lesson. Here are the problems: 1. **The "Fill" role _IS _"Support".** There is literally no difference between the two buttons. Both result in you getting Support. 2. **You cannot choose support (or fill) as your "second option".** Doing so will result in you playing your first option 0% of the time. The last 50 games I played were all support because I want to play Jungle primarily and Support secondarily. That's what I want to do, and so that's what I select, and yet I play nothing but support. **SOLUTIONS** **Solution**: _Force some weighted randomization between the roles chosen._ So if I say I want Jungle | Support, then when I do, roll an RNG that's like 60% Jungle, 40% Support. Don't tell the player which one got chosen, but if it chose Jungle, now you just sit and wait until a Jungle spot opens. This is a pretty good solution in my opinion. Wait times go up a bit, but players have an experience similar to what they would expect from your system. **Bad solution**: _Own it._ This would involve deleting "fill" as an option and making it so that if you make Support as a secondary or primary option, you can not select any other options. Basically this would be Riot essentially admitting that no one wants to play Support. **Solution**: _Provide IP rewards for playing roles that are less popular._ This is also kind of bad because you're similarly acknowledging that you have roles that people don't want to play, but it might be a good stop-gap for the next thing. **Great, hard solution**: _Make support something people actually want to play._ This would be a huge project, but I would say you can start by deleting all of this extra fanfare regarding getting kills. Delete the "multi kill" shit. When you have this giant banner that comes on the screen saying PENTAKILL, it sends a clear signal that the game is really all about getting kills. In fact, it is not about getting kills at all. The team with fewer kills can and sometimes does win. So by putting focus on kills - something support shouldn't be doing - you're basically telling your audience that support is a lame role to play. I feel pretty confident that Riot will do something about this - it's pretty obviously not working properly - but looking forward to seeing what they specifically do.
DropFill (NA)
: This season's balance is the worst BY FAR
As much faith as I have in Riot - which is a large amount of faith, I think these guys are extremely smart and capable - they are making the job increasingly impossible with every new character they add. They really have to stop the madness. 129 characters?! Is their plan to continue this? It gets exponentially worse with every new character, NOT linearly.
: If you thought league was unfun before.....
I think you are under the mistaken impression that solo queue games get matched against 5s. According to Riot, 95% of the time if you're playing solo, you're up against 5 opponents who are also playing solo. If you have a team of 3, you're against a team of 3, and so on.
: Why should I even bother mastering a mechanically complex champion?
I'm a game designer and I strongly agree with what you're saying here. With that said, though, I do think that the characters you have in mind *all* have updates on the way. I personally wish they would move all the resources they have devoted to new characters onto the re-work team until characters like Yi and the gang are all made to be interesting to play. In the mean time, we just have to endure it.
: It appears that the new Champ Select has been reverted?
Ah, here's an update. Apparently too many people playing caused some server malfunction or something. https://twitter.com/RiotLyte/status/687757088005591040
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Vekkna (NA)
: 5.16 is a miserable experience
Just a reminder, no character has more than a 55% win chance based on statistics. So this "guaranteed loss" business sounds like straight up garbage?
: When someone says League of Legends is free
I have purchased zero skins. League of Legends is totally free, you guys are just weak-willed children!
: Pick up your very own Mystery Champion!
I would like these available for IP. Even if it was kinda a bad deal, like 4800 each, I would probably only buy them that way.
Jamener (NA)
: Petition to keep the Bilgewater ARAM map in circulation
Do not do this. Please. Let that pirate voice die forever. It is extremely obnoxious, unfunny, and actually kind of ugly and disturbingly violent.
ChrisB5 (NA)
: But support role will always be underplayed. Riot has even added passive gold items/masteries, trinkets, everything to ease the pressures of support roles. But everyone wants to deal uber damage. You can't change the people, and only the roles so much. As for Jungle, Riot won't fix the issues. It's sad and annoying. But why isn't it fair? a 10% IP reduction, if we're going minimal, really isn't that much. I'm waiting for someone to go and say "yea well ten games and it's a single game of no IP!" Exactly, ten games. Team builder is an off-mode, not a norms or ranked. It's like how ARAM gives less IP since the games are shorter and IP is time based. Same goes for Dominion big time. It's not unfair, it encourages people to play different roles ;)
They can fix this "anti support bias" by taking out all this stress they put on KILLS. "PENTA KILL" and shit yelled in a semi-orgasmic way by the announcer lady is very much supporting the (incorrect) idea that this game is about "getting kills". So of course no one wants to play support. Try to change the language and presentation to be more along the lines of "the game is about making plays" and good strategy (which it is), and support suddenly looks a lot more glamorous.
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Essorance (EUW)
: When you play a champ for the first time and you're like "Did he just say that?"
mor (NA)
: Add more items! I think we can all agree that League lacks in build diversity. Most often then not people only switch 1, maybe 2 items to do well in the game. I think more items will open up for a lot more situational item builds that can really make things more interesting. Also why don't we have any pants related items? :D
I'd just like to say that the answer is actually *not* to "add more items". If anything, reduce the overall number of items, but work on making each item more diverse and balanced. There are already so many items in the game, it's OPPRESSIVE. Think about what a new or even intermediate player has to do to actually "strategically buy an item" right now. Like sure, anyone can go and copy shit off of Mobafire or something, but if that's what people are doing, why do we even have the items feature to begin with? Items should be something that players make decisions about, right? So, if items are something players should be making decisions about then that means that players need to know and understand *ALL* of the current items in order to really make a choice. I've been playing for about a year and I can tell you there are still a bunch of items that I've never even bought once. There are items which I don't know the function of at all. Even of some of the items I buy regularly, I don't know off hand what the stats are and such. So that means that I can't actually make a strategic decision with the items, because I don't even KNOW what all of the options available to me are. Adding more items will exacerbate this problem. The answer is to reduce the number of items but make each item mean more.


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