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Hashihime (EUW)
: Warwick Rework
The champion that becomes everyone's problem if it gets just ONE kill?
: Wait wut? Champion roadmap akali
It's because players take her top lane and then they feed enemy tanks and then they whine about tanks being OP.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Chocolate Frost,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3QmUgRm2,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-27T06:13:12.458+0000) > > He had a 0.5% play rate before his rework. I don't know what fraction of a fraction of a percent mained him, but... > > He needed a rework. There's 140 champs. If they were all equally balanced they should have around .7% play rate. Your opinion is kind of invalid here based on that metric. It just shows OTHERS need fixing not him as many are much further off than that.
10 Champions are played per match. Also, champions fill certain roles based on their kits and designs. 50+ Can be played top lane. 35+ Can be played jungle. 40+ Can be played mid. 15+ Can be played bot. 30+ Can be played support. 140 Champions whose total positions exceed 170. Given the limited number of ADC, their play rate will exceed the play rate of any champion in game by default. In an ideal game, ADC's would each be played in 1/8 games. 12.5%. The remaining champion pool consists mostly of champions who aren't locked into any single role. As for those whose current meta show them played in only one role, they can be played off meta with success. If we were to imagine a game in which off meta was considered acceptable and viable by the majority then we're looking at approximately 130 champions who can be played in any role OTHER than ADC. 8/130=6.1538% So, in an ideal game, all champions should be played in more than 1/20 games each and each ADC should be seen in 1/8 games.
: That's it. From here on out, I'm permabanning xerath when playing midlane.
Xerath mains at low elo sometimes use scripts just to make themselves seem better than they really are.
: I will always hate you Rito for one reason
He had a 0.5% play rate before his rework. I don't know what fraction of a fraction of a percent mained him, but... He needed a rework.
: "Lul everyone jumping on the ADC OPOP bandwagon"
What makes ADC's OP is the fact that they are the only ones who are allowed to carry games. Riot expects everyone to play support (Top, Mid, Jungle...just fancy terms for extra support) so the ADC can take out enemy structures and drakes and baron. Everyone is expected to be the ADC's bitch anymore. And if you aren't an ADC main or play the ADC's bitch then you're not winning the game. Who would've thought that people don't want to be some complete stranger's bitch in a video game?
: When is this torture gonna end?
Good, the system did something. You got what you deserved. Also, wrong board.
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Ralanr (NA)
: Why did you not just leave her ult?
Problem Ive noticed is that when Illlaoi ults in a team fight, she instantly nukes the enemy champion standing closest to her. There is not escaping it without a dash and even then you have to use it right when you see the animation for it.
Sandman7 (EUW)
: Queue Dodging in ranked, is this an exploit again ? 2018
I just leave the queue and then join a new one. Chances are, I won't be on the same team against the same opponents.
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datfatguy (OCE)
: Why am I seeing Zed banned in like every game?
It's a combination of his ultimate and his mobility. Supports don't like him because either he gets fed and roams bot to detonate the ADC or he falls behind in lane, gets bored of mid and roams bot to detonate the ADC. ADC's don't like him because of the above reasons. Top don't like him because Zed wins by taking out the ADC in bot lane...repeatedly, and Top is too far distant to stop the ADC from feeding him. Jungle don't like him because Mid is the shortest lane and his escape and slow make killing him difficult. Plus, Zed spends half the game out of mid anyway.
Xecta (NA)
: When to grab Talisman of Ascension on Nasus?
When talisman was a thing, it was rushed either before Trinity or after. Now... ...Let's just say Riot says they like laners taking jungle items and non supports taking support items, but they don't. They really don't.
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: Can Someone Explain To Me What Pantheon's "Counterplay" Is?
His only counter play is team fights. He's a troll pick designed to make most, if not all, top lane picks miserable for the entire duration of the lane phase. He does nothing for his own team as far as objectives and winning goes. He just trolls the enemy top and trolls his own team by being useless in anything involving more than one enemy.
Rexxiee (NA)
: Was klepto even nerfed???
Nasus was able to reach full build by 30 minutes in before klepto was nerfed. Not sure how long it takes him now. I'd estimate it should take him 5-10 additional minutes with the nerf in place.
hoganftw (NA)
: Who's your favorite Assassin?
{{champion:67}} Oh, you said, favorite. Not least favorite. :P
Seen (NA)
: @Riot QoL change: Please have the jungle role with smite autoset as a summoners
Some players trade roles and RIot isn't going to force any player into taking any summoner on the stance that they want the meta to be in our hands and their claims that it isn't their intention to change the meta. lol
: Since we're already on rampage to make the games shorter. Can trinity force be cheaper?
{{champion:75}} The cycle of life and death continues. We live live, they will die...even faster and more often.
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: Here's the thing. Nasus doesn't need nerfs. You probably had one bad experience with a Nasus and are blowing it out of proportion. He falls off late-late game, he gets countered by anything that has range and has mobilities. He's slow af. The only way he can catch up is with ghost or righteous glory. He isn't that tanky either. Its that you're letting him into your team and not cc-ing him.
No, I have both played as him and against him. I'm even strongly considering maining him because of his ability to make comebacks happen entirely too often. Just recently won a match in which my team lost all 3 inhibitors (non-consecutively) and a nexus turret and we were still able to comeback from it because, as Nasus, I was able to easily demolish so many enemy structures in less time than it took dead enemies to respawn. By the time the enemies were alive again, I had already knocked out one Nexus turret and they were unable to stop us from taking the second one along with the nexus.
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: it really is because, in the summoners code! it states no one can be reported for their build, nor does anyone have the right to tell another player to build an item. and speaking from looking at the statistics of challenger level players i ward just as much as they do, the only difference between me and them are where the level of communication is between players, and even having sight stone has last games. because being able to see doesn't help team work.
It says no such thing in the Summoner's Code. Also, the SC is more of a friendly list of tips on how to make the game an experience you, your allies, and your opponents can all enjoy...something most players fail to do given that the code itself is filled with impossible expectations for humans placed in a competitive environment.
: Supports Win The Game!
If "GTFO!" is your first response to someone requesting you build SS then you're the one failing at communication. Also, your post content and subject titles are two entirely different topics.
: Is lcs boring as sh*t to anyone else too ?
Each year, it's always a Korean team taking the championship and I just don't have an invested interest in foreign teams. NA teams don't usually make it far in worlds and they've never taken first place ever. So...I don't have a reason to pay any attention to the LCS scene. Also, at risk of going a little off topic, I hate how players try modeling everything they pick and buid off LCS without any kind of inkling as to WHY those things were done in LCS in the first place. And I'm told, "trust, it's op" every time I voice my doubts. And then it's gg for me because bronze and silver players just try playing copy pasta and ultimately fail at it.
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: Is wukong worth playing
This season has turned Wukong into a punching bag. He can only get ahead if his allies do not feed. If you've feeding allies then you'll end up becoming food. There are many "supports" who won't ward bot and many ADC's who won't stop pushing blindly; so, ganking bot at 6 is a coin flip. Mid is a difficult gank zone for Wu because he cannot take turret aggro and neither can most mid laners and most mid laners have somje form of CC, a reliable escape, or both. So, Wu's early damage on mid requires he at least has red buff to help secure a kill. Top lane is full of tanks and those who counter them. Wu is a melee and he's built as an assassin; so, he's countered by both. If your top lane doesn't have some sort of CC to lock the enemy top down then ganking that lane is problematic. Wu has exceptional early burst in lane, especially with ignite. At level 2, he can kill most any top lane, including a tank. You just need to have wards down constantly to give you vision against the enemy jg. They will gank you if you extend up to the river and shut you down and render you useless for the next 10+ minutes of the game. Zombie ward can help as long as you do NOT tunnel vision CS. Freezing the lane is imperative for Wu while in last hit with AA's only. Hydra remains an effective farming tool for Wu and gives him sustain he otherwise lacks and cull can give you additional gold to help compensate the difference against the popular kleptoslut picks. Black Cleaver is an essential against tanky compositions. Duskblade is good against squishy compositions and also if Lee is the enemy jungle to clear your area of all his garbage. And, of course, Ghostblade is a great item for him regardless of enemy composition given its MS buff active and passive. Maw of Malmortius is great for fighting AP opponents, especially if the enemy has 2 or more AP champions, but only rush it if your lane opponent is AP. Taking him top lane is a good idea IF you aren't first pick. He has his counters, but he also counters a number of champions. Teemo, a top lane favorite, is something he can burst down in mid to late game. As for taking him mid. It can work as long as you play it safe early up to 6 so you can roam bot side and get your ADC 2+ kills. I've personally stopped playing him as much as I used to because since the season started, it's become painfully obvious that the current meta does not support Wu very well. In this modern age of burst in which one feeder spells doom for your entire team, even getting aheadd as Wu provides little benefit for a team that just can't put your lead to good use.
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EbonP (NA)
: Playing TWITCH....
Twitch's passive is the primary source of his damage and players will rush attack speed on him to stack it quickly. Contaminate deals additional damage based on the number of stacks on victims. Also, the farther Venom Cask is cast, the longer it takes to land and the animation for it is obvious, making it easily avoided. The slow it applies is minimal and the stacks it applies are delayed.
DracoMTA (NA)
: You want to know what makes League feel so bad now?
I wish shutdown gold would be removed from the game already. Why should one player be expected to play perfectly to compensate for the constant feeding of another?
: hit the damn nexus
People don't want to play capture the flag. They want to play CoD. Riot understands this. I foresee a future Rift in which the nexus no longer exists and first team to 30 kills is the winner. #sarcasm
: Sunfire cape falls off so hard (solutions)
I don't build Sunfire Cape...ever. Sometimes I just want to "Demolish" a turret with an enemy champion standing right next to me, who can do nothing to stop me. {{champion:223}}
hoganftw (NA)
: First Pick Top Lane
Hover a jungle, mid, or support champion that can also be played top and cycle through champions that can be played top or ONE other role and settle for one of them. This will plant doubt in the minds of your enemies. They will wonder where you are taking that champion. Do NOT offer to first pick for any of your allies unless they are a trustworthy real life contact. Time and again I have had allies forget to trade or disconnect long enough for the trade to be made impossible.
: Ask A Jungler
Whenever I jungle...which is often. I notice my lanes will often push lanes to the enemy turret. They don't seem to know how to zone enemies out of CS or how to freeze lane and they will request I gank enemies near enemy turrets. I refuse their requests and even tell them to be careful and ward because they put themselves at risk against the enemy jungle. In many situations, the enemy jungle ganks my allies...successfully. And what generally ends up happening is I am blamed for not ganking and my allies will say how they don't have a jungle and that the enemy has this many ganks while I haven't ganked at all. The purpose of ganking lanes is to provide an advantage to the lane and apply pressure to the lane, but I see no advantage to be given by ganking enemies under their own turrets. As for lane pressure, if my allies are pushing enemies that hard then there's enough pressure there already, if not too much pressure. The problem I encounter is that allies who push blindly will only perform worse throughout the match and blame me all throughout, never once considering how to avoid repeating their mistakes. While my decision to not gank enemies near or under their own turrets is a sound tactical choice, it also causes my team's morale to drop because they feel like I've abandoned them and that I don't care about them. This isn't true, of course. If I cannot gank lanes then I am usually farming my own camps, securing a dragon, or counter jungling. My approach to ganking lanes is watching the map carefully and roaming to lanes in which enemies have extended to or past the river, exposing them to danger. I gank lanes in which my allies have enough health and resources to provide assistance. I am not usually looking to kill enemies. Sometimes it is enough to cause them immense damage or cause them to burn their summoner spells. I ignore lanes in which enemies are incredibly ahead so as not to add proverbial gasoline to the fire created there by dying to an already ahead enemy. I am, after all, just one person. I cannot hold my own against an enemy with an enormous lead. Again, these are sound and tactical approaches, but my allies do not give the enemy team enough breathing room to expose themselves to danger. And my allies will prioritize kills over CS or turrets. They do not seem to understand that enemy champions are nothing more than obstacles. Removing them is necessary to secure victory, but that does not always equate killing them. Sometimes, or oftentimes, it is enough to force them into retreat so as to secure another objective. But allies would rather chase surviving enemies blindly into unwarded territory, abandoning objectives entirely for another kill that will likely result in the deaths of my allies to enemy reinforcements. Could you share with me your approach to ganking lanes and also how you deal with similar or identical situations in which allies create more problems than they solve?
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: When your promo starts off good and you're expecting a bad losing spree soon
It's not imaginary if it's based on historical documentation.
: unfortunately he is correct. if you cant handle something as simple as that im surprised you can handle the internet in general, where racism and humor go hand in hand. this is by far not the worst example i have seen of racism over the internet, its 1 on my scale of racism, so low that it really doesnt matter to me in the slightest, id see that, read it, shrug my shoulders and keep playing, and while you could say i only think that because im white, ive reacted to racists insults against white people in the same way. then you will say the same thing to me where "well if yours okay with it your part of the problem" to which ill reply, yeah, your exactly right i am. BUT its not my fault, and theres nothing i can really do to it, for nearly the exact same reason as to why they are doing it in the first place.,_ego_and_super-ego this is one of the basic concepts of oure pysche, and why humans act the way we do is through factors that govern is (at least according to sigmund freud) how you respond to people is broken down into the ID EGO and SUPER EGO. the id being instinctual trends, the super ego is the critical and moralizing role, and the ego is the organized part of you. this stuff only applies to humans mind you. or things we apply weight too, if we cant see something, if we cant know them, we usually dont apply all of these practices too. which over the internet is EXTREMELY COMMON. essentially what people do is that the lose there super ego, the part of there mind that says "hey i should think what i do out, and treat them like another human being" because they dont SEE you as another human being, just meat that talks. so that leaves the instincts and the organization left. and let me tell you, someone who is very organized and doesnt like you ALOT is capable of truly terrible things. small little article, but this is why people are assholes over the internet, and why you also are probably not ever going to remove racism. like 10 people every game, its very likely someone at some point is going to say something dumb
Freud performed inhumane experiments on children and infants that left them traumatized. Forgive me for not taking the words of a cold and cruel man seriously.
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: "KYS"
Telling someone to inflict harm upon themselves or wishing that harm be inflicted upon them in any way shape or form IS a punishable offense.
: "Positive players win more games" they say
Being a negative player increases your chances of losing though. So, if you aren't negative then, by default, you increase your chances of winning because you aren't making your allies feel bad about themselves or hostile towards you by being an asshole.
: Game Length
No, the major complaint is that games are decided by 10 to 15 minutes in and the remaining 5-20 minutes is one team bragging in all chat how good they are while the losing side attempts to surrender only to have the vote turn out 2 to 3 or even 2 to 2 (because players often rage quit now more than ever before) every time until the winning team is 5-manning the nexus.
: Not to be rude but if you look at this board alot of people say wukong needs a rework. He hasn't been touched for 4 years.
He could use changes, I agree on that point. I was merely providing tips on how to utilize him in his current state. As for his flaws... His passive is virtually non-existent. In top lane, he hardly has any benefit from it. In jungle, he has no benefit from it against monsters. And team fights...Those last 3 seconds, maybe 4, and that's how long he actually gains an almost negligible defensive buff in this modern age of burst. His E is his engage tool, but it provides him with an unnecessary attack speed buff outside of farming jungle camps. No self-respecting Wu is going to rely on AS from E to finish an enemy. It's E then Auto then Q then R and, if you didn't use W to engage from stealth, you can disengage after R with W if needed. His Q is fine as is. It compliments his AD kit with its armor shred. His W and how it is used separates a good Wu from a bad one and its extensive cool down prevents its spam unlike many other escape and engage tools I could mention here. But the AP ratios on W make no sense in the modern age of league. His W was made during a time in which AP Yi in mid lane was a viable option. His R is one of my all time favorite ultimates in the game and I, personally, would rather not see it changed.
: The problem with this though is you get a brain dead top laner that's a tank. Builds bramble vest boom half the people that are carry top laners are countered. You have to wait for ganks and NA jungler either camp top or leave that lane to lose completely. Relying on bot lane that is already inting their face off. Their top laner has got you pushed to tower and is a easy gank but the jungler refuses to gank. Saying you lost lane even though your either 0/1 or 0/0 because you litreally can't trade with them. Only thing you are getting is xp even when you freeze the wave they can auto push the wave forcing you to last hit under tower.
Yes, counter play exists. You bring AD to top lane against a tank and they build Armor. So, how do you counter that? Well, you could sit in top forever and have minimal or no impact on the game and be out traded no matter how good you are at last hitting under your own turret. Or. You could roam and supply assistance to other lanes, win those lanes, and return to top as necessary for farm and maybe even convince your team to help you since you already helped them. Also. If the enemy top lane invested so much into armor then consider choosing that moment to swap with mid lane assuming you've an AP mid. At that point in the game, your mid lane shouldn't have any resource issues and they can easily handle an enemy who rushed armor. Meanwhile, you're Wu and you've an ultimate that makes team fights stupidly easy. So, you roam from mid to bot and get your ADC fed, win bot, and then bot lane roams back to mid with you and you win mid. So many options and I am sure there are more.
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: Like I said he is to team reliant on his ult and solo queue is filled with brain dead people. No matter what elo you are in.
All champions are team reliant to a degree and besides that, Wu can handle himself well in many solo scenarios. The trick is finding the enemy champion or champions he can take on while avoiding the others.
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