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: So why exactly did the enemy team have permanent true sight on me?
There are graphical glitches in the game. The enemy vision indicator remaining on a player even after the effect wears off is one. Another is Nunu's snowballs remaining visible long after he used the ability.
: > [{quoted}](name=Chocolate Frost,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lWfK0kTa,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-07-16T08:09:34.312+0000) > > And this mentality is the reason why it's so hard to play a tank for anyone. > > "Me carry, me reason me win, me no need no one but me" > > It takes more than one. There's a reason 95% of all 4v5's result in losses. It takes a team, not just "me, me, me, me, ME!" > > In most cases, someone has to initiate and whoever initiates needs someone to back them up. Sure, the ADC can pump out insane damage, sure the assassin can 100-0 the enemy squishy in 0.5 seconds, and yes, the mage can burst a target to grey screen with their combo. Every champion has their job and many of those jobs are made easier if not completely possible in the first place by the front line initiator. dont' play tank then lol if you can't carry on tank why are u wasting time crying about ur teammates not following you
Didn't realize requesting advice was "whining".
: u either carry solo or lose don't depend on teammates to do anything
And this mentality is the reason why it's so hard to play a tank for anyone. "Me carry, me reason me win, me no need no one but me" It takes more than one. There's a reason 95% of all 4v5's result in losses. It takes a team, not just "me, me, me, me, ME!" In most cases, someone has to initiate and whoever initiates needs someone to back them up. Sure, the ADC can pump out insane damage, sure the assassin can 100-0 the enemy squishy in 0.5 seconds, and yes, the mage can burst a target to grey screen with their combo. Every champion has their job and many of those jobs are made easier if not completely possible in the first place by the front line initiator.
NY64 (NA)
: Tahm Kench should not have gotten this harsh of a nerf for 9.14
Everything done to Tahm because "competitive coordinated play" needs to be reverted. That's it. He's been stripped of his identity as a supporting tank and made into toxicity incarnate. Rather than return him to his previously acceptable state, he gets the bench. Why even have over 130 champions if Riot's just going to turn half the roster into troll picks like this?
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PotPye (NA)
: Look I main jg and if you find yourself under tower getting spammed. It's all your fault bro ima just say it. Either you chose a bad champ into that matchup, failed to ward to watch for jungle, or your simply just an ass player that lost lane to a better player. Laners need to play like jungle doesn't exist. Me ganking is a privelage on my behalf. It's not guaranteed at all. Now if they're half health yes I'd probably gank that but still you get yourself into that situation. If you find yourself losing lane then you gotta rethink either your champ or if ranked is really for you.
I play like jungle exists...not my jungle, but the enemy jungle. Because whenever I do go past river, they usually tend to show up to put me down. Hell, even when I am near or under turret, they'll still try something, but at least I'm safer. Top easily turns into a 2v1 that doesn't favor me. So, I figure, conserve my resources and farm safe while also making it as easy as possible for my allies to take advantage of a badly positioned opponent. If my allied jungle doesn't want the easy kill that is the 0/0/0 enemy top at 10+ in then I guess my jungle truly doesn't exist as far as I am concerned and there really is nothing for me to gain by venturing beyond river other than placing myself in danger. Me being under turret isn't me losing lane. Me being under turret is me making my lane opponent bored, irritated, overextended, vulnerable. All the while I'm keeping up on CS and maintaining my resources so that if and when my jungle can be bothered to provide assistance, I'm ready to be as useful to them as possible. And the fact you probably won't gank unless the enemy is at low health just tells me that you're only going to be there to kill steal AFTER your allies put in all the work. You "main jg"? You sound more like you main afk farm.
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: TFT ya gotta Nerf Yordles
My thoughts are that Yordles rely too much on RNG to avoid attacks and also there are ways to ensure your attacks land AND yordles aren't the only thing in the game that can avoid attacks. On top of which theirs isn't even the strongest bonus in the game. And if that weren't enough, the standard yordles aren't exactly compatible with each other. Veigar Sorcerer Tristana Gunslinger Lulu Sorcerer Gnar Shapeshifter Poppy Knight Kennen Ninja You're not getting anything out of having them all on the same team except maybe being able to dodge sometimes.
: The player's right to play and ff
You're wrong. I've reported AFK farmers in the past who were punished.
: Happened again. Kat support and a 1/12 cait with 42 cs at 28 minutes. This account is so marked
: Itemization towards late game
This would just give more power to teams who are ahead. This is entirely unnecessary.
: buff tanks base stats. buff the class, not the items cause then you get bruisers and supports abusing them and shit. you don't fucking want that. buff the champions.
Too true and this is possibly the healthiest solution.
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Yenn (NA)
: It would be great if literally any jungle improvements could be made
It's not just about the enemy jungle getting a few kills and assists early on that makes farm difficult. The jungle can't farm effectively when ally turrets are lost as the enemy gains majority control over the map in those areas of the map, which makes nearby camps theirs for the taking.
: Morde and Trundle as they go around stealing stats
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: Aatrox’s lifesteal, not his revive, is what gives him identity.
I honestly miss being able to beat Aatrox to death...repeatedly...with just two items. {{item:3123}} {{item:3047}}
Lubeth (NA)
: Is Kled sleeper op or balanced?
He's got a strong early game, but only if he gets ahead early. But he's shredded by late game hyper carries such as Jax, Yi, Twitch, Vayne, and the like.
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: why?
Solo queue is a joke. Individual performance doesn't matter 99 times out of 100. That one in a hundred you land a perfect game in which you get fed to god status and none of your allies feed and you win. And then you keep going for a repeat of that magical moment only to land in shitty situations with some idiot saying "don't worry, we got this" even when your inhibitors are all blown and the enemy has baron. And you're the guy who started out well enough in lane, Maybe you got a kill or two, died once or even never, and picked up a few assists all the while keeping your shit warded. You never lost turret until after all the other lanes lost badly and you had to just face facts and abandon lane else get swarmed by a five man dive because the enemy knows your tier one turret is an easy mark. At that point, you're the guy voting for a surrender so you can have a fresh game and put the bad one behind you, but the idiots down in bot whose combined deaths total 20 or more by 20 minutes in keep voting no while one of them keeps saying "relax, we got this". Fuck, man.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: 1 person decides the game for the rest of the team
I've posted this shit before. I'm told my logic is flawed. Well, Mr. Spock, the entire "balance" of the game has no logic to it. So, the fuck you doing standing there telling me that my observations concerning an illogical situation to be illogical?
: Champion shards in chests are stupid as fuck
Riot lost money to the chests and essence system; so, they nerfed the ever living crap out of it. Only reason to buy chests anymore is for a chance at legacy content, most of which is straight up garbage anyway and the whole reason it's legacy content anyway. Sure, there are event-exclusive skins that I wouldn't mind having out of the loot system, but the odds of nabbing any of those are negligible. I'm honestly just glad that Riot doesn't change their entire shop into a loot system like other games, thereby making obtaining skins entirely RNG-based altogether.
: Buff/Adjust Illaoi ult
Illaoi is the most uninteractive Juggernaut in the game. The only counterplay to her is... And you're suggesting to have even that much removed from her. That's just all kinds of no.
: Lux DOES NOT need these compensation buffs on her ult
Lux can stay in ban land as far as I'm concerned. Nothing Riot does to her will change my mind.
: Riot you cant really be thinking about Buffing Lux's Ult damage....
Hardly matters to me at this point as she's become my permanent ban again. Unless my mid/support has first pick and want her, I ban that bitch. Unless someone else on my team has the wisdom to ban her for me. She's overwhelmingly popular and overbearingly strong. She's a bane to juungle, she's a bane to mid, she's a bane to bot lane, and she's a bane to everyone involved in every team fight ever.
: Extremely Upset
To anyone who says "But the system can't tell if you're being paired with bad performing allies" The fuck it can't! I once landed in a promo series in which none of my allies had more than a 45% win rate all season. One of them had a 37% win rate. I knew it was a loss, but what the fuck can I do when it's my last chance to get plus one in the ranks? I get that anyone who signs up for a ranked match should be allowed to join one, but can the match maker at the very least distribute the bad players a little more evenly? You know, instead of constantly bunching them all in same teams. Because, at that point, why the fuck even bother playing at all if the win is decided from the moment we choose not to dodge? Oh, and by the way, I wrote this after dodging a Nasus mid and a jungle who blind picked Master Yi into enough enemy CC to ensure he'd be of no use to me.
Akrid415 (NA)
: I can't break this
Looking over your match history, you seem to enjoy Jarvan and your success with him is relatively consistent. I'd honestly suggest sticking with him. If you truly want Mordekaiser to serve as your back up (as seems the case) then you may want to put in some practice hours in normal matches for a while.
Suh Shi (NA)
: Way to contribute nothing useful to the post. I even stated that i would like things taken away to make other things better. That way people like you would stop getting deleted by 3 second invis shaco, but we would get more damage and play options.
No, seriously. I am fucking sick of threads like these popping up that then attract the Shaco zealot mains to it just to thumbs up it and stroke the ego of whoever posted the thread in the first place. I've seen it repeatedly. Shaco has the most loyalist main base of all the champions in the entire fucking game. It's almost as bad as ADC mains whose collective player base seems to possess FAR too much influence over Riot's balance tweaks to the game (if you can call it balance). I'd cover my absolute hatred towards ADC mains, but that's an entirely different rant altogether. As for Shaco mains, you, like ADC's, are constantly behaving like you're somehow victimized by Riot over how they handle your precious poster boy idol. Shaco is a toxic monster, but an incredibly difficult one to utilize properly and effectively. And anyone who dedicates the time and energy into perfecting him certainly deserves to reap the rewards of his kit. That said, your collective sense of self-entitlement from what I have personally witnessed is absolutely sickening to me. Shaco has enjoyed above average success in whatever role he's deployed throughout the years and yet you all act like he needs compensation. NO HE FUCKING DOESN'T! {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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Suh Shi (NA)
: Shaco in desperate need of some changes/buffs/rework
Fuck shaco and fuck his overly zealous cultist mains.
: It's very rare that i leave my games but sometimes it extremely justified.
There are some exceptions to justifying leaving a game. 1. Someone you know or possibly you has an emegency in need of immediate attention. 2. You lose power. 3. You lose internet connection. 4. Riot HQ is struck by a world-ending meteor and LoL is the first thing to go. The reasons you stated are NOT justified. You're just an average league player. Self-entitled and likely because you just happened to have been fortunate enough to have been born and raised in a first-world country. Down vote me if you must because your opinion amounts to that of an ant as far as I'm concerned.
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: Why are tanks the only role without a high impact item?
Tanks rush cinder for wave clear. After that, they generally itemize against their lane opponent. Problem is that while that lane opponent might be AD/AP, some enemy who's the opposite will likely end up fed by your allies, rendering your defenses pointless post laning. Items that combine resistances provide no health in exchange for both resistances; so, you still end up feeling weak. Warmogs is great if your team's ahead, because it allows you to siege without ever backing. Otherwise, you just end up hacked to pieces by a fed enemy and their posse. Also, most tanks don't scale off health/armor/magic resistance. There's Tahm, but even his damage from health stacking falls off in the face of hyper carries (good thing too or he'd actually be as game breaking as players claim).
: i understand your frustration of not knowing how an item works. if you present a scenario I will try to help you. In general rageblade only works if your opponent can hit you. The following items and champs will prevent that from happening. {{item:3046}} recurve+armor {{champion:98}} uncommon yordles - 3 for 20% dodge. 6 for 50% dodge. sword breaker - armor+negatron cloak glacial - 2 for 20% freeze. 4 for 40% freeze. 6 for 60% freeze. {{item:3172}} - belt+negatron assassins - can get behind your opponents blockers and deal critical damage {{champion:22}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:19}} all of these champs stun or protect.
Having played yordles, I can assure you that RNGesus does not favor me when it comes to dodging something that's attacking 6+ times a second.
Manxxom (NA)
: that or it should NOT HAVE UNLIMITED STACKS. I saw a draven have it and all I was seeing was big freakin' fidget spinners flying all over the place
My favorite is when a level 3 Pyke is able to dash all over the place every two seconds, stun my whole team, and attack like a fucking RPM machine!
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Lapis (OCE)
: "if you pick that champ i'll dodge" - How is this even a threat?
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