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: What is, in your opinion, the worst designed champion in this game?
I think champions who are impossible to balance without either making them too weak or too strong as shown throughout league history are champions to be classified as "worst designed". {{champion:223}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:13}} Are just some examples of good ideas from a design standpoint proving problematic from a game play standpoint that then become balance issues.
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: It was removed, but *should* it have been removed?
I think it was an okay choice by Riot. Teleport was the only summoner spell that could be cancelled, after all. Imagine if you could cancel other spells to reduce their CD? Ignite/Exhaust not gonna secure the kill? Cancel so it can be cast again in the next minute! Cast Ghost to run away, but the enemy immediately disengaged after? Cancel so it can be cast again in the next minute!
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: Hey wukongs players, Wukong is sitting at a 53.76% winrate. Are you sure he needs a buff?
Have you considered the possibility that his low pick rate is due to the fact that he is a niche pick at the moment? Meaning, he is picked to counter certain champions and even then he barely enjoys an average win rate. If Wukong was picked in even 1/20 matches, I'm certain his win rate would drop significantly.
Shiƒter (NA)
: When you debate whether or not you should steal your jungler's buff at the start of the game
: When playing Pyke, make sure to get most aggresive at lvl 6 with R
Dr Dog (NA)
: cant wait for these HoB buffs
Hail of Blades was a completely unnecessary addition to the game in all honesty. It was implemented so that champions who rely on Attack Speed steroids could safely invest into the Domination tree as their primary. But now that stat bonuses are independent of whatever tree into which you invest, the entire purpose of Hail of Blades has been defeated.
Rylalei (EUNE)
: Let's Talk: "I'm high tier and best assassin for 10+ patches in both low and high elo" Aka Shaco
I don't think Shaco's the problem in all honesty. Ever since Riot introduced Lethality and then shoved Lethality items down our throats, balance has been thrown completely out of whack. The problem lies with Duskblade and is the absolute bane when it comes to balance decisions regarding AD champions, especially those who invest into it because without it they are either useless to their teams or close to it. Duskblade itself needs to be nerfed or removed completely so that chanmpions themselves can be correctly balanced.
: > We'll see whether he stabilizes before potentially making changes to him Maybe for them he's not weak, he's "stable".
46-47% Win Rate in jungle and almost no presence elsewhere = stable?
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: On a scale from 1-10, how critical is it to ward?
If you've no vision near where you are standing then you're putting yourself at risk and your chances of winning at jeopardy. A brush, no matter how small, can conceal an entire enemy team. Just because you don't think something is there does not mean something is not there. You cannot simply assume you are safe at any point in the match. "I've no wards" is not an excuse to run into an area blind and alone. "I have been warding" is not an excuse to run into an area blind and alone. "It's everyone's job to ward" is not an excuse to run into an area blind and alone. "I thought he/she/they..." is an assumption on your part and leads to a bad time. If, at any point in the match, you have 2 trinket charges, you are not warding enough. If you do not have a red down somewhere on the map then get one and put it down somewhere on the map. There are few reasons why you shouldn't have a red ward down. 1. It's late game and you've reached full build, preventing you from purchasing a red ward. 2. The ward you placed down was destroyed and you are occupied with farming (safely), capturing an objective (safely), or engaged in a fight (you are 100% certain will end in your favor). 3. You just don't have the 75 gold for a ward because that gold went towards completing a core item for your champion.
JulzFTW (NA)
: Please Buff Shaco
I am so sick of seeing players asking for shaco buffs and shaco reworks and shaco reverts. He is a top performing jungle that just happens to require a little extra skill to be played optimally. He doesn't need buffs. He is more than fine in his current state. And I am writing this knowing full well that the "Shaco Main Union Party" will downvote me into oblivion for stating the fucking truth about their poster boy champion!
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Chiken138 (EUW)
: If this vayne Buff goes trough....
Yeah, I'll just perma ban her unless my ADC happens to be first pick and hovers her. Otherwise, IDGAF if ADC hovers her. I'm still baninng that shit.
: Try thhe champions you thought are OP first, before you complain about them in the forums.
No. Know why? Because a player who has no experience on a champion who then plays that champion isn't suddenly going to be enlightened as to what it is that makes the champion so oppressive or overpowered or annoying. When I mid, I ban Kassadin. I suck at the champion, but I know that if he's able to reach 16, a good Kass cannot be stopped. When I top, I ban Heimerdinger. Not because he's overpowered, but because I generally play melee champions top lane and I hate facing that asshole as a melee champion. When I ADC, I ban Rengar or Shaco because there is no peeling a stealthed champion off ADC. When I jungle, I ban Kindred, because I do not like playing the counter-counter jungle game with her. I hate all of these champions respectively. I am not skilled at them, but that doesn't make them any less annoying for me. So yes, I will complain freely, as is my right, about champions that add frustration to my gaming experience.
: Wrong champion comparison to make. You should say, "make it like Darius's ult," since his is actually similar. But Garen's doesn't have a cost, so maybe let him cast it again only if he kills the Villain with it.
Garen doesn't need another gimmick.
: First win of the day
The joke is that you only have to win a match. ANY match. Even a bot match. To get it.
: We need Banshee's and GA back as counters to assassins that is open to everyone.
ADC's whined for years that they wanted an AD variant to Zhonya's; so, Riot granted them their wish by making GA into what it is today. Not sure why they changed Banshee's. Oh, that's right, because they hate defense.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Why are people no longer permabanning Zoe
wolf jade (EUNE)
: why cant you use all the champs/skins in practice tool?
There are over 140 champions in the game. That is an overwhelming number from the perspective of a new or inexperienced player. Making them all available to test out could result in sensory overload and generate lack of interest. Instead, Riot has free-to-play champion rotations every week. 7 days with which to try out one or more of several champions without tossing a mass quantity of options at people.
: They were so caught up asking if they could...
He has no wave clear, he is squishy, and he is slated to receive a nerf so that he cannot be played effectively in solo lanes.
: Getting 5 LP when someone leaves and there's a remake
People who leave or fail to connect to the game are treated as having lost the match and lose LP and MMR accordingly. Additionally, players who frequently leave games or fail to connect are placed in Low Priority Queue or LPQ, in which they are placed on a timer before they can even enter a match and must see a number of matches to completion before leaving LPQ. The duration of the timer lengthens for each subsequent LPQ placement. There are already systems in place to handle leavers and frequent disconnected players.
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: Ranked Broken?
New accounts are slated to be placed in Iron. It was done in order to resolve the issue of all accounts having a default silver MMR and landing in silver after placements regardless of performance.
: QoL for Shyvana
Not QoL, more like buff.
: my support died at 2 mins can i please get another game without inter plx this happens all the time is d5 XD
Difference being, our support rage quit after dying.
: I really miss Deathfire Touch
I miss being able to win without relying so heavily on masteries.
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: Look at this clip of Wukong's monstrous dmg!!!11!
Wu was once my favorite and most played champion. But Riot clearly hates him anymore. Because even the one tricks have avoided playing him as badly as Riot's crippled him.
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Neriticc (EUW)
: Darius ult vs Garen ult
Why is it that Darius has mana costs and Garen doesn't? Why is it that Garen gets free HP regen but Darius has to land a skill on enemy champions a certain way to regain HP? Why does Garen get increased mobility AND remove slows, but Darius has ZERO mobility? Why is it that Garen can magically reduce incoming damage AND gain tenacity, but Darius has no way of mitigating damage outside of properly landing his Q? Why does Garen get a free silence, but Darius only has a slow and a very short ranged hook? Answer: BECAUSE THEY ARE TWO DIFFERENT CHAMPIONS!
: not really.... If you cant even grasp the basics of the game, then trying to learn the basics and learning a mechanical champ is just going to make everything harder. If you can simply things for people then it helps. Sure Yes you can climb with any champ, but climbing with a champ that is not mechanical is alot easier in low elo.
The only way to learn a champion you truly enjoy is to play it. A person who climbs with "easier" champions will end up performing poorly if they suddenly decide to play more difficult champions with whom they've no experience. Whereas someone who has experience with a more challenging champion and climbs with that one will be far more capable performing with it than a play who might think, "Well, I made it to Plat/Diamond. So, I'm good enough to play anything well" and immediately switches from one tricking Garen top to playing Yas mid (just to list an example). League is a game, after all. Climbing doesn't have to be "use this champ cuz easy". If you're not having fun with the champions you play then what is the point in trying at all?
: Tips to gettign out of low elo (iron bronze silver)
Tip number 8 is terrible advice. Players can climb with any champion and telling them "These champions will get you nowhere" is false.
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: ive been banned for saying fuck this not directly targeting anyone
Hell, I curse all the fucking time. In chat, in game, on the forums. Still sitting at Honor 4 while wondering when the hell I'm going to get my goddamned level 5. The key difference. Is to NOT insult your allies or enemies. I've even gotten away with saying, "die in hell, yasuo" jokingly to an enemy Yasuo after managing to shut him down to which the enemy merely replied with "lol". Because that's just trash talk. No, you didn't get banned for cussing. And I doubt this was your 1st incident.
wolf jade (EUNE)
: yasuo support and gnar adc
I screenshot these assholes, dodge queue, and then submit a report ticket with the chat pic and summoner names.
Eedat (NA)
: You can spam dodge all you want. It's your LP and time. However you do not get to decide someone is not trying because you don't like their pick. I know meta sheeping is a thing but you're taking it to a ridiculous extreme. Sometimes I play Wukong mid and if you were in my lobby and said that I would probably tell you something extremely similar. Its funny how you're complaining about people being self centered when in reality it's you beig self centered. You seem to think your opinion of what works and doesn't is the only thing that matters. > "me, me, me, me, me, me!" This is literally your attitude. My opinion, my opinion, my opinion, my opinion, my opinion!
Statistically speaking, players lose more games going off meta than they win. And even if they one trick a champion in an off meta position with an off meta build, the chances of them winning against an opponent who one tricks a meta champion in a meta position are far less than that of the meta pick. So, am I going to dodge if the support decides to pick an assassin or a fighter? Yes. Am I going to dodge if someone takes a juggernaut mid? Yes. Am I going to dodge if someone takes a support like Bard, Nami, or Soraka top? Yes. Why? Because I HAVE given these very types of players the benefit of the doubt and played through and in every example I listed my team lost. So, it's not only a statistic, but also based off experience. When playing ranked, players should be playing to win. And winning begins at champion select. But I suppose that's my unpopular opinion. Most players don't want to dodge the off-meta picks because of the LP loss and the dodge timer. Most players play through regardless of ally picks no matter how terrible...oh excuse me, opinion again...I mean, no matter how off-meta. And suffer an even larger hit to their LP, a larger consumption of time than the timer, and, unlike dodging, lose MMR. I can guess at what these players are thinking though. I guess that many of them hope that someone will dodge the garen mids, the soraka tops, the jarvan supports, the leona jungles, etc. I've been there myself, but players don't, hoping that theirs will be the 1/3 AT BEST matches with an off-meta pick that ends in their favor. So, feel free to continue to champion these players who deliberately and consciously reduce entire teams' chances for victory just so they can have their way. You've obviously picked your poison, I'll continue with the lesser of the two, in my opinion of course.
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: Should Warrior Enchantment Incorporate Tiamat?
No. Tiamat should NOT be included among jungle items. There are at least 2 jungle champions who are strong enough already who rush tiamat early and to include tiamat as a recipe item for a jungle item would only make them even stronger. {{champion:77}} {{champion:24}}
: How do you "counter" life steal?
Tank Item {{item:3076}} into {{item:3075}} AD Item {{item:3123}} into {{item:3033}} AP Item {{item:3165}}
: New Lp system sucks!
The system is broken and it's given me all the more incentive to dodge. I don't care about the dodge timer. I'll keep myself occupied while I wait and consider if I should even try bothering at all. Maybe I'll grab a snack, take a hot bath or shower, watch a show, or browse porn online. Within the last two hours alone I've dodged a Garen mid, a Lucian mid, and a Wukong mid plus a Ziggs support. The Wukong mid wasn't bad in itself, it was the fact that the guy took smite and ignite and promised to troll our team. That and the fact we had a Ziggs support.
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