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: No, he's right. You are sitting here saying that people should be allowed to be a bunch of assholes _whilst complaining that Riot don't do enough to stop assholes._
Im sorry expression my opinion that the system is half assed somehow implies i think people should be allowed to act like assholes? Alright
Kuronok2 (NA)
: You are the reason the community is bad. You say the community is bad, but you are here complain about toxic people getting banned. Can you be more braindead?
You aren't any better, you're a part of the huge selection who decide to claim every statement or opinion expressed is either salt or complaining. Listen to yourself before you attack others.
: Why are permanent chat restrictions not a viable punishment?
Because the cruddy player behavior system is a one way system.
: There wasn't a Malphite in the games taken into account for Dunkey's punishment. People are very rarely punished for a single game, but if they are it's for extreme cases. If a player has a single off game, they likely won't be punished. If a player shows a history of being toxic, they will very likely be punished. The cases you are talking about where people exhibiting like behavior and only one being punished is a manifestation of this. The person who didn't get punished was having an off game, but the person who was punished is showing their normal behavior.
That's as true as Donald Trump is intelligent. But okay.
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: The league of legends boards are a really small subsection of the population of league. Player Behavior and Moderation is more or less the section for people to come complaining about their frustration with toxicity, gameplay for their complaints about balance. Just because a complaint thread gets three hundred upvotes doesn't mean that the millions of people who play league every day have a problem. People use these boards because a) they have a specific complaint b) they have a specific idea to share c) they like online forums and league of legends so they show up. A lot of the people here are from that a group and sometimes it leads to an excess of negative posts but Riot has shown many cases where there's a boards following for a certain complaint which their surveys to average players totally contradict. Check out /r/leagueoflegends and you'll notice it's all really positive.
It's just the way this game is functioning in general atm. I really want to come back especially for Aurelion Sol, but lets face it unless you play this game with a five man party with friends 24/7 it's an awful experience.
rinocerdo (EUW)
: I have tried Smite as well. Neith is the hottest female character i have seen in that game. But not my style, really... Also, it was quite buggy... I am downloading right now Blade and Soul, it looks badass and I have friends that would love it too, for the looks of it... If it works and I like it.... I invite ya to it! ^^ (*cough* i am being a mean "asshoe", Riot. Do you see me??!?!*cough*) xD
Yeah very true.
: > [{quoted}](name=ChocolateHearts,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=q7NYtdkw,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2016-03-08T20:47:02.687+0000) > > constantly punish one person out of a HUGE amount of flaming people All that huge amount gets banned, not just this person. Stop.
No it doesn't. Even check dunkeys game where he was banned, check out the comments on malphite. Riot knows not everyone gets punished.
rinocerdo (EUW)
: I agree with you. Only now, though, at the end of my patience. I am thinking of going into DOTA2, but I have already played it and, even though I did love the looks and style and all, more... It was just not my type. Full of russian flamers, one-shot-kills, absurd mechanics and just too complex for me. I'mma go to Heroes of the Storm, maybe. Or Smite, perhaps? Don't know, don't give a darn. I will just {{summoner:4}} out of this. But with great sadness. I have to say goodbye to my little kids, to my Renekton, Riven, Heimerdinger, Lucian, Jhin, Braum, Diana, Kha'Zix, Thresh, Nautilus, Sivir, Ryze, Sona, Kindred, Jayce.... </3 Who do you say goodbye to, Choc?
I mained bard 155.8k mastery points since the day he came out, i was a support main so of course toxicity was a high for me. So every support, im mainly just mad that i spent all this money and can't do anything to get it back, it's like being cheated and they know that. But there's so many good games now that i dont think i care. You should really try smite, its glorious.
: Not sure I'm convinced about League dying out but there's no real way to prove that one way or the other so I guess moot point. Yeah, I definitely agree you should focus on games that you really enjoy playing, best of luck in all your gaming endeavors
Look at the whole boards. Not even player behavior and moderation, people aren't happy. Not just toxic people, a huge amount of people.
rinocerdo (EUW)
: Oh trust me, dear, I know exactly how you feel. Let me tell you my case: Spent about 30 $ in Riot, in skins. And some years too, since I started on s3. Now then. At first I WAS a little flaming toxic pinky pie. And I chilled when I got chat bans... But then, i was a nice player this season, made tons of friends of many nations, got honorary ribbons... Got to ranked again, had fun with guys and was more often than not, honored per match and actually revered for my behaviour. So... I got a two-weeks ban... and decided i would NEVER flame again. Guess what. Was in a match, and I won it, but in my team was a little racist guy, and in the enemy team, an angry udyr... Guess who flamed me for being spanish, in the after-match chat (of course, during the match he only said "fuk your muther report biiitch"), and possibly for not agreeing with him (this one is udyr) on being the best player of his team. I mean, come on, the same match i had gotten honor and not ONCE did i flame. I was an angel, a nice , epic, 45% CDR Thresh Prince Angel. Does Riot give a fuck??? No. Does it care about the money i invested? I know it is not that much, but still, shouldn't i get it back? Isn't the bargain over? Come now, Riot, at least give me my money back. If you can't do your job properly, and you don't give a dumb-fuck-shit-crap-mother-ass-twat about your players, EEEVEN THOUGH YOU SAY YOU DOOO.... If you don't, and don't listen to them (*cough*teemo*cough*nerfs*cough*ping*cough*runes*cough*tribunal*cough*) ... At least give them back what they gave you. Where is our time? Our money? I , for one, want it back. And i am DEAD SURE each and every player banned for nothing wants it. Do you even give a darn, Riot? I mean... in several matches, of which i had been given a copy... There was no flame! Only "insults" were towards my teammates, MY REAL LIFE FRIENDS, which KNEW we were joking! Come on Riot! In some matches there wasn't even an insult! Some of us DO change behaviour. Some of us DO learn from mistakes. I did, and you, sir Chocolate, seem to have done so as well... SO many times , i shut up towards insults or , when a player was being mean, i tried to be nice! I know how it is to be angry and we all get mad in some matches... And once i had learnt my lesson, i tried hard to actually HELP players! With honor, nice words, friend requests... So where is ALL OF THAT? Where? How can I get banned, after redeeming myself? After being as nice and polite as i can? How can you, Riot, accept to ban ChocolateHearts, just because a premade ganged up on him (i assume it's a "he")?
It's a he, and tbh im kind of tired of trying to deal with this game. Like i said video game designer is like a goal here, and this is a good experience yknow, you know what people want and how to deal with things. But also like i said league of legends wont last for that much longer at this rate. Games like blade and soul and smite and nexon games and new koreans MMO's and even DOTA has so much to offer, that staying here really isnt worth it, hey maybe hit me up sometime and we can talk about all of our league experiences xD aka every tumor. But i don't see the point of giving another company that doesn't care any more attention.
: Generally Riot provides a link to their site where your chat logs are posted. So since they were too long to post in the email they should still be available if you follow the link. Maybe re-read the email to find your actual logs? If you really feel confident about your actions since your last 2 week ban then you can always submit a ticket to Riot's support team. It's worth mentioning though that I've only ever seen one person who legitimately had a false positive(his chat logs literally read "gg wp", it got fixed by Riot). The rest of the time a Rioter will casually drop in and smite the post.
Nah man it's fine, no point in trying with this game when it wont last that much longer anyways. With the rate its going it might as well because the next world of warcraft. Besides there are much better and more enjoyable games to play.
nep2une (NA)
: Nah, this section of the forum exists so us normal players can have a good laugh at those who aren't.
Every player is a normal player. Toxic or not, banned or not. We all play the same game. So not only is that statement illogical as it is childish, it's also just plain dumb.
nep2une (NA)
: Or even better, you could just report them and not be one of said asshats.
If that was as easy said as done and not to mention effectively. we wouldn't even need this section of forums.
: This is mostly due to flawed *perception* of the system. * Player A and B are equally toxic in a game, and both reported. * Player A gets punished at the end of the match while B does not. * Player A thinks it's unfair. It certainly looks as such when you only view this instance. * However, Player A has had a long history of offenses which culminated in punishment when this match triggered a review of his case. This was only the second time Player B has had this issue. It's extremely rare for a player to be punished for one offense, and even when punished there are 4 tiers of punishment (hate speech and other severe offenses may result in immediate and escalated punishment). This is why two equally toxic players in 1 match may appear to be treated differently, when in reality they are both being treated exactly the same.
Oh no no im completely aware of my bad history, but the final tip of the iceberg in which i was banned involved my WHOLE team teaming up on me and the enemy team showing sympathy. But im pretty sure i was the only one punished but I seriously thinks thats something they work on. Needless to say my goal is to be a video game designer so i will be chilling around for commissions and such and to study content but, this game just isn't very fun to play anymore (after three years) I'm not upset that i was banned (Not hard to recap and keep going ) I'm just upset because it seems like riot as a team legit doesn't care lol.
nep2une (NA)
: Or no, you could realize there's no excuse to being an ass.
Or even better, you could realize there's always more then one person being an ass and always one lucky one that gets away.
nep2une (NA)
: Except, he willingly gave it to Riot in exchange for skins/champions/what have you. So no, it's Riot's money. And if Riot really wanted just money, why would they ban you? They'd keep you around so you'd keep spending money. They care more about toxicity than said toxic little shit's few bucks.
They care less about toxicity then anything else in this game lmao. The problem with the community is still as strong as ever.
: Generally, when people say they are "defending" themselves or others, it's in an abusive or rude manner. Those people you feel the need to defend yourself from are just internet strangers you're unlikely to meet in game again, and never in real life. There's no reason for you to value their negative opinions, so just mute and report them; they will be subject to punishment for their actions whether you "defended" yourself or not. Getting into an argument can only cause more problems, so there is no positive side to it but a little instant gratification (that turns sour when they report you for it).
True, but if there's more then one toxic party in the game and only one gets punished whos to say the others will too? Because im looking around at this community, genuinely at players opinions, threads, posts and everyone seems to have a problem with the same thing.
: You have been punished numerous times, and during the previous punishment you were told it was your final warning. You said a lot more than two words of passive aggressive motivation for your most recent punishment. In fact, a number of games were referenced. You were given many chances to change your behavior, but opted not to. Permanent chat restrictions are not a punishment we issue, nor would we consider it.
Congratulations, but maybe you should start reading the WHOLE chat log, i don't think its fair of you guys to constantly punish one person out of a HUGE amount of flaming people on one or both teams that happen to direct their anger towards one specific player (which lets face it you know it happens) , claiming the player behavior system works for so long when it doesn't is only going to make things worse.
: PSA: You bought a pre-leveled account.
I mean if you can't get out of low elo hell and constantly get flamed 24/7 buying an account thats already up there really doesn't seem like a bad idea. Especially since most people who get banned or stuff usually go buy a new one anyways. Better then taking the time to level back up play every game again buy every skin.
: Uplift my PermaBan
Bro just go buy a new account. Riot obviously doesn't give a fuck neither should you.
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nep2une (NA)
: gg rekt And it's not "your" money. It's Riot's. So why would they give you their own money for no reason? And no, you're not getting unbanned. :^)
No its his money, Riot runs because of OUR money. Literally what keeps most players around is how much money they've spent out of their own wallets.
nep2une (NA)
: Standing up for yourself does not include being an ass to other players. I really doubt you're telling the full truth. gg rekt
Lol thats alright, theres plenty of other forums with players going through the same thing. Like i said this game is going downhill as it is. Money only takes a company so far before unhappy players start killing it.
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: Haha had a 25 game chat restrict im at 19 rn, not risking having fun with my teammates anymore, guess Riot just wants us to ignore our team instead of telling them to put their money where their mouth is.
Or let them constantly trash talk us and oy have a select few punishedm
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