: The Hater's Guide to the 2020 LCS Spring Split (A UrinatingTree homage)
A little commentary on Immortals. First, unless I missed something, they still also have Arrow on roster? Maybe they plan to have bot lane be a competitive position between him and Altec? Or plan on moving one to mid if Eika doesn't hack it? I had hope they would avoid the pitfalls of employing stars coasting on glory. Bringing in a veteran like Xmithie, ok. He has been around so long he's almost a coach. Just don't expect early or explosive pressure from him. Ever. Adding Soaz and Hakuho makes me cringe. Maybe they're hoping this group can compete in NA. I was and am hoping for some plan to build up a young team to actually contend internationally. Doesn't look good right now though.
: So, What Would Be the Best Way to Show Displeasure at the LCS?
Trying to organize Twitter trends and Reddit campaigns. Get at the teams too, especially the ones who have been around a long time. (TSM, C9, CLG,) Maybe even push back if individual pros speak against fan measures.
Saezio (EUNE)
: You need to be a lot more sceptical when you see companies against a certain person. This stinks of scapegoat to me, and it did since the first week of worlds when it was revealed. If K-pop stars are signing slave contracts I don't see any way it's unbelievable that some/many/few LCK teams do the same to their players. Those players commented negatively after they were instructed to do so lol. Not saying cvMax is a saint or he didn't use those same practices he berated later, but at least he exposed some shit. And people are trying to shut him up
Ok, I think it's important to separate Riot Korea from Griffin. Everything cvMax exposed and talked about was related specifically to Griffin. The threats against Kanavi, deliberately exploitive contracts, manipulation, etc...that's all Griffin. Now Cho, the manager of Griffin at the center of the Kanavi scandal cvMax blew up, has been banned as well. Griffin the organization got fined by Riot too. Not exactly stuff that would happen if Riot was trying to "shut up" cvMax. I think it's fair to be skeptical of the accusations made against cvMax and from what I understand Riot Korea hasn't made public proof or testimony that went into their ban. If players in Griffin had been coerced and threatened before, it's not a big leap to wonder if claims made against cvMax weren't all true. That doesn't mean the ban from Riot is in bad faith.
: the 2 main reasons why NA is doing so bad
There are other problems. -LCS matches only being 1 game. -Some LCS players are OLD by standards of other regions, a huge lack of young talent growing in the region, in part because... -Streaming and entertaining people can make more money than being a pro, and you don't have to be as good! -The multi-layer issue of NA SoloQ and lack of good practice for pros. -Pure mismanagement by NA teams. Three of the "long term" franchises Riot picked have flopped and are replaced. There's so much wrong that NA is a steaming mess.
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: Will Broxah save NA?
Did you know...that for five years, Cloud 9 has been the only team from NA to advance from Groups at World's, and that Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself?
: i think the difference is the C9 players arent actual owners but share holders like if any one would buy stock in any company. where as Berj contract gave him % ownership of TSM. now why does it matter to RIOT i dont have a clue, a lot of companies offers employees stock options but that by no means state they are owners or controlling partners of said business
I assume it was a thing to keep players from having too much influence in the team. Try to limit scenarios like how someone like LeBron James clearly exerts power he shouldn't have. Another thought, maybe to also protect players from deceptive contracts. On paper it might sound great to get ownership/shares, right? Maybe the actual pay is low, but that ownership slice is great! Except it could be a shell tactic by struggling orgs to low-ball a player and suddenly they're playing for way less and if the org folds and goes under they have a share of debt instead of profits.
BlackC0W (NA)
: Riot Games are you going to let LCK ruin League of Legend?
Maybe the fine for Griffin is light, but indefinite bans for the director and coach seem pretty strong. I think you've got things confused.
: Support cvMax
Riot Korea had nothing to do with what cvMax exposed in Griffin. cvMax was the head coach when Kanavi was threatened and made to sign the transfer contract to JD Gaming. He said nothing about it except for spite after being fired. cvMax was banned for apparently being abusive toward the players. Given how players commented negatively about cvMax after his stream rant bombshell, seems legit. I don't see any way cvMax is a "good guy" and not be punished. Doubt the ban will stick forever since they let someone far worse like Jensen back, but we'll see.
: > [{quoted}](name=ChompyWulf,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=9c8Haww2,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-11-20T14:53:56.246+0000) > > Yes, if NA pros regularly play on NA servers with worse ping it will affect their skill level internationally. > If the vast majority of your playing time is on the NA server where your ping can regularly be 70ish and possibly spike over 100 even on high level gaming computers, you will be used to a slight lag of less than a second. Might be half a second or less, but it's there. It affects how well the best of the best players can make split second reactions to outplay someone. > Compare that to, for example, South Korea. Secondhand reports say ping in their servers is about 20. And pretty steady. Which means their pros can play on servers and have an edge in their reaction time and practice. It's small, but it's an advantage. > > Add in that NA pros tend to be 2-3 years older than other regions with slightly decaying reflexes, a generally worse Solo Q atmosphere, a lack of solid development league or tournaments, it all adds into poor NA play compared to other regions. the ping has to do with the internet infrastructure more then the PCs connected to it. the infrastructure in KR is way better then here in NA. also ISP purposely throttle speeds to force you to buy a better package.
All of what you say is true. I only mentioned computers because it can somewhat affect reaction speed, and like you said, ping has more to do with influences other than the PC.
: Big issue in LCK
Your post is disjointed, poorly worded, and Korean Riot offices and Korean government officials are handling it. Good to be concerned, but it's nothing NA Riot needs to step in about.
: NA has a lower population? as in player population on server ? also i doubt its the PING issue that is why NA isnt more competitive on a world stage. Pro Gaming has been a culture mainstay in KR and that region for a long time. it goes back to starcraft. it was always taken seriously then in NA , hell two years ago there was news stories talking about the legitimacy of Esports and reporters laughing about Esports and pro gaming. it is slowly becoming culturally acceptable. also there is a big influx of international players on NA teams. also there is a changing of the guard where the older generation of players are on the tail end of their playing careers and there is a influx of newer , younger players who arent as vested in being a professional gamer. if it was me, as owner of RIOT and LCS /worlds what i would do ( i dont know how to legally do it with contracts/legal systems of diff countries/international laws) would be to dump all the "PRO TALENT " into a pool and have a draft. this would change up alot and spread talent all over the world. at 1st it might suck and til there is some kind of farm system to lead into a draft every yr or something. but for people to try to take pride in NA vs EU or KR whatever its like i dont get it? on a level i do... as a sports fan in general but when it comes to Esports. but in other sports there is all kinds of scouting and recruiting, farm system and all this is public , reported on, televised etc. so i can know about a 5 star player in high school football... follow him through college , draft , pro etc. i dont know anything about pro esport players other then so and so is new ADC for TL , where did he come from? how was he recruited? what are his special traits as a player that differ from others etc etc.
Yes, if NA pros regularly play on NA servers with worse ping it will affect their skill level internationally. If the vast majority of your playing time is on the NA server where your ping can regularly be 70ish and possibly spike over 100 even on high level gaming computers, you will be used to a slight lag of less than a second. Might be half a second or less, but it's there. It affects how well the best of the best players can make split second reactions to outplay someone. Compare that to, for example, South Korea. Secondhand reports say ping in their servers is about 20. And pretty steady. Which means their pros can play on servers and have an edge in their reaction time and practice. It's small, but it's an advantage. Add in that NA pros tend to be 2-3 years older than other regions with slightly decaying reflexes, a generally worse Solo Q atmosphere, a lack of solid development league or tournaments, it all adds into poor NA play compared to other regions.
: you do know the pro games are on a LAN NETWORK /close private server and i doubt c9 plays pro games at 70 ping
I think he means outside the stage. Unless they scrim in-house with the academy players, they will be getting practice on the NA server which has poor ping compared to other regions. The issue is complex to fix. NA in general has a low population compared to the other three major regions. NA also has players spread across a larger geographic area than Korea any of the EU servers. I don't know about China, but I'm assuming the vast majority of the player base is in a relatively concentrated geographic region. Also because of HOW BIG their player base is, their high elo players have their own server, so they will have better ping times. It's only a small bit of why NA pros are worse (let's be honest, import players decline after a couple years).
: How to make the pro scene better
I'm not sure Riot should be the one doing this kind of thing, but teams especially should. Some already have. Immortals was notable for creating social content to connect to fans. T1 (formerly known as SKT1) recently restructured and brought in partners that will create content to promote the team. I know of at least one YouTube channel that sometimes makes bio videos about bigger Esports stars, maybe there are more. As a company, Riot has been...busy now. Finally. After 10 years they are finally making more than one game. They have a lot of control over a couple of the regions. They have a lot of employees working on balance, new in game material, and promotional material for their game. They have a lot going on, its probably better to unite fans in pushing teams and Esports outlets to make this kind of material. Personally though, I'm not a fan of the gimmicky schlock that Fallon and O'Brian do. I'd rather see simple candid interviews out at an eatery, or a pro talking about or showing off an interest they have outside the game than forced gags and bits.
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: Thinking about it now, {{champion:78}} W would have gotten so much value vs literally all 3 FPX comps in the finals.
It might have helped, but I'm not so sure. Game 2 G2 clearly planned on doing Grag/Yas, so no way does Poppy come in. Game 1 G2 was quite competitive, and Kench offered some anti-dive defense. And at the end of the day, a huge problem for G2 wasn't just protecting their back line, they NEVER got into the FPX backline at all. Poppy may have helped, but when GimGoon and LWX combined only had one death, there are other big problems that Poppy just doesn't solve.
: Fun Fact: Korea hasn't won a single international trophy since 2017 Worlds.
It's because there were five years when Korean teams were the best, hands down. People are still getting used to the idea that other regions are catching up.
: > [{quoted}](name=ChompyWulf,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=u5h1lpjl,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-11-10T18:40:14.279+0000) > > Why not broadcast the winner of the most important match? Go watch on YouTube first. Duh. Youtube doesn't have the anti-spoiler feature that Vods does in listing all 5 matches even if the game doesn't go that far. Why not broadcast with the title "Worlds 2019 Champion is..." like they have with, say, every other series winner?
Id say you're not much of a fan if you feel the viewing experience is only worth it if you don't know who wins in the end. If you can't find enjoyment in watching the series knowing the finish, then it's on YOU to be awake and watching it live.
MiLuKi (NA)
: World's Fix Job
Welcome to reality. There is no safe space. There's also no fix either.
: Spoilers, Riot?
Why not broadcast the winner of the most important match? Go watch on YouTube first. Duh.
: Can we get a real NA team next year?
Has to start with new coaching and management from teams. They must be willing to get the best, youngest players possible. Keep them from streaming. Allow them to play experimental drafts. Get a team and keep it together for a year to grow together. Don't plug in random Korean or EU imports just because. The incoming franchise buyouts are the best hope to create real change. It would also help NA a LOT to return to Best of 3 so teams can tinker and experiment with comps in competition without it being as punishing to lose one game doing it. Out of all major regions, NA by far has the most stale and least imaginative drafts at World's. When you are predictable, you're giving up a lot of advantages.
Jikker (NA)
: Worlds song is Phoenix. Coincidence? I think not. Seriously, idk why I watch Worlds anymore. Any hope is crushed. SKT vs G2 was the real final and was real League of Legends; it's all I needed to watch. I think I'm just gonna retire from watching Worlds at this point and just stick to LCS and LEC, occasional LCK. Screw the LPL.
Even mods are buying into tinfoil cap conspiracies? Riot really has low standards when picking moderators apparently.
: wtf would have a spoiler as the esports front page
: This whole salt fest is incredibly disrespectful to G2 and their players. Are you seriously saying they compromised their integrity and took bribes to lose? These players who dedicate their lives to winning at this game, you're saying don't care enough to resist a fixing. That's not only disrespectful but it shows a sincere lack of understanding of the mentality of pro athletes.
This. It's amazing how on one hand people loved to trash on Faker's devastated emotions when they were swept by SSG two years ago, but when G2 is swept and aren't showing that same response it's suddenly a conspiracy and they were throwing/bribed. I don't trust Riot when it comes to game balance, I certainly suspect there was shady business in how franchising in NA went down, and there are other business practices that are clear shows of bias, but to accuse anyone of fixing a competition is too much.
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Saezio (EUNE)
: Not only game 4. His neeko was bad too. He got caught at the worst timing when his team was 5v4 and ready to set up at baron.
Yeah, he was caught a time or two as Neeko, but also made some good plays that game that helped the team. I kinda give everyone a pass on Game 1 small misplays like wrong positioning, as long as it's nothing like the ADC flashing into the enemy team like Rekkles, Bang, and Cody Sun have. Overall G2 just rotated better, didn't get caught in bad positions as much, and used their advantages to take bigger gains.
Bopet (NA)
: The client shouldn't spoil the Worlds Finals matchup if I have "Hover for spoilers" turned off
You hit the r%%%%% jackpot. If you turned "Hover for Spoilers" OFF....then you will see "spoilers" no matter what. You need to turn that ON and then off you hover mouse over match it shows you. And seriously, it's been three days. If you can't have watched the semifinals by now nobody cares about you whining now.
: I don't think that's a misconception. If you watch the team fights they won when they were down or behind, they won them because someone on SKT mechanically misplayed quite dramatically every time. The blame is spread around the team, but in game 3 in particular that you referenced go watch every baron team fight and focus on Effort. Those team fights were close *with* Effort whiffing every spell, taking 50% of his hp to baron, then dying to random AOE without doing anything. He didn't even give his team value by absorbing a good ult. 4v5 in a close gold game is always advantage to the 5. It's still quite the accomplishment to say that G2 essentially never mechanically messed up in any team fight in an entire series. But they were clearly worse at teamplay that series.
This really. Effort and then Mata each were repeatedly caught out of position and getting deleted before their team was able to fight. Game 4 Faker also had a couple bad positions too. Sure, it helps to have an aggressive mindset so you don't concede tons of map control against a Baron buff, but it wasn't just that.
: Junglers
One more champ you forgot is Elise. She usually is good enough with CC and burst to be in the meta fairly regularly. Every now and then a pick like Nidalee, Nocturne, or even Graves gets a little use, but yeah, is seems most seasons there is a pretty locked in pool for jungle. I'm hoping the Volibear and Fidd reworks put them into pro play. They may end up like WW though, good for solo Q, but not desired for 5 man teams.
Saezio (EUNE)
: So, if someone has a job= filthy casual that deserves nothing... Good mentality
Has more to do with the fact that of course Riot will clearly post the time and matchup of their World Championship Finals on their website. To assume otherwise is an individual placing their tiny bubble of expectations as greater in magnitude than a major Esports championship tournament.
: Hide who plays next week on the home page @riot
Dear Riot, Please don't hype the matchup for next week's World Championship Finals. It's really triggering that the results were spoiled for me when I can't use common sense and the schedule doesn't perfectly fit my life. Thank you from a filthy casual.
: World Spoilers
Another weekend, another dummy crying about "spoilers".
Saezio (EUNE)
: IDK about that. Fpx look scary. If it was blind pick I'd say FPX win it easily. tien qiyana so freaking polished
FPX looks solid, sure, but they don't have the hype behind them from much of the fanbase that SKT, G2, and IG had. Even in Season 5, Samsung Galaxy was by no means a pushover to write off, but the semifinal match felt like THE match of the tournament. FPX could win it all, but I doubt either G2 or SKT give over Qiyana without a plan to punish it. Maybe. Not sure how to punish that slippery little thing.
Saezio (EUNE)
: I think if we go by law of averages, mikyx owes us a carry performance too. Caps could have evolved as a player, he has been in the mix for 2+ years now and I think his performances have been steadily getting more consistent by the month. I really hope I don't jinx it. I know this will be within the 3-4 most hype semifinals ever in worlds. And I like the fact SKT and G2 are building somewhat of a rivalry by meeting twice this year. I think it's only good for league. Any ban/pick predictions for first game :P
Lol, only prediction I will make for pick/ban is a BM Pyke hover from Wunder. I'm not going to pretend I'm deep enough in the players and coaches heads to guess any pick/bans, outside of the really strong champs like Pantheon, Ryze, Qiayana, and KaiSa that have seen a lot of focus from every team. PS: And I agree, this feels like the Season 5 semifinal between ROX and SKT, where whoever wins is the massive finals favorite.
Saezio (EUNE)
: Jankos had terrible games in groups. Caps was reliable in all of them. Second game vs DWG jankos throws the entire game by walking in an area he knew was warded (or should have known) The gragas game he went 9-0 he KSed tons of kills that happened because of all of caps roams. I am curious, Which game do you consider a Craps game these worlds? I would argue SKT have played the easiest sum of games up until this point from the 4 semifinalists. And somehow they have managed to drop games to both EU teams they faced (even if both those games meant nothing in the end) Now, I don't want to sound like G2 are the favourites or anything, but if we erased the SKT legacy and the faker legacy off our minds for this argument, and used only this years stats and performances to judge how this semifinal would go, it would be a pretty even match. Again, I can't stress this enough, I DO BELIEVE SKT are favourites to win this match, but a huge reason for that is their continued success and longevity coupled with LCK's unparalleled dominance over the league scene. P.S. I love this year's semifinals, I think it's the first time we could see 4 different champions. And I think anyone who says any of the semifinalists doesn't have at shot at the trophy has either not watched the 4 teams' play enough, or is overestimating one team's skill surplus over the competition. P.S. 2 I am so much more scared of IG than SKT for some reason I am not able to quite grasp... Theshy and Rookie make me so nervous when I am betting on the enemy team... They carried a team that contained an underperforming jungler that was swapped in AFTER the first week of groups, baolan and a tp flanking kog maw. They are literally terrifying.
Maybe I wasn't being clear about Caps. He has been solid through World's so far. I can't point to a "Craps" game that cost his team dearly in the tournamrnt.. However, I do believe in the law of averages and expect at least one game to see him play crappy. Likewise, I expect Jankos can rebound and be a big playmaker unlike a couple of his down games. I do agree to a certain degree SKT gets hype from prior years and some of it isn't deserved. Some of it is, because they still have Faker, Kkoma is still their head coach, and to my knowledge Bengi is an assistant coach. So some of the knowledge and experience gives them an edge. That said, comparing the teams they are very closely matched in skill. No offense to Splyce, but I expect now we will see the best Faker at World's this year, as now it's getting so close to a fourth trophy and possible redemption from two years ago and avenging MSI this year.
Saezio (EUNE)
: Jankos and Wunder wish they had performed like Caps in this event. What worlds are you even watching mate? Faker hasn't been standing out at all, but I get how him being the goat means he is always potentially a huge threat on a team. Perkz has been the best performing Bot laner this worlds. Clid has been one of the best junglers. I think the real question is, how much can SKT go toe to toe in early game skirmishes and hectic rhythm that G2 creates in their games. If SKT make correct decisions and some outplays early by clid-faker and set perkz mikkyx behind they can stomp G2. If Caps+Jankos break the game open early and they game becomes a 1 kill per minute game, then SKT get stomped. I think draft will be what wins this series. I understand SKT are the favourites, but I have to say Perkz and Caps have really come to play these worlds. SKT need to be really careful about what champions they give them. Does SKT pick red or blue side? Because... G2 haven't shown a red side draft in quarters. I would bet they have something nasty prepared.
Going by Quarterfinals, Jankos was the standout who sealed games 3 and 4 for his team. Wunder hasn't exactly been wrecking games, but almost every top laner has been side lane farming until teamfights break out late game. Caps has done well, but he also has the "Craps" games where he is a huge liability. By contrast, even when behind, Faker often finds plays to help his team and rebounds. Judging by Groups and Quartets, SKT has learned from the lesson at MSI and will be ready to take on whatever chaos G2 throws at them.
: Skill wise it should be even enough, it all boils down to their gameplan&picks and execution of said plan as well as how well one team´s plan happens to stand up against the enemy plan.
Yes. But if you were a coach for either team, what plan would you make?
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: Can we change NA soloq culture by rejecting hate speech
There is no such thing as hate speech, change my mind.
: I concern about the security program that Riot organized to protect every players and audiences
While I don't want to sound dismissive of attacks and problems radicals pose, I think you are overthinking. First, if you let terror control you, the terrorists win. Their entire goal is to put that fear into you. Second, LoL isn't likely to be something on their radar as a target. Third, unless I've missed something, there haven't been any coordinated terror attacks by multiple people. It's stuff like random guy driving a truck into a random crowd. That and gang type violence against isolated targets. Not stuff that should make you afraid to go to a venue for entertainment.
: I speak for myself here, but I still feel good being a NA fan. Not because of the failures, history, or the memes. It's my region. It's the easiest content for me to watch. It has some players, orgs, and figures worth putting support into. It may not have the best talent the world has to offer but I don't really care about that. I don't need success to dictate how I feel as a fan.
Pretty much this. Cheer for who you cheer for, don't have absurdly high expectations, and don't confuse their success or failure with your personal worth and it's all good.
Saezio (EUNE)
: It just so happened that the ones with huge pick rates are the ones untouched by nerfs. Meanwhile kalista varus with trash pickrates are not a problem to gut, kinda the same with kog. Hot chicks can't be nerfed cause they sell skins. {{champion:103}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:498}}
Yeah, can't nerf them and MUST prioritize skins for them over older champs who haven't gotten skins for years. (Assuming the Reddit post is current, there are 14 champs who haven't had a skin release for 3 years or more) They'll probably only get minor nerfs to drop their pro play down in spring and buffs for summer/ next year's World's for highlight plays.
: We live in a world where it's a legitimate possibility there is NO ADC for the World's Skins
It's lazy to assume Riot will "force" a marksman champ It's far more likely to assume the eventual champion Bot laner will pick a marksman because that is what they very commonly play. Sure it's shaken up a bit this World's, though that doesn't mean someone accustomed to playing ADC absolutely LOVES taking an oddball champ like Veigar and would choose that to be "their" skin. It would be like expecting Faker to want a Tristana skin since he played her a time or two this World's.
Saezio (EUNE)
: Or they could indicate somewhere in the schedule VERY CLEARLY that the second series starts when the first series finishes
That would be smart, but. . . can't bet on management making smart choices.
Saezio (EUNE)
: > The problems with Xayah and KaiSa are that if they are nerfed enough they aren't top priority in pro play, they will be VERY weak and almost vanish from solo Q. Excuse me, they did it with champs that were already next to non-existant in soloq. Why is it a problem if they become the new kalistas? Also, varus was nerfed for pro reasons when his winrates in soloq were abysmal. Riot are simply playing favourites
I'm aware of Kalista being nerfed to uselessness, and I can't help but think Riot doesn't want that happening to two more adc champs. I think all three need some soft revamps to alter their kits and make them far easier to balance.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ChompyWulf,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=muEAlBch,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2019-10-26T22:40:56.478+0000) > > Except it stretches across three? 60% of countries and probably something like 80% of EU's territory is in CET zone.
I'm just saying, there are three zones. It's kinda rude to assume nobody lives outside one.
: It's getting annoying af to see nothing but Xayah & Kai'Sa in literally every game in Worlds
Varus, Ezreal, Draven...we've also seen Corki and Trust taken mid, we've seen mages and fighters taken bot lane too. The problems with Xayah and KaiSa are that if they are nerfed enough they aren't top priority in pro play, they will be VERY weak and almost vanish from solo Q. Xayah has very safe harass and punishment thanks to her feather mechanics. KaiSa has crazy rundown and engage potential (and extremely safe to play in 5v5 because you can wait far back for the openings) because of her kits tools. They would require altered kits, not just numbers adjustments. This is the huge problem of LoL's roster and it having been Riots only game and 99% source of income for a decade. New champs and reworks getting more complicated, overloaded, and impossible to balance fairly.
: Just like this isn't a movie or tv series, this isn't a physical sport either. Esports having spoiler tags is much more common, yet you just ignore the "standard practice" you don't like and substitute a standard practice of something else. The pro view itself also has spoiler tags. The ONLY place that doesn't is the landing page you log in on, so it's a matter of consistency. If pro view had no spoiler options, if they showed they never cared about it in the past, you might have a point. However, the reality is your entire argument goes against the standard operating procedure everywhere else on the website, so even if you don't think lol should have spoilers riot has proven through their services THEY do... so you are arguing against riot's "standard practice". Wouldn't complain if there were no options anywhere because that would be consistent. TL;DR consistency is important, you are basing off of irrelevant things rather than riot's standard operating procedure. Riot should not conform to you when you don't like that their standard practice is different from normal sports.
The reality is this is YEARS of irritation of dummies like you coming each LCS playoffs, MSI, or World's cycle and crying about spoilers when clearly its normal to have the future matchups shown or headlines about who won! Furthermore, Pro View is a premium function that you pay to get extra bells and whistles, so it doesn't also go for freeloaders to get the same benefits! Finally, even if in other Esports it's "more common" (which still doesn't mean nearly universal) practice, like I said before, people like you cry about this EVERY YEAR when you clearly aren't that invested or knowledgeable about Esports to talk about it any other time or about anything else than your precious bubble being spoiled! News flash, the results aren't spoiled, you are.
: When you open lolesports, the schedule at the top spoils the games.
Oh look, yet another one crying spoilers as if it's shocking Riot is going to start promoting the next phase of their tournament!
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