: i thought i was the only one
I guess we are in the same boat.
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Teapup (NA)
: I'm honestly surprised it's disabled at the end-game screen, I've had plenty of enemies I wanted to honor but can't. They deserve our love too! {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
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: Of those, which one is played every weekend: Ascension
Don't forget the poro king :P Used to play poppy and Pvp karthus in ascention as it first got released, would play it more if it wasn't there every week though.
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: Would like More detail About Whats Happen and when Its Gonnna be Fix
The problem got fixed. I just played a game and it's fine now.
: Having that issue too. I think its due to their maintenance
Thanks for the responce. Dindn't know they add maintenance at the time. The game didn't go though the history so him fine :)
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: who are you glad ISN'T Meta?
Fiora would be my go to i hate. Seems like she never runs out of mana while spamming q. All the fiora i see usually stomp the game. I don't like this 1 v 1 substain/dps/tank/assasin with mobility up her ass. When she get boots and phage,you simply can't run from her.
: A Message to the Boards. A Bigger Issue than 10 Bans.
You forgot the "new taric remake spam" in your intro :^). I rarely post on board but i appreciate great post like these. +1
: Petition to have Sion scream his ult quote when he spots enemies.
As long as we keep the "COWARD!" scream while running away.
: Just for the people who might have missed it; Malzahar is basically being reverted
I can finally play mid again and not feed :D I main support and the only champion i play there was old malz and annie
: i use to run gold per 10 quints but they just arent worth any more... with the bandit mastery and the gold income items you get plenty of gold . cuz 3 gold per 10 quints comes out to +3 per 10 seconds which is 18 gold a min over a 35 min game it comes out to 630 gold. but with the armor quints that i run its +13 armor which is on pace with {{item:1029}} which cost 300 gold so lets say 300g/15armor 20g =1 armor so with 13armor x 20g =260 gold stats. starting off now armor helps your hp by reducing damage you take so it makes your hp even more effective. not only that im starting out +260 at lvl 1... just from those 3 quints now you have to to wait 14 mins and some change to get the same amount of gold to get those stats with the gold per 10 quints. plus you have to invest into more armor earlier then i do and i can invest into bigger items faster by not needing to buy the armor items as early. so i can afford to rush into sightstone and boots and not worry about getting armor early. and when i do get more hp and more armor its just more effective and efficient through out the game . gold per 10 runes are a thing of the past
I know they are bad but i run it so i build up an advantage over the other support. I get otheritem faster and can snowball from it. I usually use them on soraka because my playstyle is usually stand behind the adc and spam heal .
: its a page i run for malphite, leona, taric, alistar, braum , naut its 9 armor reds, 9 scaling hp yellows 3 armor quints 6 flat mr blues, 3 scaling mr blues so it comes out to +21 armor +216 hp at lvl 18 +8 mr +9 mr at lvl 18 and typically run 0-12-18 masteries with it
I run a greedy rune page with gold gen quint and mana regen blue for meximum poke and scaling. I have dominated alot of game as maokai recently in normal. I normally spam sappling at enemy for the first minute and get 2 peaple to half health before getting to lane.
: hmm my maokai support i start with 773 hp 51 armor and 41 mr IM NOT SQUISHY
must be running one of those juicy rune page :D
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: Is there a difference?
You need to swap kill and death for the yasuo player and you got the right score
: MF's New Splash Arts
I am so dumb xd. Thought it was going to be a miss fortune post for a second.
: When someone says your main needs a nerf
But you remember your a lee sin/ahri main :^)
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: Fun Fact : If you leave the base without buying a trinket item, the yellow trinket (the ward) gets put into your inventory automatically. This was added to the game because many many people (myself included sometimes) would forget to buy a trinket before leaving base.
Fun fact:Did you know talon is responsible for 25% of first bloods?
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Keyru (NA)
: Xayah and Rakan Gifting Thread
I am a fellow support main that like to play alot of normal. I would love to play rakan but i don't have enough ip.
: This reminds me of all the {{champion:429}} fuckwits out there. Jungle comes in for a gank on botlane, enemy is about to die but so is Kal. Kal trying to secure the kills with little health panics when they decide to take her down with themselves and ults taking sup out of the fight, then that gets the jungler killed, then Kal dies, then support kills one of them and then dies to the enemy support... Cause deciding what other people do is such a good idea .... :/ He would become a troll champ instantly, and people would ban him to avoid it for a while, and scream report Thresh on the first kill they deny doing it. Terrible idea.
Everytim you see a tahm kench is he trolling you? Yes there is potential of trolling but most of the player base are smart enough to use it properly... i hope
: So make it generate a hologram of the entire enemy team if thrown near a Vayne?
Not a good idea. the vayne would tumble into the wnemy team instead of clicking the lantern for muh outplay
: Lol wut? you serious or banter... why would you play rammus if thresh can throw W and taunt 500 players..?
Shen and galio have feeling to. Don't forget them ;^(
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Support nunu smite is that you?
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SlownD (NA)
: Pool Party Taliyah - Skin Concept
makes me think or this:http://pokedexradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/687-Malamar-e1402192901640.png
: spet ulting support was often times a bad idea. cause the support was the one who could cc you and stop your mad rampaging throught the team.
yeah really depend on who the support was. You could ult anyone and they were dea. No counterplay at all
: Most overpowered champions of all time
-kha zix pre-nerf when he still add resistence on his ult. -black cleaver/titanic hydra full tank fiora -any champion with the iceborn/sunfire/spirit visage combo -old poppy late game(ult support and be immune to anything for 8 second.)
: How is this acceptable?
same hapend to me last season. It was in a ranked game and kindred was able to ult under my tower while silenced... her and the adc wouldve died otherwise
: So what's the counterplay when lee comes to your lane with red and ward jumps ?
: Take your main, switch their Q with their R.
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: > [{quoted}](name=ChosenOfTheStorm,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=W1x13zYf,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2017-03-29T21:33:58.445+0000) > > i thought it was a tread about sion passive being weak. And since when are complaining agaisnt annie? haven't seen one in years... I see Annie somewhat uncommonly. The problem is that AD mids are far superior and longer range burst supports are superior to her bot lane. She is losing her niche.
I agree with that :) But as always... there will always be champion that outshine others
SirΤeemο (EUNE)
: nightblue? is that you?
Get out of my jungle you kappa
: A Tsu**nami**
SirΤeemο (EUNE)
: After urgot rework on boards :
On youtube; 10% urgot is ok 90% urgot is new op broken,new meta 1000 ad 1 shot
: PSA: If there's something strange, and you don't have wards...
report jungler for not ganking every lane at 1:50
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Chroyo (NA)
: I'm pretty sure i've died more to an enraged tibbers than a sion in passive.
i thought it was a tread about sion passive being weak. And since when are complaining agaisnt annie? haven't seen one in years...
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